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Mosher, Elizabeth M., comp., Vital records of Knox, Maine prior to 1892 (Rockport, Me.: Picton Press, c1996).



Marriage Intentions


Amanda B. and Joseph Stantial, both of Knox, 26 Apr. 1860. [p. 117.]
David to Mercey Reed, both of Knox, 24 Feb. 1826. [p. 16.]
Lena of Unity, and William H. Hall of Knox, 26 Sep. 1882. [p. 137.]
Mercy of Freedom, and Joseph Stantiall of Knox, 9 July 1854. [p. 45.]



Amos of Thorndike, and Mary Lamson of Knox, 9 Jan. 1833. [p. 21.]
Charles of Freedom, and Sarah K. Hall of Knox, 13 Nov. 1844. [p. 35.]
Kittie B. of Unity, and Elberton I. Hall of Knox, 10 Oct. 1889. [p. 54.]



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