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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

Name Birthdate & place Location
P. Frank WHITNEY 1852 MA Waltham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0542, p. 493B
Pamelia WHITNEY 1825 MA Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, T9-0532, p. 756C
Pamelia WHITNEY 1838 CT Pepperell, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0539, p. 373D
Pamelia F. WHITNEY 1861 MA Stockbridge, Berkshire, Massachusetts, T9-0521, p. 20C
Pauline B. WHITNEY 1833 MA Brockton, Plymouth, Massachusetts, T9-0550, p. 218D
Permelia WHITNEY 1816 NH Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, T9-0539, p. 436B
Permelia V. WHITNEY 1821 VERMONT Petersham, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0563, p. 463B
Perrin D. WHITNEY 1877 N. Y. Shrewsbury, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0563, p. 529C
Persis B. WHITNEY 1823 NH Ashburnham, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0562, p. 18C
Peter WHITNEY 1860 MA Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, T9-0558, p. 451C
Peter WHITNEY 1864 MA North Adams, Berkshire, Massachusetts, T9-0521, p. 318D
Peter L. WHITNEY 1819 MA South Boston, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, T9-0557, p. 2D
Phila WHITNEY 1838 MA West Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0564, p. 151B
Philip S. WHITNEY 1877 MA Ward 2, Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0567, p. 547D
Phillip G. WHITNEY 1878 MA Needham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, T9-0548, p. 54A
Phineas WHITNEY 1844 ME Chelsea, Suffolk, Massachusetts, T9-0562, p. 389D
Phineas WHITNEY JR. 1877 MA Chelsea, Suffolk, Massachusetts, T9-0562, p. 389D
Pleny W. WHITNEY 1847 NY Southbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0566, p. 158B
Pliney C. WHITNEY 1819 VT South Hadley, Hampshire, Massachusetts, T9-0537, p. 174A
Porter WHITNEY 1858 MA Leominster, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0565, p. 522A
Prudence WHITNEY 1810 ME Brookline, Norfolk, Massachusetts, T9-0548, p. 376C
Prudence WHITNEY 1810 ME Grafton, Worcester, Massachusetts, T9-0565, p. 461A
Prudence A. WHITNEY 1842 VT Amherst, Hampshire, Massachusetts, T9-0537, p. 258C