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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

1900, Palisade, Eureka Co., NV, p. 1B: Massachusetts 20 20 Farrell, R. Head W M Sep 1856 43 sgl Ireland Ireland Ireland Farm foreman, Owns free farm, Immig. 1874, Nat. Aker, Philip Srvt W M Sep 1859 40 sgl Kentucky Germany Maryland Farm laborer Vera, Antone Srvt W M Dec 1871 28 sgl Portugal Portugal Portugal Farm blacksmith, Immig. 1884, Al. Both, Henry Srvt W M Feb 1859 41 sgl Germany Germany Germany Farm laborer, Immig. 1885, Nat. Hanson, Herman Srvt W M Feb 1870 30 sgl Denmark Denmark Denmark Farm laborer, Immig. 1893, Al. Whitney, John Srvt W M Dec 1868 32 sgl Canada Canada Scotland Farm laborer, Immig. 1888, Papers Zep, Hing Srvt W M Oct 1844 55 mar 30 China China China Farm cook, Immig. 1869, Al. 1900, Railroad Street, Golconda, Humboldt Co., NV, p. 15A/213: 407 408 Whitney, Walter Head W M Sep 1867 32 mar 5 Iowa Iowa Iowa Rancher, Rents house -----, Pearl Wife W F Apr 1870 30 mar 5 1ch 1liv Oregon Oregon Iowa -----, Rachel Dau W F May 1896 4 sgl Idaho Iowa Oregon Cann, Joseph Hird W M Mar 1872 38 sgl Louisiana Ireland Ireland Miner Hennessy, Michael Hird W M Sep 1856 48 mar 16 New York Ireland Ireland Miner Wolf, Fred Hird W M Sep 1858 41 sgl Germany Germany Germany Section foreman RR, Immig. 1877, Nat. Hafer, John Hird W M Feb 1866 34 sgl Illinois Pennsylvania Ohio Laborer Souza, Antonio Hird W M Sep 1877 22 sgl Massachusetts Portugal Portugal Laborer 1900, St. Thomas, Lincoln Co., NV, p. 4A/162: 49 42 Whitney, Luke Head W M Aug 1874 25 mar 3 Nevada Vermont Australia Farmer, Owns free farm -----, Julia Wife W F Jun 1868 31 mar 3 6ch 5liv Utah England Scotland Syphus, Alfred L. SSon W M Dec 1887 12 sgl Utah Utah Utah -----, Agnes D. SDau W F Jan 1892 8 sgl Utah Utah Utah -----, Levi W. SSon W M Feb 1894 6 sgl Nevada Utah Utah 49 42 Whitney, Clarice Dau W F Nov 1897 2 sgl Nevada Nevada Utah -----, George F. Son W M Nov 1899 6m sgl Nevada Nevada Utah 1900, St. Thomas, Lincoln Co., NV, p. 4A/162: 41 41 Abbott, Chrissie Head W F Jun 1876 23 mar 5 3ch 2liv Nevada Vermont Australia Landlord, Owns free house -----, Austin N. Son W M Aug 1896 3 sgl Nevada Utah Nevada -----, George B. Son W M Apr 1898 2 sgl Nevada Utah Nevada Whitney, Mable C. Sist W F Dec 1887 12 sgl Nevada Vermont Australia King, Aden S. Brdr W M Jun 1876 23 sgl Texas South Carolina Missouri Stage driver 1900, Carson City, Ormsby Co., NV, p. 7B: 168 174 Fitzmyer, Daniel Head W M Jun 1843 56 mar 29 Germany Germany Germany Harness maker, Owns free house, Immig. 1852, Nat. -----, Margaret Wife W F Dec 1852 47 mar 29 3ch 2liv Missouri Germany Germany -----, Frederick J. Son W M Aug 1874 25 sgl Nevada Germany Missouri Harness maker -----, Charles L. Son W M May 1878 22 sgl Nevada Germany Missouri Student Cauefano, Peter Room W M Jun 1863 36 sgl Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland Day laborer, Immig. 1880, Nat. Whitney, Warren Room W M Jun 1849 50 sgl New York Vermont New York Painter 1900, 519 Virginia St., Reno, Washoe Co., NV, p. 23A/243: 502 548 Crampton, Henry Head W M Apr 1843 57 mar 28 New York Ireland Ireland Soap mfg, Owns free house -----, Lena Wife W F Sep 1850 49 mar 28 8ch 7liv Massachusetts Germany Germany -----, Eugene R. Son W M Oct 1876 23 sgl Nevada New York Massachusetts -----, Rich. B. Son W M Jan 1882 18 sgl Nevada New York Massachusetts -----, Anna L. Dau W F Sep 1884 15 sgl Nevada New York Massachusetts At school -----, Phil. H. Son W M Aug 1895 4 sgl Nevada New York Massachusetts County Jail: Kohler, Jno. A. ???? W M Dec 1852 47 sgl Massachusetts Germany Germany Soap maker Whitney, Frank J. Trns W M Dec 1857 42 sgl Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts Laborer day Jennings, Jas. Trns W M Nov 1849 50 sgl Canada Ireland Ireland Laborer day, Immig. 1890, Nat. Ranmgan, Jno. Trns W M Oct 1862 37 sgl Ireland Ireland Ireland Laborer day, Immig. 1890, Nat. Mullaney, James Trns W M Sep 1854 45 mar 8 Pennsylvania Ireland Ireland Civil engineer Devlin, Jno. Trns W M Oct 1852 57 sgl New York Ireland Ireland Laborer day McCabe, Jno. Trns W M Nov 1847 52 sgl Ireland Ireland Ireland Laborer day, Immig. 1860, Nat.