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Civil War Pension File of Jophanus Henderson Whitney
Widow: Martha L. A. Whitney
Invalid Applic. # 353030 Cert. # 22398
Widow Applic. # 1045022 Cert. # 800150
National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.

He is identified as Jophanus Henderson8 Whitney (Abram Hinckley7, James M.6, Jacob5, Benjamin4, John3, Benjamin2, John1).

Corporal, Co. C, 39th Massachusetts Infantry. Colonel, 5th Massachusetts Infantry, Spanish American War.

Jophanus H. Whitney first applied for a pension on 31 January 1880 from Middlesex County, Massachusetts. He is a resident of Medford, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. He had been enrolled on 14 August 1862 in Company C of the 39th Regiment of Massachusetts Infantry commanded by Captain John Hutchens. He was honorably discharged at White Hall General Hospital in Pennsylvania on 20 June 1865. He is 36 years old, 5 feet 6 inches in height, with a dark complexion, brown eyes, and brown hair. While in the service and in his line of duty at the Battle of Five Forks, Virginia he was wounded by a minnie ball through the left thigh, fracturing the bones and severing the cords of the leg, producing weakness of the limb, loss of motion, and cramps. Walking is painful. He had been treated at hospitals at City Point, Douglas Hospital in Washington, D.C., and White Hall Hospital, where he remained until his discharge. Since leaving the hospital he has resided at Medford, Massachusetts, where he was a painter before his service, and a painter and cigar maker after the service. Jophanus received a pension of six dollars per month, and was last paid to 25 June 1898, when he was dropped because of reenlistment.

On 29 August 1901, Jophanus signed a Declaration of Pensioner for restoration to the rolls. He resides at 32 Franklin Street, Medford, Massachusetts. He had been appointed and commissioned a Colonel by Governor Walcott of Massachusetts, and recruited the 5th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in the Spanish American War. He was mustered out of the service after serving nine months on 31 March 1899 at Greenville, South Carolina.

Jophanus applied several times for increased benefit. From these applications, it is found that he was discharged from the 39th Infantry at Philadelphia on 22 June 1865. He was born in Avon, Maine on 15 January 1846. Jophanus was last paid at eighteen dollars per month to 4 March 1915, and was dropped from the roll because of his death on 27 March 1915.

On 7 April 1915 Marsha L. A. Whitney signed a Declaration for Widow's Pension. She was married to Jophanus H. Whitney under the name Marsha L. A. Flanders. They were married 5 December 1869 by Rev. Eben Francis. The soldier died 28 March 1915 in Medford.

Marsha provided a copy of her husband's death certificate from the City of Medford. He died at the age of 69 years, 2 months, and 13 days from arteriosclerosis and lobar pneumonia. He died at 32 Franklin Street, Medford. He was born in Avon, Maine. His father was Abram H. Whitney, born in Phillips, Maine. His mother was Mary Wilbur, born in Durham, Maine. He is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery in Medford. She also provided a copy of their marriage record from the City of Medford. All information confirms previous testimony.

On 14 June 1898, in response to an inquiry from the Bureau of Pensions, Jophanus states that he has two living children: Orville J. Whitney, born at Medford, Mass., 6 October 1873; and Bertha J. Whitney, born at Medford, Mass., 31 December 1874.

Martha L.A. Whitney was last paid at forty dollars per month to 4 November 1928, and was dropped from the roll because of her death on 15 November 1928.

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