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Heywood, William Sweetzer, History of Westminster, Massashusetts (First named Narragansett No. 2), From the date of the original grant of the township to the present time, 1728-1893, with a Biographic-Genealogical Register of its Principal Families, (Vox Populi Press: S.W. Huse & Co., Lowell, Mass.: 1893); New England Historic Genealogical Society Call No. F/74/W72/H6.


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[p. 555-558] BOLTON

This is one of the oldest names in English history. It seems to have originally employed as a local term on account of some real or supposed meaning it possessed, and was applied to a certain manor, parish, or township in Lancashire, a few miles north of Manchester, before the time of the Conquest in 1066. It was similarly used at a remote period in other parts of the kingdom. To this fact it was principally due that it became in the course of time a designation for an individual or a family, and so found its way into the vocabularly of surnames existing in both the old and new world. The first man who bore it, so far as ascertained, was Oughtred de Bolton, who lived in 1135, and who is said to have been a lineal representative of certain old Saxon earls of two or three centuries before. Whether or not the American Boltons descended from him has not been determined, nor indeed has any connection been made between them and the old English stock from which they sprang.

The family was not one of those migrating at an early date to these shores. The name does not appear in the annals of New England until nearly, or quite, a century after the landing at Plymouth. In 1720 or 1721, William Bolton1 is found at Reading, where he married Elizabeth, dau. of John and Sarah White of Andover, and settled down to domestic and social life in that already somewhat important township. Whence he came, no one can tell. But he was there, and is generally believed to be the first of the name coming to these shores, and with him this record begins. Little has been learned of him save that he d. very soon, Sept. 10, 1725, leaving two sons as the sole representatives of the family in the second generation. Of these two sons the eldest, William2, m. Mary, whose surname is unknown, and had ten children. He first settled in Reading, where it is probable his children were b., but later in life removed to Shirley, spending there his remaining earthly days. Two of his sons settled in W., and they will be noticed in the order of seniority.

[8.] Bolton, Hollis5, s. of [Ebenezer4 and Linday (Leland) Bolton, b. Dec. 1, 1799] the last, m., June 4, 1822, Betsey (48), dau. of Stephen and Lydia (Bemis) Sawin and set. on the est. of his w.'s stepf., Levi Graves, in the south part of W. After the dec. of Mr. Graves he rem. to the Edmund Barnard place, at the foot of Wachusett, where he afterward l. At the time of his d., Jan. 18, 1892, he was the oldest inhabitant of the tn., being in his 93d year. His w., Betsey, d. Feb. 18, 1887, a. 86. Chn.:
14. Charles Harrison6 , b. June 24, 1822; m. Martha ----; 2 chn; res. Wash.
15. Simeon L.6, b. Nov. 27, 1823; m. Mary N. Reed; res. W.
16. Franklin E.6, b. May 24, 1825; m. Abbie Harrington; res. W.
17. Almond Augustus6, b. Dec. 28, 1826; res. Akron, O.
18. Aaron S.6, b. April 3, 1828; m. twice; res. W.
19. S. Nelton6, b. Aug. 20, 1829; living at Jamestown, N. Y.; unm.
20. Eveline Elizabeth6, b. May 6, 1831; d. unm. Oct. 14, 1853.
21. Andrew Jackson6, b. Jan. 17, 1833; m. wid. Mary F. (33) (Brown) Sawtelle; res. W.
22. Henry Clinton6, b. May 20, 1834; m. Frances Reed and Annis Phillips.
23. Alonzo Davis6, b. Dec. 17, 1835; m. Marion Hobbs; res. W.; living.
[15.] Bolton, Simeon L.6, s. of the last, m. Mary N., b. Sept. 16, 1824 [p. 843], dau. of David and Polly (Smith) Reed, pub. Dec. 3, 1848. He worked for some yrs. as a chairmaker, but finally set. with his f. and succeeded to his est. In 1873 he projected "Wachusett Park," an attractive place of summer resort, picnic parties, etc., on the borders of Wachusett Pond. Chn.:
24. Henry J.7, b. Sept. 5, 1854; unm.; res. W. at the old homestead.
25. Elizabeth J.7, b. April 12, 1856; m. Ellis G. Whitney; res. W.; no chn.
[16.] Bolton, Franklin E.6, bro. of the last, m. in Rutland, 1850, Abbie (Abigail7, b. May 1, 1825 [p. 685], dau. of John and Abigail F. (Wood) Harrington, a native of W., and after res. in Pn. awhile ret. here, locating in the central village. He is a mechanic, and a reputable and honored citizen, having served on the Board of Selectmen 3 yrs. Himself and w. are both l. They have 1 chd.:
26. Charles F.7, b. July 9, 1851; m. Emma J. Sanders, Nov. 17, 1881; res. Fg.
[18.] Bolton, Aaron S.6, bro. of the last, m. (1) Lois Hobbs, Pn., 1856. She d. Dec. 15, 1860, and he m. (2), May 4, 1866, Evelyn D. Allen. They res. in W., where he d. Oct. 17, 1871, a. 43. He was a sold. in the War of the Rebellion. By his first w., Lois, he had 2 chn.:
27. Jackson M.7, b. May 23, 1857; res.W.; unm.
28. Nellie E.7, b. Nov. 22, 1858; m. ---- Martin.
[21.] Bolton, Andrew J.6, another bro., spent some yrs. of his earlier manhood in California, but ret. at length to his native tn. where he m., July 28, 1870, wid. Mary F. (33) (Brown) Sawtelle, who d. Dec. 23, 1888, a. 57. He has been active in tn. affairs, receiving repeated tokens of confidence and honor from his fellow-citizens, serving as Selectman 6 yrs. and filling other positions of responsibility. 1 chd.:
29. Lester A..7, b. Nov. 19, 1881.
[22.] Bolton, Henry C.6, another bro was pub. to Francis A., dau. of David and Fanny (Gill) Reed, Oct. 8, 1856. She d. July 16, 1857, leaving an infant chd. After res. in W. a few yrs. he rem. to Jamestown, N. Y., where he m. again and still res., a much respected citizen. Chd. b. W.
30. Clara Lorella7, b. July 4, 1857; d. Nov. 29, same year.
[23.] Bolton, Alonzo D.6, youngest s. of Hollis and Betsey, m., July 3, 1857, Marion, dau. of Michah and Elizabeth P. Hobbs of Pn. He is a painter by trade and res. on the Old Common. Chn.:
31. Fred R.7, b. Nov. 13, 1858; m. Sarah E. (120) Merriam; res. W., etc.
32. Carrie E.7, b. Sept. 14, 1863; m. Nathan R. Besse; 1 chd.
[31.] Bolton, Fred R.7, s. of the last, m. Sarah E. (120), dau. of Joel and Elmina (Perkins) Merriam, Dec. 25, 1880. They res. in W. awhile then rem. to Keene, N. H., where he is engaged in the boot and shoe trade. They had in W.:
33. Carl A.8, b. Aug. 18, 1882.
34. Bolton, Aaron3, s. of William2 and Mary, b. Reading, Feb. 12, 1753, followed his bro., Ebenezer, to W., where he m. Dorcas, dau. of Jonas and Mary Winship, April 12, 1774. He was a "minute man" in the time of the Revolution, and rose to the rank of Capt. in the State Militia afterward. He was also active in local public affairs and received repeated expressions of respect and honor from his fellow-townsmen. His large fam. consisted of 7 daughters, who l. to maturity, m. and became co-ordinately with their husbands heads of highly respectable households in this and neighboring towns, and 1 s. who d. in early childhood. Capt. Bolton res. in the N. W. part of the tn. near the present dwelling house of Leonard Smith. (See A. H. No. 16.) He d. April 29, 1837, a. 84, leaving no one to bear his name down to coming generations. His w., Dorcas, d. May 5, 1826, a. 71. Chn:
35. Dorcas4, b. Sept. 25, 1778; m. Samuel Clark; res. Ash. and W.; 6 chn.; d. July 19, 1829.
36. Hannah4, b. June 26, 1783; m. Moses Thurston; res. W. and Vt.; 6 chn.
37. Eunice4, b. Aug. 9, 1786; m. Joseph Jackson; res. Temp.
38. Nancy4, b. July 31, 1788; m. Josiah Jackson; res. W.; 7 chn.
39. Mary4, b. May 21, 1791; m. Ohio Whitney; res. Ash.; 13 chn.
40. Louise4, b. Jan. 8, 1794; m. Caleb Wilder; res. W. and Vt.; sev. chn.
41. Matilda4, b. Nov. 21, 1796; m. Nehemiah Shumway; res.W.; 6 chn.
42. Aaron4, b. Oct. 9, 1800; d. Jan. 22, 1803.

[p. 562] BRIDGE

1. Bridge, Samuel L., s. of William and Annis (Knight) Bridge was b. Swanzey, N. H., Nov. 15, 1816. His gd.f. was Dea. Samuel Bridge, a prominent citizen of Worc., who d. Aug. 7, 1709. Prob. a descendant of John, who came from Essex Co., Eng., with Hooker and set. in Cambridge as early as 1632. He was Dea., Selectman, Representative to the General Court, etc. His s. Matthew had Matthew, who went to Lexington, the f. of Samuel, who had a s. Samuel b. Jan. 6, 1735, possibly Dea. Samuel of Worc. Samuel L. came to W. when a young man, and m. July 16, 1840, Elizabeth (84), dau. of James and Eunice (Hyde) Sawin, and located first on the easterly Hub. road in the south part of tn., but rem. many yrs. since to the Capt. Samuel (1) Sawin place, where he and his w. still res. Chn.:
2. Lucy L. b., Nov. 19, 1861; m. J. E. Story; res. So. W.
3. Lowenza S., b. June 29, 1863; unm.; res. W.

[p. 564] BROOKS

I. Brooks, John5, s. of John and Lydia, was b. in Concord Dec. 17, 1728. It is not known when he first came to this place, but he was rep. as a permanent settler in 1751. He m. Eunice, dau. of Andrew and Elizabeth Darby, being pub. Jan. 9, 1754. He was then located on lot No. 43, lying S. E. of that on which the dwelling of Geo. W. Whitney now stands. (See A. H. No. 38.)

[p. 567-570] BROWN

This name, a very common one in New England, has been variously represented in this town from an early period in its history. But it has been found impossible not only to trace any one family to its original progenitor in this country, but also to connect the different families with each other to any very great extent. No doubt there were several Browns who came from beyond the sea within fifty years of the settlement at Plymouth and located at different points, becoming the heads of distinct lines of descendants, which have intermingled with the advance of time, and to such an extent in many cases as to render extremely difficult, if not to defy, all attempts to classify and arrange them in proper genealogical order. This must account in a large measure for the more or less fragmentary and heterogeneous form in which the record of the Browns of W., as given below, appears. That record begins with the first permanent family of the name here, and follows it through the successive generations to the present day, before proceeding to chronicle what pertains to others of a more broken and transitory character.

[7.] Brown, Joseph, bro. of the last [Benjamin] [p. 567 - s. of Jonathan and Huldah (Hawkes) Brown, b. Oct. 13, 1780], m. (1) Miriam, dau. Nehemiah and Submit (Bateman) Hunt of Concord; (2) Lucy (162), dau. Joel and Lucy (Holden) Whitney; (3) Phebe, dau. Thomas and Ann (Miles) Knower. He settled on a part of his father's farm, the present residence of C. Elliot Wood having been built for his occupancy. He was a useful and worthy citizen. He d. March 31, 1826, a. 46. His first w., Miriam, d. Jan. 15, 1812; Lucy, the second w., d. Oct. 18, 1821, a. 30. Phebe, his wid., m. (2) Capt. Donald Goodhue of Ashby. Chn:
12. George, b. Oct. 4 1808; d. Jan. 13, 1809.
13. Sally, b. May 1, 1810; m. Dea. J. T. Everett; res. Pn.; 5 chn.; d. Jan., 1847.
14. Lucy, b. July 14, 1814; m. Rev. Robert Stewart; res. Ill.; no chn.; living.
15. George, b. Dec 11, 1816; m. Mary Perkins; res. Minn; 8 chn.; d. April 3, 1860.
16. Huldah, b. Sept. 8, 1818; m. Calvin (111) Whitney; res.W.; 5 chn.; living.
17. Joseph, b. Sept. 23, 1820; m. Mary Everett; res. Leom.; 2 chn.; d. Oct. 3, 1890.
[31.] Brown, Philander C., s. of the last [John and Huldah (Wheeler) Brown, b. Whittingham, July 21, 1804], was brought on horseback from Whittingham, Vt., to this town when four years of age and grew up under the care of his gd-f. Josiah Wheeler, on Bean Porridge Hill. Arriving at maturity he m. Louisa (48), dau. of Jonas W. and Phebe (Rand) Whitney, and was located for many years on the North Common, but later in life resided on Bacon St., near the Tophet Swamp station, in the house now occupied by Charles R. Baker. He was a chairmaker and an industrious, reputable, and worthy citizen. He passed away Nov. 21, 1885, aged 81; his wid., Louisa W., d. April 8, 1888, a. 79. Chn.
32. Catharine, b. Jan. 8, 1827; m. Charles F. Rice; res. W.; 3 chn; d. Nov. 2, 1890.
33. Mary, b. Nov. 8, 1832; m. twice; res. W.; 2 chn; d. Dec. 23, 1888.

[p. 560] [5.] Sawtell, Walter H., s. of the last [Moses and Clarissa Sawtell] b. Feb. 22, 1829, m. Mary F., dau. of Philander C. and Louisa W. Brown, Oct. 31, 1860. He enlisted in the War of the Rebellion, and d. in hospital, July 26, 1864, of wounds received in battle. (See p. 412) His wid. m. (2) Andrew J. (21) Bolton, July 28, 1870. She d. Dec. 23, 1888, a. 57.
Walter and Mary F. (Brown) Sawtell had:
6. Emma F., b. Aug. 16, 1861; m. John F. (101) Sawin

34. Alonzo, b. July 11, 1834; unm.; res. W.; d. Sept. 18, 1891.
35. Phebe Ann, b. Jan. 10, 1836; m. Stephen F. Lamb; res. W.; 4 chn.
36. John L., b. Jan. 29, 1841; m. twice.
37. Eliza J., b. Jan. 7, 1843; d. unm. July 7, 1878.
38. Charles M., b. Dec 18, 1847; m. Susie E. Griffin; res. W.
39. Clara J., b. July 30, 1854; unm.
[38.] Brown, Charles M., s. of the last, m. Sept. 16, 1870, Susan E., dau. of Carlos and Susan Griffin, and set. in tn. Chn.:
40. Charlena W., b. Dec. 5, 1873.
41. Charles L., b. Jan. 16, 1878; d. April 26 1878.
42. Arthur L., b. Jan. 5, 1879; d. July 24, 1879.
43. Carlos L., b. April 29, 1880.
44. Kitty C., b. June 2, 1881.
45. Daisy E. B., b. Jan. 11, 1883.
46. Sadie A., b. Aug. 29, 1886.

[p. 571] BRUCE

George Bruce1, a native of Scotland it is said, whose name was written Brush originally, came to this country ab. the middle of the 17th century and set. in Woburn, where he m. Elizabeth Clarke, Dec. 28, 1659. He had William2, b. 1667, whose s. John3, b. July 22, 1702, rem. to Marlboro' and became the head of a long line of descendants in that town and vicinity. No doubt those of the name in W. were gd. chn. or gt.-gd. chn. of this John, though the intervening generations have not been ascertained.

6. Bruce, James R., s. of the last [James and Prudence (Taylor) Bruce, b. Nov. 16, 1814], was for many years a teamster ab. town and vicinity. He m. Lucinda (46) , dau. Benjamin and Abigail (Gates) Seaver, April 23, 1846. During his later yrs. he res. on the Dea. Barnes place, W. of town meadows. He d. June 6, 1884, a. 69. His wid is still living in town. Chn.:
12. Abbie Ellen, b. June 6, 1847; res. W.; unm.
13. George W., b. Jan 30, 1850; m. Helen L. Fenno; a merchant in W.; no chn.
14. Emma L., b. May 5, 1854; m. Albert H. Barron; res. Gr.; 1 chd.



I. BuTTERFiELD, Benjamin, was s. of Benjamin and Keziah, b. in VVestford in 1726. . . . He m. Susannah, dau. of Jacob and Susannah (Pierce) Spalding of C. and sr. of Joseph of this town, Sept. 26, 1748; res. for a time in Westford, rem. thence to Lunenburg, and finally to Nar. No. 2, in 1752, locating first on the present W. H. Carter (Miles) place, but later on lot No. 43, So. of the house of Geo. W. Whitney. (See A. H. No. 38.)

[p. 573] BUTTRICK


I. Buttrick, Horatio G.6, was s. of Col. John5 and Abigail Buttrick, b. March 14, 1778. Upon coming to mature age he left the place of his nativity and went to Lancaster, where he m.(1) Oct. 6, 1803, Nancy Whitney, dau. of Jonathan and Lucy, by whom he had one child. His wife d. Jan. 27, 1811, a. 26. Of her the Mass. Spy, in noting her decease, says: "Her example and cheerful hope in the dying hour were well calculated to teach the luxury of doing good." During the same year, Dec. 26, he m.(2) Mary, dau. of Edward and Elizabeth (Holden) Barnard, and rem. to W., took up his residence on the estate belonging to wife's father, some years deceased. The property he afterwards purchased and occupied while he remained in town. He possessed the family traits already indicated, was of gentlemanly manners and dignified bearing, and

[p. 574]

well calculated to command respect and confidence. A man of ability and good education, he mingled freely in public affairs and held for some years the office of Selectman, the duties of which he discharged with promptness and fidelity. He also served the town on the School Committee and in other positions requiring good intellectual qualities, energy, and reliability. He was somewhat inclined to military arts, and rose to the dignity of Major of a Regiment of Artillery in 1814, gaining a title by which he was subsequently known in the town and vicinity. He left W. about 1822, locating on the Mill Dam, so called, at Boston, where he had a hotel for a few years, and where his two youngest chn. were b. He finally left Mass. and settled at Clinton, Oneida Co., N. Y., where he held some post of service in connection with Hamilton College till the infirmities of age obliged him to retire. He d. June 26, 1856, a. yd). His wife, Mary (Barnard) Buttrick, survived him many years, following him to the "better land" Feb. 18, 1874, a. 85. Chn.:

2. Caroline6, b. Dec. 4, 1S05; m. Edward Holmes; res. Dedham; 4 chn.; d. Aug., 1854.
3. Nancy W.6, b. Feb., 1810; d. March 19, iSio.
4. Sarah A.6, b. Jan. 15, 181 1; d. same day.
5. Nancy W.6, b. Aug. 12, 1812; m. Orin Root; res. Clinton; 4 chn.; d. Feb., 1891.
6. Elizabeth B.6, b. Oct. 11, 1814; m. Rev. S. P. Hastings; res. Clinton; 3 chn.; d. April 19, 1876.
7. Mary Jones6, b. Feb. 25, i8i7; m. Luther Risball; res. Berlin, Wis.; no chn.; d. April I, 1862.
8. H. Walstein6, b. Sept. 13, 1819; d. Oct. 8, 1821.
9. Harriet6, b. Feb. 8, 1822; m. Rev. Homer B. Morgan, miss. to Turkey; no chn.; d. 1853.
10. Charlotte6, b. Feb. 8, 1822; m. Judge Sackett; res. Saratoga, N. Y.; 4 chn.; d. Nov. 17, 1S74.
11. Edwin L.6, b. Aug, 1824; m. Fannie Bucklin; res. W. Virginia; 1 chd.; still living.
12. Maria L.6; m. Judge Spalding, N. Y. City; 2 chn.; still living.

This was a remarkable fam. The daus. m. professional men, all of whom save Judge Sackett grad. Ham. College. Caroline has s., Edward L. Holmes, a distinguished physician in Chicago. Nancy W. m. Prof. Root of Ham. College, Clinton, N. Y.; has one s. Prof, in Ham. Coll. and one, Prof, in Columbia Coll. Harriet was miss. in Turkey, where she d. Charlotte d. at Wiemar, Germany, where she was educating her daus. Edwin Lorenzo is a lawyer; was Col. of 24th Wis. Regt. in Rebellion; now living in W. Virginia.

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