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History of Francestown, N. H., by Rev. W. R. Cocherane and George K. Wood (Nashua, NH: Town of Francestown, 1895).

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p. 144 [1793 Tax List]

James Whitney
Joseph Whitney

p. 264 [Names of Revolutionary Soldiers]

----- Whitney

p. 283 [School District List of 1806]

No. 2--(Continued).

James Whitney
. . .
Joseph Whitney

p. 289 [Superintending School Comittees]

1824. Rev. Moses Bradford, Moses Whitney, Daniel Lewis.

p. 314 [Names of Some of the More Conspicuous Alumni of Francestown Academy]

Charles W. Whitney, Merchant.

p. 316

Wm. B. Whitney, A. B.

p. 462 [Stores in Francestown]

Butterfield tells us that "Dr. Farley & Moses Whitney kept store" in what is now Daniel B. Tobie's house.

p. 594 [Genealogies]

He [Marden Colby] also lived a number of years on the Whitney or Putnam place.

p. 622 [Genealogies]

GEORGE DEANE, . . . His wife was Ruthy Morse, . . . . Children: -- 1. CAROLINE. [b. at Francestown, April 23, 1801, m. Pliny Whitney of Milford, Oct. 23, 1823, d. at Milford, May 8, 1886.]

p. 882 [Genealogies]

LEVI PUTNAM, son of Townes and Polly (Shaw) Putnam of Lyndeboro' was born May 6, 1847. He married Louisa Colby of this town, May 15, 1871, and came here from Lyndeboro' to live on the Whitney or Colby place, which he has since occupied. He is by trade a painter. . . . .

pp. 914-916 [Genealogies]


SAMUEL SHATTUCK who lived in Somersetshire, England, as early as 1525, was the first of the Shattuck family to receive biographical notice. Later in the sixteenth century lived John and George Shattuck whose names have been worthily perpetuated within our borders. The name also appears upon parish records in Berkshire, Eng., bearing date May 3, 1628, Sept. 14, 1632, and Apr. 29, 1635. There is evidence that very many of the early English Shattucks were respectable and wealthy people. The geneology of the Shattucks of Francestown can be traced with accuracy to William Shattuck whose name appears upon an old list of the proprietors of Watertown, Mass., in 1642. His name is written "William Chattuck," in the early records. He was born in England in 1622, and died in Watertown, Mass., Aug. 14, 1672. His ancestors were evidently of Lancastershire, Somersetshier, or Berkshire, but nothing conclusive has yet been obtained concerning his parentage and place of birth. Previous to his coming to America, he learned the weaver's trade, but like most of the early settlers he soon became a land owner and a farmer. He was a shrewd, capable and influential man and by his industry and enterprise acquired considerable property. His residence was on Common Hill near "King's Common." He married when twenty years of age, Susanna -----, and was the father of two children, John2 hsi oldes son born at Watertown, Feb. 11, 1647, was a sergeant in the military company raised by Captain Richard Beers of Watertown, in 1675, for the defence of the settlers who were then being sorely pressed by the Indians under King Philip. On the 4th of September of that year, Captain Beers' comany, while marching to the relief of Squawkeaque, now Northfield, was utterly routed by a large body of Indians lying in ambush. Captain Beers was killed and of his command only sixteen men escaped death at the hands of the savages. John2 Shattuck was one of the survivors of the fight, and he was immediately dispatched to the Governor of the Colony to make known to him its direful result. Ten days afterward, (Sept. 14th), John2 was drowned while crossing the ferry between Charlestown and Boston, and what may seem singular in connection with this casualty is the fact, that though the boat, which foundered in consequence of a violent wind, was heavily loaded with horses and passengers, he who had survived the onslaught of the wily savages, alone was lost. He was by trade a carpenter, his residence was in the present village of Watertown. He married June 20, 1664, Ruth Whitney of Watertown. His son Samuel3 was born in Watertown, Mass., in 1676 and died in Groton, Mass., July 22, 1758. His wife was Elizabeth Blood of Groton. Their son Samuel4, born in Groton, Apr. 7, 1696, married, 1st, Anna Williams, 2nd, Sarah Pierce, and died in Pepperell, Mass., Mar. 4, 1775. Samuel5, the son of Samuel4 and Anna, was the first child born in Pepperell, the date of his birth was Sept. 25, 1726. He married Elizabeth Wesson who died of consumption, Nov. 10, 1806. He died Sept. 16, 1805. Of his five children, Stephen of Francestown, was the second.

STEPHEN SHATTUCK was born in Pepperell, Mass., Feb. 5, 1760. He was of the sixth generation from William Shattuck of Watertown. He served three years in the Continental army and was a pensioner. He married Lucy Richardson, Apr. 26, 1781, and settled in Pepperell, where hi lived until 1798, when he came to Francestown, and settled upon the place lately occupied by Mrs. George Whitfield, near Shattuck pond in the northern part of the town, he died at Francestown, June 5, 1833, his wife died Ju ne 12, 1834. Their children were:--

. . . .

p. 934 [Genealogies]


ABRAHAM SPEAR came here to live with the Whitneys some time after they settled in this town, his wife being a member of that family. She died in this town, Mar. 30, 1830. A child of Abraham Spear died here July 27, 1831, aged five years. "Mr. Spear," perhaps the father of Abraham died here June 15, 1817.

p. 948 [Genealogies]

WILLIAM TAYLOR . . . married Mary L. Balch . . . . His other children were born in Francestown. They were:--

. . . .

2. S. FRANCES, [b. Oct. 23, 1829, m. Charles W.Whitney of Troy, Sept. 2, 1850, res. in Troy.]

p. 979 [Genealogies]


JOHN WHITNEY who was doubtless the first to bear this family name to America embarked at Ipswich, England, for New England in the ship Elizabeth and Ann, in Apr., 1635, when thirty-five years of age. With him came his wife, Elinor, aged thirty, and sons John, Richard, Nathaniel, Thomas, and Jonathan. He was made a freeman Mar. 3, 1636, was a selectman of Watertown, Mass., before the year 1640, and in 1655, was town clerk. He died, June 1, 1673, aged seventy-four. The descendants of John inter-married quite early with the Shattucks and also with the Nuttings, and the Whitney's as well as the Shattucks and Nuttings, were early settlers of Groton, Mass.

JAMES WHITNEY, who began on the Putnam place was one of the little colony from Groton and vicinity, who built their cabins on Lakin hill and around it. Of the family of James we can learn but little and there is reason to conclude that it was not large. A relative of James, married Abraham Spear, who lived on the Putnam place several years. She died in this town Mar. 30, 1830. James's son Benajmin, alos lived on the homestead. The wife of James died here, Jan. 22, 1825. He died in this town, Feb. 16, 1831.

JOSEPH WHITNEY, doubtless came here with James, and perhaps lived with him. In the records of Pepperell, we find: Joseph, son of Joseph and Abigail Whitney, born Oct. 23, 1755, James, son of Joseph and Abigail Whitney, born Dec. 6, 1757. In a record of deaths in this town, we learn that James Whitney died here Feb. 16, 1831, aged seventy-three years, which leads us to conclude that Joseph and James were brothers, and natives of Pepperell, Mass. A child of Joseph was buried hiere in 1790.

MOSES WHITNEY of Westminster, Mass., was in trade here as early as 1823. He was in company with Dr. Farley in the Gibson store, now occupied as a dwelling by Daniel B. Tobie. He married Mary, daughter of Rev. Reed and Hannah (Paige) Paige of Hancock. She was born Oct. 2, 1799. They removed to Oswego, N. Y., where he died Feb. 23, 1860, and where she also died, June 29, 1885. Their children were: --

1. REED PAIGE. [b. Dec. 17, 1818, was a grain merchant in Chicago, Ill., d. about 1888.]

2. SAMUEL. [b. Jan. 23, 1821, d. a soldier in the army, Feb. 2, 1863.]

3. CHARLES. [b. Feb. 2, 1831, is a grain merchant in Chicago, Ill.]

4. CATHERINE ABBY. [b. Aug. 12, 1834, res. in Chicago, Ill.]

5. HENRY H.. [b. Sept. 27, 1838, is a grain merchant in Chicago., Ill.]

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward