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Frank H. Whitcomb, Vital Statistics of the Town of Keene, New Hampshire, Compiled from the Town Records, First Church and Family Records, the Original Fisher Record and the Newspapers (Keene, NH: The Town of Keene, 1905).


Page 69


Parnal, d. Benjamin and Jerusha, Jan. 13, 1766.
Abigail, d. Benjamin and Jerusha, Jan. 13, 1768.


Pages 109, 135


Eli of Grafton and Sarah Jane Dickinson of Keene, May 5, 1847, by Rev. Z. S. Barstow, in Keene N.H.
Sally Baker of Keene, and Erastus Barnard of Deerfield, Dec. 25, 1798 by Rev. Aaron Hall, in Keene N.H.


Page 241


Eliza, w. Simon, Apr. 8, 1877, 39y.
George, June 24, 1868, 58y. 8m.
Joseph, Jan. 21, 1879, 67y. 10m. 23d.
Mary A. Newcomb, w. Joseph, Sept. 13, 1875, 55y. 7m. 17d.
Mattie A., w. Charles R., Jan. 1, 1875, 24y. 6m.
Nancy N., wid. George, Dec. 4, 1870, 61y. 6m.
Mrs. Ruth, Nov. 1, 1788, 72y.
Sarah J., w. George E., Mar. 29, 1875, 45y.

Addtions and Corrections

Page 265


George Edward, b. Westminster, Mass., June 5, 1831, s. Smyrna Whitney and Ruth Whitney (sic.), and Lura Lind Nims, b. Roxbury, N.H., Nov. 6, 1850, d. of Gilman Nims and Charlotte Stone, Children: Charlotte Ruth, b. July 15, 1878; Mary Belle, b. Mar. 13, 1881: Ida Nims, b. Aug. 31, 1882: Ralph Edward, b. Apr. 20, 1890.

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