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Heywood, William Sweetzer, History of Westminster, Massashusetts (First named Narragansett No. 2), From the date of the original grant of the township to the present time, 1728-1893, with a Biographic-Genealogical Register of its Principal Families, (Vox Populi Press: S.W. Huse & Co., Lowell, Mass.: 1893); New England Historic Genealogical Society Call No. F/74/W72/H6.


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[p. 520-521] BACON

The attempt to trace the lineage of this W. family has been attended with no very satisfactory results. One George Bacon and his wife, Mary, were in Roxbury early in the last century, but whence they came or whither they went has not been ascertained. They are sup. to have been the parents of George of Newton, but of this there is no absolute proof. The latter m. Susannah, dau. of John Greenwood of N., whose sr. Ruth m. Isaac Jackson and became the mother of Josiah, Edward, and Elisha, settlers in this town about the time of its incorporation.

[2.] Bacon, Edward, just named [s. Edward and Lydia (Woodward) Bacon, b. Feb. 26, 1778], [snip] m. Elizabeth, dau. of Edmund and Elizabeth (Holden) Barnard, who bore him 1 chd. and d. June 13, 1803; and (2) Betsey Goldsmith of Troy, N. H., the mother of 8 chn. He d. Jan. 19, 1860, a. 81; Betsey G., his 2d w., d. Nov. 25, 1843, a. 61. Chn.:
3. Son (unnamed), b. Jan., 1803; d. Feb. 3, 1803.
4. Lydia Dane, b. April 11, 1808; m. Benjamin Wyman; d. July 5, 1834.
5. Eliza Barnard; b. Oct. 8, 1809; d. Oct. 9, 1812.
6. Sarah Goldsmith, b. June 23, 1811; m. Samuel Dole; res. Fg.
7. Eliza Barnard; b. April 1, 1813; d. Oct. 18, 1830, a. 17.
8. Lucy Ann; b. April 24, 1815; d. Feb. 1834, a. 18.
9. Mary, b. April 27, 1817; d. Jan. 18, 1833, a. 15.
10. Martha, b. May 25, 1819; m. Samuel Dole, Fg. (2d wife.)
11. Edward, b. March 10, 1821; m. Hannah F. (102) Merriam; d. Jan. 10, 1885.
[11.] Bacon, Edward, the third of the same name in regular succession, possessed many of his f.'s admirable personal qualities and characteristics, and received many tokens of the regard and confidence of his friends and fellow-townsmen. He was for some years selectman and held other responsible positions. He m. Hannah F. (102), dau. of Dea. Joel and Polly (Farnsworth) Merriam, Jan. 17, 1843, by whom he had 6 chn. He d. suddenly Jan. 10, 1885; his w. d. Oct. 17, 1884, a. 60. Chn.:
12. Edmund Franklin, b. April 19, 1844; m. Lizzie Robinson; res. Fg.
13. Sarah G., b. Jan. 21, 1847.
14. Ellen M., b. Feb. 22, 1850.
15. Charles M., b. Feb. 11, 1852; m. Alice (70) Holden; res. W.
16. George C., b. Sept. 26, 1854.
17. Jennie A., b. Jan. 7, 1857; m. Stillman W. Simonds.
[15.] Bacon, Charles Malcolm, s. of the last, m. Dec. 25, 1881, Alice (70) , dau. of George and Harriet F. (Priest) Holden, and set. on the ancestral estate. He d. 1891, and the property soon passed out of the possession of the fam. Only 1 chd.:
12. Edmund Franklin, b. April 19, 1844; m. Lizzie Robinson; res. Fg.
13. Sarah G., b. Jan. 21, 1847.
14. Ellen M., b. Feb. 22, 1850.
15. Charles M., b. Feb. 11, 1852; m. Alice (70) Holden; res. W.
16. George C., b. Sept. 26, 1854.
17. Jennie A., b. Jan. 7, 1857; m. Stillman W. Simonds.

[p. 522-525] BAKER

About the year 1720 John Baker and Elizabeth, his wife, with two small children, John and Robert, came to this country from Bristol, Eng., for a permanent settlement. Others of the name preceded them to these shores, whose descendants had already attained considerable numbers and had been widely distributed through the several colonies. It is not known that the new-comers were in any way related to those who were here before them, though it is possible, if not probable, that they belonged to the same original stock from which they branched off at some remote period of history. Sufficient for the purposes of the present inquiry is the fact that John1 and Elizabeth, the connubial pilgrims of 1720, became the united head of an entirely new branch of the Baker family in this part of America, and that those of the name in W. have derived existence from them. They first located in Charlestown, in which place four more chn. were b., but rem. thence in a few years to Concord, where still other four came to increase the family, making a domestic group of an even dozen, themselves included. Of the children, two sons and two daughters became residents of W. One of the last, Elizabeth, m. Daniel (14) Adams, and another, Sarah, d. here, unm., at an unascertained date. The sons are mentioned below.

[10.] Baker, Joel3, youngest s. of Richard2 and Mary (Sawyer) Baker, b. March 7, 1777, was the only one who set. permanently in his native town. His bro. John, who was pub. Dec. 22, 1791, to Polly, dau. of Nathan and Lydia (Lynde) Howard, was in the place a few yrs. and had Polly, b. June 10, 1796, but rem. soon after to Barre, Vt., and thence ab. 1821 to Stanbridge, P. Q., where he ended his days. Joel remained on the paternal domain, combining farming and brickmaking, as successor to his f. in both callings. He was an industrious, thrifty citizen, a man of substance, good standing, and character, and a devoted member of the Universalist Chh., of which he was one of the first deacons. He was pub. Feb. 28, 1800, to Mary (10), dau. of Timothy and Rebecca Damon, whom he m. and had by her a large fam. of chn., several of whom passed away comparatively early in life. Few of his descendants are now l. He d. Nov. 18, 1846, a. 69, and his wife, Mary, followed him to the unseen world July 12, 1856, a. 72. Chn.:
12. Edmund Franklin, b. April 19, 1844; m. Lizzie Robinson; res. Fg.
13. Sarah G., b. Jan. 21, 1847.
14. Ellen M., b. Feb. 22, 1850.
15. Charles M., b. Feb. 11, 1852; m. Alice (70) Holden; res. W.
16. George C., b. Sept. 26, 1854.
17. Jennie A., b. Jan. 7, 1857; m. Stillman W. Simonds.
[12.] Baker, Joel4, s. of the last, m. Maria, dau. of Charles and Polly (Burgess) Smith (pub. March 31st), and set. on the farm adjoining that of his fa., now owned by Geo. M. Davis. He was a carpenter by trade, working thereat, as opportunity or convenience offered, in connection with the more general labors pertaining to his land. He served the tn. 1 yr. as assessor. He d. March 6, 1852; a. 50; his w. d. Feb. 24, 1884, a. 79. Chn.:
12. Edmund Franklin, b. April 19, 1844; m. Lizzie Robinson; res. Fg.
13. Sarah G., b. Jan. 21, 1847.
14. Ellen M., b. Feb. 22, 1850.
15. Charles M., b. Feb. 11, 1852; m. Alice (70) Holden; res. W.
16. George C., b. Sept. 26, 1854.
17. Jennie A., b. Jan. 7, 1857; m. Stillman W. Simonds.

[p. 532-534] BARNES

The first of this name (sometimes spelled Barns) in this country was Thomas1, who came over in the "Speedwell" during the spring of 1656. Where he first located is not known, but he m. five yrs. later, Abigail Goodnow, dau. of Thomas, of Sudbury, and in 1663 bought lands in Marlboro', upon which he set., dying in 1679. His s. Thomas2 also res. in M., his ho. and furniture being burned by the Indians, March 20, 1676, in the war with King Philip. In 1691 he received a grant of land in Brookfield, and his last days were spent in that town. He d. April 23, 1734, having been fatally gored by a bull. His w. was Mary How, of Sudbury, who d. Feb. 14, 1719.

Samuel Barnes3, s. of Thomas2, was an honored citizen of B., holding the office of Treasurer at his d., in 1733. By his w., Mercy Gilbert, he had Moses4, b. March 27, 1714, who m. Hannah Old, of whom was b., Nov. 17, 1744, Jesse5, the 6th of 14 chn. Jesse5, by his w., Patience Gilbert, was f. of Adonijah6, b. Oct. 12, 1772, and several other chn. Ab. 1780 he rem. to Hardwick where he d. Aug. 21, 1841. His s., Adonijah7, m. Chloe Knights, and res. in H.

11. Barnes, Francis, b. prob. in Marlboro' ab. 1753, ptge. unknown. He was no doubt a descendant of Thomas Barnes, the immigrant mentioned above, but diligent and painstaking efforts to find the connecting links have proved unavailing. He m. Hannah Savage, and after l. consecutively at Marlboro', Westboro', No-town, and Fg., at each of which places one or more chn. were b., he came to W. in 1791 or 1792, being first taxed here in the latter yr. Oct 3, 1796, he bought of Joseph Sawtell, Groton, 1 a. of land on which was a ho. and shoeshop, a corner of lot 73, 2d Div., between No. Common and Scrabble Hollow, which was his subsequent home. He was a very large man, physically, and well proportioned. His chn. possessed unusual musical talent, and some of them became noted for their proficiency in playing different kings of musical instruments. He d. Aug. 30, 1813, a. 60, and his wid. m. Ebenezer Bolton of Gr. for a second husband. After the latter's decease in 1835, she ret. to W. to spend her remaining days with her chn., passing away, finally, July 4, 1849, at the a. of 95. Chn.:
12. Ephraim, b. Oct. 13, 1775; d. infancy.
13. Betsey, b. July 3, 1777; m. Samuel Davis; res. Montpelier, Vt.; 6 chn.
14. Ephraim, b. April 4, 1779; m. Ruth M. Taylor(?); res. Randolph, Vt.; sev. chn.
15. Lydia, b. Jan. 11, 1781; m. David Maynard, Jr.; res. Vermont; sev. chn.
16. Sukie, b. July 19, 1783; m. Silas Barnes.
17. Lorey, b. June 1, 1787; m. Elizabeth (24) Whitney; res. W. and Troy, N. Y.; sev. chn; d. Aug. 15, 1825.
18. Sewall, b. Oct. 11, 1790; m. Polly Bond; res. W.; 5 chn.; d. Feb. 24, 1864.
19. Sullivan, b. March 27, 1793; m. Lydia Hoar; res.W.; 4 chn.; d. Aug. 16, 1826.
20. Samuel, b. July 29, 1796; m. Sally Hall; res.W. and Fg.; 5 chn.
[17.] Barnes, Lorey, s. of the last, m. Elizabeth (24), dau. of Abner and Levinah (Glazier) Whitney, Dec. 1, 1808. He res. for a time on lot No. 79, 2d Div., half a mile N. of ho. of late S. N. Barnes. (See A. H. No. 24) Finally went to Troy, N. Y., where he d. Aug. 15, 1825. He is understood to have had sev. chn., but their names, dates of b., etc., have not been fd. in the rec. or otherwise brought to the writer's knowledge.

[p. 535-537] BARRELL

Three bros., Wm.1, George1, and John Barrell1, came to N. E. in 1636, and set. in Boston and vicinity. Wm.1 d. in 1639, leaving a s. Wm.2, who, going to Scituate, m. wid. Lydia James, and set. at her home in S. W. part of the town, now Norwell. He had a s. Wm.3, b. 1683, whose s. James4, b. 1727, m. Deborah Bowker, from which union, as is sup., came the older branch of the family represented in W.

[2.] Barrell, Luther6, s. of the last, [Luther and Abigail (Humphrey) Barrell, b. Nov. 14, 1792], b. in Scituate, came to tn. when 10 yrs. of age; he m. Mary, dau. of Oliver and Abigail (Sawin) (Sampson), March 23, 1815, and set. on the Stephen Marsh place adjoining that of his f.'s, where he spent his days. He was a worthy and highly esteemed citizen; a devoted Methodist in religion and lay preacher of ability, serving often in that capacity at home and abroad to the satisfaction and edification of his hearers. He d. Feb. 27, 1854, a. 60. His wid. is l. with her dau. Abbie, in Charlestown. Chn.:
8. Luther L.7, b. Dec 18, 1815; m. Sarah A. Cutter; res. St. Louis, Mo.; several chn.
9. Nancy7, b. March 18, 1818; m. Danl. R. Kenney; res. Sandwich, N. H.; 1 chd.; d. May 16, 1853.
10. Joseph B.7, b. Dec. 28, 1822; m. Harriet E. May; res. W.; 6 chn.; d. Oct. 21, 1881.
11. Abby7, b. May 30, 1824; m. Albert Forbush; res. W. etc.; 2 chn.
12. Merrill7, b. July 2, 1827; m. Corinda ----; living St. Louis; 5 chn.
13. Elmira7, b. July 3 1830; m. Joseph Pierce; res. W. and Fg.; 3 chn.; living.
14. John W.7, b Nov. 14, 1832; d. Aug. 4, 1836.
15. Charles W.7, b. Dec. 25, 1835; m. Abby E. Whitney; 1 chd.; d. Mar. 23, 1865.
16. Theodore7, b. Jan. 17, 1840; m. Mary Brown; res. Fg.; 2 chn.; living.
[10.] Barrell, Joseph Benson7, s. of last, m. Harriet E., dau. of Sumner May, of Ash., Nov. 4, 1845, and set. on the Abner Whitney (Borie) place above Scrabble Hollow. He d. Oct. 22, 1881, a. 58. His wid. res. at Ash. Chn.:
17. Tyler8, b. May 26, 1847; d. 1848
18. Joseph R.8, b. April 13, 1849; m. A. Rosetta Petts; res. Ash.
19. Herman8, b. April 5, 1851; m. Leorina M. Hill; res. Iowa.
20. Frank8, b. July 26, 1853; m. Nellie (66) Whitney ; res. Ash.
21. Minetta8, b. Nov. 29, 1855; m. John H. Alcott; res. Waltham; d. July 19, 1882.
22. Hattie F.8, b. March 8, 1857; m. Charles F. Wood; res. Ash.
[26.] Barrell, Nahum6, s. of the last, [William and Deborah (Chittenden) Barrell, b. April 9, 1807] m. Martha A., dau. of Francis and Persis (Hemenway) Hinds, a native of Greenwich, Mass., Dec. 3, 1835, locating on the Stephen Holden farm in the N.W. part of tn., the modern buildings upon which, erected by Mr. B., were burned Aug. 30, 1887. (See A. H. No. 17). He d. in tn. Dec. 30, 1874, a. 67. His wid. is l. 3 Chn:
30. Lucy7, b. Aug. 4, 1840; m. Geo. Dalrymple and H. E. Smith.
31. Ruany7, b. Nov. 7, 1842; m. Charles W. Whitney; res. Ash.
32. William7, b. Oct. 5, 1850; d. April 23, 1864.

[p. 537] BARRON

1. Barron, William B.3, s. of William2 and Cynthia (Metcalf) Barron, was b. Keene, N. H., April 24, 1830. His gd.f., also named William1, came from Ireland with two bros., and going directly to N. H. set. near the city named. One of the bros. located in Concord (now Carlisle), and had a dau. Elizabeth, who m. Dea. David (90) Whitney of W. William3 m., Oct. 5, 1847, Phebe D., dau. of Aaron and Susannah Estey of Roxbury, N. H., and after res. in Fg. awhile came to W. in 1859, establishing himself near the R. R. station, where he still lives. He is a carpenter and builder by trade, and an intelligent, active, public-spirited citizen. Chn.:
2. Charles4, b. Sept. 6, 1848; m. Sarah T. Holman; res. So. Gr.; no chn. reported.
3. Albert H.4., b. Oct. 29, 1850; m. Emma E. Bruce; res. So. Gr.; 1 chd.
4. Clara M.4, b. April 19, 1853; m. Arthur W. Brown; res. So. Gr.; d. Oct 13, 1879;
5. Florence A.4, b. March 3, 1855; m. Edward B. Lynde; res. W.
6. Alden R.4, b. Aug 26, 1858; d. Sep. 6, 1860;
7. Willis C.4, b. Feb. 16, 1867; d. Oct. 21, 1868.
8. Carlos E.4, b. Feb. 11, 1869; a clerk in W.

[p. 541-542] BELLOWS

John Bellows1, the progenitor of a family which has contributed some eminent names to American history in the several departments of law, medicine, theology, literature, and military achievement, was born in the old country five years after the landing at Plymouth, and came hither in the ship Hopewell, landing on these shores April 1, 1635. A bright, promising lad, he in due time took up the study of medicine as a prerequisite to a useful and honorable profession in life. Making his way, after a time, to Marlboro', a newly settled frontier township of the Mass. Colony, he attained there considerable distinction in his chosen calling and in social life. On the 9th of May, 1665, he m. Mary, dau. of John and Mary Wood, of the same place. Among the children born of this union was Benjamin2, who m. Dorcas (Cutter), the widow of Henry Willard of Lancaster (Bolton), and who, after residing in that town a few years, finally located permanently at Lunenburg as one of its first and most prominent inhabitants.

1. Bellows, Benjamin3, s. of Benjamin and Dorcas (Cutter) Bellows, was b. May 26, 1712; he m. (1) Oct. 7, 1735, Abigail, dau. of John and Abigail (Fiske) Stearns, the sr. of John and Thomas Stearns of Narragansett No. 2. He came early into possession of lot No. 78, half a mile south of Knower Corner on the central Hub. rd., where he built a ho. and made improvements and where he prob. res. some yrs. (See A. H. No. 78) He also owned the Jonathan Sawyer homestead, now Porter Page's, in the north part of the tn., with buildings upon it, 1745-57. [snip] Abigail, his w., the mother of 5 chn., d. Nov. 8, 1757, and is said to have been the first tenant of Walpole burying ground. Mr. B. m. (2) wid. Mary (Hubbard) Jenneson of Lunenburg, who also had 5 chn. He d. July 10, 1777, a. 65. Only the rec. of the chn. who res. in tn. is given in this connection.
2. Abigail4, b. Dec. 21, 1736; d. young.
3. Peter4, b. Jan. 6, 1739; m. Mary Chase and had 7 chd.
4. Benjamin4, b. Oct. 6, 1740; m. Phebe Strong; 3 chn.
5. John4, b. Nov. 3, 1742; m. Rebecca Hubbard; 4 chn.
6. Joseph4, b. June 6, 1744; m. Lois Whitney; 14 chn.
The names of others, b. in Walpole, were: Abigail, Theodore, Mary, Thomas, and Josiah.
Benjamin Bellows4, one of the sons of Benjamin and Abigail, was a Col. in the Rev. War, and distinguished himself for his personal bravery and military achievements.
Joseph4 was the f. of John Bellows, and through him gd. f. of Chief Justice Henry A. Bellows of Concord, N. H., and Rev. Henry W. Bellows, D. D., of New York City - a distinguished divine, philanthropist, orator, and patriot of his generation, and the president of the "Sanitary Commission" in the time of the Rebellion.

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