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From the Civil War Pension File of James Whitney

Private, Company G, 3rd Wisconsin Regiment of Volunteer Infantry
Betsey Whitney, Widow
Invalid’s Application #192797, Certificate #256588
Widow’s Application #406431, Certificate #387707
Minor’s Application #599649
The National Archives Building,
Washington, D.C.

James Whitney’s full name is Henry James Whitney. His is known as James in most records, but as will be seen here and in census documents, his given first name is Henry. He is identified as Henry James7 Whitney (James M.6, Jacob5, Benjamin4, John3, Benjamin2, John1).

His U.S. Army Certificate of Disability for Discharge is dated 25 March 1863. It relates that Private James Whitney of Capt. E. L. Hubbard’s Company G, 3rd Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry enlisted at Neenah, WI on 15 May 1861. He was born in Maine; is 29 years old; five feet nine inches in height; with a light complexion, blue eyes, and dark hair. Prior to enlistment he was a carpenter. He is disabled by chronic nephritis and lumbago. He has been off duty since May 1862. James’ first application for a pension was granted, and then later rescinded. On 4 March 1884 from Juneau Co., Wisconsin James Whitney signed a Declaration for Restoration to the Pension Roll. He is 53 years old, and his previous pension certificate number was 256588. His last pension payment was to 15 June 1874. Since that date he resided at Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin until 17 November 1883, when he moved to Necedah, Juneau Co., Wisconsin, where he now resides. He had received four dollars per month commencing 27 March 1865. The pension was stopped because it was claimed that the disability for which he had been pensioned had ceased to exist. He claims restoration of his pension from the date of the last payment for lumbago, the disease for which he was pensioned. Also for injury to the back and side. All the disabilities existed on 15 June 1874 and have existed continuously until now. The declaration is witnessed by E.D. Rogers and John S. Steele. The pension was reinstated.

On 8 June 1889 from Juneau Co., Wisconsin Betsey Whitney signed an Application for Accrued Pension (Widows). She is the widow of James Whitney, who died 1 June 1889. James had been paid at four dollars per month to 4 March 1889. She was married to James Whitney on 28 October 1869 (sic) at Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Her name before marriage was Betsey Allen. Both had been previously married. He current residence is Necedah, Juneau Co., Wisconsin. John S. Steele, her bother, and John F. Allen, her son, witnessed the declaration.

On 27 February 1892 from Juneau Co., Wisconsin Betsey Whitney signed a Declaration for Original Pension of a Widow - Child or Children under Sixteen years of age surviving. She resides at Necedah, Juneau Co., Wisconsin. Her husband had been pensioned for lumbago, but had always claimed that the cause of his disabilities was being hit by a shell, injuring his back and side, from which he died on 1 June 1889. She was married under the name Betsey Allen to James Whitney on 28 October 1869 by G.C. Smith, J.P. at Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. She had been previously married to Charles B. Allen, who died in the army. The soldier had also been previously married, but his wife had previously died. The soldier left one child under sixteen years old at the time of his death: Iola M. Whitney, born 26 January 1874. There are no children under sixteen years old by his first marriage. The declaration is witnessed by Isaac Shultz and E. L. Rogers.

On 3 July 1889 from Jefferson Co., Wisconsin, Mary Hoyle provided a statement. She is the daughter of James and Jane Whitney. Her mother died 12 October 1867 at Kaukauna, Outagamie Co., Wisconsin. She was present at the time of death and the burial of her mother.

A certificate of Registration of Marriage was provided. The husband is H. J. Whitney, whose father is James M. Whitney, and mother is Reliance Whitney. The husband is a carpenter, resides in Neenah, Wisconsin, and was born in Maine. The wife’s name previous to marriage is Betsey Allen. No further information about her is provided. The marriage was contracted 21 October 1869.

A certificate of Registration of Birth is provided. The child is Iola M. Whitney, a white female. Other children living are John F. and Charles Allen and Willie A. Whitney. The father is Henry J. Whitney, a Cooper and Cabinet Maker. The name of the mother before marriage is Bettie Steele, first husband Allen. The child was born at 6 AM on Monday, 26 January 1874 at Fort Atkinson, Jefferson Co., Wisconsin.

A certificate of Registration of death is provided. The deceased is Betsey Whitney, white female, age at last birthday 56 years. Her parents are John and Betsey Steele. She was a housewife, and was born 26 January 1836 in Londonderry, Ireland. Her husband’s name was Harry James Whitney. She died of Tuberculosis of the Lungs at Necedah, Juneau Co. on 15 December 1893. She was buried at North Necedah Cemetery.

Iola M. Whitney also applied for pension benefit as a surviving child under 16 years old at the time of herb father’s death. The declaration adds only that her father died at Necedah, Wisconsin.

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