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Whitney surname and variants.


F. W., ___ __, 1825. G.S. Leominster
Fannie Maria, d. twin, John P. and Urania (Stearns), farmer, July 30, 1869. Ashby
Fanny [_____], w of Elias, _____, 1815. G.R.3. Milford
Fanny, d. Samuel and Fanny, June 7, 1820. Shrewsbury
Fanny D., d. Elies and Fanny, Dec. 27, 1829. Winchendon
Fanny D., d. of Laban and Mary, July 2, 1848. Milford
Fanny Lawrence [_____], w. of Henry Austin, Aug. 19, 1828. G.R.3. Cambridge
Felisha, d. Isaiah and Henrietta Whitney, b. May 19, 1841. Provincetown
Felix Grundy, s. Martin and Nancy (Orne), Dec. 9, 1818. Attleborough
Fidelia, d. Joseph 2d and Nancy, Oct. 11, 1815. Gardner
Fisher, s. of Jason and Lois. Jan. 3, 1775. Natick
Flint, s. Jonas W. and Phebee, Feb. 8, 1804. Westminster
Florance Adelaide, d. Henry and Mary A., June 15, 1840. Gardner
Flora E., d. Charles and Susan, Dec. 19, 1849. Ashburnham
Fordyce, s. of Cyrus and Polly, Apr. 14, 1806. Harvard
Frances, d. Josiah & Catherine, b. July 10, 1844. Pepperell
Frances, dau. of Abel and Clarissa (Dwight), b. Dec. 5, 1789. Westfield
Frances, d. Abel and Clarissa, bap. 13 Dec 1789. Westfield
Frances A., Mar. 22, 1808. G.R.3. Cambridge
Frances Adeliza, d. Elbridge W. and Sopha, Jan.5, 1846. Athol
Frances Ann Jane, d. of Stephen and Mary, June 18,1824. Deerfield
Frances [sic] James, s. Tim[oth]y and Susannah, Nov. 4, 1813 Walpole
Frances Lucy, d. of Benjamin F. and Louisa, in Acton, Feb. 15, 1848. Harvard
Frances Maria, d. Timothy P. and Susan, May 15, 1815. Foxborough
Frances Maria, d. John A. and Eliza, b. Nov. 9, 1839, bp. May 17, 1840. [CRO] Dedham
Francina J., d. Merrick and Harriet A., Dec. 5, 1843. Ashburnham
Francis, s. Ezekiel and Katharine, b. 23 Sep 1771 Watertown
Francis, s. Nathaniel Ruggles and Abigail, b. 29 Jun 1788 Watertown
Francis, s. of Nathaniel Ruggles Whitney, bapt. 6 Jul 1788. Watertown
Francis, son of Abel and Clarissa (Dwight), b. Oct. 10, 1792. Westfield
Francis, s. Abel and Clarissa, bap. 14 Oct 1792. Westfield
Francis, s. Robert, bap. 04 Jul 1830. Westfield
Francis, s. George N. and Elisabeth, March 28, 1844. Westborough
Francis, s. Dwelly and Emily, Sept. 29, 1849. Ashburnham
Francis Alexander, s. Ohio and Mary, Aug. 2, 1823. Ashburnham
Francis Austin, s. Joseph and Sally, Feb. 5, 1830. Westminster
Francis Beno, s. John and Elizabeth, Aug. 1, 1738. [p. 235] Boston
Francis Brinno, s. John and Elizabeth, Feb. 1, 1739. [p. 238] Boston
Francis E., s. Isaac, farmer, and Marcia J., Sept. 27, 1849. [Francis Eugene, ch. Isaac and Marcia Jane, P.R.12] Stow
Francis H., s. Rufus H. and Emely B., Aug. 8, 1846. Grafton
Francis Henry, s. Noah Francis and Catherine, Oct. 5, 1837. [p. 80] Dorchester
Francis James, ch. Timothy P. and Susan, Nov. __, 1813. Foxborough
Francis [sic] Maria, d. John A., Nov. 4, 1839. Newton
Francis Oliver, s. Charles E., laborer, b. Natick, and Mabel (Candee), b. Blandford, b. 12 Mar 1915. Blandford
Francis Stearns, s. John and Lydia, Mar. 25, 1840. Westminster
Francis Wheeler, s. of Isaiah Jr. and Mary, Nov. 30, 1778. Harvard
Francis Wheeler, s. of Isaiah 3d and Lydia, Jan. 18, 1808. Harvard
Frank, s. of Ezekiel Whitney, Junr, bapt. 2 Jun 1793. Watertown
Frank, s. of James R .and Susan A., Feb. 12, 1846. Sherborn
Frank, s. John P., farmer, July 3, 1864. Ashby
Frank Emerson, s. Ivers E., millowner, b. Rindge, N.H., and Mattie (Gardner), b. Saginaw, Mich., b. 14 Aug 1905. Blandford
Frank Hayden, s. of David M. and Nancy G., July 30, 1845. Natick
Frank Ormond, s. Jonas and Eliz. C., July 21, 1851. (8:97) Fitchburg
Frank Stearns, s. John P. and Urania (Stearns), farmer, July 30, 1869. Ashby
Franklin, s. Jonas W. and Phebee, Sept. 15, 1806. Westminster
Franklin, s. Seneca and Hannah,10 Sep 1808. [2:238] Warwick
Franklin, s. Lt. Benjamin & Anna, b. Nov. 30, 1810. Pepperell
Franklin, s. Samuel and Lucy, Sept. 19, 1811. Bolton
Franklin, twin s. Joseph H. and Sarah, Jan. 7, 1845. Grafton
Franklin Miller, s. George W. and Dolly, Aug. 23, 1742. Westminster
Franklin Orlando [Whitney written over Wait], ch. Orlando and Caroline, Jan. 8, 1840. Conway
Franklin Oscar, s. Richard and Eunice, June 27, 1835. Winchendon
Frederic, s. Joseph 2d and Nancy, Feb. 17, 1833. Gardner
Frederic, s. Israel and Mary H., June 22, 1843. Beverly
Frederick, s. Aaron and Polly, Oct. 17, 1823. Westminster
Frederick, twin s. Joseph H. and Sarah, Jan. 7, 1845. Grafton
Frederick Waldo, s. George E. and Sarah J., Aug. 8, 1854. (8:97) Fitchburg
Frederick W[illia]m, in Boston, Jan. 21, 1833. G.R.3. Cambridge
Frederick W[illia]m, in Boston, Aug. 1, 1834. G.R.3. Cambridge
Freeman Bowker, twin, s. Moses and Tabitha, Dec. 22, 1804 Athol
Freeman, C. s. Philbrook, farmer, and Sarah, A., June 14, 1843. New Salem
Freeman Collins, s,. Philbrook, laborer, b. Royalston, and Sarah A., b. Precott, Aug. 5, 1848. New Salem
Freeman Sears, s. of George and Ester. Feb. 6, 1812. Natick


Fabins M., of Woburn and Maria E. Butrick of Clinton, int. May 2, 1853. Woburn
Fanny, and Jesse Franklin, June 16, 1808. Needham
Fanny, and William R. Fiske, April 14, 1846. Worcester
Felix G., unm., of Attleborough, a. 29y., jeweler, s. Martin and Nancy, and Catherine J. Briggs, unm., of Attleborough, a. 21y., d. of Rufus and Nancy, Oct. 5, 1848. Attleborough
Ferdinand, son of Isaac and Susan Whitney, aged 22, b. in Ashburnham, and Elmira S. Gleason, aged 17, b. in Greenwich, m. 18 Jun 1876. Greenwich
Fisher of Middleton, N.Y., and Patty Watkins, int. June 19, 1799. Peru
Fisher and Patty Watkins of Partridgefield, int. July 28, 1799. Natick
Flora and John Falls of Dublin, Feb. 15, 1790. Harvard
Frances A. and James H. Harmon of W. Suffield, Conn., int. Apr. 6, 1844. Chester
Frances B., 18, of Sheffield, d. of Platt and Rany, and William F. Boardman, 22, scythe maker, of Salisbury, Ct., s. of William and Abigail, m. 1 Sep 1847. Sheffield
Frances H. of Hubbardston and Windsor White, int. Sept. 11, 1841. Templeton
Frances H. and Windsor White of Templeton, Oct. 7, 1841. Hubbardston
Frances M., Miss, of Wrentham, and Ira Cleveland, Esq., of Dedham, int. Apr. 23, 1837. [VR] Dedham
Frances M. and Ira [C]leaveland Esq. of Dedham, May 16, 1837. [Int. not recorded.] Wrentham
Frances M., of Tarboro, N.C., a. 47, b. Brooklyn, N.Y., d. Timothy P. and Emmeline (Whitney), and Lewis H. Kingsbury of Dedham, a. 73, b. Walpole, s. Samuel and Hannah (Hall), 11:16:87 [Nov. 16, 1887]. [VR] Dedham
Francis, of Watertown, and Mary Marshall of Dover, int. 10 Sep 1811. Watertown
Francis of Watertown, and Mary Marshall [int.Marshal], Nov. 24, 1811. Dover
Francis, and Harriot Lincoln, b. of Watertown, int. 4 Nov 1815. Watertown
Francis, and Harriet Lincoln, b. of Watertown, m. 1 Jan 1816. Watertown
Francis H. (s. Israel and Sally, a. 23) and Sarah E. Bruce, Apr. 12, 1848. Marlborough
Francis Wheeler and Lydia Sawyer, Nov. 30, 1803. Harvard
Franklin E. R., Mr., and Miss Hannah B. Ayer, b. of Dedham, int. June 25, 1843. [VR] Dedham
Frederick L., a. 23y., chair maker, s. Edwin and Eliza, and Laura E. Curtis, a. 21y., of Templeton, d. Levi C. and Maria, Aug. 27, 1885. Ashby
Freeman S. and Eveline Perry, Apr. 3, 1833. Natick


Fanny, Mrs., d. Edward Tucker, in Boston, Nov. 13, 1810, a. abt. 27y. P.R.654. Salem
Fanny, w.Samuel, Oct. 10, 1826, a. 43. Shrewsbury
Fanny, bur. May 8, 1827, a. 6m. Cambridge
Fanny, married, b. Marlborough, NH, w. William, d. William and Jael Lincoln, of partial paralysis, Aug. 5, 1888, a. 84y. 10m. 10d. Ashby
Fanny Demary, d. Elias and Fanny, Apr 2, 1837, a. 7y. 3m. G.S.1 Winchendon
Felisha, d. Isaiah and Henrietta Whitney, d. Aug. 26, 1842. Provincetown
Flint, s. Jonas W. and Phebee, Sept. 15, 1805, a. 1y. 7m. 7d. Westminster
Frances Alice, d. of Benjamin Franklin and Louisa Lawrence, Aug. 27, 1839, a. 17 m. G.R.1. Harvard
Mrs. Frances R., Oct. 1, 1839, a. 26. Shrewsbury
Francis, s. of Francis and Mary, Apr. 30, 1819, a. 8m. 24d. G.R.3. Natick
Francis, Aug. 29, 1825, a. 35y. 6m. 24d. Sudbury
Francis, s. John E. and Harriet, Dec. 10, 1856. Ashby
Francis A., s. [d.?] Elbridge W. and Sophia A., Sept. .17, 1846, a. 8m. 12d. G.S.2. Athol
Francis James, ch. Timothy P. and Susan, Sept. 2, 1814. [Dup. a. 10m.] Foxborough
Francis Stearns, s. John and Lydia, Jan. 16, 1844, a. 3y. 9m. 22d. Westminster
Francis W., s. of Isaiah Jr. and Mary, Apr. 19, 1805, a. 27 y. (a. 26 y. G.R.1.) Harvard
Francis Wheeler, s. of wid. Lydia, Aug. 25, 1825, a. 18 y. C.R. 2. (s. of Isaiah and Lydia, Aug. 24, 1825, a. 17 y. 6 m. G.R.1.) Harvard
Frank, b. Ashby, s. John and Urama, of croup, Jul 8, 1865, a. 1y. 5d. Ashby
Frank Emerson, s. I. E., b. Rindge, N.H., and Mattie B. (Gardner), b. E. Saginaw, Mich., stillborn 14 Aug 1905. B, res., and d. in Blandford. Blandford
Franklin, s. Jonas W. and Phebee, Jan. 15, 1840, a. 34. Westminster
Freddy, s. of Israel and Mary H., Aug. 27, 1844, a. 2y. 4m. 20d. G.R.3 Cambridge
Frederick, Sept. 4, 1848, a. 27y. G.R.3. Cambridge
Frederick W[illia]m, in Boston, Apr. 6, 1834. G.R.3. Cambridge
Frederick W[illia]m, in Boston, Aug. 26, 1839. G.R.3. Cambridge
Freeman, s. Philbrook and Sarah, drowned Nov. 10, 1844, a. 1y. 6m.. 12d. New Salem

Church Membership

Frances Maria, conf. May __, 1834. [CRE] Dedham

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Transients, Strangers, etc.


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