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Cox, Rachel Townsend, ed., Vital Records of Bowdoin Maine to the Year 1892, (Maine Historical Society, 1944).


Royalsborough: now Durham
Smithfield or Smithtown: now Litchfield
The Gore: a small section of land beween Topsham and Little River Plantation
Thompsonborough: now Lisbon
West Bowdoinham: now Bowdoin

U.S.C. - United States Census for the year 1850, of Bowdoin, the year ending June, 1850, found in Bureau of Vital Records, Augusta, Maine.

P.R.1 - private record, from the Diary of Abner Coombs, now in possession of John Coombs of Greene, ME.
P.R.11 - private records, Bible and framed records in possession of Mrs. J. H. Cox.
P.R.24 - private record, from a Bible in possession of Mrs. Thomas Whitney.
P.R.41 - records from the History of Litchfield, ME.
P.R.72 - Persons who died in Webster, Maine, during the year ending June 1, 1850.
P.R.87 - "Heads of Families in Bowdoin, 1790", in State Library, Augusta, ME.
P.R.91 - private record, from Family Records in possession of Wm. F. Dunn.
P.R.98 - "Whitney Family of Maine", in State Library.
P.R.107 - private record, in possession of Mrs. Fanny Spear, Webster, Maine.
P.R.129 - private record, Bible records from the family Bible of Job Trufant, now in possession of Mrs. Jennie (Edgecomb) Stoughton, Portland, Maine.
P.R.136 - church records of the Freewill Baptist Church, West Bowdoin, in possession of Miss Luella Williams.

G.R.1 - gravestone record, West Bowdoin Cemetery.
G.R.20 - gravestone record, Smullen Lot, Lisbon.

T.R.1 - Town Record of Lisbon
T.R.2 - Town Record of Webster
T.R.3 - Town Record of Topsham
T.R.10 - Town Record of Bath
T.R.16 - Town Record of Gardiner


Volume I, Pages 227-229


Abigail, ch. Benjamin and Mary, May 6, 1800.
Abizer, h. Betsy (White), Mar. 21, 1794, Lisbon, ME., P.R.98.
Albert, s. Abizer and first w. Betsy, June 24, 1821, in Augusta, ME., P.R.98.
Alfretta (Wheeler), w. Thomas T., ---, --, 1856. G.R.1.
Betsy (White), first w. Abizer, Oct. 21, 1794, in B., P.R.98.
Caroline, w. Uriah, ---, --, 1808, G.R.1. [Dec. 7, P.R.24]
David, ch. Ebenezer and Mehitable, Feb. 2, 1807, P.R.41.
David W., s. Abizer and first w. Betsy, Aug. 12, 1817, in Litchfield, ME, P.R.98.
Deborah, a. 84 y., U.S.C.
Deborah A., d. Stover and Susan, Nov. 30, 1843, in B.
Delia, d. Stover and Susan, July 30, 1845, in B.
Denham H., s. Stover and Susan, Feb. 25, 1839, in B.
Diana, ch. Benjamin and Mary, Jan. 26, 1807.
Ebenezer, ch. Samuel Jr., ---, --, 1762, P.R.41.
Ebenezer, Jr., ch. Ebenezer and Mehitable, May 18, 1800, P.R.41.
Edwin s. Abizer and first w. Betsy, May 16, 1833, P.R.98.
Eleazur, ch. Ebenezer and Mehitable, Apr. 28, 1785, P.R.41.
Elizabeth, ch. Ebenezer and Mehitable, Dec. 5, 1801, P.R.41.
Ephraim Uriah, ch. Uriah and Caroline (Tibbets), Oct. 6, 1845, P.R.24.
Eunice, d. Stover and Susan, Oct. 14, 1842, in B.
Frances, ch. Abizer and first w. Betsy, Dec. 4, 1837, in Augusta, ME, P.R.98.
Hannah, d. Abizer and first w. Betsy, Nov.10, 1825, in Bowdoinham, ME, P.R.98.
Havilla, d. Abizer and first w. Betsy, Nov. 15, 1827, in Bowdoinham, ME, P.R.98.
Hattie, ch. David and Mary, [----], P.R.24. [Hattie, d. David and Mary (Trufant), in B., P.R.129.]
Isaac, [----], P.R.87.
James, a. 35y., in U.S.C.
Jonathan, [---], P.R.87.
Julia, d. Abizer and first w. Betsy, June 27, 1823, in Bowdoinham, ME, P.R.98.
Julia C., ch. Thomas T. and Alpharetta, Jan. 5, 1888.
Lydia, ch. David and Mary, [----], P.R.24. [Mary (Trufant), P.R.129] [dup. w. Charles E. Johnson.]
Martha, d. Abizer and first w. Betsy, Feb. 29, 1826, in Augusta, ME, P.R.98.
Martha T., ch. Uriah and Caroline (Tibbets), May 12, 1838, P.R.24, in B.
Mary, ch. Benjamin and Mary, Dec. 6, 1805.
Mary, a. 24y., in U.S.C.
Mary, a. 6mos., in U.S.C.
Mary NOTE, abt. 1867, in Topsham, P.R.72.
Olive J., d. Stover and Susan, Sept. 30, 1847, in Topsham.
Peggy, ch. Benjamin and Mary, Feb. 9, 1804.
Polly, ch. Ebenezer and Mehitable, Nov. 17, 1795, P.R.41.
Rachel, ch. Ebenezer and Mehitable, Jan. 23, 1804, P.R.41.
Ralph, ch. Benjamin and Mary, Dec. 24, 1797.
Ray M., ch. Thomas T. and Alfretta (Wheeler), ---, --, 1893, G.R.1.
Robert, ch. Ebenezer and Mehitable, Aug. 30, 1789, P.R.41.
Rosannah F., ch. Uriah and Caroline (Tibbets), Jan. 29, 1840, P.R.24.
Royed, ch. Thomas T. and Alfretta (Wheeler), ---, --, 1899, G.R.1.
Samuel, Jr., ch. Samuel, Sept. 15, 1731, P.R.41.
Samuel, ch. Ebenezer and Mehetable, Sept. 12, 1793, P.R.41.
Samuel, ch. Benjamin and Mary, Mar. 21, 1801.
Sarah, d. Abizer and first w. Betsy, Jan. 3, 1819, P.R.98.
Sarah, a. 4y., in U.S.C.
Stover, h. Susan, Jan. 10, in B.
Susan [----], w. Stover, Apr. 5, 1820, in B.
Susan T., ch. David and Mary, June 20, 1836, P.R,24. [dup. w. William Dunn, 1837, P.R.91.]
Stover, ch. Benjamin and Mary, Jan. 13, 1809.
Thomas, ch. Uriah and Caroline (Tibbets), [----], went to Ohio, P.R.24.
Thomas E., ch. Ebenezer and Mehitable, Feb. 8, 1810, P.R.41.
Thomas T., h. Alfretta (Wheeler), ---, --, 1843, G.R.1.
Uriah, h. Caroline, ----, --, 1813, G.R.1 [Apr. 18, P.R.24] [s. Jonathan, P.R.107.]
William, ch. David and Mary, [---], P.R.24. [Mary (Trufant), P.R.129.]


Volume III, Pages 192-193


Abizer of Lisbon and Betsy White of B., [----], his first m., P.R.98.
Abizer of Lisbon and Mrs. Susan Eaton of China, his second m., [----], P.R.98.
Ann, Miss of Lisbon and Adam Trufant of B., int. May 20, 1854, T.R.1.
Benjamin, Jr., of Little River Plantation and Polly Varnum of B., int. Nov. 12, 1795, T.R.3.
Christieanne and Rosco G. Greene both of Lisbon, Nov. 29, 1866, in Webster, T.R.2.
David of B. and Miss Hariet Wilson of Lisbon, int. Sept. 29, 1831; cert. issued Oct. 21, 1831. T.R.1.
David of B. and Miss Mary Trufant of Lisbon, int. May 16, 1835, T.R.1. [she d. Joseph and Susan (Reed), P.R.129]
Dunham and Margaret D. Coombs, int. May 8, 1871, T.R.16.
Ebenezer, Jr. and Louisa Gowell, both of F., [---], P.R.41.
Increase G. of Lisbon, and Ellen Maria Larrabee of Webster, int. Nov. 26, 1856, cert. issued Nov. 30, T.R.2.
Isaac and Sarah Truant, May 22, 1783, [int. he of Little River and Miss Sarah Truent of Potterstown], T.R.3. [(Trufant) she d. Job and Cheloa of B., P.R.129.]
John E. NOTE and Elizabeth C. Potter of B., she d. of James and Harriet M. (Thompson), [----], P.R.11.
Lucy NOTE of B. and Albert E.Mortimer of Lisbon, Apr. 23, 1887.
Lydia NOTE and Nathaniel Gilpatrick, both of Lisbon, [---], his second m., P.R.107.
Lydia J., Miss and Charles E. Johnson both of Lisbon, int. Apr. 9, 1860, T.R.1. [she d. David and Mary Trufant, P.R.129.]
Mable G. NOTE of B. and George M. Hatch of Lisbon, int. May 18, 1891.
Mable G. NOTE and Joseph M. Lancaster both of B., int. July 21, 1891.
Martha NOTE and Uriah Whitney, Jr., both of B., int. July 25, 1871.[cert. July 30.] [Res. Oregon.]
Martha T. of B., d. Uriah and Caroline (Tibbets), and [---- ----], of Lisbon, Apr. 30, 1865, P.R.24.
Mary A., Mrs. of B.,and Isaac Crooker II of Boston, MA, int. Feb. 13, 1866.
Susie V. NOTE and Edwin M. Babb both of B., int. Mar. 11, 1889.
Susan, Miss and Mr. William Dunn of Hallowell, Dec. 25, 1858, T.R.1. [She d. David and Mary (Trufant) of B., P.R.129.] [Res. Lisbon]
Thomas of Bath and Abiah Starbird of B., int. Mar. 9, 1802, T.R.10.
Thomas T. and Alfretta Wheeler both of B., int. Feb. 5, 1876. [m. Feb.9, P.R.24]
Uriah of B. and Caroline Tibbets of Lisbon, Jan. 24, 1836, P.R.24.
Uriah Jr. NOTE and Martha Whitney both of B., int. July 25, 1871. [cert. July 30.] [Res. Oregon]


Volume II, Pages 135-136


Abizer, h. Betsy (White), ---, --, 1864, New Orleans, LA, a millwright; P.R.98.
Albert, s. Abizer and first w. Betsy, [---], in Monson, MA, P.R.98.
Betsy (White), w. Abizer, ---, --, 1840, at Augusta, ME, P.R.98.
Caroline, w. Uriah, ----, --, 1884, G.R.1. [Aug. 14, P.R.1]
David, ch. Ebenezer and Mehitable, Feb. 8, 1817, P.R.41.
David, July 12, 1883, a. 75y., P.R.1. [h. Mary]
David W., s. Abizer and Betsy (White), Oct. 3, 1896, P.R.98.
Ebenezer, h. Mehitable, Feb. 14, 1849, a Revolutionary Soldier, removed from Brunswick to Litchfield, before 1800 and later to B., P.R.41.
Edwin, s. Abizer and first w. Betsy, ---, --, 1833, P.R.98.
Ephraim U., ch. Uriah and Caroline, Oct. 6, 1847, a. 2y., G.R.20.
Hattie, ch. David and Mary, [----], unm., P.R.24.
Mary NOTE, Sept. --, 1849, a. 82y., P.R.72.
Mary, Mrs., Nov. 23, 1886. [w. David, Dec. 1, P.R.1]
Ray M., ch. Thomas T. and Alfretta (Wheeler), ---, --, 1893, G.R.1.
Rosanna F., ch. Uriah and Caroline, Sept. 14, 1847, a. 7y., G.R.20.
Royed, ch. Thomas T. and Alfretta (Wheeler), ---, --, 1901, G.R.1.
Sarah, d. Abizer and first w. Betsy, Oct. 3, 1891, unm., P.R.98.
Thomas T., h. Alfretta (Wheeler), ---, --, 1918, G.R.1.
Uriah, h. Caroline, ---, --, 1889, G.R.1. [Dec. 31, P.R.1.] [---, --, 1890, P.R.136.]
Walker NOTE, Sept. 25, 1880, P.R.1.
William, s. David and Mary, ---, --, 1863, in Civil War, P.R.24.

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