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The following lists all individuals with the surname Whitney and variants in the census for the time and location stated.

1900, Howard, Charles Mix Co., SD, p. XXXXX: Family:Whitney, Elijah Ward (1816-1904) 1900, Pleasant Valle & Spirit Mound Twps, Clay, SD, p. XXXXX: Family:Whitney, Burton C. (1846-a1900) 1900, Elroy, Faulk Co., SD, p. XXXXX: Family:Whitney, Selwyn (c1846-a1910) 1900, Pleasant Valley Township, Hand Co., SD, p. 6A/142: 87 87 Whitney, Elias Head W M Dec 1825 74 mar 40 New York New York New York Farmer, Owns free farm -----, Sarah Wife W F Oct 1840 59 mar 40 3ch 1liv New York Massachusetts New York 1900, Carbonate, Lawrence Co., SD, p. XXXXX: Whitney, Gideon S. Head W M -----, Elizabeth 1900, Brooklyn, Lincoln Co., SD, p. XXXXX: Family:Whitney, Addis (c1862-b1889) 1900, Crop Mine, Pennington Co., SD, p. XXXXX: 349 349 Whitney, Fred D. Head W M May 1856 47 mar 10 Wisconsin Mass. Mass. Range rider, Rents house -----, Emma Wife W M Dec 1856 44 mar 10 0ch 0liv Ohio Ohio Ohio -----, Earl ASon W M Aug 1892 7 sgl Colorado Ohio Ohio Jackson, Bertha ADau W F Apr 1891 9 sgl Iowa Iowa Iowa 1900, Jackson, Sanborn Co., SD, p. 3B, p. XXXXX: 54 57 Whitney, Samuel Head W M Feb 1824 76 wid New York Un. Un. Farmer, Owns mortgaged farm -----, George W. Son W M Dec 1862 37 mar 14 Wisconsin New York New York Farmer -----, Alice M. DiL W F May 1862 37 mar 14 2ch 2liv Iowa New York New York -----, James Son W M Mar 1856 44 sgl Wisconsin New York New York Farm laborer -----, M. Son W M Mar 1871 29 sgl Iowa New York New York Farmer, Rents farm 1900, Sioux Valley Township, Union Co., SD, p. 2A/45: 17 17 Whitney, Arthur R. Head W M Mar 1853 47 sgl Wisconsin New York New York Farm laborer, Owns mortgaged farm -----, Louisa Moth W F Jan 1827 73 wid 10ch 6liv New York Scotland Vermont