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Whitney surname and variants.


Aaron, s. Elnathan and Sarah, b. 15 Jul 1734 Watertown
Aaron, s. of Jonas and Margaret, June 2, 1740. Harvard
Aaron, s. Jason and Arabella, bap. May 8, 1743. C.R. Grafton
Aaron, s. of John Whitney, bapt. 13 Apr 1746, in private. Watertown
Aaron, s. Mr. Aaron and Mrs. Allice, Sept. 5, 1746. [p. 48] Littleton
Aaron, s. Rev. Aaron and Alice, Sept. 5, 1746. Petersham
Aaron, s. Nathan and Tabitha, July 31, 1752. "old Stile" Stow
Aaron, s. John and Hannah (Sawtell), bp. Sept. 23, 1764, B.R. Shirley
Aaron s. Moses and Betty, April 24, 1769. Templeton
Aaron, s. of Daniel and Miriam, Feb. 9, 1772. Sherborn
Aaron, s. Levy and Rebeckah, b. Sep. 13, 1772. Townsend
Aaron, s. of Aaron and Sarah, Nov. 7, 1777. Harvard
Aaron, s. Rev. Peter and Julia, Aug. 11, 1778. Northborough
Aaron, s. Ezekiel and Katharine, b. 20 Jun 1780 Watertown
Aaron, s. Benjamin & w. [Rebecca], b. Feb. 22, 1786. Pepperell
Aaron, s. David and Elizabeth, Mar. 1, 1800. Westminster
Aaron, s. of Aaron and Ede, Sept. 15, 1809. Sherborn
Aaron, s. of Aaron and Sally (Aaron and Susanna, C.R.1.), Dec. 1, 1812. Harvard
Aaron, s. Ohio and Mary, March 20, 1829. Ashburnham
Aaron Stearns, s. of Aaron and Hannah, b. 27 Aug 1773. Northfield
Abagall, d. Joseph and Rebackah, Mar. 5, 1707. Chelmsford
Abagail Agusta, d. Amos and Sophia, Sept. 20, 1825. Royalston
Abagail Heath, d. Elisha [Jr. dup.] and Sally, Aug. 27, 1804. [Sept. _. dup.] Roxbury
Abba Eliza, d. of (Capt. C.R.1.) Asa W. and Abigail, Dec. 13, 1817. Harvard
Abbie A. [_____], w. of Richard D., _____ 1834. G.R.2. Cambridge
Abbie Barrett, [_____], w. of Daniel, _____, 1846. G.R.2. Sherborn
Abby, in Derby, Conn., Aug. 16, 1788. C.R.11. Cambridge
Abby, d. Stephen P. and Abigail, Oct. 12, 1844. Westminster
Abby, d. of Warren and Ann, Apr. 11, 1846. Sherborn
Abby, d. Jones, farmer, and Mary, July 14, 1847 New Salem
Abby A., d. Hananiah, boardinghouse keeper, and Sarah, Aug. 20, 1843. Lowell
Abby A, d. of William and Abigail, in Boston, Jan. 5, 1845. Milford
Abby E., dau. of George and Abby, b. 4 Jun 1847. Springfield
Abby M., d. Lemuel and Almira, _____ __, 1847. G.S.6. Athol
Abby Walker, d. of Dr. Simon and Mary, July 23, 1829. Framingham
Abel, s. Rev. Mr. Aaron and Mrs. Allice, July 7, 1740, at Littleton. [p.47] Littleton
Abel,s. Rev. Aaron and Alice, July 7, 1740. At Littleton. Petersham
Abel, s. of Timothy and Alice, Sept. 19, 1752. Harvard
Abel, s. Timothy and Alice, Sept. 1, 175[torn]. Petersham
Abel, s. Rev. Aaron and Alice, March 15, 1756. Petersham
Abel, s. Jeremiah and Azubah, Apr. 12, 1760. Stow
Abel, s. Benjamin & w. [Mary], b. Mar. 15, 1770. Pepperell
Abel, s. Charles and Elizabeth, bap. Mar 26, 1780. C.R. Royalston
Abel, in Northboro, May 23, 1783. G.R.3. Cambridge
Abel, s. Rev. Peter and Julia, May 23, 1783. Northborough
Abel, s. of A[a]ron, bp. May 28, 1786. C.R.1. (Abel Esq., b. Feb. 17, 1786. G.R.1.) Harvard
Abel, ch. Jabez and Elizabeth, May 21, 1790 Orange
Abel, s. of Abraham and Rebecca, bp. July 8, 1792. Harvard
Abel, s. Abner and Livinah, May 14, 1793. Westminster
Abel, son of Abel and Clarissa (Dwight), b. March 15, 1800. Westfield
Abel, s. Abel and Clarissa, bap. 23 Mar 1800. Westfield
Abel, s. of Abraham and Alice, Feb. 20, 1804. Harvard
Abel, s. of Aaron and Susan, Nov. 23, 1830. Harvard
Abigaell, d. of Josiah and Mary, May 22, 1708. Wrentham
Abigail (see Nabby) Conway
Abigall, d. of Joseph Whitney, bapt. 16 Jan 1686/7. Watertown
Abigall, d. Curnelus and Sarah, Dec. 9, 1717. Groton
Abigail, d. Daniel and Dorothy, b. 5 Jun 1725 Watertown
Abigail, d. James and Mercy, b. 17 Mar 1725/6 Watertown
Abigail, d. Benjamin and Abigail, May 13, 1731. Marlborough
Abigail, s. of Daniel Whitney, bapt. 19 Sep 1736. Watertown
Abigall, d. Joseph and Abigail, Aug. 16, 1740. Groton
Abigail, d. Joseph & Abigail, b. at Groton, Aug. 16, 1740. Pepperell
Abigail, d. Solomon and Martha, bap. Mar. __, 1740-1. [__ bet. 1st and 8th]. [p. 435] Weston
Abigail, d. Samuel and Abigail, Aug. 27, 1742. [dup.]. Westminster
Abigail, d. Zechariah and Sarah, Jan. 17, 1746. Lunenburg
Abigail, d. Elias and Elisabeth, Mar. 19, 1747. Holliston
Abigail, d. Abraham and Tabitha, b. Fri., bap. May 22, 1748. [p. 456] Weston
Abigail, d. of James and Patience, Dec. 11, 1749. Sherborn
Abigail, d. Joseph and Mary, Dec. 18, 1749. Newton
Abigail, d. William and Mary, Dec. 30, 1753. [p. 87] Weston
Abigail, d. William and Mary, bap. Jan. 27, 1754. [p. 463] Weston
Abigail, d. Nathaniel and Abigail, Feb. 10, 1757. Grafton
Abigail, d. Abraham and Tabitha, bap. July 24, 1757. [p. 466] Weston
Abigail, d.of Jason and Elizabeth, Dec. 13, 1761. Natick
Abigail, d. of Jonathan Jr. and Sarah, Jan. 29, 1763. Twin. Harvard
Abigail, d. Nathaniel and Abigail, April 11, 1763. Grafton
Abigail, d. Moses and Betty, July 20, 1765. Templeton
Abigail, d. Zachariah and Sarah, Sept. 13, 1766. Montague
Abigail, d. Nathan and Abigail, April 3, 1768. Brookfield
Abigail, d. Samuel and Abigail his wife, b. 22 Apr 1768. [p. 246] Concord
Abigail, d. Elisha. bp. Oct. 29, 1769. C.R.1 Brookline
Abigail, d. of Elias Jr. and Lucy, Mar. 6, 1773. Mendon
Abigail, d. Caleb and Elizabeth, Sept. 10, 1775. Newton
Abigail, d. Lt. Elisha and Abigail, Apr. 10, 1778. Roxbury
Abigail, d. Joseph and Anna, 20 Jan 1781. [1:38] Warwick
Abigail, d. Joseph and Abija [Abigail(Barnard)]. P.R. 14, May 19, 1783. Shelburne
Abigail, w. Samuel, ___ __, 1783. G.S.4. Ashburnham
Abigail [2nd P.R. 14], d. Joseph and Abija [Abigail (Barnard)]. P.R. 14. Feb. 13, 1786. Shelburne
Abigail, d. of Ezekiel Whitney, bapt. 14 Sep 1794. Watertown
Abigail, d. Amasa and Sarah, Mar. 17, 1797. Roxbury
Abigail, d. of Hachaliah and Abigail, Jan. 6, 1803. Milford
Abigail, d. Amaziah and Sarah, Oct. 3, 1807. Danvers
Abigail, d. Israel and Lucy, Jan. 11, 1813. Worcester
Abigail, d. Francis and Polly, July 10, 1814. Needham
Abigail, d. Asa W., bp. May 21, 1815. C.R. Stow
Abigail [dup. Abigal] Harris, d.Leonard and Ruth [dup. Lenard and Ruthe] Jan. 13, 1825. Sudbury
Abigail Cutler, d. Samuel and Fanny, Jan. 25, 1813. Shrewsbury
Abigail Fletcher, d. Hananiah and Azubah, Dec. 27, 1812. Winchendon
Abigail Harris, d. Leonard and Ruth, Oct. 29, 1829 Sudbury
Abigail Maria [Morse in C.R.], d. Joseph 2d and Nancy, Jan. 20, 1825. Gardner
Abigail Nelson [_____], w. of Hachaliah, July 30, 1765. G.R.1. Milford
Abigail-Perkins, d. John and Mary, June 18, 1823. Princeton
Abigail-Perkins, d. John and Mary, Nov. 25, 1827. Princeton
Abigail Roe, d. Caleb and Abigail, Dec. 11, 1825. Sterling
Abigail White, d. of Abel and Susanna, bp. May 20, 1827. C.R.1. Cambridge
Abigall, d. Jonathan and Lydia, b. 18 Aug 1675 Watertown
Abigall, d. Benjamin and Abigal, b. 3 May 1688 Watertown
Abijah, s. Joseph and Mary, Sept. 6, 1744. [p. 53] Weston
Abijah, s. Joseph and Mary, b. last Thurs., bap. Sept. 9, 1744. [p. 451] Weston
Abijah, s. Joseph and Mary, bap. Jan. 6, 1760. [p. 469] Weston
Abijah, s. of Nathan, bp. May 8, 1768. C.R.1. Harvard
Abijah, s. Samuel and Mary, Jul. 1, 1769. Worcester
Abijah, s. Stephen and Relief, b. 10 Aug 1776 Watertown
Abijah, s. Benjamin & w. [Rebecca], b. Aug. 22, 1781. Pepperell
Abijah, s. Abijah and Abigail, bap. May 16, 1784. [p. 504] Weston
Abijah, s. Moses and Tabitha, Aug. 13, 1800. Templeton
Abner, s. of John and Rebecca, Jan. 21, 1733-4. Harvard
Abner, s. Jonas and Sarah, Nov. 17, 1744. Roxbury
Abner, s. Samuel and Abigail, May. 18, 1748. At Weston [dup.]. Westminster
Abner, s. Samuel and Abigail, b. last w., bap. May 22, 1748. [p. 456] Weston
Abner ([A]bner), s. Abner and Sarah, Oct. 22, 1755. Shirley
Abner, ch. Jabez and Sarah, Jan. 9, 1813 Orange
Abraham, May 29, 1692. G.R.1. [[h. Mary] May 9, P.R.26] Stow
Abraham, bp. Feb. 19, 1710. Lexington
Abraham, s. John and Sarah, Aug. 8, 1716 [p. 4] Weston
Abraham, s. Abraham and Mary, July 31, 1724. [Abram 2d (h. Mary (Perry) of Sudbury), P.R.26] Stow
Abraham, s. of John Whitney, bapt. 7 Dec 1735. Watertown
Abraham, s. of Abraham and Sarah, Dec. 20, 1748. Harvard
Abraham, s. Abraham and Ma[torn], Jan 3, 1754. [Jan 7, P.R.12] [Abram, ch. Abraham and Mary, Jan. 3, P.R.26] Stow
Abraham , s. Abraham and Tabitha, b. w. before last., bap. Oct. 8, 1758. [p. 468] Weston
Abraham, s. of Abraham and Rebekah, Mar. 3. 1777. Harvard
Abraham, s. of Abraham and Rebekah, Nov. 29, 1779. Harvard
Abraham, s. Elijah and Sarah, April 17, 1785. Bolton
Abraham, s. Jacob and Easter [Jemima, C.R.], Jan. 6, 1794. Stow
Abraham, s. Christopher, carpenter, and Dolly, Sept. 28, 1837. Stow
Abraham Willard, s. John, Jr., and Abigail, 26 May 1829. [2:239] Warwick
Abram H. [Apr .__, 1817]. G.R.2. Medford
Achsa, d. Samuel and Abigail, Sept. 30, 1750 [dup.]. Westminster
Achsah, d. John and Sarah, Dec. 4, 1775. Bolton
Ada J., d. Charles A. and Sarah A. (Ainsworth), June 12, 1859. (8:97) Fitchburg
Adah, [twin] d. Joshua and Jemima, May 16, 1774. Medway
Adaline Adams, d. Nahum and Susanna, April 22,1810. Westborough
Adaline Almira, d. Lemuel and Almira G., March 17, 1843. Ashburnham
Adaline Hudson, d. Samuel and Fanny, May 9, 1815. Shrewsbury
Adams, s. William and Zilpah, Jan. 17, 1826. Northborough
Addalade S., d. Josiah & Catherine, b. Apr. 30, 1842. Pepperell
Addison, s. of Cyrus and Polly, Oc.t 20. 1802 (Jos. Addison, Oct. 23, 1802. G.R.1.). Harvard
Adeline, d. Daniel and Elizabeth, Oct. 11, 1807. Roxbury
Adeliza [_____], w. Dexter, _____, 1812. G.R.2. Bellingham
Adeliza T., d. Moses and Nancy (Mann), Nov. 27, 1811. Wrentham
Agnes, d. Ezra and Agnes, Apr. 10, 1767. Montague
Agnes, d. Henry and Maggie, b. 07 Mar 1879. Westfield
Alathina, d. William and Anne, April 3, 1796. Gardner
Albert, ch. Artemas and Rebecah, Sept. 4, 1813. Shirley
Albert, s. Christopher, carpenter, and Dolly, Sept. 12, 1832. Stow
Albert, s. David and Catherine, Oct. 28, 1839. Westford
Albert Augustus, s. David and Semaria, June 6, 1827. Westborough
Albert F., s. Joel and Mary J., Dec. 16, 1836. Upton
Albert Henry, s. Jacob and Ann Maria, July 6, 1842. [p. 80] Dorchester
Albert M., s. of Ebanezer and Joann, Jan. 16, 1836. Natick
Albina A., d. William H. and Celestia, b. 28 May 1867. Westfield
Alexander, s. Eleazer and Mary, July 2, 1751. Westborough
Alexander, s. Nathaniel Ruggles, Junr., and Sally, b. 12 Mar 1810. Watertown
Alexander, s. of Nathaniel Ruggles Whitney, bapt. 6 May 1810. Watertown
Alfred, s. Horace and Mary, Aug. 18, 1840. Hubbardston
Alfred, s. of Richard 2nd and Sally, May 10, 1813. Harvard
Alfred, ch. Orlando and Phebe, Sept. 27, 1823. Conway
Alfred C., Capt., Sept. 30, 1835. G.R.3. Chelsea
Alfred Henry, s. of William and Elizabeth, Aub. 11, 1830. Cambridge
Alfred Langdon, s. Sylvester and Ann Maria (Fiske). Jan. 22, 1848. Upton
Alice, d. of Jonathan and Alice, Apr. 2, 1733. Harvard
Alice, d. Rev. Aaron and Alice, Sept. 23, 1748. Petersham
Alice, d. Ephraim & Esther, bp. Dec. 30, 1753. C.R.1. Pepperell
Alice, d. of Simon and Olive, May 26, 1755. Harvard
Alice, d. Timothy and Alice, Aug. 3, 1773. Petersham
Alice, d. Elijah and Sarah, Sept. 1, 1787. Bolton
Alice, d. Jonas and Mary, Mar. 21, 1803. Otis
Alice, ch. Jonas and Mary, bp. Nov. 17, 1805 C.R.2 Otis
Alice Farley, d. William M. and Ann Augusta, Feb. __, 1847. Beverly
Alice Orne, d. of Benj[amin] D. and Elizabeth, bp. July 28, 1839. C.R.1. Cambridge
Alice W., d. of Joseph and Ann, _____, 1836. G.R.3. Chelsea
Allen, s. James and Mercy, b. 19 Oct 1731 Watertown
Allen [dup. Allin Whitney], s. James and Marcy [dup. Marey], May 2, 1740. Waltham
Allen M., s. Joseph, farmer, and Mary, Oct. 31, 1846. Montague
Allice, d. Rev. Mr. Aaron and Mrs. Allice, Sept. 23, 1748. [p. 48] Littleton
Allice, d. of (Capt., C.R.1.) Hezekiah and Lucy, July 29, 1780. Harvard
Almeda, d. Edward and Rhoda, April 15, 1821. Athol
Almira, d. George and Miriam [Meriam, o.r.], Sept. 3, 1796. Cummington
Almira, d. Levi and Rebeckah, Jan. 18, 1801. Boylston
Almira, d. of Abraham 2nd and Alice, Oct. 24, 1805. Harvard
Almira, d. Hezekiah and Sarah, Feb. 4, 1806. Stow
Almira, d. of William and Betsy, July 20, 1806. Harvard
Almira, d. Asa and Sally, bp. Apr. 2, 1809. C.R. [Elmira, b. Sept. 20, 1808, P.R.14] Stow
Almira, d. of James and Lois, Apr. 15, 1814. Sherborn
Almira, d. Samuel and wife, bap. May 4, 1823. C.R.1. Bolton
Alonzo, s. of Benjamin and Methable, Nov. 23, 1834. (III:343-344) Fitchburg
Alonzo, s. of George W. and Elizabeth, b. 5 Sep 1846. Brighton
Alonzo A. Miner, s. Merrill, manufacturer, and Zabiah, July, [1845 or 1846.] Lowell
Alonzo Nelson, s. of Nelson and Ruth M., June 2, 1837. Milford
Alpheas, s. Samuel and Abigail, Feb. 25, 1759 [dup.]. Westminster
Alpheus, s. Hananiah and Azubah, March 8, 1794. Winchendon
Alston Waldo, s. of Dr. Simon and Mary, Jan. 12, 1828. Framingham
Alva, d. Nathan and Sina, March 6, 1806. Athol
Alvah, _____, 1808. GR 5 Lynn
Alvarus, s. Ezekiel and Catharine, b. 13 Jan 1800. Watertown
Amanda, d. Henry H. and Caroline C., Born in Thompson, Conn., Aug. 27, 1836. Ashburnham
Amanda Maria, d. of Isaac and Sally, July 21, 1824. Sherborn
Amafa, s. Ezekiel and Katharine, b. 4 May 1774 Watertown
Amasa, s. William and Mary, June 16, 1777. Winchendon
Amasa, s. Amasa and Abigail, May 6, 1802. Newton
Amasa, twin s. William and Anne, June 19, 1805. Gardner
Amasa Jr., s. Amasa and Mary, Apr. 24, 1806. Winchendon
Amasa, s. Samuel and Lucy, Jan. 13, 1813. Bolton
Amasa, Jan. 13, 1813, [on stone beside that of Susan C., d. 1841] G.R.1. New Bedford
Amaziah, s. Caleb and Elizabeth, Nov. 18, 1767. Newton
Amaziah, s. Abner, bap. Aug. 4, 1771. Groton
Amelia Davis, d. George and Julia Ann, June 15, 1830. Leicester
Ami, s. Jonathan and Esther, Jan. 12 [dup. Jan. 18], 1781. Conway
Amilia Ann, ch. Orlando and Phebe, Sept. 13, 1828. Conway
Amity, d. William and Martha, Oct. 6, 1712. [p. 10] Weston
Amity, ch. Wm. (dec'd) and ___[Martha], bap. Jan. 21, 1727-8, a. 15y. [p. 411] Weston
Ammi, s. Lemuel and Anna, June 1, 1817. Athol
Amory, s. Simon and Lucy, Sept. 26, 1797. Petersham
Amory, s. Levi and wife, 19 Aug 1831. [2:243] Warwick
Amos, s. Nathaniel and Mercy, b. 19 Apr 1701 Watertown
Amos, s. Jonathan and Sarah, b. 1 May 1705 Watertown
Amos, s. Nathahiel and Mary, March 17, 1732. Westborough
Amos, s. of John Whitney, bapt. 10 Nov 1734. Watertown
Amos, s. of Benja[min] and Margret, Sept. 27, 1746. Framingham
Amos, s. of Michah and Lydia, May 7, 1750. Natick
Amos, s. Jonas, bp. Dec. 1, 1751. C.R.2. Roxbury
Amos, s. Ephraim and Thankful, June 29, 1759. Upton
Amos, s. of Daniel and Meriam, Mar. 30, 1762. Sherborn
Amos, s. Benjamin and Sarah, Dec. 31, 1765. Worcester
Amos, s. Levy and Rebeckah, b. Feb. 11, 1766. Townsend
Amos, s. of Isaiah and Peirses, Dec. 27, 1768. Harvard
Amos, s. Hezekiah and Sarah, bp. Aug. 1, [17]84. C.R. Stow
Amos, s. of Isaiah Jr., bp. May 8, 1791. C.R.1. Harvard
Amos, s. Amos and Eunice, May 8, 1793. Upton
Amos, s. Daniel and Dorcas, Sept. 22, 1794. [p. 342] Boston
Amos, s. of Isaiah Jr. and Mary, Mar. 9, 1795. Harvard
Amos, ch. Amos and Martha, Jan. 31, 1814. Waltham
Amos, s. Timothy and Rowena, Feb. 28, 1815. Boylston
Amos, s. Ohio and Mary, June 7, 1817. Ashburnham
Amos Kimball, s. Charles and Elizabeth, bap. April 15, 1775. C.R. Templeton
Amos P., s. of Amos and Sophia W., in Boston, May 27, 1847. Cambridge
Amos Williams, s. Joshua and Caroline, Nov. 24, 1820. Medway
Amy C., d. Jonathan, blacksmith, and Mercy Chase of N.B., Aug. 24, 1846. New Bedford
Andrew, s. Abraham and Tabitha, bap. Mar. 30, 1754. [p. 463] Weston
Andrew, ___ __, 1823 [in lot with Daniel and his wife, Eliza,] G.R.2 Nantucket
Andrew J., s. Jonathan W. and Nabby, Jan. 31, 1829. Stow
Andrew J., s. of Hosea, Dec. 20, 1846. Cambridge
Andrew Jackson, ch. Orlando and Phebe, Aug. 12, 1826. Conway
Andrew W., s. Joseph H. and Damaris H., Aug. 16, 1831. Grafton
Anes, d. Caleb and Anes, b. 20 June 176[2 or 3]. Shutesbury
Angelina, d. of Nathan and Nancy, Apr. 15, 1822. Harvard
Ann, d. of Abraham and Sarah, May 2, 1760. Harvard
Ann, d. Thomas and Ann, May 24, 1764. Shrewsbury
Ann, ___ __, 1801. G.S.1. Westminster
Ann Caroline, dau. of Nicholas Bowes and Ann, b. Jan. 7, 1802. Hingham
Ann E., dau. of William H. and Mary, b. 12 Oct 1858. Springfield
Ann E. R, d. Dexter O. and Catherine, Feb. 21, 1836. Westborough
Ann Eliza, d. Joseph and Eliza, July 23, 1843. Bolton
Ann Frances, d. Israel and Mary, Apr 13, 1808. Needham
Ann Gray, d. George and Ann G. G., bp. July 29, 1832. C.R.2. Roxbury
Ann M.[_____], w. of Sylvester, Feb. 11, 1821. G.R.3. Chelsea
Ann Maria, d. Martin and Nancy (Orne), Dec. 13, 1821. Attleborough
Ann Maria, d. Joseph and Ann, Jan. 20, 1834. Lincoln
Ann Maria, d. of Lyman and Mary, Oct. 6, 1841. Sherborn
Ann Mariah, d. Sarah Ann, May 3, 1845. Manchester
Ann Mellens, d. Elias, bp. June 3, 1753. C.R.2. Medway
Ann Park, d. of Joseph and Sally, Nov. 6, 1808. Sherborn
Ann Rebecca, d. Nath. R., Junr. and Sally, b. 2 Sep 1821. Watertown
Anna, d. Jonathan and Sary, b. 24 May 1702 Watertown
Anna, d. of Jonathan Whitney, bapt. 1 Nov 1702. Watertown
Anna, d. Daniel and Susanna. last of Apr. 1713. Roxbury
Anna [dup. Whittny], d. Da[v]id and Rebeckah, Aug. 9, 1725. Waltham
Anna, d. Benjamin and Abigail, Oct. 23, 1736. Marlborough
Anna, d. Benjamin and Abigail, bap. May 8, 1737, at Marlborough. [p. 525] Weston
Anna, d. Lemuel and Sibel, June 4, 1745. Stow
Anna, d. Jacob and Anna, Feb. 12, 1757. Scituate
Anna, d. Joseph and Hannah, b. 17 Jun 1759. Shutesbury
Anna, d. of Aaron and Anna, Nov. 18, 1766. Harvard
Anna, d. Israel and Jemima, b. 1 Jun 1767 Watertown
Anna, d. of Simon Whitney, bapt. 23 Jul 1769. Watertown
Anna, d. of Jesse and Mary, July 13, 1770. Mendon
Anna, d. Ephraim and Rhoda, Nov. 21, 1770. Montague
Anna, d. Daniel and Sarah, Apr. 22, 1783. [Anne, C.R.] Stow
Anna, d. Caleb and Sarah, Feb. 13, 1786. Bradford
Anna, d. Jacob and Patty, July 8, 1799. Upton
Anna, d. Nathan and Sina, March 30, 1809. Athol
Anna, d. Luke and Cyntha, April 1, 1819. Gardner
Anna A., Mar. 18, 1843. G.R.2. Cambridge
Anna Aspinwall, d. of Charles Whitney, bapt. 4 Oct 1812. Watertown
Anna B. [_____], w. of Joseph S., June 23, 1831. G.R.3. Cambridge
Anna L., d. George E. and Sarah J. (Tolman), Feb. 9, 1859. (8:97) Fitchburg
Anna Maria, d. Sam[ue]l B. and Mary W., Oct. 25, 1849. Waltham
Anna-Miles, d. Andrew and Lucy, Feb. 21, 1801. Princeton
Anna Wyett, d. Moses and Hannah, Apr. 18, 1787 Uxbridge
Annah, d. Jonathan and Lydia, b. 28 Apr 1660 Watertown
Annah, d. Nathaniel and Mary, March 8, 1730. Westborough
Annah, d. Lemuel and Elizabeth, Feb. 18, 1773 [This entry crossed out] Stow
Annas, d. of Jonathan Jr. and Sarah, Mar. 30, 1765. Harvard
Anne [dup. Anna], d. Joseph and Mary, Feb. 10, 1755. Newton
Anne, d. William and Anne, Oct. 23, 1797. Gardner
Anne M. Fairbanks [_____], w. of E. Herbert, Aug. 22, 1849. G.R.3. Cambridge
Anne Weston, d. Milton and Ann Maria, Oct. 4, 1848. (8:97) Fitchburg
Annes, d. of Caleb and Annes, May 9, 1756. Harvard
Anness, d. of Jonathan Jr. and Sarah, Feb. 26, 1761. Harvard
Annie [_____], w. of Capt. Alfred C., June 19, 1842. G.R.3. Chelsea
Annrillen, d. Elias and Elisabeth, June 1, 1753. Holliston
Apollos, s. Eben[eze]r and Parny, Dec. 2, 1791. Montague
Arad, s. John and Hannah, Apr. 20, 1789. Colrain
Arathusa, d. of Israel and Hannah, Dec. 12, 1783. Harvard
Arathusa Ann, d. Luther P and Sophia, Sep. 2, 1848. Marlborough
Arathusea, d. Charles and Elizabeth, April 29, 1777. Templeton
Arietta H., d. Nathaniel P. and Sarah D., March 7, 1845. Grafton
Arrathusa, d. Jonas and Elizabeth, Sept. 26, 1790. Westminster
Arron [Aaron dup.], s. Moses and Lydia, Mar. 14, 1714. [p. 5] Littleton
Artemas, s. John and Sarah, May 25, 1786. Bolton
Artemas, s. Hananiah and Azubah, Sept. 1, 1798. Winchendon
Artemas, [twin] s. Daniel and Sarah, Aug. 9, 1815. Stow
Artemas Hammond, s. John Smith and Susanna, Jan. 14, 1797. Shrewsbury
Artemus, s. of Wetherbe and Abigail, June 8, 1775. Harvard
Artemus, s. Lt. Daniel and Sarah, Apr. 22, 1791. [Artemas, C.R.] Stow
Artemus Ward, s. of (Col., C.R.1.) Josiah and Sarah, Nov. 17 1778. Harvard
Arthur Eastman, s. Joel and Esther M., July 5, 1847. Woburn
Arthur Erwin, s. Lemuel and Isabel, farmer, June 11, 1891. Ashby
Arthur P., s. Reuben P., peddler, Jan. __, 1842. [p. 38] Southbridge
Arthur W., _____, 1835. G. R. Waltham
Asa, s. of Jesse and Mary, Sept. 4, 1766. Mendon
Asa, s. John and Hannah (Sawtell), bp. Feb. 8, 1767, B.R. Shirley
Asa, s. Levy and Rebeckah, b. July 1, 1767. Townsend
Asa, s. Nathan and Abigail, March 30, 1773. Brookfield
Asa, s. Daniel and Sarah, June 22, 1779. [[h. Sally (Brooks)] P.R.14] Stow
Asa, s. Dan[ie]l and Sarah, bp. May 13, [17]81. C.R. Stow
Asa, s. Lt. Elisha and Abigail, May 18, 1782. Roxbury
Asa, s. Nathan and Eunice, Oct. 24, 1797. Westminster
Asa, s. Eben[eze]r and Parney, Jan. 31, 1803. Montague
Asa, s. Nathan and Eunice, Oct. 25, 1803. Westminster
Asa W., Apr. 24, 1787. P.R.30 Stow
Asa Willard, s. of Isaac and Lucy, Apr. 24, 1787. Harvard
Asaph, s. Nathan and Tabitha, Apr. 29, 1759. Stow
Asaph, ch. Jonathan, bp. Nov.3, 1776. C.R.1. Hopkinton
Asaph Blakely, s. Joseph 2d and Nancy, Aug. 21, 1817. Gardner
Asena, d. of Cyrus and Asena, Mar. 18, 1800. Harvard
Asenah, d. John and Sarah, Feb. 16, 1784. Bolton
Asenath, d. Elijah and Mindwell, March 12, 1790. Westborough
Asia Partridge, s. Luke, bap. June 1, 1827. C.R. Gardner
Augustus, s. John and Hannah, May 20, 1788. Petersham
Augustus, s. Nathan Jr. and Ann M., Apr.9, 1825. Westminster
Augustus [Augustus C., G.S.], s. Dwelly and Emily, Sept. 26, 1845. Ashburnham
Augustus Anson (s. of Abel and Susanna, C.R.1), Dec. 4, 1812. G.R.3. Cambridge
Augustus Eugene, s. of Nelson and Ruth M., Dec. 6, 1840. Milford
Augustus Luke, s. of Luke and Abigail, June 19, 1845. Harvard
Augustus T., s. Joel and Saraph, Jan. 17, 1844. Templeton
Austin, s. Samuel and Abigail, Dec. 21, 1811. Ashburnham
Austin 2nd, s. Samuel and Abigail, April 16, 1816. Ashburnham
Austin, s. Seth and Sally, Feb. 27, 1819. Gardner
Austin, s. Merrick and Harriet, April 22, 1832 Ashburnham
Austin, s. Austin and Maria H., June 29, 1849. Gardner
Azubah, d. Elijah and Mindwell, Oct. 13, 1785. In Shrewsbury. Westborough
Azubah, d. Hananiah and Azubah, Aug. 25, 1796. Winchendon


Aaron and Margarit Cornit [dup. Margaret Comet, int. Margaret Cornish], Mar. 1, 1757. [Margaret Cornit. M.R.] Newton
Aaron and Anna Lawrence, Dec. 18, 1765. (Dec. 16, 1765. C.R.1.) Harvard
Aaron and Hannah Wait of Petersham, July 20, 1769. Templeton
Aaron of Northfield and Mrs. Hannah Stearns, int. May 7, 1772. Petersham
Aaron and Sally Pollard, Apr. 21, 1774. Harvard
Aaron, of Dedham, and Mehitable Smith of Natick, June 10, 1775, in Natick. [Ch84] Dedham
Aaron and Ede Fisk, Apr. 30, 1794.* Sherborn
Aaron of Watertown and Hannah Abbott, Apr. 16, 1805. In Brookline. [p. 487] Boston
Aaron Jr. and Sally Flagg of Holden, int. Aug. 3, 1807. Harvard
Aaron Jr. of Harvard and Sally Flagg, Sept. 15, 1807. Holden
Aaron, and Betsy Parker, June 6, 1815. Pepperell
Aaron Jr. and Susannah Fletcher of Littleton, int. May 11, 1816. Harvard
Aaron of Harvard and Mrs. Susannah Fletcher of Littleton, June 3, 1816, by Rev. E. Foster [p. 249] Littleton
Aaron and Polly Raymond, Jan. 3, 1823. Westminster
Aaron Jr. and Mary Johnson of Chelmsford, int. May 29, 1836. Harvard
Aaron Jr. of Harvard and Mary Johnson, June 1, 1836. Chelmsford
Aaron of Boston, and Susan H. Farrington, int. Mar. 27, 1842. Framingham
Aaron F. and Mary Ann Reed of Worcester, int. Dec. 5, 1844. Westminster
Aaron-F., and Mary-Ann Reed, Dec. 25, 1844. Worcester
Abagail [int. Abigal Whetney] [of] Lancaster [int. Lancastor], and Jonathan Rand, Feb. 27, 1723-4, in Lancaster. Stow
Abbie E., and Charles P. Chapin, m. 9 Jun 1869. Springfield
Abby and John D. Grant, Apr. 30, 1846. Arlington
Abby M. (d. Joseph 2d and Nancy, a. 21) and Shorley Collister, Nov. 11, 1845. Gardner
Miss Abby S. Whitney & Mr.Thomas R. Spear, both of Charlestown, int. July 23, 1826. Charlestown
Abel and Elisabeth Spenny, Nov. 1, 1775. Petersham
Abel, Mr. (Major), of Westfield, and Miss Clarissa Dwight of Springfield, int. Sept. 14, 1783. Westfield
Abel, Mr. (Major), of Westfield, and Miss Clarissa Dwight of Springfield, m. Dec. 23, 1783, by Mr. Breck. Westfield
Abel, and Clarissa Dwight, mar. 23 Dec 1783. Westfield
Abel, and Clarissa Dwight, m. 23 Dec 1783. Springfield
Abel, and Phebe Scott, Mar. 21, 1793. Pepperell
Abel, of Cambridge [b. Northborough. C.R.1], and Susanna White of B., Dec. 21, 1809. Brookline
Abel and Susannah White of Brookline, int. Nov. 19, 1809. Cambridge
Abel of Orange and Sylvia Twichel, July 15, 1810. Athol
Abel of Boston to Miss Abigail [H] Townshend, Feb. 8, 1817. T.R.3, p. 230. Lancaster
Abel of Boston, and Lucy Lyon, Oct. 14, 1826. [Mrs. Lucy. C.R.1] Bridgewater
Abigail and Richard Sautle, b. of Watertown, m. 18 Mar 1717 Watertown
Abigail, of Lancaster, and Jonathan Rand of Stow, Feb. 27, 1723-4. T.R.1, p. 18. Lancaster
Abigail and Preserved Hall, Sept. 10, 1729. Wrentham
Abigail and Ebenezer Chapin of Mendon, Mar. 29, 1743. Framingham
Abigail of Framingham, and Ebenezer Chapin, in Framingham, Mar. 29, 1743. Mendon
Abigail and Edward Fowle, int. Jan. 26, 1744. [p. 280] Boston
Abigail and Edmund Fowle, b. of Watertown, m. 9 May 1745 Watertown
Abigail of Lancaster and Mr Jonathan Bayley, int. Feb. 25, 1746-7. T.R.1, p. 32. Lancaster
Abigail and Jonathan Bayley, Mar. 26, 1747. T.R.1, p. 21. Lancaster
Abigail and William Oak, Oct. 29, 1756. Worcester
Abigail, and Zeccheus Farnsworth, Dec.12,1759. Pepperell
Abigail and Israel Underwood, Feb. 9, 1762. [Mrs. Abigail, C.R.1.] Lincoln
Abigail and Robert Merrifield, both of Dorchester, Jan. 12, 1768. [p. 230] Dorchester
Abigail and Job Whitcomb, int. March 6, 1769. Templeton
Abigail and Samuel Austin, May 4, 1769. [p. 43] Boston
Abigail, of Sherborn, and Ebenezer Foskett of Warwick, 28 Oct 1773. [2:260] Warwick
Abigail and Ebenezer Foskett of Warwick, Oct. 28, 1773. Sherborn
Abigail, Miss, of Weston, and Samuel Curtis, of Marlborough, Esqr., int. May 9, 1777. [p. 139] Weston
Abigail, Mrs., of Weston, and Samuel Curtis, Esq., of Marlborough, Mar. 5, 1778, by Rev. Samuel Woodward. [p. 148] Weston
Abigail and Dr. Curtuess [Curtis] of Malboro, Mar. 5, 1778. [p. 325] Weston
Abigail and Nic[h]olas Patterson, int. Sept. 12, 1778. Harvard
Abigail and Ebenezer Cutler, int. April 15, 1779. Grafton
Widow Abigail and Ebenezer Cutler, both of Grafton, Apr. 19, 1779. Shrewsbury
Abigail and Elijah Bruse of Newfain, int. Jan. 6, 1781. Westborough
Abig[ai]l, and Joseph Haradon, May 30, 1781. C.R.2. Roxbury
Abigail, Mrs. [wid. int.], and Timothy Lewis, Aug. 7, 1785. Roxbury
Abigail and Simeon Amsden, both of C., int. Apr. 2, 1787. Conway
Abigail and William Dunton, Oct. 2, 1788. In Sherborn. Natick
Abigail and Will[ia]m Dunton, both of Natick, Oct. 2, 1788. Sherborn
Abigail and Josiah Reed, both of Littleton, Dec. 21, 1788. Int. not recorded. [p. 275] Littleton
Abigail and Benjamin Hoar of Littleton, Nov. 17, 1789. Harvard
Abigail and Benj[amin] Hoar, both of Littleton, Oct. 25, 1789. Int. not recorded. [p. 275] Littleton
Abigail and Elisha Maynard of Westfield, N.Y., Jan. 26, 1792. Templeton
Abigail, and Noah Barns, both of M., int. Sept. 20, 1792. Montague
Abigail and Barnard Boyden, both of Milford, Nov. 22, 1798. Mendon
Abigail and Bernard Boyden, Nov. 22, 1798. Milford
Abigail, and Joseph Seaver, Nov. 17, 1799. Roxbury
Abigail, of Newburyport, and Enoch Titcomb, int. May 25, 1803. Newbury
Abigail and Enoch Titcomb of Newbury, July 28, 1803. Newburyport
Abigail, d. Joseph and Abigail (Barnard), and Rev. Amariah Chandler, s. Moses, Oct. 2, 1808 P.R. 14. Shelburne
Abigail and Jesse Ellis Jr., Nov. 8, 1808. Ashburnham
Abigail [should be "Abijah" --RLW] of Lunenburg and Betsy Whitney, int. Dec. 14, 1811. [see entry for Betsy below] Westminster
Abigail of Westminster and Thomas Harris, int. Sept. 12, 1812. (III:89) Fitchburg
Abigail and Thomas Harris of Fitchburg, int. Sept. 27, 1812. Westminster
Abigail, and Abraham Spear, int. July 4, 1824. Roxbury
Abigail, and John Waters, 3d, Oct. 16, 1833. Int. not recorded. Salem
Abigail, and Thomas Stimpson, int. Aug. 23, 1845. Waltham
Abigail, wid., d. of Joseph and Abigail Case, a. 45y., and Thomas Stimpson, widr., s. of James and Sal[l]y, a. 81y., Sept. 9, 1845. Dana
Abigail, and Jonas Hartshorn, Aug. 10, 1848. Worcester
Abigail B. M. and George W. DeWitt, int. Oct. 16, 1847. (III:220) Fitchburg
Abigail B. M. to George W. DeWitt, Nov. 24, 1847. (III:406) Fitchburg
Abigail B. M., s., 20, (Simeon H. and Nancy) and George De Witt, Nov. 24, 1847. (8:136) Fitchburg
Abigail C. of Shrewsbury and Elisha Gale, int. Oct. 3, 1831. Westborough
Abigail C. and Elisha Gale of Westborough, Nov. 3, 1831. Shrewsbury
Abigail H., and Lemuel Gay, Feb. 28, 1832. Roxbury
Abigail H. and Elbridge G. Perry, Sept. 3 [1833]. Medfield
Abigail H. of Londonderry, Vt., and Oren A Willard, int. Sept. 23, 1848. Winchendon
Abigil and Thomas Herwood of Dunstable, int. Jan. 4, 1729. Chelmsford
Abijah, Mr., of Weston, and Miss Lydia Starns of Waltham, int. May 18, 1783. [p. 154] Weston
Abijah, of Weston, and Lydia Stearns of Waltham, June 12, 1783, in Waltham, by Rev. Jacob Cushing. [p. 275] Weston
Abijah of Weston, and Lydia Stearns, [June] 12, 1783.* [Sterns, M. R.] Waltham
Abijah and Jane Murphy, both of C., Oct. 28, 1788. Conway
Abijah, Mr., and Miss Anna Whittemore, b. of Weston, int. Aug. 7, 1796. [p. 172] Weston
Abijah and Anna Whittemore, b. of Weston, Sept. 20, 1796, by Rev. Samuel Kendal. [p. 185] Weston
Abijah and Anna Laurance of Concord, Oct. 8, 1807. In Brookline. [p. 497] Boston
Abijah, of Boston and Anna Lawrence of Concord, by Rev. E. Ripley, 7 Jan 1808. [p. 367] Concord
Abijah, and Lydia Tarbell, May 28,1818. Pepperell
Abijah and Mrs. Rebecca Cutler, int. Jan. 10, 1820. [p. 203] Weston
Abijah and Rebecca Cutter, ___ __, 1820, by Rev. Joseph Field. [p. 230] Weston
Abijah and Miss [Mrs.] Abigail Tidd of Waltham, int. Mar. 5, 1832. [p. 218] Weston
Abijah of Weston, and Mrs Abigail Tidd, int. Mar. 8, 1832. Waltham
Abijah and Mrs. [Abigail] Tid, Apr. 26, 1832. [p. 334] Weston
Abner, of District of Shirley, and Sarah Hilton of Lunenburg, June 21,1753, by the Rev. David Stearns, minister of Lunenburg. Lunenburg
Abner of Roxbury, and Esther Jackson [Mar.] 21, 1768. Newton
Abner, and Esther Jackson of Newton at Newton, Mar. 21, 1768. Roxbury
Abner and Elizabeth Glazier, May 14, 1770. Westminster
Abner and Lavina Ward, Apr. 22, 1779. Westminster
Abner of Westminster to Lorinda G. Whittemore, Dec. 24, 1831. (III:269) Fitchburg
Abner [Whiting] of Westminster and Lovina G. Whitemore, int. Dec. 1, 1830. (III:163) Fitchburg
Abraham and Sarah Whetney, b. of Harvard, int. Jan. 18, 1737. T.R.1, p. 28. Lancaster
Abraham and Sarah Whitney, Apr. 20, 1738. C.R.1. Harvard
Abraham and Tabitha Allen, b. of Weston, int. June 17, 1742. [p. 49] Weston
Abraham and Tabitha Allen, b. of Weston, Jan. 20, 1742/3, by Rev. Wm. Williams. [p. 56] Weston
Abraham Jr. of Stow, and Marcy Perry, Dec. 19, 1743, in Stow. Sudbury
Abraham Jr. of Stow, and Marcy Perry of Sudbury, Dec. 19, 1745, in Stow. [Int. not recorded.] Wayland
Abraham Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Marcy Perry of Sudbuary [int. Sudbury], Dec. 19, 1745. [Abram 2d and Mary Perry of Sudbury, Oct. 26, P.R.26] Stow
Abraham and Elizabeth Whitney, b. of Watertown, m. 10 Jul 1766 Watertown
Abraham of Stow, and Sarah (Elisabeth, int.) Shed, in Stow, July 16, 1767. Harvard
Abraham and Sarah Shed [int. Elisabeth Sheed, wid.] of Harvard, July 16, 1767. Stow
Abraham and Sarah Adams, Nov. 12, 1771. Sudbury
Abraham, of Sudbury, and Sarah Adames of Weston, int. Sept. 21, 1771. [p. 127] Weston
Abraham, of Sudbury, and Sarah Adams of Weston, Nov. 12, 1771, in Sudbury. [p. 265] Weston
Abraham of Watertown and Mary Mead of Waltham, m. 3 Dec 1772 Watertown
Abraham of Watertown, and Mary Mead, Dec. 3, 1772, in Watertown.* Waltham
Abraham of Bolton and Rebecca Dudley of A., Feb. 28, 1776, in Concord. Acton
Abraham, of Bolton and Rebecca Dudley of Acton, by Ep Wood Esq., 28 Feb 1776. [p. 241] Concord
Abraham and Rebecca Dudley of Acton, Feb. 28, 1776. At Concord Bolton
Abraham and Abigail Grafton, Mar. 10, 1780. In Brookline. [p. 445] Boston
Abraham Jr. and Mehitabel Ware [int. Wair], May 10, 1780. [Ware, M.R.] [Mehitable Ware, C.R.] [Abram, P.R.26] Stow
Abraham Jr., Capt. and Sarah Weatherbee, wid., int. Mar. 8, 1794. [Mrs. Sarah Witherbee, m. Mar. 25, C.R.] Stow
Abr[aha]m, Capt., and Catharine Wood, Nov. 13, 1796. Stow
Abraham Jr. and Allice Houghton, Apr. 3, 1802. Harvard
Abraham Jr. and Sarah Jewell of Waterford, int. Jan. 1, 1803 Stow
Abraham, and Mary Ann Hopkins of Waltham, int. Feb. 21, 1830. Methuen
Abraham of Mathuen, and Mary Ann Hopkins, int. Feb. 25, 1830. Waltham
Abraham, of Methuen, and Mary Ann Hopkins of Waltham, Mar. 29, 1830. Intention not recorded. Lowell
Achsah and Caleb Moore, Nov. 24, 1796. Bolton
Achsah, wid., and Asa Lealand, Nov. 26, 1801. Sherborn
Adaline, and Dwight H. Stone, m. 3 Jul 1852. Greenwich
Adam, 29, yeoman, of W. Cambridge, b. in Cambridge, s. of Jonathan and Lucy Whitney, of W. Cambridge and Mary Ann Sylvester, 39, of Marshfield, Marshfield, d. of Amasa and Deborah Sylvester of Marshfield. Registered Jan. 20, 1847, married Jan. 17, 1847. Marshfield
Adeline [A. in int.] and Jeremiah Goodnough, Sept. 3, 1829. Grafton
Adeliza T. and Edmund J. Felt, Nov. 10, 1837. [Int. not recorded.] Wrentham
Adriel L., of Medfield, a. 25, b. Medfield, s. Leonard and Achsah, and Margaret Cronin of Dedham, a. 20, b. Ire., 8:25:50 [Aug. 25, 1850]. [VR] Dedham
Albah [Alvah. int.] S., unm., of L., a. 24y., laborer, s. Josiah and Sarah, and Idris F. Richardson, unm., of L., a. 20y., operative, d. W[illia]m and Hannah, Nov. 8, 1846. Lowell
Albert of Lunenberg, and Lucy W. Conant, int. Apr. 16, 1836. Harvard
Albert of Lunenburg and Lucy W. Conant of Harvard, Apr. 19, 1836, in Lunenburg. (III:280) Fitchburg
Albert, and Elizabeth Rice, Nov. 24, 1836. Lynn
Albert, Innholder, and Susan R. Rice, d. Jesse, Oct. 3, 1848. Lynn
Alden [Allen in int.] (s. Ransford and Eunice, a. 20) and Lydia M. Gregory, May 26, 1847. Grafton
Alexander, of Westborough, and Lois Carryl, int. 13 Jul 1776 [m. 1 Aug C.R.2]. Hopkinton
Alexander and Lois Carryl of Hopkinton, Aug. 1, 1776. In Hopkinton. Westborough
Alfred, of Boston, and Ann [H. int.] Goldsmith, Dec. 1, 1836. Manchester
Alice and Timothy Whitney of Lancaster, May 20, 1752. Harvard
Alice and Ensign Man, int. Aug. 5, 1773. Petersham
Alice and Jonathan Davis, Aug. 10, 1777. Harvard
Alice and Truman Fay, both of Otis, int. Mar. __, 1826 Otis
Alles, of Harvard, and Timothy Whitney, int. Mar. 20, 1752. T.R.1, p. 34. Lancaster
Allice and Jonathan Adams, Jan. 25, 1803. Harvard
Allice and John Forbush Jr., Mar. 27, 1816. Harvard
Almira and Peter Casanas, int. Sept. 20, 1829. Stow
Almira and William Morse, Apr. 7, 1831. Marlborough
Almira and Nathan S. Turner, int. Mar. 9, 1834. Stow
Almira and Isaiah H. Potter, [both of] N.B., Oct. 4, 1840. New Bedford
Alonzo, and Maria Mosley, mar. 25 Feb 1869. Westfield
Alonzo D., unm., of L., a. 24y., teamster, s. Zabad and Sophia, and Adeline G. Dailey, unm., of L., a. 25y., operative, d. Ephr[ai]m and Hannah, Apr. 15, 1848. Lowell
Alonzo J., and Anna M. Joiner, mar. 09 Feb 1871. Westfield
Alpheus, of Westminster, and Esther Hartwell of Fitchburg, int. Feb. 9, 1792. (II:240) Fitchburg
Alpheus and Esther Hartwell of Fitchburg, int. Feb. 26, 1792. Westminster
Alpheus, Mr., of Westminster, to Esther Hartwell of Fitchburg, Oct. 11, 1792. (II:210) Fitchburg
Althina and Richard Baker, April 23, 1816. Gardner
Alvarious, of Watertown, and Catharine Larabee of Waltham, int. 24 Jun 1822. Watertown
Alvarious of Watertown, and Catherine Larabe, int. June 29, 1822. Waltham
Alvarious, of Watertown, and Catharine Larabee of Waltham, m. 14 Jul 1822. Watertown
Alvira, and William Watts, July 4, 1825. Lynn
Amasa and Abigail Blanden [dup. Blunden], Oct. 5, 1794. Newton
Amasa and Mary Goodridge, Dec. 9, 1802. Winchendon
Amasa of Watertown, and Sarah Evans, int. Apr. 14, 1827. Waltham
Amasa and Dolly Scollay, April 16, 1828 [1829?] Gardner
Amasa Jr. and Mary Murdock, July 24, 1834.* Winchendon
Amasa and Susan W. Cannon [int.both of N.B.], Sept. 24, 1837. New Bedford
Amasa (s. William and Anna, a. 40, widr., farmer) and Lucy Coolidge, Dec. 25, 1845. Gardner
Amaziah, of B., and Sarah Trull of Roxbury, at Roxbury, Apr. 19, 1795. Brookline
Amaziah, of Brookline, and Sarah Trull, Apr. 19, 1795. Roxbury
Amity and Lebeus Graves, Oct. 14, 1730 [Sebeas Greaves, M.R.]. Sudbury
Amos and Eunice Taft, Feb. 7, 1782. Upton
Amos, and Anna Brown, both of Concord, by Ephraim Wood, Esq., 16 Aug 1789. [p. 260] Concord
Amos and Rhoda Cutter of Rindge, int. June 7, 1793. Harvard
Amos and Polly Kingsbury, Nov. 20, 1793. Worcester
Amos of Worcester and Betty Parker, int.Aug. 15, 1800. Shrewsbury
Amos, and Betsey Parker of Shrewsbury, Oct. 1, 1800. Worcester
Amos and Catherine Hunt of Wobourn, Sept. 30, 1802. In Brookline. [p. 480] Boston
Amos of Boston and Catherine Hunt of Woburn, Oct. 31, 1802. Woburn
Amos of Boston, and Catherine Hunt of Woburn, Oct. 31, 1802 [Congregational Church Record]. Stoneham
Amos, of Watertown, and Martha Priest of Waltham, int. 20 Oct 1810. Watertown
Amos of Watertown, and Martha Priest, Jan. 17, 1811. Waltham
Amos [int. Whiting] of Barre, and Lydia Stone, May 2, 1811. Newton
Amos of Leominster and Sophia Harris, int. Mar. 6, 1812. (III:88) Fitchburg
Amos and Sophia Harris of Fitchburg, int. Mar. 23, 1812. Leominster
Amos to Sophia Harris, Apr. 2, 1812. (III:88) Fitchburg
Amos and Patty Wilder of Sterling, int. Dec. 11, 1813. Stow
Amos Jr. and Nancy Warren, Sept. 7, 1814. Upton
Amos of Boston, and Betsey Sawin. int. Nov. 8, 1817. Natick
Amos of Boston and Betsey Sawin of Natick, Dec. 4, 1817. Sherborn
Amos and Mary Tucker, int. Oct. 23, 1833. Tewksbury
Amos and Harriet I. [or J.] Bemis, May 7, 1840. Ashburnham
Amos of Northboro and Lorinda [Lurinda in int.] Pratt, Aug. 14, 1842. [?] Grafton
Amos and Jane Dearborn, Nov. 20, 1842. Medway
Amos w. , s. Joshua and Jerusha Partridge, Apr. 2, 1845. Medway
Amos L., and Alice Y. Thurlow, South of L., int. Mar. 15, 1845. Lowell
Andrew and Lucy Miles of Westminster, int. Oct. 1, 1787. Princeton
Andrew and Lucy Miles, Nov. 27, 1787. Westminster
Ann, Mrs., of Newton and Joshua Spear, int. Feb. 13, 1780. Brookline
Ann and Joshua Spear, int. Feb. 13, 1780. Newton
Ann [int. Anna] and Nathaniel Winch, May 28, 1809. Newton
Ann, and Giles Osborn, m. 16 Apr 1837. Springfield
Ann B. and Edwin Gates, int. Apr. 1, 1843. Leominster
Ann B.,and Edwin Gates, both of Leominster, May 16,1843.[int. not recorded] Pepperell
Ann H., of Rumney, N.H., and Alfred Kelley of L., int. Sept. 16, 1832. Lowell
Ann M. of Princeton and Capt. Nathan Whitney, Jr., int. Nov. 26, 1821. Westminster
Ann-M. and Capt. Nathan Whitney of Westminster, Jan. 8, 1822. Princeton
Ann Maria and Jacob B. Burley, int. Feb. 21, 1841. Newton
Ann P. and Luther Reed of Springfield, Dec. 10, 1833. C.R. Gardner
Ann S. of Lowell, and Cyrus Miles, int. Feb. 19, 1842. Stow
Ann S., of L., and Cyrus Miles of Stowe, Apr. 22, 1842. Lowell
Ann W., and Parker Morgan, Jr., both of B., int. July 6, 1834. Brookline
Ann O. and James Staples, int. Apr. 19, 1846. Cambridge
Anna and Ebenezer Cutler, Mar. 3, 1723/4, by Francis Fullam, J.P. [p. 14] Weston
Anna of Westborough and David Forbush, int. Feb. 3, 1748-49. Upton
Anna and David Forbush of Upton, May 4, 1749. C.R. Westborough
Anna of Stow and Thomas Whitcomb of Littleton, Nov. 29, 1759, by Nathaniel Russell, J.P. [p. 84] Littleton
Anna [int. Annah] and Thomas Whitcombe [int. Whitcomb] of Littleton, Nov. 29, [1759], in Littleton. Stow
Anna and William Bowes, int. Aug. 27, 1761. [p. 40] Boston
Anna and Oliver Mead, July 22, 1777. C.R.1. Harvard
Anna and Silas Wheelock, both of Shrewsbury, July 16, 1783. Grafton
Anna and Silas Wheelock, July 16, 1783. In Grafton. Shrewsbury
Anna and James Adams of Antiqua, Sept. 13, 1787. [p. 68] Boston
Anna and George Dickinson, both of C., int [July 9], 1788. Conway
Anna and George Dickinson, June 26, 1788. Greenfield
Anna and W[illia]m Albee, Nov. 27, 1791. Milford
Anna and Samuel Foster of Bilerica [int. Belirica], Jan. 14, 1802. [Samuel of Bilerica, C.R.] Stow
Anna and Benjamin Danforth, June 21, 1803. Harvard
Anna and Elijah Smith, Dec. 17, 1807. Waltham
Anna and Charles Barns of Hingham, Dec. 16, 1812. Milford
Mrs. Anna and Asaph Warren, March 30, 1814. Westborough
Anna, Mrs., of Guilford, and Timothy Harrington of C., int. Oct. 16, 1815. Colrain
Anna,[], and Peter Williams, May 4, 1817. Pepperell
Anna and Hiram Fowler, Sept. 17, 1822. Upton
Anna, Mrs., and John Varnum, Feb.16,1826. Pepperell
Anna W., and John Quimley, m. 21 May 1854.. Seekonk
Annas, of Shutesbury, and Seth Hopkins of New Salem, m. -- Dec 1796. Shutesbury
Anne of Gardner and Charles Bruce, int. Jan. 28, 1838. Phillipston
Annette S., and James S. Saxton, mar. 02 Sep 1869. Westfield
Antice of Fitzwilliam and Samuel Carrel, int. Feb. 28, 1802. Royalston
Apollos, of M., and Charlotte Hamilton of Leverett, int. Aug. 17, 1823. Montague
Ardelia L., and Thomas Crossley, Oct. 29, 1848. Roxbury
Arethusa and John Farwell Jr., June 22, 1802. Harvard
Rev. Aron and Mrs. Ruth Stearns of Lunenburg, int. Oct. 21, 1768. Petersham
Aron of Templeton and Hannah Wait, int. Feb. 4, 1769. Petersham
Aron, of Amherst, and Olive Lund of Dunstable, N.H., Feb. 2, 1801. N.R. Dunstable
Artemas and Rebecca Smith of Shirley, int. Dec. 24, 1815. Bolton
Artemas of Bolton and Rebecah Smith, Apr. 4, 1816. [Rebecca, B.R.] Shirley
Artemas H. and Nabby Skinner of Dana, int. Dec. 12, 1819. Petersham
Artemas H. of Petersham, and Nabby Skinner, Dec. 30, 1819. Dana
Artemus, of Goffstown, N. H., and Louisa Phillips, Mar. 24, 1844. Lynn
Arvilla, a. 23y., and James F. Woodward, a. 26y., Aug. 9, 1846. Intention recorded. Wakefield
Asa of C. and Lucretia Murphy of Williamsburg, int. Oct. 1, 1786. Conway
Asa, and Christian McMurphy, 5 Dec 1786. (2:347) Williamsburg
Asa and Joanna Jackson, int. Oct. 31, 1791. Peru
Asa and Sally Brooks, May 27, 1806. Stow
Asa and Mary Hammond, Nov. 6, 1806. In Brookline. [p. 493] Boston
Asa Willard and Abigail Whetcomb of Bolton, int. Dec. 25, 1809. Harvard
Asaph and Abagail [int.Abigail] Miller, Nov. 13, 1827. Medway
Asenath (see Senith) Conway
Asenath, of Sunderland, and Nathaniel Winslow, of M. int. Nov. 18, 1798. Montague
Asenath and Noyce Bryant, Nov. 9, 1806. Westborough
Aseneth and Thomas Houghton, Sept. 10, 1803. Bolton
Asa W. [Willard in int.] of Harvard and Abigail Whitcomb, Dec. 29, 1809. Bolton
Auren J., a. 31y., teacher, of Gardner, s. Joshua and Mehitable C., and Mary C. Wellington, a. 31y., teacher, d. Liberty and Caroline, Dec. 25, 1884. Ashby
Austin of Gardner and Maria H. Allen, Dec. 26, 1843. Petersham
Azuba of Westborough, and Joel Adams, Apr. 24, 1806. Northbridge
Azubah and Thomas Budlong, int. Aug. 16, 1819. Waltham
Azubeth and Joel Adams of Northbridge, int. March 5, 1806. Westborough


Rev. Aaron, Sept. 8, 1779, a. 65y. G.S. Petersham
Aaron, Apr. 13, 1817, a. 77 y. Revolutionary solider. G.R.1. Harvard
Aaron, Nov. 29, 1818, a. 46y. G.R.3. Sherborn
Aaron, s. Ohio and Mary, Sept. 5, 1830. [a. 1y. 5m. 15d.] G.S.1 Ashburnham
Abby, Sept. 9, 1840 Winchendon
Abel, s. of Rev. Aaron of Petersham, Mar. 15, 1756, a. 16y. G.R.1. Cambridge
Abel, s. of Abraham and Rebekah, Dec. 2, 1799, a. 8 7. 1 m. II d. G.R.1. Harvard
Abel (Abel W., G.R.1.), s. of (Capt., C.R.1.) Aaron and Susan, Nov. 20, 1840, a. 10 y. 7 d. (Nov. 25, 1849, a. II y. G.R.1.) Harvard
Abigel [Abigail in dup.], d. Nathaniel and Abigail, Aug. 27, 1760. Grafton
Abigail, d. of Jonathan and Lydia, June 7, 1704. Sherborn
[A]bigail, d. of John Sr. and Mary, Nov. 8, 1725. Wrentham
Abigail, wid. of _____, Dec. 6, 1734. Wrentham
Abigail, d. Abraham and Tabathy, Apr. 23, 1751. [p. 80, 297, 337] Weston
Abigail, d. Abraham and Tabitha, Apr. 23, 1751, "of y[e] Cank[r] Quincy". [p. 456] Weston
Abigail, d. Eleazer & Abigail Nutting, w. Joseph, fever, Sept. 30, 1758, a. 38y. 4m. 24d. Pepperell
Abigail, 1 Aug 1767, wf. of Benjamin, dau. of Matthew Bridge. [R11] Boston
Abigail, Mrs., 1 Aug 1767, shopkeeper. [A1] Boston
Abigal, d. Joseph and Abiga [Abigail (Barnard). P. R. 14.], Aug. 3, 1786. Shelburne
Abigail, wid. of Dea. Oliver, Nov. 8, 1804, a. 73 y. G.R.1. Harvard
[Abigail. P. R. 18], w. Joseph, Dec. [Apr. P. R. 14] 27, 181_. [1813. C.R. 1; a. 63 y. P.R. 18.] Shelburne
Abigail, wid. Elisha, May. 10, 1821, a. 72y. Newburyport
Abigail, Mrs., of Boston, Sept. 24, 1823, Consumption. C.R.1.2, p. 361. Lancaster
Abigail, d. of James and Lois, July 25, 1825, a. 2y. 7m. G.R.5. Sherborn
Abigail, w. John, 27 Sep 1831. [2:239] Warwick
Abigail, w. Joseph Jr., Dec 17, 1837, a. 36. G.S.1. Winchendon
Abigail, wid. Joshua, Oct. 5, 1838, a. 94. Worcester
Abigail (Abigail Nelson, G.R.1), w. of Maj. Hackaliah, Dec. 10, 1838, a. 73y. Milford
Abigail, wid. of Dea. Israel, Sept. 13, 1841, a. 85 y. G.R.1. Harvard
Abigail, consumption, ___ __ [rec. July 28, 1843], a. 57. [July 28, 1843, G. R.] Waltham
Abigail, w. Joel, d. Abner and Elizabeth Holden, Nov. 18, 1848, 81y. 2m. 23d. Disease of the heart. [Died Oct. 28, C.R.]. Westminster
Abigail, Mar. 21, 1867, a. 81y. [p. 377] Weston
Abigail H., Mrs., wife of Mr. Abel Whitney of Boston, Sept. 24, 1823, at the house of her father, Robert Townshend. T.R.2, p. 195. Lancaster
Abigail H., Mrs., d. Mr. Robert and Mrs. Betsy Townsend, d. Sept. 24, 1823, a. 27y. G.R.2, p. 443. Lancaster
Abigail Harris, Dec. 24, 1829, a. 4y. 11m. 11d. Sudbury
Abigail-Perkins, d. John and Mary, Dec. 10, 1826. [Dec. 11, a. 3-1/2, P.R.]. Princeton
Abigail-Perkins, d. John and Mary, Dec. 12, 1830. [a. 3.0.16, G.R.]. Princeton
Abigail R., b. in Brookfield, VT., w. of W[illia]m, d. of Elihu and Betsey Morse, Nov. 21, 1846, a. 22y. 2m. 27d. Milford
Abijah, s. Joseph and Mary, Oct. 4, 1756. a. 12y. [p. 300]. Weston
Abijah, Mar. 8, 1829, a. 69y. [p. 377] Weston
Abijah, Apr. 20, 1862. a. 78y. [p. 377] Weston
Abil, s. Jeremiah and Azubah, Apr. 23, 1760. Stow
Abraham, Sept. 15, 1778, a. 86y. 3m. 17d. G.R.1. Stow
Abraham, s. of Abraham (Jr., C.R.1.) and Rebekah, Oct. 18, 1778. Harvard
Abraham, May 19, 1784, a. 75 y. (May 22, 1784. C.R.1.) Harvard
Abraham Jr., Dec. 1, 1799. C.R.1. Harvard
Abraham Jr., Nov. 19, 1808, a. 29 y. Md. C.R.1. Harvard
Abraham, Dea., [h. Marcy], Apr. 3, 1818. P.R.12 [Abram 2d [h. Marcy] [dup. Abraham], a. 93, P.R.26] Stow
Abraham, Aug. 26, 1823. (Aug. 26, 1833, a. 84 y. G.R.1. and C.R.2.) Harvard
Abraham Willard, s. John, Jr., and Abigail, 13 Aug 1831. [2:239] Warwick
Achsa, d. Lieut. Samuel and Abigail, May 14, 1772, in 22d year. Westminster
Adah, d. Joshua and Jemima, May 16, 1773. Medway
Adaline, w. Charles, Jan. 7, 1837, a. 49 y. 4 m. 12 d.. GR 5 Lynn
Adelia, d. Samuel and Kezia, Nov. 12, 1840, a. 6y. G.S. Townsend
Albert, Am. Legion, b. 1867, Central Cem. 1930 Orange
Albert Augustus, s. David and Semaria, July 2, 1827. Westborough
Albert H., s. John and Jane, Mar. 6, 1840. GR-5 Lowell
Alexander, May 13, 1842, a. 32y. Consumption. C.R.10. Cambridge
Alfred Henry, s. of W[illia]m and Eliz[abe]th, Apr. 8, 1833, a. 3y. Scarlet fever. C.R.10. Cambridge
Alice, w. Rev. Aaron, Aug. 26, 1767, a. 49y. 9m. 1d. G.S. Petersham
Alice, w. Timothy Esq., 80th y. [in 79th y., G.R.4] Sep. 5, 1812 Otis
Allen [dup. Allin Whitny], s. James and Marcy, Dec. 7, 1740. Waltham
Allice, wid of Dea. Jonathan, Feb. 19, 1792. (a. 92 y. 2 m. G.R.1.) Harvard
Allin, s. James and Marcy, d. 28 Apr 1736 Watertown
Almira, d. Levi and Rebeckah, May 30, 1804, a. 3y. 4m. 12d. Boylston
Almira, d. of Abraham Jr. and Alice, Jan. 10, 1811, a. 5 yr. (Jan. 9, 1812, a. 6 y. C.R.1.) Harvard
Almira Jane, d. N_____ and Eliza, June 19, 1834, a. 3y. 2m. G.S.6. Bolton
Alpheus, s. Lieut. Samuel and Abigail, Mar. 7, 1821, a. 64 [a. 62, G.S.1.]. Westminster
Amanda, w. James H., a. 17y. 3m., Aug. 2, 1814. G.R.4. Otis
Amanda, Oct. 12, 1839, a. 5. C.R.2. Wayland
Amasa, Mr. Oct. 17, 1824. Newton
Amory, s. Simon and Lucy, Sept. 12, 1800. Petersham
Amory, s. Levi and wife, 14 Feb 1832. [2:243] Warwick
Amos, s. of Micah and Lydia, Feb. 4, 1755. Natick
Amos, Lt., Oct. 31, 1770, in his 66y. Townsend
Amos, s. of Isaiah Jr. and Mary, Sept. 11, 1794, a. 3 y. (a. 3 y. 6 m. 11 d. G.R.1.) Harvard
Amos, June 10, 1824, a. 38. G. R. Waltham
Amos, Jan. 27, 1830. Needham
Amos, Dec. 17, 1838, a. 45 y. (Dec. 15, 1838, a. 43 y. 9 m. G.R.1.) Harvard
Amos, Sept. 22, 1841, a. 83. Upton
Amos, Jan. 24, 1849, a. 55y. 8m. 16d. Upton
Andrew, Oct. 26, 1818. [a. 64. C.R.] Princeton
Andrew J., s. of Hosea and _____, Sept. 20, 1847, a. 8m. 23d. Bowel complaint Cambridge
Andrew W., May 1, 1837. [Andrew Warren, 2d s. Joseph H. and Damaris H., a. 5y. 8m. G.S.] Grafton
Angeline[?M.], ___ __, 1822. G.R.4 West Springfield
Angeline P., b. Marboro, d. Luther P. and Sophia, at South Dist., Sept. 29, 1858, bur. Marlboro, a. 1y. 7m. 19d. Berlin
Ann, wid. Thomas, Aug. 10, 1812. Westborough
Ann, Apr. 8, [?1828], a. 23y. Hanover
Ann E. B., Dec. 21, 1846, a. 1y. 10m. 22d. Andover
Ann Maria, d. Daniel and Sarah, May 11, 1847, a. 9m. 11d., Whooping cough. Marlborough
Ann Mariah, d. Hezekiah and Sarah, dropsy, Mar. 30, 1845, a. 8d. Manchester
Anna, d. Lemuel and Sibbel, Oct. 6, 1753. Stow
Anna, d. Israel and Jemima, d. 1 Jun 1767 Watertown
Anna, w. Amos, consumption, Dec. 30, 1818, a. 54y. C.R.1 [Dec 31 G.R.6]. Chelmsford
Anna, w. Amos, Dec. 31, 1818, a. 52y. GR-3 Lowell
Mrs. Anna [Annan], w. Abijah, Apr. 5, 1819, a. 52y. [p. 329, 377] Weston
Mrs. Anna, w. Abijah, June 8, 1831, a. 46y. [G.S.]. [p. 377] Weston
Anna, d. Luke and Cyntha, Aug. 10, 1838 [a. 19. G.S.1]. Gardner
Anna, wid., old age, Oct. 18 [1844], a. 83. Dover
Anna, wid. William Whitney, Jan. 21. 1846, a. 75y. 11m. 23d. Palsy. Born in Sterling. Gardner
Anna, aged 56, married, b. Caatskill, N.Y., of apoplexy, bur. Sheffield, d. 29 Oct 1866. Sheffield
Annah, w. of (Aaron, G.R.1.), July 16, 1773. (a. 30 y. 11 m. 27 d. G.R.1.) Harvard
Annas, d. of Jonathan Jr. and Sarah, June 1, 1761. Harvard
Annas, d. of Jonathan Jr. and Sarah, Jan. 23, 1768. Harvard
Anne, sp. Elmer Whitney, b. 1863, Central Cem. 1934 Orange
Anness, d. of Caleb and Anness, Jan. 31, 1758. (Jan. 13, 1758, a. 1 y. 8 m. 22 d. G.R.1.) Harvard
Arcena, w. of Cyrus, Mar. 22, 1800, a. 27 y. G.R.1. Harvard
Arrabilah, w. Jason, Sept. 25, 1785, in 82d y. [Arabella, Sept. 28, G.R.1] Stow
Arrathusa, Jonas and Elizabeth, Aug. 4, 1796, a. 5y. 10m. 9d. Westminster
Artamus, s. of Wetherbe dec. and Abigale, Mar. 1, 1777, in his 2 y. Harvard
Arthur W., ___ __, 1838. G. R. Waltham
Asa, s. of Jesse and Mary, Oct. 7, 1768. Mendon
Asa, s. Capt. Leonard [Nathan?] and Eunice, Sept. 27, 1802, a. 4y. 11m. G.S.1. Westminster
Asa, s. Nathan and Eunice, Sept. 6, 1814 [1815, a. 11, G.S.1.]. Westminster
Asa, Maj., dropsy, Mar. 5, 1826, a. 44y. C.R.1. Brookline
Asa, Mar. 5, 1826, a. 44y. G.R.3. Cambridge
Asa W., ____, 1839, P.R.30. Stow
Augustus Eugene, s. of Nelson and Ruth M., Jan. 9, 1844, a. 3y. Canker rash. (Jan. 10, 1844. C.R.) Milford<br :A Austin, s. Samuel and Abigail, Sept. 7, 1814. Ashburnham
Austin, s. Merrick and Cinderilla, June 10, 1846, a. 14y. 2m. 20d. Drowned. Ashburnham
Austin, s. Austin and Maria, July 5, 1849, a. 7d. Debility. Gardner

Church Membership

Abigail, o. c. 5 Jul 1741. Watertown
Abigail Fletcher, c.m. 1741, w. Samuel, remov'd [p. 448] Weston
Abijah, o.c. May 16, 1784 c.m. Mar. 16, 1788 [p. 503] Weston
Abraham, c.m. May 31, 1741. [p. 429] Weston
Abraham, c.m. 1741 [p. 447] Weston
Amity, ch. William dec'd and Martha, c.m. Jan. 21, 1727-8. [p. 411] Weston
Anna, c.m. Oct. 1, 1721. [p. 403] Weston

Public Records

Abner, grantee, 1824-1845. FD New Salem
Abner, grantor, 1825-1846. FD New Salem
Asa, grantee, 1816. FD New Salem
Asa, grantor, 1819. FD New Salem

Transients, Strangers, etc.


School Records


Gleanings, Chiefly from the Town Files


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