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Ramsdell, George Allen, The History of Milford [New Hampshire]; Family Registers, by William P. Colburn (Concord, NH: The Rumford Press, 1901).

[p. 158]

List of all members of [Grand Army of the Republic,] Post Oliver W. Lull, No. 11, Department of New Hampshire, residents of Milford and otherwise, from 1868 to 1894. The arm of the service to which each belonged is understood to be infantry, unless otherwise designated:

C. O. Whitney, H, 6th Vt.

[p. 226]

List of Taxpayers, 1830.

Pliny Whitney

[p. 226]

List of Taxpayers, 1860.

Charles P. Whitney
George H. Whitney
Pliny Whitney

[p. 238]



September 28, died, Pliny Whitney, aged eighty-six years. Mr. Whitney was born in Westminster, Mass., but came to Milford from Wilton, where he had been in business, in 1823. During the larger part of his active life he was engaged in trade. For a time he filled the office of deputy sheriff, and in this and in all other positions which he occupied, his executive ability was apparent. Mr. Whitney was a member of the Congregational church. The family is now represented in the business of the town by his son, Charles P. Whitney, the druggist of the firm of Kidder & Whitney.


[p. 248]



October 13, died, George H. Whitney, aged eighty years. Mr. Whitney was not a native of the town, but soon after his marriage to Evelyn Tyler, the daughter of Crawford Tyler, he became a citizen. Mrs. Whitney died a short time after her husband's decease, at the age of sixty-seven years.


[p. 265]

List of Taxpayers, 1890.

Charles P. Whitney

[p. 303]

The masters of the [Masonic] lodge previous to the forfeiture or the charter were as follows: ...; Aaron Whitney, 1811-'13; ... Aaron Whitney, 1816-'19; ....

[p. 357]

Dr. H. T. Whitney came to Milford in 1876 and remained something more than one year, when he and his wife received appointments from the American Board as missionaries to China. It is understood that his professional skill reinforces his usefulness as a missionary.

[p. 404]


Jacob Hutchinson, son of Bartholomew and Phebe (Haggett) Hutchinson, was born February 5, 1785; died March 23, 1859; married, August 27, 1807, Betsy, daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth (Burns) Burnham; married second, June 2, 1839, Esther, daughter of Phinehas

[p. 405]

and Susan Whitney. By the first marriage there were four daughters, Betsey, who married William Shaw, Jr., Jane, who married Milton V. Wilkins, Harriet, who married Luther S. Bullard, and Maria Adeline, who married Timothy C. Senter.

Captain Hutchinson was the grandson of Nathan Hutchinson, the original settler, and located upon a portion of the Charlestown school farm, which descended to him from his father. At an early age he became interested in military matters, and in 1820 was a promoter of the organization of a company of light infantry enlisted under the legislative act of 1819. This company was composed of the substantial men of the town, and by their unanimous choice Mr. Hutchinson was made its first commander and held the position four years. His interest in military matters continued until far advanced in life. He was a good specimen of a man, physically and mentally, and was possessod of great activity and industry. His life was spent on the farm where he was born, and which he cultivated with more than usual skill. For many years he was largely interested in the culture of hops, having at times from twelve to fifteen acres in this single crop.

Captain Hutchinson was appointed collector of taxes for the town in 1816, and held the office continuously until 1835. He was a member of the board of selectmen for the years 1833-'34 and '35; was deputy sheriff of the county for several years, commencing with 1824. Having no sons of his own he souhgt the companionship and assistance of his grandson, Christopher C. Shaw, son of his eldest daughter. He remained with his grandfather until he embarked in business for himself.

[p. 576]


Joel Barker ... married ... Sarah ... Foster ....

  1. Joel, b. Nov. 14, 1794; d. Feb. 10, 1879. Was a cooper and farmer, living in the south part of the town on a farm now owned by John Mitchell. Married May 15, 1829, Sarah W. Whitney of Marlborough. She d. June 23, 1887.


[p. 611]

Joseph Burns ... married Nancy A. Farrington ....

Children, all born in Milford.
  1. Joseph, Jr., b. Aug. 1, 1791; m. Mary Whitney; res. in Boston, Mass.; d. in Milford, Aug. 29, 1841.


[p. 672]

David Duncklee, Jr., ... married ... Grissel ... Burns ....

Children, born in Milford.
5. George Wells, b. Sept. 29, 1829, was a mechanic; m. Nov. 27, 1854, Lucretia B., dau. of Franklin and Fannie (Farr) Whitney of Littleton; res. in Wilton, and d. there Dec. 29, 1879.

[p. 682]


Thomas T. Farnsworth, ... m.(2) ... Lucy B. ... Rice ....

  1. Lydia Augusta, b. in Groton, Mass., July 31, 1838; m. May 26, 1863, Charles P. Whitney, a merchant, res. in Milford.


[p. 773]

Jacob Hutchinson, son of Bartholomew and Phebe (Hagget) Hutchinson, born in Milford, Feb. 5, 1785. Resided on the farm now owned by C. C. Shaw on road to Wilton, where he died March 23, 1859. Married (1) Aug. 27, 187, Betsey, daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth (Burns) Burnham, born in Milford, Sept. 5, 1788, and died Jan. 18, 1839; (2) June 2,

[p. 774]

1839, Esther, daughter of Phineas and Susan (-----) Whitney, born in Nashua, Sept. 29, 1788, and died there Feb. 6, 1867.

[p. 811]


William B. King ... married ... Hannah ... Duncklee ....



2. Cynthia Smith, b. May 1, 1806; m. Dec. 2, 1824, Luke, son of Aaron and Phebe (Duncklee) Whitney of Amherst; res. in Saccarappa, Me., and d. there, Dec. 17, 1833.


[p. 858]


Stearns Needham, ... m.(2) Hannah ... Bailey ....

Children, born in Milford.


10. Jeremiah Kidder, b. Sept. 20, 1792; was a farmer, res. in Hollis, and d. there April 9, 1862; m.(1) April 18, 1816, Olive Parker of Hollis; (2) Ruhamah Whitney of Marlborough, March 29, 1826; (3) Mrs. Betsey Cogswell, and (4) Dec. 2, 1858, Mrs. Elizabeth H. Carlton of Merrimack.


[p. 887]


Francis E. Pond, son of Ezra and Lydia P. (Whitney) Pond, born in Hubbardston, Mass., June 1, 1824. Came to Milford in 1864 from Pepperell, Mass., and died Apr. 15, 1893. He was a harness maker. Married March 2, 1847, Eliza S., daughter of Richard and Catherine (Smith) Center, born in Hancock, July 2, 1828, and died in Nashua, May 28, 1896.

  1. †Charles Henry, b. in Merrimack, June 23, 1848.
  2. Mary Catherine, b. in Nashua, March 7, 1851; m. June 12, 1869, Albin W., son of Walter and Martha J. (Moulton) Brooks, and res. in Taunton, Mass.
  3. Edward Wallace, b. in Merrimack, June 15, 1854, and d. Nov. 26, 1856.
  4. †Edward Mansfield, b. in Merrimack, Feb. 13, 1857.
  5. †William Francis, b. in Nashua, Jan. 28, 1859.

Charles H. Pond, son of Francis E. and Eliza S. (Center) Pond, born in Merrimack, June 23, 1848. Came to Milford

[p. 888]

in 1894 from Amherst. Is a carpenter. Married (1) June 12, 1869, Florence D. A., daughter of Aaron and Julia A. (Morse) Holden, born in Nashua, and died Jan. 12, 1883. Married (2) Sept. 28, 1884, Luvie Estella, daughter of Charles A. and Betsey A. (Butler) Barrett, born in Antrim, March, 1866. Married (3), March 26, 1892, Mary Ninette, daughter of Martin L. and Abigail (Fernald) Blood, born in Greenville, Aug. 4, 1849.

  1. Edward Franklin, b. in Nashua, Nov. 7, 1871.
  2. Delia A., b. in Bennington, Jan. 1879, and d. in Lyndeborough, March, 1879.
  3. Mamie Anna, b. in Francestown, Jan., 1886.

Edward M. Pond, son of Francis E. and Eliza S. (Center) Pond, born in Merrimack, Feb. 13, 1857; came to Milford with this father in 1864; is a cabinet maker. Married, Oct. 22, 1880, Florence J., daughter of John and Harriet K. (Glines) Blanchard, born in Wilton, Sept. 17, 1864.

  1. Carl Franklin, b. in Milford, April 17, 1881.

William F. pond, son of Francis E. and Eliza S. (Center) Pond, born in Nashua, Jan. 28, 1859; came to Milford with his father in 1864; is a quarryman. Married, Aug. 19, 1880, Kate E., daughter of Elijah and Caroline F. (Barnes) Putnam, born in Wilton, Aug. 1, 1864.

Children, born in Milford.
  1. Ethel C., b. Nov. 4, 1881, and d. Feb. 26, 1883.
  2. Edith Caroline, b. Aug. 3, 1884.
  3. Harold Elenwood, b. Aug. 1, 1894.

[p. 928]

Edwin Smith, son of Enos and Amy (Plympton) Smith, born in Wrentham, Mass., July 17, 1807; was a machinist; came to Milford in 1847, from Amoskeag, and died, May 31, 1882. Married, May 20, 1830, Sybil, daughter of Benjamin and Rebecca (Whitney) Wallace, born in Townsend, Mass., Sept. 2, 1809, and died in Milford, Dec. 11, 1893.

  1. Edwin Wallace, b. in Amoskeag, July 28, 1831; is a farmer; m. Oct. 25, 1853, E. Augusta, dau. of David and Eunice (Wright) Hobart, of Brookline, and res. there.
  2. Sarah Marinda, b. in Amoskeag, Jan. 11, 1837; m. Jan. 1, 1862, Clesson R., son of Dr. S. Smith and Sarah (Twitchell) Stickney, of Milford; she now res. in Wilton.
  3. Henry Plympton, b. in Townsend, Mass., March 7, 1839; is a watchmaker and jeweler; m. Aug. 18, 1870, Louise H., dau. of Joseph E. and Jane (Fulton) Presby, of Waltham, Mass., and res. there; d. in Charlestown, Mass., Oct. 19, 1874.
  4. Nancy Catherine, b. in Amoskeag, Oct. 5, 1843; m. Feb. 17, 1870, Henry, son of Joseph and Harriet (Gillis) Ames, of Wilmington, Mass.; res. in Wilton, where she d. July 13, 1873.
  5. Joseph Warren, b. in Amoskeag, Sept. 11, 1846; m. Nov. 21, 1876, Carrie W., dau. of Ambros and Hannah A. (Edgerly) Pearson, of Charlestown, Mass., and res. in Vineland, N.J.

[p. 930]

Ira Smith, son of David and Rachel (Whitney) Smith, born in Lexington, Mass., Oct. 24, 1813, was a farmer. Came to in Lexington, Mass., Oct. 24, 1813, was a farmer. Came to Milford in 1868 from New Ipswich, and died Oct. 3, 1887. Married Dec. 6, 1843, Hannah P., daughter of Francis B. and Susan (Preston) Maxwell, born in Boston, Mass., Nov. 13, 1822.

Children, born in New Ipswich.
  1. Ira Francis, now known as Frank I., b. April 9, 1845, is a veterinary surgeon, res. in Rochester; m.(1) Nov. 18, 1868, Esther M., dau. of Samuel and Abigail (Hastings) Fuller of Merrimack; (2) Nov. 24, 1886, Martha, dau. of Timothy and Sarah (Foster) Emerson of Barnstead.
  2. Charles Henry, b. Dec. 26, 1848, is a janitor, res. in Woburn, Mass.; m. Sept. 3, 1868, Jennie, dau. of Joseph and Mary (-----) Tilson of New Ipswich.

[p. 955]


Elmer O. Tandy, son of Almon and M. Lurinda (Farr) Tandy, born in Goshen, June 5, 1858. Is a mechanic. Came to Milford in 1885, from Keene. Married, Nov. 23, 1881, Carrie C., daughter of Parker and Nancy A. (Whitney) Morgan, born in Ashby, Mass., March 1, 1859.

  1. Alice Minnie, b. in Cornish, June 11, 1883.
  2. Carrie Ella, b. in Milford, Nov. 5, 1888.
  3. Hazel Ruth, b. in Milford, Sept. 26, 1890.

[p. 962]


Crawford Tyler ... married ... Martha A. ... Clark ....

Children, born in Milford.


3. Eveline, b. in 1817; m. April 19, 1843, George H. Whitney of Grafton, Mass.; res. in Milford, and d. Dec. 16, 1884.


[p. 978]


Pliny Whitney, son of Samuel and Thankful (Wilder) Whitney, born in Westminster, Mass., Nov. 13, 1787, was a merchant; came to Milford in 1823, from Wilton, and died Sept. 28, 1873. Married Oct. 23, 1823, Caroline, daughter of George and Ruth (Morse) Dean, born in Hopkinton, April 23, 1801, and died in Milford, May 8, 1886.

Children, born in Milford.
  1. Caroline Dean, b. Oct. 14, 1825; m. Nov. 27, 1845, William C., son of Thomas B. and Sarah (Perkins) Kidder of Wilton; they now reside in Marblehead, Mass.
  2. Harriet Lucinda, b. May 17, 1831; m. July 21, 1855, John M., son of Samuel and Salome (Whitney) Hale of New York city, and res. there.
  3. Charles Pliny, b. April 22, 1838, is a merchant, res. in Milford; m. May 26, 1863, Lydia A., dau. of Thomas T. and Lucy B. (Rice) Farnsworth of Milford.

George H. Whitney, son of Benjamin F. and Sybil (Blake) Whitney, born in Westboro, Mass., March, 1805, was a wood-turner; came to Milford in 1853 from Grafton, Mass. Married April 19, 1843, Eveline, daughter of Crawford and Martha (Clark) Tyler, born in Milford, January, 1817, and died there Dec. 16, 1884. He died Oct. 13, 1884.

  1. Henrietta F. E., b. in 1845, and d. June 17, 1855.

[p. 989]


Israel L. Worcester, son of Israel L. and Ruth (Whitney) Worcester, born in Brighton, Mass., Oct. 30, 1803, was a farmer; came to Milford in 1852, from Greenfield, resided on place formerly owned by John Blunt on north end of Federal Hill, where he died June 2, 1888. Married Feb. 9, 1837, Elizabeth, daughter of John and Elizabeth (-----) Hoyt, born in Warner, March 11, 1816, and died in Milford, Sept. 30, 1892.

  1. †Charles Henry, b. in Brighton, Mass., Jan. 1, 1838.
  2. Elizabeth Ann, b. in Brighton, Mass., Jan. 12, 1842; m.(1) Eben Blanchard of Milford, (2) Nov. 13, 1871, Edward Crosby of Milford; d. Aug. 25, 1875.
  3. Mary Frances, b. in Brighton, June 9, 1844; m.(1) March 19, 1864, Henry Haskell, (2) Nov. 28, 1866, Henry A. Kirby; res. in Milford; d. Jan. 13, 1900, from the effects of an accidentally overturned lamp.
  4. George Albert, b. in Greenfield, June 5, 1852; is a mechanic and electrician; m. May 12, 1878, Anabiah, dau. of Jason and Phebe (Phillips) Russell of Milford, and res. there.

Charles H. Worcester, son of Israel L. and Elizabeth (Hoyt) Worcester, born in Brighton, mass., Jan. 1, 1838; came to Milford in 1852, with his father; was in First Regiment Heavy Artillery, of New Hampshire, in the war of 1861 to 1865, and removed to Tyngsborough, Mass., in 1866, and now resides there. Married (1) May 7, 1862, Kate A., widow of John A. Clogston and daughter of Solomon and Elizabeth (Veneas) Kirby, born in New Haven, Vt., Nov. 22, 1839, and died in Tyngsborough, Mass., Dec. 3, 1892; (2) Dec. 22, 1894, Elizabeth Ann, dau. of Daniel and Margaret (Lavid) Cross, born in Cambridge, Mass., Aug. 11, 1853.

[p. 990]

  1. Henry Harrison, b. in Milford, Nov. 22, 1862; is a laborer and res. in Dorchester, Mass.; m.(1) June 15, 1882, Helen M. Caldwell of Tyngsborough, Mass., (2) March 13, 1894, Mary Ann, dau. of Angress T. and Sarah (Macoush) Camorn of Sidney, Cape Breton.
  2. Jennie Gertrude, b. in Tyngsborough, Mass., April 6, 1867; m.(1) Jan. 5, 1888, Charles W. Amizen of Newcastle, (2) June 21, 1809 [sic] James E., son of Tobias and Mary Catherine (-----) Connell of Hudson, and res. in North Chelmsford, Mass.
  3. Charles Albert, b. in Tyngsborough, Mass., Aug. 10, 1875; is a laborer; m. April 4, 1898, Hattie Eliza, dau. of D. M. and Martha Ann (Harris) Roberts of Beekmantown, N.Y., and res. in Tyngsborough, Mass.

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