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Whitney surname and variants.


Cabel, s. Joshua and Zerria, May 23, 1749. Stow
Calab Strong, s. Abijah and Anna, bap. July 5, 1812. [p. 522] Weston
Caleb, s. Timothy and Margaret, Apr. 2, 1711. Roxbury
Caleb, s. of Jonathan and Allis, Oct.4,1729. T.R.1, p. 58. Lancaster
Caleb, s. Caleb and Hannah, June 17, 1740. Newton
Caleb, s. of Caleb and Annes, June 23, 1758. Harvard
Caleb, s. Amasa and Sarah, Mar. 24, 1798. Roxbury
Caleb, s. Jonathan and Lucy, Dec. 28, 1800. Sterling
Caleb Washburn, s. Jonathan and Mehitable, Nov. 29, 1824. Gardner
Calista A., d. Alvin, painter, and Susan, Sept. 28, 1845. Lowell
Calvin, s. David and Elizabeth, Dec. 1, 1813. Westminster
Calvin, s. Joel and Mary J., Dec. 24, 1829. Upton
Caroline, dau. of Abel and Clarissa (Dwight), b. May 10, 1798. Westfield
Caroline, d. Abel and Clarissa, bap. 20 May 1798. Westfield
Caroline, d. Amasa and Abigail, May 31, 1804. Newton
Caroline, d. Andrew and Lucy, July 8, 1808. Princeton
Caroline, w. Alvah, ___ __, 1811, GR 5 Lynn
Caroline, d. Elisha and Sarah, bp. Jan. 6, 1814. C.R.2. Roxbury
Caroline, d. Smyrna and Ruth, Jan. 21, 1823. Westminster
Caroline, d. Joshua and Caroline, Mar. 3, 1823. Medway
Caroline, d. Joseph 2d and Nancy, Oct. 18, 1824. Winchendon
Caroline, d. Daniel and Sarah, Jan. 1, 1831. Stow
Caroline, d. William and Mary-Ann, Apr. 12, 1848. Princeton
Caroline Azubah, d. of William and his wife Sarah, b. 18 Oct 1840. [p. 321] Concord
Caroline B., d. Abram and Mary A., Oct. 28, 1847. Waltham
Caroline Baker, d. George and Ann G. G., bp. June 3, 1838. C.R.2. Roxbury
Caroline E., d. Nathan F. Apr. 14, 1844. Medway
Caroline Eliza, d. John, bp. Sept. 13, 1835. C.R.2. Roxbury
Caroline Elizabeth, d. of Richard and Mary E. (Parker), 2 Aug 1828. Amherst
Caroline F., d. of Will[ia]m and Jane A., Oct. 2, 1844. Harvard
Caroline F., d. of Benjamin L., b. in Hingham, and Caroline St. A., b. in Lincoln, Oct. 2, 1849. Cambridge
Caroline J., d. Emerson and Chleora, June 2, 1845. Westminster
Caroline M., d. Lambert and Mary N., Oct. 27, 1843. Westborough
Caroline Mason, d. Henry and Mary A., Oct. 24, 1834. Gardner
Caroline S. (twin), d. Francis N. and Catharine, Dec. 26, 1843. [p. 80] Dorchester
Caroline St. Aubyn, _____, 1814. G.R.2. Cambridge
Caroline St. Aubin, d. of B. L. and Caroline St. A., bp. Apr. 25, 1842. C.R.9. Cambridge
Caroline Susanna, d. Benjamin and Sybil, Dec. 17, 1806. Westborough
Caroline Wetherbee, d. ____, June 18, 1843, bap. C.R. Rutland
Cate, d.Samuell J. and Phebe, May 5, 1763. Shrewsbury
Catey, d. Ezekiel and Katharine, b. 4 Mar 1777 Watertown
Catharine, [dup. Catherine] Sophie, d. Christopher, farmer [dup. carpenter], and Dolly, Feb 4, 1844. Stow
Catharine Damon, d. Horace and Mary, Feb. __, 1845. Hubbardston
Catharine Fowler, d. Theodore and Marilla, June 18, 1828. Chester
Catharine H. d., of Ebenezer and Joann, May 5, 1840. Natick
Catherine, d. Nathaniel, bap. April 1, 1770. [see Katherine-AEG] Grafton
Catherine, d. Amasa and Abigail, May 5, 1800. Newton
Catherine, d. William and Lucy, Feb. 3, 1820. Ashburnham
Catherine A., w. Josiah, ___ __, 1819. G.S. Leominster
Catherine A. N., d. Dexter O. and Catherine, Feb.l5, l835. Westborough
Catharine Dean, d. Maj. Asa, bp. Nov. 5, 1826. C.R. Brookline
Catherine-Elizabeth, d. Timothy and Rowena, Oct. 29, 1829. Northborough
Catherine M. (twin), d. Francis N. and Catharine, Dec. 26, 1843. [p. 80] Dorchester
Chandler, s. Lemuel and Mary, Feb. 20, 1803. Royalston
Charles, s. Rev. Mr. Aaron and Mrs. Allice, May 14, 1742. [p. 48] Littleton
Charles, s. Rev. Aaron and Alice, May 14, 1742. Petersham
Charles, s. Charles and Elizabeth, July 13, 1768. Templeton
Charles, s. of Daniel Whitney, bapt. 26 Nov 1780. Watertown
Charles, s. Rev. Phinehas and Lydia, Jan.__. [bp. Jan. 5, 1794, B.R. b. Jan. 2, 1794, G.R.1.] Shirley
Charles, s. Jonas and Elizabeth, Mar. 21, 1797. Westminster
Charles, s. Andrew and Lucy, Apr. 4, 1797. Princeton
Charles, s. Abijah and Anna, bap. June 12, 1803. [p. 518] Weston
Charles, s. of Ebenezer and Mary, in Watertown, May 21, 1808. Natick
Charles, s. of Charles Whitney, bapt. 15 Jul 1810. Watertown
Charles, ch. Amos and Martha, Feb. 11, 1812. Waltham
Charles, s. Silas and Hannah, born in Walpole, N.H., July 18, 1815. Ashburnham
Charles, s. Nahum and Susanna, April 16, 1817. Westborough
Charles, s. Nahum and Susanna, Dec. 13, 1820. Westborough
Charles, s. Isaac & Polly, h. Achsah Hall, b. 1822. G.R.2. Pepperell
Charles, s. Edward and Rhoda, July 21, 1823. Athol
Charles, s. Smyrna and Ruth, Nov. 10, 1824. Westminster
Charles, Dec. 11, 1828. G.R.3. Cambridge
Charles, s. David and Catherine at Southborough, Dec. 11, 1828. Westford
Charles, s. Amasa and Dolly, Sept. 21, 1830. Gardner
Charles, s. Jonathan W. and Nabby, Jan. 8, 1833. Stow
Charles, s. of Levi and Sarah E., Feb. 13, 1846. Webster
Charles, s. Joel and Seraph, Oct. __, 1848. Templeton
Charles A., Oct. 16, 1835. G.R.1 Stow
Charles Addington, s. Charles and Dolly, Oct. 10, 1821. Shirley
Charles-Andrew, s. Andrew and Lucy, Aug.20, 1810. Princeton
Charles-Andrew, s. John and Eliza-Ann-F., Nov. 14, 1834. Princeton
Charles Barns, s. of Johnathan and Levina, Apr. 16, 1814. Milford
Charles Candee, s. Charles E., farmer, b. Natick, and Mabel (Candee), b. Blandford, b. 9 June 1918. Blandford
Charles E., s. John B. and Harriet, Mar. 16, 1837. Ashby
Charles E., s. Nathan and Janette, July ___, 1847. Medway
Charles Edward, s. of Elias and Zelona L., Oct. 24, 1836. Milford
Charles Edward, s. of Charles and Caroline F., Jan. 5, 1840. Cambridge
Charles Edwards, s. Hananiah, trader, and Sarah B., May 15, 1846. Lowell
Charles Frederick, son of Paul and Charlotte (Clap), b. May 6, 1794. Westfield
Charles Frederic, s. Paul and Charlotte, bap. 11 May 1794. Westfield
Charles H. [h. Eliza], Oct. 9, 1821. G.R.2. [Charles Henry [h. Eliza (Brigham)], P.R.15.] Lincoln
Charles Henry, s. Nathan and Martha, Feb. 12, 1820. Lincoln
Charles H., s. John M., carpenter, and Emma A., June 28,1848. Groton
Charles Henry, s. _____, laborer, Feb. 20, 1849. Foxborough
Charles Henry, s. of Silas and _____, Feb. 20, 1849. Wrentham
Charles Henry, s. of Benja[min] D. and Elizabeth, in Boston, Apr. 16, 1849. Cambridge
Charles Kimball, s. Kimball, bp. May 15, 1803. C.R.3. Roxbury
Charles Kimball, s. twin. Kimball, bp. Mar. 29, 1808. C.R.3. Roxbury
Charles Lucius, s. Levi and wife, bap. May 23, 1824. C.R.1. Bolton
Charles Milton, s. William B. and Lois, Dec. 31, 1828. Winchendon
Charles Oren, s. Edwin and Elisa Jane, blacksmith, June 7, 1866. Ashby
Charles Orlando, s. Charles and Sally, Feb.4, 1830. Westminster
Charles R., s. Joseph H. and Damaris H., Jan. 7, 1830. Grafton
Charles Rufus, s. Lewis and Lucy, May 19, 1843. Westborough
Charles W., s., of Ebenezer and Joann, June 13, 1832. Natick
Charles Wilder, s. Samuel and Abigail, Jan. 10, 1814. Ashburnham
Charles William, s. Charles and Dolly, Aug. 25, 1817. Shirley
Charlotte, d. of Moses Esq. and Nancy, Oct. 4, 1801. Wrentham
Charlotte, adopted d. Jacob and _____, bap. Nov. 4, 1804. C.R. Winchendon
Charlotte Augusta, d. Elisha and Charlotte, b. 12 Oct 1816. Watertown
Charlotte Augusta, d. Haskett Derby and Joanna (Wallis), at Salem, Sept. 28, 1836. [Sept. 7, 1837. P.R. 277.] Beverly
Charlotte Clap, dau. of Paul and Charlotte (Clap), b. June 12, 1791. Westfield
Charlotte Clap, d. Paul and Charlotte, bap. 26 Jun 1791. Westfield
Charlotte E, d. Nath[aniel] and Susan, Apr. 27, 1842. Westford
Charlotte Elizabeth, d. Geo[rge] T., butcher, and Charlotte W., Apr. 17, 1849. Lowell
Charlotte Evelina, d. Caleb and Abigail, Apr. 22, 1824. Sterling
Charlotte J., ch. Erastus M., Oct. 22, 1833 (w. William H. Hawley, Dec. 22, G.R.1.) Otis
Charlotte Maria, d. Nathaniel G. and Charlotte, Oct. 19, 1843. Grafton
Charlotte Maria, d. Jacob and Ann M., July 31, 1849. [p. 80] Dorchester
Charlotte Marion, d. Sylvester and Ann Maria (Fiske), Nov. 5, 1844. Upton
Charlotte Travis, d., of David and Mary Ann, Mar. 21, 1836. Natick
Charls, s. Daniel and Mary, b. 16 Nov 1780 Watertown
Chloe, d. Ephrain Jr. and Jemima, Oct. 14. 1791. Upton
Chloe, d. Seth and Chloe, Oct. 4, 1828. Gardner
Christiana K. S., Feb. 8, 1837. G.R.3. Cambridge
Clancy, ch. Jabez and Sarah, Feb. 8, 1811 Orange
Clara ELizabeth, d. Joseph and Emma, Mar. 5, 1846. Sterling
Clara-Elvira, d. Reuben-P.and Clarasa-C., Sept. 26, 1836. Princeton
Clara J., d. Geo[rge] L., grocer, and Harriet, Nov. 2, 1848. Lowell
Clara Maria, d. of Charles and Caroline F., Jan. 4, 1845 Cambridge
Clarence, s. of Dr. Simon and Mary, Jan. 1, 1838. Framingham
Clarence, Jan. 1, 1838. G.R.3. Cambridge
Claresy, d. of Isaac and Lucy, Oct. 23, 1791. Harvard
Clarinda, d. of Cyrus and Asena, Oct. 24, 1797. Harvard
Clarinda, d. John and Lucy, June 12, 1821. Sandisfield
Clarinda Ballou, w. Daniel Edwin, April 29, 1832. In Royalston. G.S.3. Winchendon
Clarissa, ch. William and Sarah, Sept. 6, 1785. Lee
Clarissa, son of Abel and Clarissa (Dwight), b. March 22, 1788. Westfield
Clarissa, d. Abel and Clarissa, bap. 23 Mar 1788. Westfield
Clarissa, d. Isaiah and Dorcas, bp. Jan 11, [17]89. C.R. Stow
Clarissa, d. Rev. Phinehas and Lydia, ___ __, ____. [Dec. 2, 1790, B.R.] Shirley
Clarissa, d. Joseph and Abija [Abigail (Barnard) P.R. 14], Feb. 13, 1792. Shelburne
Clarissa, d. John and Clarissa, Mar. 27, 1802. [p. 350] Boston
Clarissa H., d. Jonathan W., blacksmith, and Mercy R. Chase of N.B., Aug. 12, 1844, in N.B. New Bedford
Cornelia, d. of George and Pamela, b. 14 Jun 1822. Stockbridge
Cornelia, d. David, Nov. 6, 1825. Shelburne
Cornelia A. O., d. Dexter O. and Catherine, Sept. 15, 1838. Worcester. Westborough
Cornet, s. Aaron and Margaret, Apr. 4. 1772. Upton
Cromwell, s. Ezekiel and Catharine, b. 17 Nov 1801. Watertown
Cylanda, ch. Jabez and Sarah, Mar. 17, 1810 Orange
Cynthia, d. Joel and Abigail, Oct. 12, 1797. Westminster
Cynthia, d. Joseph and Hannah, Jan. 25, 1812. Winchendon
Cynthia, d. Luke and Cyntha, June 26, 1813. Gardner
Cyrene Adelia, inf. d. of Nathan and Nancy, bp. Jan. 4, 1835. Harvard
Cyrus, s. Lemuel and Thankful, Sept. 23, 1770. Spencer
Cyrus, s. of Isaiah and Persis, Aug. 17, 1771. Harvard
Cyrus, s. of Samuel and Abigail his wife, b. 24 Dec 1774. [p. 321] Concord


Caira R. [of Boston. C.R.3.], a. 23 y., d. Eli and Sally, and Calvin Barrows [Burrows. C.R.3.] of Lexington, a. 29 y., s. Samuel S. and Belinda, Oct. 14, 1849. Roxbury
Caleb and Hannah Cheney, Apr. 15, 1736. Newton
Caleb and An[n]i[s]e Church, Nov. 16, 1749. Harvard
Caleb, of Newton, and Elizabeth Hide of B., Mar. 20, 1766. Brookline
Caleb and Elizabeth Hide, Mar. 20, 1766, in Brookline. Newton
Caleb and Katharine Maxwell, int. Dec. 1, 1770. Stow
Caleb and Sarah Trask, Dec. 18, 1777. Bradford
Caleb and Abigail R. Sargent, both of S., March 7, 1824. Sterling
Calvin and Huldah Brown of Princeton, int. Aug. 12, 1837. Westminster
Calvin of Westminster and Huldah Brown, Aug. 14, 1837. Princeton
Caroline and Dr. Alphonso Brooks, March 18, 1830. Princeton
Caroline, and Nathan K. Russ, both of L. [not published. certif. Dec. 25, 1839.] Lowell
Caroline and Sawyer Austin, int. Jan. 8, 1849. Stow
Caroline Elizabeth, and Samuel M. Warren, s. of Edmund and Sarah, 7 Jul 1847. Amherst
Caroline E. S., of Amherst, a. 19, single, d. of Richard and Mary, and Samuel M. Warren, of Belchertown, a. 23, single, mechanic, s. of Edmund and Sarah, 7 Jul 1847, by Rev. Pomeroy Belden, pastor of the 2nd Church of Amherst. Amherst
Caroline [J., int.], Miss, and Mr. Edward Glover, b. of Dedham, int. Apr. 27, 1823, m. July 13, 1823. [VR] Dedham
Caroline L., of Quincy, and Charles Hill, int. July 21, 1833. Roxbury
Caroline M., and Franklin Wade, m. 13 Jan 1862. Springfield
Caroline S. of Sherburne, and James H. Wight, int. Oct. 23, 1846. Dover
Caroline S., d. of James and Lois, a. 25y., and James H. Wight of Dover, s. of Asa and Sybil of Dover, a. 30y., b. in Dover, Nov. 19, 1846. Sherborn
Carrie M., and George W. Wheeler, mar. 19 Oct 1885. Westfield
Catee of Watertown and Francis Sargent Hooker, int. Jan. 8, 1803. Rutland
Catharine, Mrs., of Stoe, and Lemuel Wheelor, int. Jan. 14, 1783. Lincoln
Catharine, of Watertown, and Francis S. Hooker of Rutland, int. 6 Jan 1803. Watertown
Catharine, of Watertown, and Francis S. Hooker, of Rutland, m. 17 Feb 1803. Watertown
Catharine of Watertown, and John Rowley, [June] 17, 1832. Newton
Catharine B., Mrs., and Pliny Wetherbee Esq. of Stow, int. Feb. __, 1845. Wayland
Catharine W. and Edward Clark, int. Sept. 11, 1842. [p. 248] Weston
Catherine [Katherine in int.] and Ephraim Childs of Westboro, Nov. 6, 1794. At Westboro. Grafton
Catherine of Grafton and Ephraim Childs, Nov. 6, 1794. Westborough
Catherine of Weston, and Edward Clark, Oct. 27, 1842.* Waltham
Catherine B. of Wayland, and Pliney Wetherbee, int. Feb. 8, 1845. Stow
Catherine D. and Henry Sargent of Worcester, int. Mar. 4, 1849. Cambridge
Charles of Quabin [Quabin written after Stow crossed out] and Rebeckah Wood of A., int. July 14, 1753. Acton
Charles, of Petersham, and Eliz[abeth] Kimball, Oct. 31, 1765, in Petersham. (III:238) Fitchburg
Charles and Elisabeth Kimball of Fitchburg, Oct. 31, 1765. Petersham
Charles, of Duck-Trap, (Lincolnville) Maine and Polly Heywood of Concord, int. 15 Apr 1797. [p. 387] Concord
Charles, and Ruth Chenery, b. of Watertown, int. 30 Jan 1808. Watertown
Charles, and Ruth Chenery, b. of Watertown, m. 17 Feb 1808. Watertown
Charles resident of West Boylston and Dolly Davenport of Boylston, int. Aug. 1815. West Boylston
Charles of West Boylston and Dolly Davenport, Sept. 12, 1815. Boylston
Charles and Sarah Howard, May 8, 1823. Westminster
Charles, of Sudbury and Mary Brown of Concord, by Rev. Ezra Ripley, 9 Feb 1825. [p. 375] Concord
Mr. Charles Whitney of Charlestown & Miss Maria Emery of Chichester, N.H., int. May 20, 1826. Charlestown
Charles of Cambridgeport, and Caroline F. Stimson, int. Dec. 29, 1838. Waltham
Charles and Caroline F. Stimson of Waltham, int. Dec. 28, 1838. Cambridge
Charles and Suson Sanger of Sherburne, int. Sept. 12, 1839. Holliston
Charles of Holliston and Susan (Susannah int.) Sanger, Oct. 2, 1839. Sherborn
Charles, of Norwich, Ct., and Elizabeth-P. Day, Jan. 23, 1840. Worcester
Charles Jr. of Watertown and Martha G. Collins, Dec. 29, 1840. Hardwick
Charles and Susan Davis of Lexington, int. Sept. 21, 1845. Ashburnham
Charles of Ashburnham and Susan Davis of Lexington, Oct. 23, 1845. T.R.4, p. 255. Lancaster
Charles, Mr., of Fitchburg to Miss Susan Davis of Lexington, Oct. 23, 1845. C.R.1.2, p. 373. Lancaster
Charles of Boston, carpenter, a. 23y., b. Boston, s. Isaac & Polly, and Acsah Hall, a. 25 y., d. Joshua & Taphenes ,Oct. 21, 1847. Pepperell
Charles B. of Philadelphia, PA. [int. omits PA.], and Mary Ann Cary, Apr. 9, 1837. Medway
Charles E., of Boston, a. 48, b. Asby, s. John B. and Harriet C., and Minnie Ridley of Dedham, a. 27, b. Charlestown, d. Matthias and Lydia A., 11:25:85 [Nov. 25, 1885]. [VR] Dedham
Charles H., 22, yeoman, s. Nathan and Martha, and Eliza W. Brigham, 17, d. John and Achsah B., Aug. 25, 1844. Lincoln
Charles H. of Westminster and Abby A. Tolman, int. Sept. 25, 1848. (III:227) Fitchburg
Charles H. and Abby A. Tolman of Fitchburg, int. Sept. 26, 1848. Westminster
Charles H. to Abby A Tolman, Oct. 19, 1848. (III:422) Fitchburg
Charles H., s., 24, chairmaker, Westminster, (Smyrna and Ruth) and Abby A. Tolman, Oct. 19, 1848. (8:136) Fitchburg
Charles K., Mr., and Miss Esther M. Russell, 2 Sep 1832. [1:88] Warwick
Charles W. (s. Samuel and Abigail, a. 34) and Mrs. Almira M. Richardson, Aug. 10, 1848. Ashburnham
Charlotte of Pittsfield and Horace Ball, Int. Feb. 2, 1814. Windsor
Charlotte, and James Fowler, m. 21 Oct 1841. Stockbridge
Charlotte B. of Lunenburg and Hiram Walker, Jan. 20, 1842. Leominster
Charlottee, and Martin Fullar, mar. 23 Oct 1802. Westfield
Chloe (d. Seth and Chloe, a. 18) and Charles A. Perley, April 20, 1847. Gardner
Christopher and Betsey Putnam, int. Sept. 15, 1820. Waltham
Christapher [int. Christopher] and Dolly Brooks, Oct. 16, 1831. [Christopher, C.R.] [Christopher and Dolly Brooks, d. Silas and Polly, P.R.19] Stow
Claressa, [d. Joseph, of Shutesbury, P. R. 14] Philetus Childs, both of S., Dec. 24, 1813. [1812. C. R. 1 and P. R. 14.] Shelburne
Clarinda of Harvard and Nathan Woodberry, int. March 15, 1819. Bolton
Clarinda and Nathan Woodberry of Bolton, Mar. 29, 1819. Harvard
Clarisa of Millbury and Francis Sawyer, int. June 30, 1849. Grafton
Clarissa, and Calvin Waldo, mar. 4 Jul 1809. Westfield
Clarissa [int. Clarrissa] and Henry Isaacs of Mason, N.H., May 4, 1815. [Clarissa, B.R.] Shirley
Clarissa and Joseph Clefton Jr., int. Oct. 31, 1824.[m. Dec. 2, C.R.2.] Medford
Clarissa (d. Ransford and Eunice, a. 23) and Francis Sawyer of Grafton, July 26, 1849. Millbury
Clark, and Emeline Bates, unm., of Attleborough, int. Jan. 31, 1830. Attleborough
Cornelia, and Luke Ashburner, m. 2 Feb 1825. Stockbridge
Cynthia and Ebenezer Jones, Sept. 21, 1820. Westminster
Cynthia M[aria. GR-1] and Mathew H[enry. GR-1], Cochran, unm., both of L., Apr. 3, 1849. Lowell
Cyprian (Whiting, int.) of Douglas, and Sylvia A. Walker, Aug. 1, 1838 Uxbridge
Cyrus and Mary Brewer, Dec. 28, 1795. [p. 133] Boston
Cyrus and Asenath Harris, June 19, 1796. Harvard
Cyrus and Polly Whitney, Mar. 22, 1802. Harvard


Caleb, s. John and Elinor, bur. 12 (5) 1640 Watertown
Caleb, small pox, Mar. 24, 1777. P.R.1. Newton
Caleb, Mar. 28, 1822, ae. 92 yrs. Sterling
Calvin, s. Joel and Mary J., Sept. 13, 1849. Upton
Caroline, d. Smyrna and Ruth, Feb. 16, 1823. Westminster
Caroline, d. Samuel and Mary Jane, Sept. 2, 1846, a. 2m. 6d. Disorder of the head. Ashburnham
Caroline Eliza, d. John H., Sept. _, 1838, a. 4 y. Roxbury
Caroline Susan, Oct. 27, 1837. Westborough
Caroline W., w. of Marshall, Sept. 16, 1846, a. 34 y. G.R.1. Harvard
Caroline W., d. William W. and Susannah, Sept. 9, 1849, a. 7 y. 21 d. Dysentery. Rutland
Catharine, Sept. 21, 1778. Boylston
Catharine H., d. of Eben[eze]r and Joan, June 1, 1842. a. 2y. Scarlet fever. Natick
Catherine, Sept. 27, 1804. Newburyport
Catherine, d. Shadrach and Sophia, Sept. 26, 1829, a. 19 GS Sutton
Catherine, wid. Timothy, Aug. 19, 1831, a. 84. Boylston
Catherine, bur. May 29, 1836, a. 62y. (d. May 27, 1836. Consumption. C.R.10.) Cambridge
Catherine W., d. of G. W. and Prudence, Aug. 18, ____, a. 3y., [Aug. 18, 1848, a.3y. 2m. G.R.1.] Dana
Celia [Cynthia ?], d. Luke and Cyntha, Dec. 5, 1813. Gardner
Charles, Apr. 1, 1797, a. 65y. 2m. C.R. Boxborough
Charles, s. Andrew and Lucy, Aug. 18, 1808. Princeton
Charles, s. Nahum and Susanna, Sept. 25, 1818. Westborough
Charles, s. Charles, "very suddenly," Dec. 14, 1820, B.R. [Charles W., ch. Charles and Dolly, Dec. 13, G.R.1.] Shirley
Charles, bur. Nov. 12, 1825, a. 23y. Cambridge
Charles, Oct. 6, 1832, G.R.1. Shirley
Charles, s. Jonathan W. and Nabby, Feb. 21, 1833. Stow
Charles, Jan. 23, 1841, a. 20. Shrewsbury
Charles, s. Abner, ae 21, shot accident, Mar. __, 1851 Orange
Charles B., s. Thomas P. and Harriet A., Nov. 6, 1839, a. 19 d. GR 5 Lynn
Charles Henry, s. Nathan and Martha, Nov. 20, 1820. [a. 9m., G.R.1.] Lincoln
(Charles Hovey, C.R.2) s. of Marshall (and Caroline W., G.R.1.) Aug. 28, 1846, a. 2 y. (Aug. 31, 1846, a. 1 y. 10 m. G.R.1.) Cholera infantum. Harvard
Charles M., Jan 24, 1843, a. 13. G.S.1. Winchendon
Charles S., s. Josiah. Oct. 3, 1841, a. 2m. N.R.1. Colrain
Charlotte, d. of Moses Esq. and Nancy, Mar. 4, 1802, a. 5m. Wrentham
Charlotte, widow, b. New Ipswich, NH, d. Simeon and Elizabeth Blanchard, of bronchial catarrh, Nov. 4, 1877, a. 85y. 2m. 19d. Ashby
Charlotte M. (Charlotte M. Turner, w. of Luke, G.R.1.) , June 13, 1840, a. 24 y. 4 m. (a. 23 y. 4 m. 3 d. G.R.1.) Harvard
Charlotte E., Hampton, Conn., w. of Charles, July 20, 1849. a. 20y. Inflammation of bowels. Milford
Charlotte Maria, d. Nathaniel g. and Charlotte, Feb. 28, 1846, a. 2y. 4m. 9d. Scarlet Fever. Grafton
Chloe, w. Jothan, Mar. 12, 1833, a. 30. G.R.7. Ashfield
Clara M., d. of Charles and Caroline F., Sept. 29, 1849, a. 2y. 9m. G.R.3. Cambridge
Claricy, d. of Dea. Isaac and Lucy, Sept. 8, 1796, a. 10 m. 10 d. G.R.1. Harvard
Mrs. Clarisa, d. James and Clarasa, May 17, 1837, a. 21 GS 19 Sutton
Clarissa, consumption, Mar. 15, 1811, a. 18 y. CR 5 [sic] Lynn
Clarissa, w. [wid. C.R.1, Capt.G.R.4.], Elesha [fever, C.R.1.], Dec. 13, 1814, a. 34y. 6m. Beverly
Clarissa E. [Clara D., GR-4.], b. Dalton, d. Abel and Pamelia, scarlet fever, Apr. 13, 1849, a. 7y. 11m. 20d. Lowell
Cyntha, March 6, 1833. [a. 21. G.S.1.] Winchendon
Cyrene (see Serene), w. John of Bolton, child bed, Mar. 17, 1838. C.R.1. Pepperell
Cyrene Adelia, d. of Nathan and Nancy (in Lowell, C.R. 2), Oct. 6, 1835, a. 13 m. 13 d. G.R.1. Harvard
Cyrus, Aug. 24, 1847, a. 76 y. Md. Harvard

Church Membership

Charles and wf., o. c. 1 Oct 1808. Watertown

Public Records


Transients, Strangers, etc.


School Records

Charles, scholar in the North [East] School, 1808. Weston

Gleanings, Chiefly from the Town Files

Caleb S. Whitney, d. in Shirley, June 22, 1836. [p. 565] Weston
Charles Whitney and fam. were at Sherburn and Holliston in 1827. Mary wife of Charles, 39 in 1842. Children: Mary Ann, 4 in 1831; Charles, 10 in 1842, b. July 15, 1832; Harriet Susan, 8 in 1842, b. May 20, 1834. [p. 565] Weston

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