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Locations in Charleston

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Source: James W. Hagy, Charleston, South Carolina City Directories for the Years 1816, 1819, 1822, 1825, and 1829.

1816, p. 29

Whitney, Archibald, Baker, 297 King St.
Whitney, John, Grocer, 70 Church St.
Whitney, Thomas, Fruiterer, 6 Beaufain St.
Whitney, Thomas, Mariner, 3 Market St.

1819, p. 67

Whitney & Parsons, Merchants, 234 King St.
Whitney, Jedediah, Carpenter, 35 St. Philip's St.
Whitney, Mary, Widow, cr. of Church & Cumberland Sts
Whitney, Thomas, Store Keeper, 3 Market St.

1822, p. 103

Whitney, Archibald, Grocer, 36 Market St.
Whitney, Mary, Widow, 160 Church St.

1825, p. 134

Whitney, Archibald, Notary Public & Collector of Accounts, St. Michael's Al. or 9 Society St.
Whitney, J. Carpenter, 24 St. Philip's St.
Whitney, Mary, Mrs., 28 Queen St.

1829, p. 136

Whitney, Archibald, Notary Public & Collector of Accounts, 9 Society St.
Whitney, Mary, Mrs., Private Boarding House, W cr. Amen & Philadelphia Sts.

Source: James W. Hagy, Directories for the City of Charleston, South Carolina City for the Years 1830-31, 1835-36, 1836, 1837-38, and 1840-41.

1830-31, p. 29

Whitney, Archibald, Collector, 9 Society St.
Whitney, Mary, Store Keeper, 28 Queen St.

1835-36, p. 65

Whitney, Archibald, Collector, 9 Cumberland St.
Whitney, Mary, Boarding House, cr. E. Bay & Tradd Sts.
Whitney, Octavius L., Dry Goods Store, 350 King St.

1836, p. 70

Whitney, O. L., Dry Goods Store, 340 King St.
Whitney, T. A., Dry Goods Store, 352 King St.

1837-38, p. 93

Whitney, Archibald, Broker & Notary, 11 Cumberland St.
Whitney, E. M., Turner, 179 Meeting St. (NOTE: Edward M. Whiting, Turner, is listed in 1840-41, so he is probably not a Whitney)
Whitney, O. L., Dry Goods Store, 224 King St.

1840-41, p. 131

Whitney, Archibald, 11 Cumberland St.
Whitney, O. L., Dry Goods, 324 King St.
Whitney, Theodore, Collector, 5 Linguard St.