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Vital Records of Groton, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849 (Salem, MA: Essex Institute, 1926-1927).


G.R.2 - Old Cemetery, Groton
N.R.20 - Boston Daily Centinel and Gazette


Page 250:


John, s. William and Margaret, Jan. 30, 1717/8.
Josuah, s. William and Lydia, Nov. 1, 1714.
Lydia, d. William and Lydia, Dec. 26, 1710.

Page 252:


Benjamin, s. Joseph and Abigail, Oct. 27, 1741.
Lydia, d. Joseph and Abigail, Aug. 18, 1743.

Page 251:


Abigall, d. Curnelus and Sarah, Dec. 9, 1717.

Page 252:

Abigall, d. Joseph and Abigail, Aug. 16, 1740.
Amaziah, s. Abner, bap. Aug. 4, 1771.
Charles H., s. John M., carpenter, and Emma A., June 28, 1848.
Elizabeth, d. William and Margret, Aug. 12, 1719.
John, s. John and Hannah, bap. June 14, 1761.
Joshua, s. Joshua, June 14, 1665.
Joshua, s. Cornelius and Sarah, Dec. 1, 1724.
Lidia, d. Cornelius and Sarah, Apr. 23, 1729.
Mary, d. Joshua, 1:5:[16]75.
Mary, d. Cornelius and Sarah, Aug. 20, 1722.
Matthias, s. Cornelies and Sarah, May 26, 1720.
Molley, d. Abner, bap. Sep. 25, 1774.
Sarah, d. Joshua, Oct. 10, 1668.
Sarah, d. Curnellus and Sarah, Apr. 17, 1715.
Sarah, d. Cornelius and Sarah, Jan. 8, 1731/2.
Sarah Jane, d. John M., carpenter, and Emma A., July 18, 1844.
Seabill, d. Timothy and Submet, Mar. 31, 1739.
Susanna, d. Cornelius and Sarah, bap. May 12, 1734.
William, s. William and Lydia, May 5, 1701.


Page 178:


William and Lydia Perham of Chelmsford, at Chelmsford, Mar 16, [1699 or 1700].


Benja[min], Lt., of Pepperell, and Olive Farnsworth, at Pepperell, Mar. 5, 1794.*
Benjamin [Lt. int.] of Pepperell, and Anna Woods, Oct. 11, 1809. Int. also recorded.
Elizabeth and Ebenezer Farnesworth, Apr. 17, 1706/7.
Ephraim and Esther Woods, Dec. 18, 1744.
Henrietta, of Pepperell, and Asa S. Graves, int. Apr. 10, 1847. [m. recorded in Pepperell VR's]
John, Jr., of Shirley, and Hannah Sawtell, Feb. 26, 1759.
John, Jr., of Shirley, and Elizabeth Sawtell, of Shirley, Apr. 15, 1762.
Joseph and Abigail Nutting, Dec. 6, 1737.
Martha and Isaac Williams of Newton, Feb. 1, 1708/9.
Mary and Richard Briant, Apr. 16, 1789.
Mehitabel [Martha M. int.], a. 17y., b. Harvard, d. Jonathan and Mehitabel, and Phinehas L. Nutting, unm., a. 22y., farmer, s. Phinehas and Mary E., Nov. 24, 1846. Int. also recorded.
Rebeccah and Joseph Chamberlain, b. of Pepperell, Apr. 10, 1781.
Relief, of Lunenburg, and Asa Tarbell, int. ---, 1803.
Sarah and Benja[min] Wilson, Nov. 26, 1747.
Shadrach, of North Town [Townsend] and Prudence Lawrence [wid.], 5 Jan 1731/2.
Sibble, of Pepperell, and Stephen Lunn, of New Ipswich, 14 Aug 1771.
Submit and Reuben Woods, June 11, 1740 or 1741.
Sybil and Peter Gilson, May 27, 1756.
Timothy, of Townsend, and Submit Parker, May 24, 1738, at Townsend.
William and Anna Laken [Lakin. C.R.1.], Sept. 5, 1803. Int. also recorded.


Pages 278-279:


Joshua, Dea., Aug. 1, 1719 [a. 83y., G.R.2].
Lydia [w. William, G.R.2], Aug. 22, 1716 [a. 42y., G.R.2].


Betsey, w. Capt. Asa, and d. Capt. Abram Child, suddenly, at Silver Creek, N.Y., a. 54y. Issue of May 7, 1836. N.R.20.
Prudence, w. Shadrach, Dec. 25, 1762, in her 68th year, G.R.2.
Shaderah, Aug. 8, 1764 in his 67th year, G.R.2.


From "Massachusetts Vital Records, 1841-1910," from original records held by the Massachusetts Archives. Online database: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2004.


Whitney, [Male], birth, 1850, vol. 43, p. 83:

[number] 31; [birthdate] Dec. 24; [date of record] --; [name] ----- Whitney; [sex] Male; [birthplace] Groton; [parents] John M., Emma A. Whitney; [residence of father] Groton; [occupation of father] Carpenter; [birthplace of father] Ashburnham; [birthplace of mother] Ashby.

Whitney, Anna May, birth, 1884, vol. 350, p. 104:

[number] 35; [birthdate] November 26th; [date of record] Jan. 1885; [name] Anna May Whitney; [sex] Female; [birthplace] Groton; [parents] Rev. Frank C. Whitney, Ada B. (Fleming) Whitney; [residence of father] Groton; [occupation of father] Clergyman; [birthplace of father] Newfield, N.Y.; [birthplace of mother] Ithica, N.Y.

Whitney, Charles Henry, birth, 1848, vol. 35, p. 210:

[number] 8; [birthdate] 1848 June 28; [date of record] --; [name] Charles Henry Whitney; [sex] Male; [birthplace] Groton; [parents] John M. & Ellen A. Whitney; [residence of father] Groton; [occupation of father] Carpenter; [birthplace of father] Ashby; [birthplace of mother] Ashby.

Whitney, Cressia Idora, birth, 1860, vol. 133, p. 101:

[number] 10; [birthdate] February 28; [date of record] --; [name] Cressia Idora Whitney; [sex] Female; [birthplace] Groton; [parents] Amos L. & Jemima S. Whitney; [residence of father] Groton; [occupation of father] Farmer; [birthplace of father] Warwick; [birthplace of mother] Sanberton, Me.

Whitney, Edwin A., birth, 1860, vol. 133, p. 103:

[number] 65; [birthdate] September 25; [date of record] --; [name] Edwin A. Whitney; [sex] Male; [birthplace] Groton; [parents] Chas. L. & L. C. Whitney, m.n. Wheeler; [residence of father] Groton; [occupation of father] Tin worker; [birthplace of father] Bolton; [birthplace of mother] S. Bridgewater.

Whitney, Florence, birth, 1887, vol. 377, p. 125:

[number] 12; [birthdate] April 12th; [date of record] Jan. 1888; [name] Florence Whitney; [sex] Female; [birthplace] Groton; [parents] Rev. Frank C. Whitney, Adda B. Fleming; [residence of father] Groton; [occupation of father] Clergyman; [birthplace of father] Newfield, N.Y.; [birthplace of mother] Ithica, N.Y.

Whitney, Sarah Jane, birth, 1844, vol. 11, p. 33:

[number] 52; [birthdate] July 18, 1844; [date of record] July 16, 1844 [sic]; [name] Sarah Jane [Whitney]; [sex] Girl; [birthplace] Groton; [parents] John M. & Emma A. Whitney; [residence of father] Groton; [occupation of father] Carpenter; [birthplace of father] --; [birthplace of mother] --.


Whitney, Bertha T., marriage, 1909, vol. 587, p. 463:

[number] 17; [marriage date and place] Septmber 25, Groton; [date of record] --; [groom] Frank A. Bradford; [residence] Boston; [age] 43; [occupation] Manufacturer; [birthplace] Kingston; [parents] Orrin W. Bradford, Annie T. Everson; [number of marriage] 2nd Div.; [bride] Bertha T. Whitney; [residence] Worcester; [age] 46; [occupation] At home; [birthplace] Gloucester; [parents] Isaac S. Whitney, Mary E. Mitchell; [number of marriage] 1st; [officiant] Pemberton H. Cressey, Minister of the Gospel, Groton.

Whitney, George P., marriage, 1886, vol. 371, p. 112:

[number] 7; [marriage date and place] July 3d, Groton; [date of record] July 20th; [groom] George P. Whitney; [residence] Lawrence; [age] 31; [occupation] Carpenter; [birthplace] Maine; [parents] Aleck & Sarah Whitney; [number of marriage] Second; [bride] Nellie S. Dickinson; [residence] Groton; [age] 21; [occupation] At home; [birthplace] Groton; [parents] Joseph & Eliza Dickinson; [number of marriage] First; [officiant] Rev. F. C. Whitney, Pastor, Bapt. Ch., Groton.

Whitney, Mary, marriage, 1898, vol. 479, p. 177:

[number] 8; [marriage date and place] May 25, Ayer; [date of record] July 12; [groom] Henry Young; [residence] Groton; [age] 32; [occupation] farmer; [birthplace] Moretown, Vt.; [parents] Edward & Mary Young; [number of marriage] First; [bride] Mary Whitney; [residence] Groton; [age] 34; [occupation] Domestic; [birthplace] Chester, Vt.; [parents] Alexander & Hannah (Cook) Whitney; [number of marriage] First; [officiant] F. F. Thayer, Ayer, Mass.

Whitney, Mehitabel, marriage, 1846, vol. 25, p. 25:

[number] 4; [marriage date and place] November 24, 1846; [date of record] December 5, 1846; [groom] Phinehas L. Nutting; [residence] --; [age] 22; [occupation] Farmer; [birthplace] Groton; [parents] Phinehas & Mary E. Nutting; [number of marriage] Bachelor; [bride] Mehitabel Whitney; [residence] --; [age] 17; [occupation] --; [birthplace] Groton; [parents] Jonathan & Mehitabel Whitney; [number of marriage] Maid; [officiant] Dudley Phelps, Clergyman, Groton.


Robbins, Lucy [Whitney], death, 1867, vol. 203, p. 123:

[number] 39; [death date and place] October 7th; [date of record] --; [name] Lucy (Whitney) Robbins; [sex] Female; [marital status] Widow; [age] 85 9 -; [cause] Old Age; [residence] Groton; [occupation] --; [birthplace] Harvard; [parents] Reuben & Lucy Whitney; [parents' birthplaces] Lancaster, --.

Whitney, Andrew A., death, 1870, vol. 230, p. 141:

[number] 67; [death date and place] December 25th; [date of record] --; [name] Andrew A. Whitney; [sex] Male; [marital status] Single; [age] 30 4 -; [cause] Consumption; [residence] Groton Junction; [occupation] --; [birthplace] Harvard; [parents] Jonathan & Mehitable Whitney; [parents' birthplaces] Harvard, Methuen.

Whitney, Gracia Idsora, death, 1860, vol. 139, p. 95:

[number] 30; [death date and place] July 31, S. Groton; [date of record] --; [name] Gracia Idsora Whitney; [sex] Female; [marital status] --; [age] - 5 3; [cause] Dysentery, Phrenitis; [residence] --; [occupation] --; [birthplace] Lowell; [parents] Amos L. Whitney, Jamima S.; [parents' birthplaces] Warwick, Sanberton, N.H.

Whitney, Sarah Jane [Merrel], death, 1910, vol. 1910/47 (death), p. 201:

[number] 40; [death date and place] December 31, 1910, Groton; [date of record] Jan. 2, 1911; [name] Sarah Jane Whitney (m.n. Merrel); [sex] Female; [marital status] Divorced; [age] 64 8 4, born April 27, 1846; [cause] Cancer of stomach; [residence] Groton; [occupation] Housework; [birthplace] Windham, N.H.; [parents] William W. Whitney, Susan Pace; [parents' birthplaces] Harvard, Mass., Andover, Mass.; [buried] Groton Cemetery.

Whitney, Susan, death, 1909, vol. 1909/45 (death), p. 25:

[number] 13; [death date and place] May 29, 1909, Groton, Mass.; [date of record] May 31, 1909; [name] Susan Whitney; [sex] Female; [marital status] Single; [age] 67 2 14; [cause] Meningitis; [residence] Boston, Mass.; [occupation] Domestic; [birthplace] Windham, N.H.; [parents] William W. Whitney, Susan Pace; [parents' birthplaces] Harvard, Mass., Andover, Mass.; [buried] Groton, Mass.

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