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Vital Records of Dunstable, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849 (Salem, MA: Essex Institute, 1913).


N.R. - First Book of Dunstable Town Records at City Hall, Nashua N.H.


Pages 92-93


Benjamin, s. Benjamin and Lois, Aug. 12, 1798. N.R.
Bettey, d. James and Sarah, May 30, 1772. N.R.
Daniel, s. Silvanus and Hannah, Apr. 12, 1761. N.R.
Elisabeth, d. James and Ellener, May 21, 1748-9 [?]
Ellener, d. James and Ellener, July 23, 1740.
Hannah, d. Silvanus and Hannah, Jan. 15, 1747. N.R.
Isaac, s. Silvanus and Hannah, Feb. 24, 1759. N.R.
James, s. James and Ellener, Nov. 4, 1742.
James, s. Silvanus and Hannah, Apr. 14, 1763. N.R.
James, s. James and Sarah, Feb. 12, 1769. N.R.
James, s. Phinehas and Susannah, June 15, 1785. N.R.
James, s. James and Liddia, June 4, 1792.
Jane, d. Silvanus and Hannah, Apr. 11, 1767. N.R.
John, s. twin, James and Ellener, Aug. 15, 1745.
Jonathan, s. twin, James and Ellener, Aug. 15, 1745.
Joseph, s. Phinehas and Susannah, July 21, 1783. N.R.
Judith, d. Silvanus and Hannah, June 12, 1754. N.R.
Lucy, d. James and Elenor, Jan. 5, 1755.
Lyddia, d. James and Lyddia, Apr. 8, 1794.
Phinehas, s. Silvanus and Hannah, Oct. 7, 1750. N.R.
Phinehas, s. Phinehas and Susannah, June 3, 1779. N.R.
Rebecca, d. Silvanus and Hannah, Apr. 11, 1765. N.R.
Sarah, d. Silvanus and Hannah, Jan 31, 1745. N.R.
Sarah, d. James and Sarah, May 27, 1767.
Susanna, d. Phinehas and Susannah, Mar. 9, 1781. N.R.


Page 199


Aron, of Amherst, and Olive Lund of Dunstable, N.H., Feb. 2, 1801. N.R.
Benjamin, and Lois Brown, both of Dunstable, N.H., Nov. 16, 1797. N.R.
Betsey, of Tyngsborough, and Joseph Land of Dunstable, N.H., at Tyngsborough, Feb. 25, 1794.
Daniel, and Rachel Bates, both of Dunstable, N.H., Jan. 4, 1820. N.R.
Ellenor, and Isaac Powers, both of Dunstable, N.H., June 11, 1761. N.R.
Hannah, and Eleazer Cumings [Jr. of Nottingham West, int.] Nov. 26, 1761.*
Hannah, Mrs., and Asa Mooar, both of Dunstable, N.H., Dec. 7, 1780. N.R.
Horace, and Persis Runnels, both of Hollis, Mar. 30, 1836. N.R.
James, and Sarah Lund [of Dunstable, N.H., int.], Sept. 4, 1766.*
James, of Tyngsborough, and Lydia Spaulding, Jan. 26, 1792. N.R.
Jane, of Dunstable, N.H., and Reubin Butterfield of Sandy River, Feb. 13, 1794. N.R.
Joseph [Dea. int.], of Dunstable, N.H., and Indiana Fletcher, Dec. 26, 1825.*
Judith, Mrs. and John Temple, both of Dunstable, N.H., Jan. 18, 1781. N.R.
Phinehas, and Mrs. Susanner Swoller, both of Dunstable, N.H., Mar. 4, 1778. N.R.
Rebeckah, and John Buxton, both of Wilton, Feb. 14, 1792. N.R.
Sarah, Mrs., of Dunstable, N.H., and Isaac Pike, Mar. 29, 1780.*
Sarah, and Abraham Parker, Oct. 29, 1787.*
Susan, and James Fosdick, both of Dunstable, N.H., Dec. 27, 1815. N.R.
Susanna [Wittmore, int.], and Abraham Gates of Townsend, at Townsend, Nov. 13, 1766.* [NOTE: This was Susanna Whittemore, not Whitney, daughter of Peletiah and Deborah (Kendall) Whittemore, born 10 Jan 1745, Malden, MA.--RLW]


Benjamin, Ens., and Mrs. Rebeca Danforth, b. of Dunstable, N.H., July 1, 1779.

* Intention also recorded.


Page ???


Mary, d. Israel and Hannah, Feb. 4, 1754.


From "Massachusetts Vital Records, 1841-1910," from original records held by the Massachusetts Archives. Online database: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2004.

Whitney, Joseph Alfred, birth, 1906, vol. 559, p. 409:

[number] 2; [birthdate] Feb. 15; [date of record] April 20, 1906; [name] Joseph Alfred Whitney; [sex] Male; [birthplace] Dunstable; [parents] Harrison Whitney, Emily Seymour; [residence of father] Dunstable; [occupation of father] Laborer & teamster; [birthplace of father] Burke, New York; [birthplace of mother] Capleton Mines, Province of Quebec.

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