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Town of Falmouth, Maine 1706 – 1892 Whitney entries transcribed from two CD set of original records Births: Ammi Whitney, b. 7 December 1802 Hannah Hall, b. 22 March 1810 Children: Robert H. Whitney, b. 4 August 1829 Grenvill Whitney, b. 23 February 1831 Annie Whitney, b. 13 February 1833 James H. Whitney, b. 1 January 1835 Ervin T. Whitney, b. 10 February 1837 Susan P. Whitney, b. 8 January 1839 Gorham R. Whitney, b. 26 September 1840 Mary E. Whitney, b. 13 September 1842 Walter C. Whitney, b. in Falmouth 20 May 1865; Parents: James H. Whitney & Rosa Anderson Whitney John A. Whitney, son of James H. and Rosie Whitney b. 3 November 1866 Rose Bell, daughter of James H. and Rose A. Whitney, b. 9 December 1873 Robert, son of James H. and Rose Whitney, b. 24 February 1876 Richard Mountfort, b. 12 December 1825 Intention of Marriage: Mr. John Noyes & Miss Hannah Whitney, both of Falmouth, entered 11 December 1858. Mr. Joseph Brooks of Falmouth & Miss Ester A. Whitney of Cumberland, entered 21 July 1860 Mr. John H. Watts & Miss Mary E. Whitney, both of Falmouth, entered 29 October 1860 Mr. James H. Whitney of Falmouth and Miss Rosa Anderson of Portland, entered 15 January 1864 Mr. Horace Whitney NOTE & Miss Jennie Whitney NOTE, both of Falmouth, entered 21 July 1871 John B. Curtis of Portland and Susan P. Whitney of Falmouth, entered 20 December 1872 John A. Whitney NOTE and Georgie M. Stubbs, both of Falmouth, entered 22 December 1891 Mr. Hezekiah Whitney of Gray and Miss Mary Ellen Merrill of Falmouth entered 17 May 1853 Charles W. Whitney and Miss Harriet P. Moody, entered 12 August 1854 Mr. Richard Mountfort of Falmouth and Miss Loemina Whitney of Cumberland, entered 27 February 1855 Marriages: Mr. Rufus H. Grant of Bath and Nancy E. Whitney of Falmouth were joined in marriage at Falmouth 12 July 1853 Mr. David M. Whitney of Cumberland and Miss Emeline M. Donaldson (?) of Falmouth joined in marriage 31 July 1853 Charles W. Whitney and Harriet P. Moody, both of Falmouth, married 13 August 1854

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