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From Sherrill Madden (see Niagara County, NY, Bible Records).

"I have some newspaper documents, death certificates, birth certificates. I have black-and-white photos of headstones at Cold Springs Cemetery."

Russell F. WHITNEY b. 1800 VT m. Billiscent ? m. 1850, Martha Paulina Wilcox b. 1831, St. Lawrence, NY (Royal Whitney served 12yrs as Justice of Peace, Lockport) (Mason, 1862-1864 veteran, Co. D, served as Major) CHILDREN OF ROYAL and MARTHA P. WILCOX Laura Billiscent WHITNEY b. 15 Jan 1852, Canton, NY, d. Mar 28, 1925 m. Frank P. VAN NORWICK, Lockport Oct 27, 1881 Russel Truman WHITNEY b. Mar 23, 1854, Canton, NY; d.Aug 12, 1922 @Lockport bur; Cold Springs Horace Martin WHITNEY b. Jan 26, 1856, Canton, NY m. Nov 8, 1893 @ Lkpt, Emma Lucretia QUAY b.Oct 9, 1869 Harry Edwin WHITNEY b. Sep 16, 1860, Morley, NY, d. Dec 2, 1948 (Constable, Town of Lockport) m. Jun 29, 1887 @ Lkpt, Grace L. STAMP J. Carle WHITNEY b. Jan 31, 1875 @Lockport,NY, d. , bur: Cold Springs m. Jul 15, 1896, 10AM, St. John's Parsonage, @ Lkpt,(*have newspaper announcement) May Belle TUCKER b. ? d. May 11,1931 bur: Cold Springs CHILDREN OF LAURA WHITNEY & FRANK P. VAN NORWICK (members: Knights of the MacCabees) Grace VAN NORWICK m. @Christ Episcopal Church, Lkpt, Elmer BAYLISS Lillian VAN NORWICK b. Lockport d. Apr 1, 1932, Lockport bur: Cold Springs m. John BURKE Royal F. "Roy" VAN NORWICK, no dates- but - children listed as Audrey, Royal and Russell (dead), no dates. Russell VAN NORWICK, no dates CHILDREN OF HORACE MARTIN WHITNEY & EMMA QUAY Carl Edwin WHITNEY b. Sep 9, 1895, d. 1956 @ Lockport Helen Laura WHITNEY b. Jan 4, 1897 @ Lockport m.1st, @ Lkpt, Sep 5, 1930, Burnell Everly F. TAYLOR b. Apr. 2,1894, N. Collins, Erie, NY d. May 5, 1930, Lkpt, bur: Cold Springs m. 2nd, Patrick Joseph CARDEMON d. 1969, Lockport, bur Cold Springs CHILDREN OF HARRY EDWIN WHITNEY & GRACE L. STAMP (*Harry Edwin WHITNEY owned Black Rock Asphalt before it was Shardon & Walker Gravel Co.) Marion N. WHITNEY, no dates Eleanor Grace WHITNEY, (*Clerk, City of Lkpt 1915) John WHITNEY m. 1st. Katherine Ames; m2nd Joan Gumby

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