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Whitney surname and variants.


Jabez, s. Joshua and Phebe, Jan. 8, 1750 "O.S." Medway
Jabez, s. Jonas and Rachel, bp. Dec. 20, 1767, C.R.2. Roxbury
Jabez (Whitny) Jr., ch. Jabez and Experiance, June 7, 1793. Hinsdale
Jacob, s. Jonas and Sarah, July 24, 1737. Roxbury
Jacob, s. of Richard and Mary, Mar. 24, 1748-9. Harvard
Jacob, s. Abraham and Marcy [Mary P.R.26], Nov. 7, 1756. Stow
Jacob, s. Oliver and Darcus, Sept. 12, 1767. Upton
Jacob, s. of Jacob and Lois, Oct. 16, 1776. Harvard
Jacob Jr., s. Jacob and Esther [Easther, C.R.], Oct. 8, 1787. Stow
Jacob, s. Jacob and Patty, July 17, 1804. Upton
Jacob, ch. Jabez and Elizabeth, Nov. 4, 1804 Orange
Jacob, s. Jacob and Ann Maria, Nov. 14, 1839. [p. 80] Dorchester
Jacob Cushing, ch. Jonathan and Sarah, Oct. 16, 1813. Waltham
Jacob Milton, s. of Jacob and Mercy, bp. July 28, 1816. C.R.1. Harvard
Jacob Warren, s. Moses and Rebecca, Jan. 2, 1811. Milton
James, s. Jonathan and Lidya, b. 25 9mo 1668 Watertown
James, s. of John and Mary, Dec. 28, 1692. Sherborn
James, s. Eliazer and Dority, b. 20 Nov 1697 Watertown
James, s. Nethaniell and Mercy, b. 2 Mar 1704/5 Watertown
James, s. Nathaniel Jr. and Mercy, bap. June 17, 1711, a. 5y. [p. 390] Weston
James, s. of Joseph and Rebecka, Mar. 23, 1714. Sherborn
James, s. James and Ellener, Nov. 4, 1742. Dunstable
James, s. James and Mary, Oct. 26, 1743. Waltham
James, s. of Benjamin and Esther, Oct. 21, 1755. Sherborn
James, s. Joseph & Abigail, b. Dec. 6, 1757. Pepperell
James, s. of Richard and Mary, May 29, 1760. Harvard
James, s. Silvanus and Hannah, Apr. 14, 1763. N.R. Dunstable
James, s. of Ezra and Marcy, Dec. 15, 1764. Mendon
James, s. of John and Hannah, May 1, 1768. [twin] Sherborn
James, s. James and Sarah, Feb. 12, 1769. N.R. Dunstable
James, s. of John and Hannah, Sept. 8, 1779. Sherborn
James, s. Phinehas and Susannah, June 15, 1785. N.R. Dunstable
James, s. Silas and Patience, Aug. 14, 1791. Ashby
James, s. Silas and Patience, bp;. Mar. 4, 1792. C.R. Stow
James, s. James and Liddia, June 4, 1792. Dunstable
James, s. Daniel Hobbs and Irene, Dec. 9, 1803. Medway
James, s. of Benjamin and Hepzibah, June 9, 1811. Wrentham
James, s. Ezekiel and Catharine, b. 12 Mar 1815. Watertown
James, ch. Amos and Martha, Apr. 9, 1816. Waltham
James, s. of James and Lois, Sept. 27, 1816. Sherborn
James, Sept. 27, 1816. G.R.1 Natick
James, s. Joel and Abial, May 1, 1824 Sutton
James, _____, 1830. G.R.3. Chelsea
James, s. Amasa and Dolly, Oct. 4, 1835. Gardner
James, s. of Benjamin and Margaret, Nov. 7, 1849. Chelsea
James Bradish, s. Nathaniel Ruggles and Abigail, b. 23 Mar 1786 Watertown
James Bradish, s. Nathaniel Ruggles and Abigail, b. 23 Mar 1786 Watertown
James Bradish, s. of Nathaniel R. Whitney, bapt. 26 Mar 1786. Watertown
James Bradish, s. of Simon, bp. June 4, 1843. [C.R.1.] Framingham
James Daniel, s. Daniel and Ruth, March 16, 1838. Grafton
James Dwight, s. Robert, bap. 28 Oct 1821. Westfield
James Fordyce, _____, 1806. G.R.1. Stow
James Frothingham, s. Nathaniel Ruggles, Junr., and Sally, b. 2 Mar 1813. Watertown
James Frothingham, s. of Nath. R. Whitney, Junr, bapt. 18 Jul 1813. Watertown
James Harris, s. of Benjamin F. and Louisa, Aug. 16, 1835. Harvard
James Harvey, s. Jonas and Mary, Jul. 23, 1795 (James Hervey Whitney, C.R.2) Otis
James I., _____ 1839. G.R.1. Milford
James Laughton, s. of Richard 2d and Sally, Feb. 2, 1817. Harvard
James Orne, s. Martin and Nancy (Orne), Mar. 2, 1823. Attleborough
James P.(see Phinehas James Whitney). Shirley
James Pierce, s. John, Jr., and Abigail, 22 Jan 1824. [2:239] Warwick
James S. [h. Eliza (Reed)], Dec. 15, 1798. G.R. Dover
James S., s. of Stephen and Mary, May 19, 1811. Deerfield
Jane, d. Benjamin and Jane, b. 29 7mo 1668 Watertown
Jane, d. Zechariah and Sarah, Sep. 22, 1742. Lunenburg
Jane, d. Silvanus and Hannah, Apr. 11, 1767. N.R. Dunstable
Jane, d. Silas and Jane, June 6, 1768. Winchendon
Jane, d. Ephraim and Roda, Feb. 27, 1777. Petersham
Jane, d. of Isaac and Sally, Apr. 9, 1816. Sherborn
Jane, d. Samuel and Abigail, July 7, 1818. Ashburnham
Jane Adelia, d. Harrison G. and Louisa, Oct. 15, 1846. Westminster
Jane-Elizabeth, d. Leonard and Abigail-E., Sept. 7, 1837. Worcester
Jane Vincent Woodward, d. Samuel and Abigail, Aug. 11, 1807. Ashburnham
Jared, ___ __, 1833. G.S. Leominster
Jason, s. Mark and Tabitha, Aug. 31, 1729. [Whittney, C.R.1]. Hopkinton
Jason, s. of Jason, bp. July 31, 1768. C.R. Natick
Jason, s. of Jason and Lois, Oct. 20, 1780 Natick
Jason, s. Ohio and Mary, Feb. 10, 1811. Ashburnham
Jason, s. Joshua and Caroline, Aug. 26, 1811. Medway
Jason Franklin, s. Jason F. and Susan A., April 20, 1845. Ashburnham
Jason W., s. Jason and Elvira, June 18, 1849. Ashburnham
Jason-Woodward, s. Reuben-P.and Clarasa-C., Sept. 21, 1821. In Westminster. Princeton
Jason Woodward, s. Reuben P. and C. C., Sept. 21, 1829. Westminster
Jeams, s. of Jeams and Martha, June 4, 1718. Framingham
Jefferson, s. of Josiah and Sally, Nov. 29, 1804. Harvard
Jefferson, s. of James and Lucy, Apr. 26, 1806. Harvard
Jemima, d. Abraham and Mary, Oct. 14, 1715. Stow
Jemima, d. Samuel and Grace, Dec. 10, 1742. Stow
Jemima, d. Israel and Jemima, b. 23 Jul 1768 Watertown
Jemima, d. of Israel Whitney, bapt. 17 Jul 1768. Watertown
Jemima, ch. Silas and Tryphena, bp. Oct. 28, 1792. C.R.2. Medway
Jemima, d. Ephrain Jr. and Jemima, Jan. 6. 1795. Upton
Jemima Whipple, d. Moses and Susanna, Nov. 10, 1820. Upton
Jenet, d. Ezekiel and Jenet, Sept. 4, 1746 Sutton
Jennet, d. Ezekiel and Jennet, bp. Oct. 12, 1746 C.R.1. Uxbridge
Jennet, d. Ezekiel and Jennet, bp. Sep. 10, 1749 C.R.1. Uxbridge
Jennie E., w. John H., ___ __, 1836. G.S.1. Ashburnham
Jenny, d. Ira, bp. Sept. 5, 1790, C.R. Conway
Jeremiah, s. Nathan and Mary, Apr. 1, 1729. Stow
Jeremiah, s. Jeremiah and Elizabeth, Apr. 18, 1754. Stow
Jeremiah, s. of Jeremiah and Sarah, b. 27 Jan 1847. Brighton
Jeremiah Laughton, s. of James and Rachel, Aug. 13, 1788. Harvard
Jerome, s. Luke and Cyntha, May 6, 1821. Gardner
Jerome B., h. Harriet E., 1812. G.R.1. Acton
Jerome Luke, s. Luke and _____, March 12, 1846. Gardner
Jerrie Howard, s. Elhanan and Sarah A., Sept. 11, 1854. (8:97) Fitchburg
Jesse, s. of Jonathan and Susanna, Feb. 8, 1714. Sherborn
Jesse, s. of Jonathan and Lydiah, Nov. 24, 1730. Mendon
Jesse [dup. Jessa], s. Jacob and Easter [dup. Esther], Jan. 26, 1790. [Jesse, s. Jacob and Jemima, C.R.] Stow
Jesse Jr., s. of Hachaliah and Abigail, Oct. 12, 1790. (1791. G.R.1). Milford
Joanna, s. of Daniel Whitney, bapt. 19 Sep 1736. Watertown
Joanna W. [_____], w. of Otis, ____, 1825. G.R.5. Milford
Job, s. Benjamin and Sarah, Oct. 22, 1729. Marlborough
Job, s. Solomon and Elizabeth, June 25, 1755. Petersham
Joel, s. William and Mary, Dec. 22, 1749. [p. 69] Weston
Joel, s. William and Mary, b. 22d, bap. Dec. 24, 1749, died Feb. 20, 1749-50. [p. 459] Weston
Joel, s. Jeremiah and Elizabeth, Jan 8, 1750-1. Stow
Joel, s. of Jonas Jr. and Zabudah, Oct. 15, 1762. Harvard
Joel, s. Jonas and Sarah, Sept. 13, 1765 [dup.]. Westminster
Joel, s. Jonathan and Esther, Nov. 13, 1766. Conway
Joel, s. Ephrain Jr. and Jemima, Sept. 11, 1779. Upton
Joel, s. Elijah and Mindwell, May 12, 1792. Westborough
Joel, s. Abijah, bp. June 14, 1795, C.R. Conway
Joel, s. Joshua and Vashti, April 13, 1798. Gardner
Joel, s. Amos and Eunice, Apr. 19, 1804. Upton
Joel, s. Jonathan and Lucy, June 2, 1806. Sterling
Joel, h. Sarah A. Taber, ___, 1818, G.R.5. New Bedford
Johanah, d. Richard and Marrthy, b. 16 11mo 1656 Watertown
Johanna, d. Daniel and Dorothy, b. 20 Sep 1729 Watertown
John, s. John & Ruth, b. 17 Sep 1643 Watertown
John, s. Thomas and Mary, b. 19 May 1659 Watertown
John, s. Thomas and Mary, b. 22 6mo 1660 Watertown
John, s. Jonathan and Lyida, b. 27 4mo 1662 Watertown
John, s. John, Apr. 1, 1672 Roxbury
John, s. Jofeph and Marrtha, b. 29 Jul 1680 Watertown
John, s. Jofeph and Martha, b. 29 Jul 1680 Watertown
John, s. Thomas and Elizabeth, May 13, [16]84. M.R. Stow
John, s. of Joseph Whitney, bapt. 16 Jan 1686/7. Watertown
John, s. Benajmin and Abigall, b. 15 Jun 1694 Watertown
John, s. of Isaiah and Sarah, Dec. 6, 1698. Cambridge
John, s. of Isaiah and Sarah, b. Dec. 6, 1698, bp. May 4, 1699. Lexington
John, s. Daniel and Susanna, May 23, 1705. Roxbury
John, s. John and Sarah, June 22, 1714. [p. 3] Weston
John, s. of Jeams and Martha, Apr. 10, 1716. Framingham
John, s. of Nathaniel and Sarah, Nov. 27, 1716. Sherborn
John, s. William and Margaret, Jan. 30, 1717/8. Groton
John, s. of John and Rebecca, Mar. 20, 1725. Harvard
John, s. John and Elizabeth, Mar. 24, 1730. [p. 200] Boston
John, s. Elnathan and Sarah, b. 3 Mar 1730/1 Watertown
John, s. of John and Lydia, b. Apr. 24, 1737. Lexington
John, s. John and Bethyah, Aug. 8, 1738. [p. 42] Weston
John, s. John and Elisabeth, b. last w., bap. Aug. 13, 1738. [p. 431] Weston
John, s. Dr. John, Sept. 2, 1740. Eastham
John, s. of James and Patience, Mar. 10, 1742. Framingham
John, s. of William and Sarah, "at Doctor Dunsmore's house after meeting it being incapable of being brought out to Baptism in the congregation. It being dangerously sick and could not be stirred," bap. May 15, 1743. C.R.1.1, p. 292. Lancaster
John, s. twin, James and Ellener, Aug. 15, 1745. Dunstable
John, s. of Abraham and Sarah, Oct. 3, 1746. Harvard
John, s. Daniel and Dorathy, Nov. 24, 1747. Stow
John, s. Elijah and Hannah, Nov. 29, 1749. Roxbury
John, s. Joshua and Phebe, May 7, 1749 "O.S." Medway
John, s. of David and Mehetable, June 1, 1749. Natick
John, s. Joshua and Mehitable, May 4, 1751. Spencer
John, ch. Wid. Whitney, bp. July 7, 1751. C.R.1. Medway
John, s. Nathan and Abigail, Sept. 6, 1754. Spencer
John, s. Zechariah and Sarah, April 16, 1756. Lunenburg
John, s. of Isaiah and Percis, bp. Mar. 30, 1760. C.R.1. Harvard
John, s. Ephriam and Macey, July 1, 1760. Petersham
John, s. John Jr. and Hannah, Feb. 23, 1761. Shirley
John, s. John and Hannah, bap. June 14, 1761. Groton
John, s. Moses and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], Apr. 8, 1762. Newton
John, s. of John and Hannah, May 1, 1768. [twin] Sherborn
John, s. Nathan and Tabitha, Oct. 13, 1769. Westminster
John, s. Ezra and Mary, Nov. 26, 1769. Douglas
John, s. Abner and Elizabeth, July 28, 1772. Westminster
John, s. of Ephraim and Mary, July 9, 1773. Framingham
John, s. of Samuel and Abigail his wife, b. 19 Dec 1773. [p. 246] Concord
John, s. John and Mary, bp. Feb. 20, 1774. C.R.1. Roxbury
John, s. of John and Hannah, May 15, 177-[torn]. Sherborn
John, s. John and Sarah, April 13, 1780. Bolton
John, s. Levi and Sarah, bap. Aug. 27, 1780. C.R. Ashburnham
John, s. Silas and Patience, at Stow, Nov. 20, 1782. Ashby
John, s. Silas and Pashance [Patience C.R.], Nov. 22, 1782. Stow
John, s. John and wife, 8 Apr 1783. [1:51] Warwick
John, s. of Abra[ha]m and Rebekah, July 31, 1783. Harvard
John, s. Timothy and Katherine, Apr. 6, 1785. Shrewsbury
John s. Rev. Peter and Julia, Sept. 29, 1785. Northborough
John, ch. William and Sarah, Jan. 29, 1788. Lee
John, May 27, 1788. P.R.14. Salem
John, s. Lt. Daniel and Sarah, May 28, 1789. Stow
John, s. Capt. Abraham and Hitty [Mehitable, C.R.], Oct. 14, 1792. Stow
John, s. Andrew and Lucy, Dec. 31, 1792. Princeton
John, s. of Mathias and Dorcas, b. 7 Mar 1793. Hancock
John, s. Phinehas and Elizabeth, July 25, 1793. Westminster
John, s. John and Elizabeth, Jan. 15, 1795. Westminster
John, s. Joshua and Vashti, April 21, 1796. Gardner
John, s. of James and Rachel, July 20, 1796. Harvard
John 3d, s. John and Elizabeth, Feb. 20, 1797. Westminster
John, s. Nathaniel Ruggles and Abigail, b. 16 Oct 1800 Watertown
John, s. of Nathl R. Whitney, bapt. 20 Oct 1800. Watertown
John, at Thorton, N.H., Dec. 25, 1800. Danvers
John, s. of Salmon and Hephsibah, Sept. 1, 1803. Harvard
John, s. Simon and Lucy, Dec. 11, 1805. Petersham
John, Sept. 12, 1806. G.S.3. Westminster
John, s. Asa and Sally, bp. ____ 23, 1810. C.R. [b. Sept. 13, P.R.14] Stow
John, s. of John and Sally, Mar. 16, 1813. (John, s. of wid. Sally, bp. July 3, 1814. C.R.1.) Harvard
John, s. Israel and Lucy, April 9, 1820. Worcester
John, s. of John and Mary B., Apr. 9, 1831. Cambridge
John, s. of Benjamin and Methable, Feb. 3, 1832. (III:343-344) Fitchburg
John, s. William and Mary-Ann, Oct. 7, 1843. Princeton
John Allen, s. John E. and Cleora, Apr. 11, 1849. Westminster
John Andrews, s. Benjamin and Rachel, [?bap.] July 11, 1819. [p. 310] Dorchester
John Andrews, s. Moses and Hannah, Jan. 10, 1789 Uxbridge
John Angier, s. of George and Ester, Dec. 20, 1817. Natick
John B., s. Charles H., farmer, and Eliza W. (b. Concord), [rec. Jan. ù, 1850]. [Johnie B. [Feb. ù, 1848], G.R.2.] [John B., ch. Charles Henry and Eliza (Brigham), Jan. 31, 1848, P.R.15] Lincoln
John Brooks, s. Jacob and Lucy, July 8, 1821. C.R. New Salem
John C., s. John B. and Harriet, Feb. 9, 1832. Ashby
John Densmore, s. Philbrook, laborer and Sarah M., Dec. 16, 1844 New Salem
John E., s. Josiah and Polly, Apr. 7, 1801. Ashby
John E., Oct. 28, 1841. G.S.3. Westminster
John Emerson, s. John and Lydia, Sept. 13, 1822. Westminster
John F., s. William K. and Deborah, March 29, 1828. Athol
John Fisk, s. of Aaron and Ede, Jan. 31, 1795. Sherborn
John Franklin, s .of Washington W. and Prudence, Oct. 29, 1847. Dana
John Gates, s. Ebenezer and Annis, Aug. 10, 1820. Millbury
John Goram, s. John and Mary (Russel), Mar. 3, 1815. P.R.14. Salem
John-Green, s. Levi and Rebeckah, Jan. 3, 1806. Boylston
John H., ch. Simeon and Sarah, May 1, 1827. Duxbury
John H, s.Nathaniel and Susan, Apr. 7, 1835. Westford
John Hammond, s. John and Lucy, July 26, 1815 Sandisfield
John Hancock, s. of Josiah (Jr. C.R.1.) and Sarah, Dec. 13, 1788. Harvard
John Harrison, s. John Hammond and Olive (Snow), July 13, 1842. Sandisfield
John Heath, s. Elisha, jr. and Sally, Mar. 8, 1808. Roxbury
John Heath, s. John, bp. Oct. 12, 1838. C.R.2. Roxbury
John Henry, s. Henry H. and Caroline C., born in Thompson, Conn., Nov. 21, 1838. Ashburnham
John Howard, s. Abraham and Mary Ann, Nov. 18, [1845]. Waltham
John Hubbard, s. John and Maria (Shed), Mar. 17, 1838. Danvers
John Jurray, s. Joseph and Eliza, Nov. 17, 1836. Bolton
John M., s. Josiah, Jr., and Rebecca, Mar. 1, 1818. Ashby
John Marble, s. Daniel and Sarah, Nov. 6, 1822. Stow
John Marshall, s. Marshall and Caroline W., July 3, 1842. Hopkinton
John-Martyn, s. William and Zilpah, Nov. 13, 1816. Northborough
John Milton, s. Jonas W. and Phebee, Mar. 30, 1819. Westminster
John Milton, s. Amasa and Mary, Dec. 18, 1823. Winchendon
John Milton, c. Capt. Hananiah and Sally, Sept. 21, 1824. Winchendon
John-Newton, s. John and Mary, Sept. 21, 1824. Princeton
John-Newton, s. John and Eliza-Ann-F., July 6, 1833. Princeton
John P., s. William and Fanny, Mar. 6, 1831. Ashby
John P., July 14, 1831. G.S.2. Athol
John Philip, s.Jacob and Ann Maria, Apr. 9, 1847. [p. 80] Dorchester
John Prescott, s. John F. and Julia, Nov. 2, 1849. [p. 80] Dorchester
John R., ch. Rev John and Mary A., Jan. 18, 1838. Waltham
John Smith, s. Thomas and Ann, Dec. 4, 1768. Shrewsbury
John Smith, s. Thomas and Anne, March l2, l769. C.R. Westborough
John Stone, s. Daniel and Cate, Jun. 20, 1783. Marlborough
John Tyler, s. Henry and Mary A., May 14, 1838. Gardner
John W., s. Haskett Derby and Joanna (Wallis), July 18, 1847. [July 19, 1846. P.R. 288] Beverly
John Wallis, s. Haskett D., cordwainer, b. Danvers, and Joanna, July 18, 1848. Beverly
Jonah, s. of Isaiah and Persis, June 19, 1758. Harvard
Jonah, s. Thomas and Ann, Aug. 25, 1771. Shrewsbury
Jonah, s. Thomas and Ann, Sept. 8. 1771. C.R. Westborough
Jonah, s.Daniel Jr. and Kata, Sept. 3, 1772. Shrewsbury
Jonah, s. Jonah and Anna, March 29, l8l1. Westborough
Jonas, s. Nethaniell and Mercy, b. 15 Dec 1703 Watertown
Jonas, s. Eliazer and Dority, b. 1 Jun 1708 Watertown
Jonas, s. of Joseph and Rebecka, June 7, 1708. Sherborn
Jonas, s. Nathaniel Jr. and Mercy, bap. June 17, 1711, a. 7y. [p. 390] Weston
Jonas, s. of Isaiah and Sarah, Nov. 27, 1711. Cambridge
Jonas, s. of Isaiah and Sarah, b. Nov. 27, 1711, bp. Nov. 25, 1711. Lexington
Jonas, of Stow, and Margrett Stratton, int. Mar. 13, 1725/6. Chelmsford
Jonas, s. Jonas and Margaret, July 2, 1727. Stow
Jonas [dup. Whitny], s. David and Rebeckah, June 25, 1733. Waltham
Jonas, s. Jonas and Sarah, Nov. 28, 1739. Roxbury
Jonas, s. Jonas and Sarah, bp. Dec. 2, 1739. [CR1] Dedham
Jonas, s. Samuel and Elisabeth, June 14, 1751. Shrewsbury
Jonas, s. of Jonas, Jr. and Zabudah, Mar. 3, 1756. Harvard
Jonas, s. Jonas and Sarah, Mar. 10, 1761 [dup.]. Westminster
Jonas, s. Timothy and Alice, Oct. 21, 1771. Petersham
Jonas, s. of Jonathan and Mary, Aug. 27, 1772. T.R.1, p. 108. Lancaster
Jonas, s.of Mr. Jonathan and wife, bap. Aug. 30, 1772. C.R.1.1, p. 308. Lancaster
Jonas, ch. Jonathan and Esther, May 12, 1775. Conway
Jonas, s. of Jonas and Relief, June 10, 1784. Harvard
Jonas, s. Jonas and Mary, Jul. 9, 1793 Otis
Jonas, s. Jonas and Elizabeth, July 20, 1807. Westminster
Jonas, s. of Nathan and Zebudah, Nov. 9, 1809. Harvard
Jonas Adams, s. Jacob, bp. Sept. 29, 1816. C.R. New Salem
Jonas Adams, s. Jacob and Lucy, bp. June 28, 1818. C.R. New Salem
Jonas Franklin, s. Jonas and Mary, May 25, 1810 Otis
Jonas Nelson, s. Jonas W. and Phebee, Aug. 29, 1816. Westminster
Jonas P., s. Josiah and Polly, Sep. 22, 1793. Ashby
Jonas Ward, s. Abner and Livinah, 2d w., Apr. 22, 1780. Westminster
Jonas Prescott, ch. Josiah Jr. and Mary, Sept. 22, 1793. Waltham
Jonathan, s. Jonathan and Sarah, b. 25 Nov 1700 Watertown
Jonathan, s. of Josiah and Mary, June 16, 1703. Wrentham
Jonathan, s. of Jonathan and Susanah, Oct. 17, 1704. Sherborn
Jonathan, s. of Jonathan and Lydia, Oct. 18, 1729. Mendon
Jonathan, s. of Jonathan and Thriphene, Mar. 9, 1729-30. Wrentham
Jonathan, s. of John Whitney, bapt. 30 Apr 1732. Watertown
Jonathan, s. of Benjamin and Margereat, Sept. 25, 1734. Framingham
Jonathan [dup. Whitny], s. David and Rebeckah, Feb. 10. 1735. Waltham
Jonathan, s. Zacheus and Mary, Jan. 12, 1736-7. Bedford
Jonathan, s. of Jonathan and Lydia, July 26, 1737. Mendon
Jonathan, s. Joseph and Mary, b. 12 Apr 1743 Watertown
Jonathan, s. of Jos. Whitney, bapt. 17 Apr 1743, by Rev. W. Williams. Watertown
Jonathan, s. Joseph and _____, bap. July 20, 1746, at Worcester. [p. 526] Weston
Jonathan, s. twin, James and Ellener, Aug. 15, 1745. Dunstable
Jonathan, s. of Jonathan Jr. and Sarah, July 1, 1749. Harvard
Jonathan, s. Daniel and Hannah, Sept. 3, 1749. Chelmsford
Jonathan, s. of Elias and Elesabeth, Jan. 25, 1760. Framingham
Jonathan, s. Nathan and Tabitha, May 14, 1761 [dup.]. Westminster
Jonathan, s. Nathan and Abigail, July 16, 1761. Spencer
Jonathan, s. Caleb and Annis, b. 2 Sep 1768. Shutesbury
Jonathan, s. Timothy and Alice, Sept. 14, 1769. Petersham
Jonathan, s. of Caleb, bp. Nov. 3, 1769. C.R.1. Harvard
Jonathan, s. Jonathan and Sufanna, b. 15 Dec 1769 Watertown
Jonathan, s. of Jona Whitney, bapt. 17 Dec 1769. Watertown
Jonathan, ch. David and Rachel, Mar. 13, 1770. Conway
Jonathan, s. of Jonathan and Mary, Mar. 27, 1771. T.R.1, p. 108. Lancaster
Jonathan, s.of Mr. Jonathan and wife, bap. Mar. 31, 1771. C.R.1.1, p. 307. Lancaster
Jonathan, ch. Josiah and Sarah, May 8, 1772. Waltham
Jonathan, s. of Phineas, bp. Aug. 21, 1774. C.R.1. Harvard
Jonathan, s. of Hezekiah and Lucy, Mar. 4, 1775. Harvard
Jonathan, ch. Jonathan bp. Nov. 3, 1776. C.R.1. Hopkinton
Jonathan, s. John and Mary, June 16, 1780. Lincoln
Jonathan, s. John and Mary, June 16, 1780. Stow
Jonathan, s. of (Capt. C.R.1.) Hezekiah and Lucy, May 20, 1782. Harvard
Jonathan, s. Hezekiah and Susanna, April 9, 1794. Templeton
Jonathan, s. Jonathan and Lucy, July 23, 1802. Sterling
Jonathan, s. Jonathan W. and Nabby, Oct. 7, 1825. Stow
Jonathan Addison, s. Jonathan and Mehitable, Feb. 10, 1822. Gardner
Jonathan Davis, s. Jonathan and Mehitable, Feb. 8, 1826. Gardner
Jonathan Dwight, s. Robert, bap. 22 May 1823. Westfield
Jonathan Hollis, s. of Jonathan and Lovica, Apr. 16, 1830. Milford
Jonathan Lovell, s. Silas and Olive, March 14,1828. West Boylston
Jonathan Stone, s. Nathaniel Ruggles, Junr., and Sally, b. 20 Apr 1811. Watertown
Jonathan Stone, s. of Nathaniel R. Whitney, Junr, bapt. 2 Jun 1811. Watertown
Jonathan Wood, s. Abraham Jr. and Katharine, Sept. 9, 1797. Stow
Jonnathan, s. Jonathan and Lydia, b. 20 Oct 1659 Watertown
Joseph, s. John and Ruth, b. 15 Jan 1651 [1651/2] Watertown
Jofeph, s. Jonathan and Lidya, b. 10 Mar 1672 Watertown
Jofeph, s. Jofeph and Martha, b. 15 Aug 1675 Watertown
Joseph, s. of Joseph Whitney, bapt. 16 Jan 1686/7. Watertown
Joseph, s. of Joseph and Rebecca, Mar. 22, 1710. Sherborn
Joseph, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth, b. 3 Dec 1710 Watertown
Joseph, s. Timothy and Margarett, Feb. 21, 1716. [1716-17-C.R.2.] Roxbury
Joseph, s. John and Sarah, Oct. 2, 1719. [p. 8] Weston
Joseph, s. John and _____, bap. June 12, 1720, a. abt. 2m. [p. 400] Weston
Joseph, s. Joseph and Mary, b. 13 Mar 1737/8 Watertown
Joseph, s. of Joseph Whitney, bapt. 19 Mar 1737/8. Watertown
Joseph, s. Joseph and Mary, b. 13 Mar 1738/9 Watertown
Joseph, s. Joshua and Pheeby, Mar. 21, 1739-40 Uxbridge
Joseph, s. of James and Patience. May 7, 1745. Sherborn
Joseph, jr., s. Joseph and Hannah (Sanborn), at Shutesbury, Feb. 28, 1748. P. R. 14. Shelburne
Joseph, s. Joseph and Hannah, b. 28 Oct 1748. Shutesbury
Joseph, 3rd., s. Joseph & Abigail, b. June 26, 1753. Pepperell
Joseph, s. Joseph & Abigail, b. Oct. 23, 1755. Pepperell
Joseph, s. of Caleb and Annes, July 9, 1760. Harvard
Joseph, s. of Benjamin and Esther, Dec. 15, 1762. Sherborn
Joseph, s. Samuel and Mehetable, Sept. 10, 1764. Yarmouth
Joseph, s. Nathaniel and Abigail, Nov. 27, 1767. Grafton
Joseph, s. Jonas and Sarah, Apr. 27 [21 in dup.], 1768. Westminster
Joseph, s. of Samuel and Abigail his wife, b. 27 Sep 1771. [p. 246] Concord
Joseph, s. Aaron and Hanah, Apr. 12, 1773. Stow
Joseph, s. Jonathan and Sufanna, b. 16 Jun 1774 Watertown
Joseph, s. of Jonathan Whitney, bapt. 21 Jun 1774. Watertown
Joseph, s. William and Mary, May 20, 1775. Winchendon
Joseph, jr., s. Joseph and Abija [Abigail (Barnard), P. R. 14], Apr. 4, 1781. Shelburne
Joseph, s. Phinehas, bap. Sept. 1, 1782. C.R. Dudley
Joseph, s. Phinehas and Susannah, July 21, 1783. N.R. Dunstable
Joseph, s. Elisha and Eunice, Feb. 22, 1784. Westminster
Joseph, s. Benjamin & w. [Rebecca], b. Apr. 18, 1784. Pepperell
Joseph, s. Abraham Jr. and Hitty [Mehitable, C.R.], Jan. 16, 1787. Stow
Joseph, s. Joseph and Abija, June 11, 1787. Shelburne
Joseph, s. Abijah and Lydia, b. 1 week, bap. Jan. 6, 1788. [p. 507] Weston
Joseph, s. Joshua and Vashti, March 24, 1792. Gardner
Joseph, s. Lt. Daniel and Sarah, June 30, 1793. Stow
Joseph, s. William and Anne, Feb. 28, 1794. Gardner
Joseph, s. Daniel and Sarah, bp. July 27, 1794. Stow
Joseph, s. Jonas and Elizabeth, Dec. 18, 1794. Westminster
Joseph, s. of Abraham and Rebecca, bp. Aug. 9, 1795. C.R.1. Harvard
Joseph, s. Joseph and Sally, June 10, 1796. Newburyport
Joseph, June 11, 1796. G.R.3. Cambridge
Joseph Jr., s. Joseph and Hannah, Oct. 10, 1800 [dup.] Winchendon
Joseph, s. Jonathan and Lucy, Nov. 22, 1810. Sterling
Joseph, s. Nathan [and Marthy], Sept. 28, 1811. Lincoln
Joseph, s. Abijah & Lydia, b. June 25, 1827. Pepperell
Joseph, June 15, 1838. G.S.3. Westminster
Joseph, s. R. P. and Hannah, July __, 1849. [p. 172] Southbridge
Joseph A., s. of Joseph and Ann, _____, 1838. G.R.3. Chelsea
Joseph Austin, s. Joseph and Ann, Sept. 9, 1838. Lincoln
Joseph Cushing, s. Silas and Hannah, Jan. 23, 1818. Ashburnham
Joseph Francis, s. Jacob and Ann Maria, Dec. 14, 1844. [p. 80] Dorchester
Joseph Gay, s. Daniel and Sarah, 7 Sep 1784. [1:38] Warwick
Joseph Gay, s. Seneca and Hannah,20 Jun 1806. [2:238] Warwick
Joseph Glazier, s. Abner and Livinah, 2d w., June 22, 1783. Westminster
Joseph H., _____, 1822. G.R.2. Cambridge
Joseph Hastings, s. John Smith and Susanna, Feb. 25, 1799. Shrewsbury
Joseph Hasting, s. Joseph and Polly, March 29, 1803. Grafton
Joseph Holden, s. Joel and Abigail, Dec. 27, 1799. Westminster
Joseph J., s. Joseph H. and Sarah, July 25, 1836 in Grafton. R.R. Hopkinton
Joseph J. (Joseph Jerome in C.R.), s. Joseph H. and Sarah, July 25, 1836. Grafton
Joseph Leland, s. of Freeman S. and Eveline, Aug. 18, 1835. Natick
Joseph Lincoln, s. Joseph 2d and Nancy, Dec. 17, 1826. Gardner
Joseph Mason, s. John, Jr., and Abigail, 3 Oct 1826. [2:239] Warwick
Joseph Park, s. of Joseph and Sally, July 9, 1798. Sherborn
Joseph Sweetser, s. Richard and Eunice, Apr. 7, 1843. Winchendon
Josephine, d. Joseph H. and Sarah, May 25, 1838. Grafton
Josephine, ch. Harrison and Onda, Nov. 19, 1847 (father merchant in Orange) Orange
Josephine M., d. Jerome B. and Harriet E., _____, 1839. G.R.1. Acton
Joshawa, twin s. Joshuay and Ruth Williams, July 5, 1746. Douglas
Joshia, s. Joshia and w., bp. June 23, 1791. C.R.1. Granville
Joshua, s. John & Elinor, b. 15 5m 1635 Watertown
Joshua, s. Joshua, June 14, 1665. Groton
Joshua, s. of Benjamin and Jane, Sept. 21, 1687. Sherborn
Joshua, s. Joshua and Hannah _____ [rec.after Nov.12,1712]. Medfield
Joshua, s. Nathaniel Jr. and Mercy, bap. Apr. 25, 1714, a. _m. [p. 390] Weston
Joshua, s. Cornelius and Sarah, Dec. 1, 1724. Groton
Jofhua, s. Thomas and Sufanna, b. 14 May 1728 Watertown
Joshua, s. Daniel and Dorothy, b. 3 Apr 1737 Watertown
Joshua, s. of Daniel Whitney, bapt. 3 Apr 1737. Watertown
Joshu[a], s. Joshua and Pheeby, Feb. 27, 1738-9 Uxbridge
Joshua, s. Joshua and Zeruiah, Aug. 27, 1747. Stow
Joshua, s. of Josiah and Sarah, Feb. 25, 1753. Harvard
Joshua, s. of Caleb and Annis, Feb. 18, 1754. Harvard
Joshua, s. Eleazer and Mary, April 26, 1754. Westborough
Joshua, s. Joshua and Mehitable, Nov. 11, 1758. Spencer
Joshua, third s. Joshua and Mercy, Jan 11, 1769. Stow
Joshua, s. Joshua and Jemina, Jan. 25, 1769. Medfield
Joshua, ch. Joshua, bap. Apr. 23, 1769. Medway
Joshua, s. of Jason and Elizabeth, Apr. 12, 1772. Natick
Joshua, s. Joshua and Mary, Nov. 16, 1773. Worcester
Joshua, s. Joshua and Keziah, Jan.17, 1783. Medway
Joshua, s. Joshua and Vashti, Feb. 9, 1786. Gardner
Joshua 2d, s. Joshua and Vashti, March 24, 1795. Gardner
Joshua, s. Israel and Lucy, March 30, 1815. Worcester
Joshua Avery, s. Joseph 2d and Nancy, Feb. 28, 1814. Gardner
Joshua B., s. Joshua B., blacksmith, and Wealthy J. F., Jan. 16, 1848. Andover
Josiah, s. Jonathan and Lydia, b. 19 May 1663 Watertown
Josiah, s. of Josiah and Mary, Feb. 21, 1698. Wrentham
Josiah, s. Josiah and Miriam, June 10, 1712. Chelmsford
Josiah [dup. Whitny], s. David and Rebeckah, Nov. 22, 1730. Waltham
Josiah, s. Israel and Anna, April 18, 1735. Oxford
Josiah, s. Dr. John, Nov. 7, 1741. Eastham
Josiah, s. Benjn. and Rebecca, b. 16 Jun 1746 Watertown
Josiah, s. of Benja Whitney Junr, bapt. 15 Jun 1746. Watertown
Josiah, at Stow, Nov. 22, 1750. Ashby
Josiah, s. Gorsham and Sarah, June 23, 1760. Palmer
Josiah, s. Josiah and Sarah, June 23, 1765. Waltham
Josiah, s. Eli and Elizabeth, March 31, 1770. Westborough
Josiah, s. of Abraham and Rebekah, Aug. 18, 1781. Harvard
Josiah, s. Jacob and Ester [Easther C.R.], June 17, 1785. Stow
Josiah, ch. Josiah Jr. and Mary, Mar. 24, 1791. Waltham
Josiah, s. Josiah and Polly, at Waltham, Mar. 24, 1791. Ashby
Josiah, s. Thomas, bap. (C.R.1) Jun. 11, 1809. Marlborough
Josiah, ___ __, 1816. G.S. Leominster
Josiah, s. of Josiah and Rhoda, May 3, 1817. Harvard
Josiah Allen, ch. Orlando and Phebe, Sept. 1, 1836. Conway
Josiah C., s. William B. and Marilla L., July 14, 1843. Athol
Josiah D., s. Jonas P. and Rebecca, Nov. 7, 1818. Ashby
Josiah Dwight, son of Abel and Clarissa (Dwight), b. July 9, 1786. Westfield
Josiah Dwight, s. Abel and Clarissa, bap. 16 Jul 1786. Westfield
Josiah Quincy, ch Jonathan and Sarah, Sept. 15, 1805. Waltham
Josuah, s. William and Lydia, Nov. 1, 1714. Groton
Jotham, s. Lemuel and Dorcas, bp. Apr. 1 [17]98. C.R. Stow
Judah, s. of Simon and Oleav, May 17, 1757. Harvard
Judah, s. of Simon and Olive, June 16, 1761. Harvard
Judah W., s. Judah and Mary, Oct. 1, 1805. Ashby
Judeth, d. William and Martha, b. 15 Nov 1708 Watertown
Judeth [dup. Whitnay], d. Isaac and Elizabeth [dup. Elizabath] July 25, 1727. [Judith, C.R.1]. Hopkinton
Judith, d. William and Martha, Nov. 15, 1708. [p. 2] Weston
Judith, ch. Wm. (dec'd) and ___[Martha], bap. Jan. 21, 1727-8, a. 19y. [p. 411] Weston
Judith, d. Silvanus and Hannah, June 12, 1754. N.R. Dunstable
Julia, d. Rev. Peter and Julia, May 7, 1771. Northborough
Julia, d. Rev. Peter and Julia, Aug. 25, 1772. Northborough
Julia, d. Israel and Lucy, June 30, 1807. Worcester
Julia A. [_____], w. of Clarence, Apr. 4, 1841. G.R.3. Cambridge
Julia A., ___ __, 1842. G.S. Leominster
Julia Ann, d. Joshua A. and Mehitable, Aug. 31, 1842. Gardner
Julia Ann, d. of William L. and Rebecca R., Aug. 1, 1847. Cambridge
Julia Frances, d. John F. and Maria, Feb. 1, 1848. [p. 80] Dorchester
Julia-Lambert, d. Thomas-Lambert and Mary, Mar 16, 1802. Northborough
Julia W., ch. Simeon and Sarah, Feb. 23, 1832. Duxbury
Julian, d. Simon and Lucy, Sept. 6, 1807. Petersham
Julian Mann, d. Moses and Nancy, Jun. 25, 1798 Uxbridge
Julianna, d. of Nathan and Nancy, Nov. 13, 1824. Harvard
Julitta, ch. Hezekiah and Mehetabel, Sep. 4, 1803 C.R.2 Otis
Julittea, d. Hezekiah and Mehetabel, May 26, 1791 Otis
Justin, s. of Salmon and Hepsebeth, July 24 1801. Harvard
Justin, s. Horace and Mary, July 9, 1831. Westminster
Justin Otis, s. of Justus and Mary (s. of Justin and Sally, C.R.2), June 10, 1829. Harvard


J., of Woburn, and E. M. Treadwell, int. Oct. 6, 1844. Salem
J. B., unm., merchant, of S., b. New Salem, S. Jacob, of New Salem, and Lucinda Bardwell, unm., seamstress, of S., b. Leyden, d. Hubbard B. of Pawtucket, May 15, 1844. Shelburne
J. Milton (Jacob Milton, int.) and Sarah Ann Bigelow, Apr. 21, 1842. Harvard
Jabez and [int. adds Mrs.] Experience Fairbank [int. Fairbanks] Oct. 20, 1771. Medway
Jabez of Hinsdale, and Hannah Davis, Mar. 6, 1806. Peru
Jabez and Mrs. _____ Davis, int. __ ___ ____ [rec. before July 27, 1806.] Hinsdale
Jacob, and Rachel Whiting, Nov. 15 [16. C.R.2.], 1759. Roxbury
Jacob and Lois Hapgood, May 25, 1772. Harvard
Jacob of Stow and Esther Walcott, Sept. 30, 1779. At Stow Bolton
Jacob and Easter Walcutt of Bolton, Sept. 30, 1779. [Esther Walcut of Bolton, M.R.] [Easter Walcutt of Bolton, C.R.] Stow
Jacob of Harvard and Miss Mary Patch of Littleton, Jan. 29, 1794, by Rev. Edmund Foster. [p. 237] Littleton
Jacob and Mary Patch of Littleton, in Littleton, June 29, 1794. Harvard
Jacob and Mrs. Patty Whipple of Grafton, int. May 16, 1795. Upton
Jacob of Upton and Patty Whipple, Sept. 27, 1795. Grafton
Jacob and Phebe Mitchell [int. reads (Rube Mitchel)], Oct. 3, 1802. In Brookline. [p. 418] Boston
Jacob and March F. (Mercy Fairbank, int.) Whitney, Feb. 20, 1806. Harvard
Jacob and Sarah Hall [int. reads Whiting], Apr. 27, 1807. [p. 228] Boston
Jacob, of Orange, and Lucy Adams, Nov. 11, 1810, C.R. New Salem
Jacob Jr. and Moriah Goldsmith [int. Gooldsmith], May 12, 1811. Stow
Jacob and Hannah Whitney of Bolton, int. June 7, 1823. Harvard
Jacob of Harvard and Hannah Whitney, July 13, 1823. Bolton
Jacob, Mr., and Miss Sarah Pratt, b. of Ware, 24 Aug 1828. (2:275) Ware
Jacob and Elizabeth Gates, June 2, 1839. Harvard
Jacob and Elizabeth Gates, June 20, 1839. P.R.15 Stow
Jacob, and Sarah Jackson, July 23, 1843. Lynn
Jacob C. and Abigail [int. adds S.] Parks, Dec. 31, 1834. Waltham
Jacob S. of Milton, and Ann Maria Cannell, Dec. 25, 1838. Cambridge
James and Martha Rice, Feb. 2, 1714-5. Framingham
James and Mercy Flagg, b. of Watertown, m. 8 Nov 1722 Watertown
James and Elizabeth Twitchel of Sherborn, Apr. 27, 1732. Natick
James and Patience Leland of Sherborn, Mar. 18, 1741-2, In Sherborn. Framingham
James of Framingham and Patience Lealand, Mar. 18, 1741-2. Sherborn
James and Mary Thayer, June 14, 1763. In Brookline. [p. 398] Boston
James, and Sarah Lund [of Dunstable, N.H., int.], Sept. 4, 1766. Dunstable
James of Sherburne, and Susanna Hill, int. Mar. 13, 1780. Holliston
James and Susanna Hill of Holliston, Apr. 20, 1780. Sherborn
James and Rachel Laughton, May 27, 1783. Harvard
James, and Elis[abet]h Kemp, June 27,1785. Pepperell
James and Ruth Knap, Oct. 18, 1787. Douglas
James and Lidea Spaulding of Dunstable, int. Dec. 25, 1791. Tyngsborough
James, of Tyngsborough, and Lydia Spaulding, Jan. 26, 1792. N.R. Dunstable
James and Mary Robbinson of Dudley, int. Oct. 27, 1793. Douglas
James of Douglas and Mary Robinson, Nov. 24, 1793. Dudley
James and Lucy Reed, Oct. 20, 1803. Harvard
James and Susan Whitney, Dec. 8, 1811. Harvard
James and Bethiah Follet, Jan. 1, 1827. Winchendon
James, and Lucy Ann Sturgis, of Barnstable, int. May 28, 1837. Lynn
James and Mary Chadwick, March 14, 1844 Sutton
James Jr. and Mary Ann Clark of Sherborn, int. Apr. 14, 1844. Natick
James of Natick, s. of James and Lois, a. 28y., and Mary Ann Clark, d. of Alpheus and Nancy, a. 28y., May 9, 1844. Sherborn
James, 2nd m., a. 51y., mechanic, of Fitchburg, s. Jonas P. and Rebecca, and Lucy E. Damon, a. 29y., d. Joseph and Olive, May 6, 1875. Ashby
James B (s. Israel, a. 26) and Anne Wilkins, Apr. 9, 1845. Marlborough
James D. and Submit Cutting both of Sterling, July 21, 1836. Int. not recorded. West Boylston
James F. of Albany, N.Y., and Mary G. Whitney of Stow, Sept. 18, 1834. Bolton
James F. and Nancy Sanderson of Lowell, int. Aug. 1, 1841. Westford
James F. of Albany, N.Y., and Mary G. Whitney, Sept. 18, 1834. [James Fordyce Whitney and Mary Gates Whitney, P.R.30] Stow
James F., of Westford, and Nancy Sanderson of L., Aug. 19, 1841. Lowell
James F. [Femme and Semme, dup.; Temme, int.], and Jesse Foster [both of L. int.], June 1, 1837. Lowell
James H. and Miss Amanda Rogers, both of O., int. Mar. 20, 1814 Otis
James Harvey and (int. Miss) Lydia Gates, of O., Nov. 30, 1815 (in O., C.R.2) Otis
James L. of Harvard, and Elizabeth Tilton, Apr. 7, 1842. Cambridge
James P. Esq. and Lydia B. P. Treadwell of Ipswich, int. May 8, 1836. [James Phinehas Whitney, m. May 31, B.R.] Shirley
James P., of Shirley, and Lydia B. P. Treadwell of Ipswich, May 31, 1836. Beverly
James P., of Shirley, and Lydia B. P. Treadwell, May 31,1836. Ipswich
James P., Hon., and Sarah Ann Treadwell of Ipswich, int. May 24, 1846. Shirley
James P., widr., of Shirley, a. 43 y. trader, b. Shirley, s. Thomas and Henrietta of Shirley, and Sarah Ann Treadwell, a. 27 y., d. Moses and Lydia B. P., June 10, 1846. Ipswich
James R., s. of Isaac and Sally, a. 24y., and Susan A Cleale, d. of Joseph and Susan, a. 22y., May 15, 1845. Sherborn
Jane of Dedham, and Daniel Hill, int. Apr. 12, 1777. Natick
Jane of Dedham, and Daniel Whitney, July 10, 1777. Natick
Jane, of Dunstable, N.H., and Reubin Butterfield of Sandy River, Feb. 13, 1794. N.R. Dunstable
Jane, of Marlborough, and William H. Brown, int. Nov. 16, 1828. Roxbury
Jane and James N. Hill, Oct. 22, 1835. Sherborn
Jane, of Sheffield, and William H. Post, of Batavia, m. 12 Jul 1837. Sheffield
Jared, and Sally Rogers, mar. 14 Sep 1790. Westfield
Jason and Elizabeth Beal of Sudbury, Mar. 3, 1757. In Sudbury. Natick
Jason of Natick and Elizabeth Beal, Mar. 3, 1757. Sudbury
Jason [int. WHITING], and Deborah Morse of Natick, Nov. 13, 1766.* Sherborn
Jason and Louis Pratt (Lois, int.) of Needham, Mar. 17, 1773. In Needham. Natick
Jason, of Natick, and Louise [Lois, CR] Pratt, Mar. 17, 1773. Needham
Jason (Whiteing, int.) of Sherborn, and Deborah Morse, Nov. 13, 1776 [prob. 1766] (Mar. 15, 1766, int.). In Sherborn. Natick
Jason Jr. and Hannah Goodenow, int .Sept. 12, 1801. Natick
Jason and Elizabeth L. Sam[s]on, May 4, 1836. Ashburnham
Jason and Susan E. Barrett of Montpelier, Vt., Aug. 16, 1842. Ashburnham
Jason W. and Emely Muzzy, both of Medway, Apr. 5, 1837. Leicester
Jason W. [int. Whetney] and Emily [int. Emely] Muzzy, Apr. 5, 1837, in Leicester. Medway
Jemima, and [Mr., int.] David Fairbanks, b. of Dedham, int. Dec. 2, 1785 [VR], m. Feb. 23, 1786. [VR] Dedham
Jemima and Richard Bullard, Nov. 12, 1815. Sherborn
Jemima of Upton and Frances Hapgood, int. Mar. 5, 1841. Medway
Jemima and Francis Hapgood of Medway, Mar. 29, 1841. Upton
Jemima and Charles C. Johnson of Milford, Sept. 22, 1842. Upton
Jemima W.of Upton, and Charles C. Johnson, int. Sept. 6, 1842. Milford
Jenny, of Dedham, and Daniel Hill of Natick, int. Apr. 12, 1777. [VR] Dedham
Jeremiah and Elizabeth Farr, int. June 17, 1749. Stow
Jeremiah and Azubah Bennet, int. Feb. 8, 1755. Stow
Jeremiah F. and Sara A. Puffer, Nov. 11, 1841, in Weston. Wayland
Jerome B. and Elvira H. Hoar, both of Pepperell, Jan. 19, 1837. Boxborough
Jerome B. and Miss Elivra H. Hoar, both of Pepperell, Jan. 19, 1837, in Boxboro. Acton
Jerome B., and Alvyra H. Hoar, int. Dec. 31, 1836 [m. at Boxborough, Jan. 19, 1837. V.R.21.] Pepperell
Jesse and Mary Cheeney, both of Mendon, Sept. 22, 1757. C.R. Milford
Jesse and Mary Cheney, Sept.22, 1757. Mendon
Jesse and wid. Ruth Wight, int. Apr. 19, 1779. Mendon
Jesse, Lieut., and Abigail Rawson of Upton, int. July 5, 1794. Milford
Lt. Jesse of Milford and Mrs. Abagail Rawson, Aug. 21, 1794. Upton
Jessee and Rebecca Fisk, June 12, 1817. Milford
Jesse and Rebecca Newell of Medfield, int. Oct. 24, 1818. Framingham
Jesse of Framingham and Rebecca Newell, Nov. 19, 1818. Medfield
Joanna and John Cook, b. of Watertown, m. 20 Sep 1750 Watertown
Joel and Lucy Holden, Dec. 29, 1790. Westminster
Joel [of] Township No. 10 of Ontario [int. adds Co., N.Y.], and Sybil Wetmore [int. of C.], Jan. 6, 1791. Conway
Joel and [wid.] Abigail Meriam, Aug. 16, 1796. Westminster
Joel and Abiel Nason of Grafton, int. Aug. 12, 1813. Westborough
Joel of Westborough and Ebial Nason, Sept. 5, 1813. C.R. Grafton
Joel and Mary J. Whitney of Grafton, int. Oct. 28, 1828. Upton
Joel of Upton and Mary J. Whitney, Nov. 27, 1828. Grafton
Joel [int. Whiting] and Harriot J. Ware [int. Harriet J. Wares] Dec.1, 1836. [Whiting, P.R.] Medway
Joel of Woburn and Esther M. Treadwell(?) of Salem, int. Oct. 6, 1844. Woburn
John and Judah Clement, m. 29 Sep 1659 Watertown
John (s. of Jonathan), and Mary Hapgood (d. of Shadrach Hapgood), both of Sherborn, 10 Apr 1688, with consent of friends. Watertown
John and Sarah Cutting, b. of Watertown, m. 22 Feb 1703 Watertown
John and Elizabeth Barnard of Watertown, Mar. 2, 1709, in Watertown Stow
John of Stow and Elizabeth Barnard of Watertown, m. 2 Mar 1709/10 Watertown
John and Martha Walker, Nov. 10, 1718. Framingham
John, of Lancaster, and Beckah Whitney of Stow, May 20, 1724. T.R.1, p. 18. Lancaster
John [int. Whetney] [of] Lancaster, and Rebeckah Whitney [int. Whetney], May 20 1724, in Lancaster. Stow
John and Elizabeth Brinno, May 1, 1727. [p. 141] Boston
John, of Weston, and Bethyah Cutter of Watertown, int. Jan. 30, 1736/7. [p. 38] Weston
John, of Weston, and Bethiah Cutler of Watertown, Oct. 6, 1737, in Watertown, by Rev. Wareham Williams. [p. 268] Weston
John of Weston and Bethia Cutler of Watertown, m. 6 Oct 1737 Watertown
John and Abigail Perry of Sherborn, Feb. 8, 1738-9, In Sherborn. Framingham
John of Framingham and Abigail Perry, Feb. 8, 1738-9. Sherborn
John, Dr., of Harwich, and Mrs. Jerushah Knowls of Eastham, int. 25 Aug 1739. Harwich
John of Harwich and Jerusha Knowls of Eastham, Sept. 20, 1739, in Eastham, by Mr. Joseph Crocker, an ordained Minister in Eastham. Eastham
John and Mary Blair, Oct. 21, 1748. [p. 268] Boston
John and Mary Benjamin, July 4, 1753, in Watertown.* Waltham
John of Waltham and Mary Benjamin of Watertown, m. 4 Jul 1753 Watertown
John and Beria Peirce of Waltham, int. Sept. 28, 1754. [p. 89] Weston
John, of Weston, and Beria Peirce of Waltham, int. Sept. 28, 1754. [p. 89] Weston
John, of Weston, and Beria Pierce of Waltham, Nov. 28, 1754, by. Rev. Samuel Woodward. [p. 92] Weston
John, Jr., of Shirley, and Hannah Sawtell, Feb. 26, 1759. Groton
John, Jr., of Shirley, and Elizabeth Sawtell, of Shirley, Apr. 15, 1762. Groton
John and Hannah Holbrook, Feb. 5, 1767. Sherborn
John and Mille Carey, int. Dec. 5, 1767. "The Banns between John Whitney & Molly Carey is forbidden by his Master Garnsey & Mother." Medway
John, a transient person (of Medway, int.), and Molly Cary, Feb. 16, 1768. In Newton. Natick
John "a transient person" and Molly Cary [dup. Corey], Feb. 16, 1768. [Mary, M.R.] Newton
John and Sarah Atherton, in Bolton, Jan. 9, 1771. Harvard
John and Sarah Atherton, both of Harvard, Jan 9, 1771. Bolton
John, and Mary Payson, Apr. 22, 1773. Roxbury
John and Anna [Joanna?] Hamilton, Feb. 2, 1775. Brookfield
John of Luningburgh and Priscilla Battles, int. Dec. 18, 1775. Leominster
John of Stow, and Mary Farnsworth, in Stow, Feb. 3, 1778. Harvard
John and Mary Farnsworth [int. Farnwoth] of Harvard, Feb. 3, 1778. Stow
John and Mary Skiffington, both resident of Westford, int. Feb. 16, 1779. Westford
John and Polley Jones both of Fitzwilliam, Feb. 7, 1781.* Westminster
John and Sarah Twitchell, int. May 24, 1781. Westborough
John and Sarah Twichel, both of Westborough, June 21, 1781.* Upton
John, and Rachel Hiscock, mar. 27 Jun 1782. Westfield
John and Hannah Atherton, Jan. 2, 1785. Harvard
John, Mr., of Needham [Newton, int.], and Miss Polly Pope of Dedham, int. Aug. 6, 1785, m. Sept. 4,1785, in Newton. [VR] Dedham
John and Polly Pope, Sept. 4, 1785. Newton
John and Hannah Bigelow, Nov. 8, 1787. Petersham
John and Elizabeth Sterns, Jan. 16, 1794. Westminster
John and Susannah Smith, Feb. 4, 1796. Westminster
John and Clarissa Slack of Needham, Mar. 8, 1797. In Brookline. [p. 468] Boston
John, of Boston, and Clarissa Slack, May 28, 1797. [CR] Needham
John and Susan Niles of Waltham, May 31, 1804. In Brookline. [p. 484] Boston
John of Boston, and Susanna [int. Sukey] Viles, July 1, 1804. Waltham
John and Sally Stow, Nov. 23, 1804. Harvard
John and Hannah Cock [int. reads (Whiting)(Cook)], July 10, 1805. [p. 213] Boston
John and Catherine Monk [int. reads Catharine], Jan. 7, 1807 [p. 277] Boston
John, of Lynn, and Mary Munday, int. Apr. 24, 1808. Salem
John, and Mary Monday [of Salem. int.], May 8, 1808. Lynn
John and Sophia Vinal of Quincy, int. Sept. 23, 1809. Scituate
John and Charlottee Prouty, Apr. 17, 1810. Winchendon
John of Boston and Silence Holbrook, Sept. 23, 1811. Sherborn
John [of New Haven, CT, int.], and Mary Russell, July 14, 1812. Int. not recorded. Salem
John and Rachel Holbrook Osgood, July 6, 1817. Gardner
John and Harriot Tower, int. May 8, 1819.[Heriott, m. June 13, C.R.] Stow
John and Rachel [int Rachehel] Winslow, ___ __, ____ [between May 1, 1819 and May 1, 1820, int. May 1 1819]. [Rachel, Mar. 2 1819, C.R.2. Rachel, d. James and Martha, P.R.38] Nantucket
John, Jr., Mr., and Miss Abigail Foster, 2 Dec 1819. [1:82] Warwick
John and Emily Meeds, Dec. 15, 1819. Harvard
John and Lydia Allen of Hubbardston, int. Oct. 17, 1821. Westminster
John of Westminster and Lydia Allen, Nov. 1, 1821. Hubbardston
Capt. John and Mary Netwon [Newton?] of Royalston, int. Aug. 23, 1822. Princeton
John of Princeton and Mary Newton, Sept. 17, 1822. Royalston
John and Jane Gilson, Apr. 24, 1823.* Waltham
John and Mary B. Holt of Boston, int. Nov. 8, 1828. Cambridge
John and Rhoda Holman, June 5, 1831. Bolton
John, of Franconia, N.H., and Maria Shed, Nov. 30, 1831. [Nov. 29, dup.] Danvers
John 2d and Eliza Cushing of Ashburnham, int. May 5, 1832. Westminster
John of Westminster and Eliza Cushing, May 9, 1832. Ashburnham
Col. John and Eliza-Ann-F.Watson, Oct. 4, 1832. Princeton
John, Rev., and Mary A. Jewett of Gloucester, int. Sept. 20, 1835. Boxford
John, Rev. of Boxford and Mary Appleton Jewell, Oct. 15, 1835. Gloucester
John and Cyreene Shattuck of Peperill, int., Jan. 1, 1837. Bolton
John of Bolton, and Cyrene Shattuck, Jan. 29, 1837. Pepperell
John and Harriot F. Bruce, Jan 1, 1838. Grafton
John, Capt., Whitney and Miss Rosetta Childs of Henniker, N.H., int. Apr. 21, 1838. T.R.3, p. 244. Lancaster
John and Mary Ann Nurse, Nov. 14, 1843. Harvard
John, and Marietta Parks, Nov. 25, 1847. Worcester
John, M.D., of Boston and Margaret Coffin, d. Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), ___ __, ____, P.R.38. Nantucket
John A. of Boston and Asenath W. Houghton, Oct. 26, 1834. Bolton
John A. and Eliza W. Wellington of Waltham, int. Mar. 19, 1837 Uxbridge
John A. of Uxbridge, and Eliza Wellington, Apr. 6, 1837. Waltham
John A. and Emily Ann Walker, May 27, 1839. Natick
John B., 26, printer [int. of Boston], b. Halifax, N.S., s. Henry P. and Mary, and Martha A. Bailey, 28, d. Paul and Sybel, Oct. 11, 1848. Scituate
John B., and Harriet Cushing, Mar. 1, 1829. Ashby
John M., and Emma A. Willard, Mar. 26, 1840. Ashby
John B., 2nd m., a. 75y., farmer, s. Josiah and Polly, and Sophronia Boring, 2nd m., a. 60y., d. David and Polly Hamblet, June 15, 1876. Ashby
John D. and Elizabeth Doughty, Mar. 9, 1826. Cambridge
John D., 24, mechanic of Rindge, NH, b. Pern, VT, s/o Zachariah and Hepsibeth, and Alta M. Ashley, 23, of Rindge, NH, b. Paulet, VT, d/o George L. and Sarah W., 17 Sep. 1874. Freetown
John E. [int. Edmonds] and Mary C. [int. Corbett] Rouse, Mar. 1, 1831. Waltham
John-E. of Westminster and Cleora Allen, int. June 15, 1844. Princeton
John E. (farmer, s. John and Lydia, a. 21) and Cleora Allen, Sept. 23, 1844. Westminster
John F., and Sylvia Lee, m. 23 Oct 1837. Sheffield
John H., and Sarah Skinner, Jan. 30, 1834. Roxbury
John H. and Olive L. Snow of Tolland [CT], Nov. 25, 1839. Sandisfield
John L., unm., of L., a. 21y., printer, s. John and Jane, and Sarah L. Morse, unm., of L., a. 20y., dressmaker, d. Caleb and Sarah, Sept. 9, 1848. Lowell
John M. [int. Mirick of GA] and Bridget Seymour, May 28, 1792. Westport
John M. and Susan Winchester of Ashburnham, int. Mar. 10, 1843. Westminster
John M. of Westminster and Susan Winchester, May 4, 1843. Ashburnham
John M., 24, farmer, s. Daniel, and Elizabeth G. Walcott, 22, d. Joel, Mar. 30, 1847. Stow
John M. of Springfield (a. 25) and Mary L. Beals, Jan. 3, 1849. Ashburnham
John M., (age 27) of Concord and Hannah C. Whitmarsh (age 31) of Boston, 14 Mar 1850. [p. 408] Concord
John O., of Decatur, Ill., a. 33, b. Florida, N.Y., s. Wm. H. and Mary A., and Janet G. Hutchins of Dedham, a. 27, b. Dedham, d. Geo. H. and Mary, 9:26:89 [Sept. 26, 1889]. [VR] Dedham
Mr John S. Whitney & Veleria [altered from Valiria] P. Johnson. both of the City of Charlestown, int. Nov. 13, 1847. Charlestown
John Smith of Westboro and Susanna Knowlton of Shrewsbury, Feb. 25, 1794. Grafton
John Smith of Westboro' and Susanna Knowlton, Feb. 25, 1794. In Grafton. Shrewsbury
John Smith and Susanna Knowlton of Shrewsbury, Feb. 25, 1794. In Grafton. Westborough
John W. and Mary Johnson, both of Wrentham, Oct. 6, 1843. Woburn
Jona. and Mary Wyman, b. of Lancaster, int. Aug. 20, 1765. T.R.1, p. 39. Lancaster
Jonah and Lois Hill, Sept. 24, 1783. Harvard
Jonah and Lydia Wetherbee of Boxborough, int. Apr. 8, 1786. Harvard
Jonah of Harvard, and Lydia Witherbee, May 11, 1786. C.R. Boxborough
Jonah of Westborough and Anna Rider, May 21, 1797. In Westborough. Shrewsbury
Jonah and Anna Rider of Shrewsbury, May 21, 1797. Westborough
Jonah and Mary Ann Wadsworth of Westborough, int. Dec. 30, 1832. Grafton
Jonah of Grafton and Mary Ann Wadsworth, Jan. 24, 1833. Westborough
Jonas and Darcos Wood of Concord, int. Jan. 19, 1723-4. Stow
Jonas and Margaret Stratton of Chelmsford, int. Mar. 12 1725-6. Stow
Jonas, and Sarah Perry, May 8, 1735. Roxbury
Jonas Jr. and Zebudah Davis, Sept. 13, 1750. Harvard
Jonas of Narragansett No. 2, and Sarah Wetmore of Lexington, int. Aug. 20, 1757. Leominster
Jonas, of Narragansett Township No. 2, m. Sarah Whittemore, of Lexington Sept. 27, 1757. Lexington
Jonas and Tamar Houghton of Lancaster, Jan. 11, 1773. Shrewsbury
Jonas Jr. and Relief Whitney, int. July 2, 1780. Harvard
Jonas of Westminster and Betty Raymond, int. Aug. 20, 1785. Princeton
Jonas and Elizabeth Raymond [of Princetown], Dec. __, 1785. Westminster
Jonas, Mr., and Mrs. Mary Noble, both of Blandford, int. 25 Nov 1790 (2:124). Blandford
Jonas and Mary Hawkes both of Lancaster, int. Apr. 8, 1803. T.R.1, p. 153. Lancaster
Jonas Jr. and Lucinda Damon, Dec. 11, 1832. Westminster
Jonas, of Fitchburg, and Elizabeth C. Rice, Apr. 11, 1850. Ashby
Jonas N. and Nancy Lynde, May 6, 1841. Westminster
Jonas P., and Rebecca Piper, Feb. 22, 1815. Ashby
Jonas P. of Ashby and Louisa Wheeler, Aug. 29, 1839. Leominster
Jonas Ward and Phebe Rand, May 27, 1800. Westminster
Jonathan and Lidia Jones, m. 30 Oct 1656 Watertown
Jonathan and Susanna Farbank, Jan. 14, 1700-1. Medfield
Jonathan and Alice Willard, Feb. 25, 1718-9. T.R.1, p. 17. Lancaster
Jona[than] and Tryphena Daniel, Nov. 1, 1726, in Wrentham. [p. 326] Boston
Jonathan and Tryphene Daniell, Nov. 1, 1726. Wrentham
Jonathan and Lydiah Jones Jan. 26, 1726/7.* Mendon
Jonathan, and Sarah Holt, Nov. 27, 1746. Harvard
Jonathan, Capt., and Rebekah Dunten, June 10, 1752. Wrentham
Jonathan and Eunice Marshall of Waltham, June 15, 1758, In Waltham. Framingham
Jonathan of Framingham, and Eunice Marshall, June 15, 1758.* Waltham
Jonathan, and Rhoda Grainger, mar. 21 Oct 1759. Westfield
Jonathan and Esther Parkhurst, Nov. 6, 1760. Mendon
Jonathan and Esther Parkhurst, both of Mendon, Nov. 6, 1760. C.R. Milford
Jonathan and Mary Wyman, b. of Lancaster, Oct. 3, 1765. T.R.1, p. 100. Lancaster
Jonathan and Sufanna Norcrofs, b. of Watertown, m. 10 Oct 1765 Watertown
Jonathan and Lucy Smith both of Lancaster, int. June 19, 1779. T.R.1, p. 139. Lancaster
Jonathan and Lucy Smith, b. of Lancaster, June 30, 1779. T.R.1, p. 129. Lancaster
Jonathan and Lucy Washburn, both of C., int. Jan. 13, 1791. Conway
Jonathan, Jr., of Watertown and Lucy Park of Lincoln, int. 22 Feb 1793 Watertown
Jonathan of Watertown, and Lucy Parks, Apr. 9, 1793. Lincoln
Jonathan of Sterling and Lucy Wheeler, int. Aug. 24, 1793. Gardner
Jonathan of S. and Lucy Wheeler of Gardner, Nov. 7, 1793, in Westminster, by Abner Holden, J.P. Sterling
Jonathan of Sterling and Lucy Wheeler of Gardner, Nov. 7, 1793.* Westminster
Jonathan and Easther Green Stutson [int. reads Stitson], Nov. 24, 1801. [p. 280] Boston
Jonathan and Sarah Bedlow, int. Oct. 14, [1804]. Waltham
Jonathan, of Waltham, and Sarah Bedlow, Oct. 31, 1804. Ashby
Jonathan and Lovine Combs, Sept. 29, 1806. Milford
Jonathan of Brooklyne and Anna Stimson, int. Dec. 4, 1808. [p. 188] Weston
Jonathan of Brookline and Anna Stimson, Jan. 1, 1809, by Rev. Samuel Kendal. [p. 227] Weston
Jonathan of Cozenova [int. of Cazanova, N.Y.], and Hannah Sedgwick, Jan. 25, 1816. Palmer
Jonathan and Mehetabel Davis of Harvard, int. Oct. 9, 1816. Gardner
Jonathan of Watertown, and Abigail Hammond, int. June 22, 1817. Newton
Jonathan, Jr., of Watertown, and Abigail Hammond of Newton, int. 22 Jul 1817. Watertown
Jonathan, Junr., of Watertown, and Abigail Hammond of Newton, m. 14 Sep 1817. Watertown
Jonathan of Gardner, and Mehitabel Davis, Oct. 27, 1817. Harvard
Jonathan, of Sterling, and Lucy Spaulding, Jan. 23, 1823. Ashby
Jonathan and Maria L. Moore of Torringford, Conn., int. Aug. 26, 1827. Granville
Jonathan, and Susan Wilkins of Salem, int. Oct. 20, 1827. Danvers
Jonathan [of Danvers. int.], and wid. Susan Wilkins, Nov. 27, 1827. Int. not recorded. Salem
Jonathan and Lorena French, May 28, 1843. Templeton
Jonathan and Maria Morse of Sharon, int. Apr. 6, 1844. Milford
Jonathan, widower, of Milford and Mrs.Maria Morse, Apr.22,1844. Sharon
Jonathan L. and Hannah T. Morse of Boylston, int. Dec. 21, 1847. West Boylston
Jonathan L., cordwainer, unm., of B., a. 21y., b. West Boylston, s. Silas and Olive of West Boylston, and Hannah T. Moore, unm., of B., a. 18y., b. Boylston, d. Phineas and Hannah of Boylston, Jan. 6, 1848. Berlin
Jonathan W. of Harvard, and Abigail Brooks, int. Mar. 20, 1820. [m. Apr. 6, C.R.] Stow
Jonathan W. and Nabby Brooks of Stow, int. Mar. 25, 1820. Harvard
Jonathan W. (s. Amos and Patty, a. 23) and Rebekah Gay, Sept. 21, 1845. Hubbardston
Jonathan W., unm., of L. [of Worcester. int.], a. 23y., carpenter, s. Geo[rge] W. and Mary, and Mehitable B. Emerson, unm., of L., a. 23y., d. Sam[ue]l and Ab[igai]l, at Dracut, Nov. 30, 1845. Lowell
Jonathan W., 23, carpenter, of Worcester, s. Geo[rge] W. and Mary, and Mehitable B. Emerson, 23, of Lowell, d. Sam[uel] and Abigail, Nov. 30, 1845. Dracut
Jones, of Shrewsbury, and Tamer Houghton of Lancaster, int. 29 Aug 1772. T.R.1, p. 46. Lancaster
Joseph and Martha Beech, m. 24 Jan 1674 Watertown
Joseph and Hiphzibah Flag, b. of Watertown, m. 10 Apr 1701 Watertown
Joseph and Rebeka Burge at Charlestown, May 26, 1706. Chelmsford
Joseph Whitnee & Rebeka Burge, both of Chelmsford, m. May 26, 1706. "An acct. of Marriages before Edward Emerson,Esq. Justice of Peace, vizt" Charlestown
Jofeph and Mary Childe, b. of Watertown, m. 19 Apr 1737 Watertown
Joseph and Abigail Nutting, Dec. 6, 1737. Groton
Joseph, of Weston, and Mary Child of Waltham, int. Mar. 11, 1742/3. [p. 51] Weston
Joseph, of Weston, and Mary Child of Waltham, Nov. 3, 1743, in Waltham, by Rev. Wareham Williams. [p. 273] Weston
Joseph of Weston, and Mary Cheild, Nov. 3, 1743.* [Child, M. R. ] Waltham
Joseph and Han[n]ah Chandler, Aug. 7, 1744. Harvard
Joseph and Abigail McCuller, int. Feb. 20, 1747. [p. 288] Boston
Joseph and Mary Hasting [dup. Hastings], Oct. 26, 1749. [Hastings, M.R.] Newton
Joseph and Elizabeth Goddard, b. of Watertown, m. 3 Jul 1760 Watertown
Joseph, Jr., and Abigail Barnard, d. John and Ruth (Catlin), of Shutesbury, Dec. 5, 1771. P. R. 1. Shelburne
Joseph, Jr., and Mary Woods, June 14, 1780. Pepperell
Joseph of Sherborn, and Sarah Park, Oct. 3, 1792. Framingham
Joseph and Sarah Park of Framingham, Oct. 3, 1792. In Framingham. Sherborn
Joseph and Sally Collins, Sept. 24, 1793. [p. 132] Boston
Joseph and Hannah Rice of Marlborough, int. Oct. 15, 1797. Grafton
Joseph and Hannah Rice, Dec. 10, 1797. Marlborough
Joseph, Jr., of Watertown and Rebecca Priest of Groton, int. 25 Jun 1798 Watertown
Joseph and Hannah Perley, int. Oct. 19, 1799. Winchendon
Joseph and Hannah White, Nov. 15, 1801. [p. 201] Boston
Joseph and Polly Stockwell, int. April 10, 1802. Grafton
Joseph and Polly Stockwell, both of Grafton, May 23, 1802. Royalston
Joseph and Catherine Smith, Oct. 18, 1803. [p. 205] Boston
Joseph and Lovina Dunn, int. Oct. 6, 1805. Westminster
Joseph and Lovena Dunn, both of Westminster, Nov. 28, 1805. Gardner
Joseph and Nancy Cushing, Dec. 4, 1806. In Brookline. [p. 494] Boston
Joseph and Betsey Lane, May 17, 1807. [p. 279] Boston
Joseph 2d and Nancy Sawen of Westminster, int. June 3, 1813. Gardner
Joseph 2d of Gardner and Nancy Sawin, July 6, 1813. Westminster
Joseph 3d and Anna Putnam, May 6, 1818. Gardner
Joseph Jr. and Abigail Flint, Oct. 30, 1821. Winchendon
Joseph, Lieut., and Sally Herrington, int. Nov. 20, 1823. Westminster
Joseph, Lieut., and Sally Herrington, Nov. 20, 1823. Westminster
Joseph [Dea. int.], of Dunstable, N.H., and Indiana Fletcher, Dec. 26, 1825. Dunstable
Joseph and Eliza Saunders of Townsend, int., March 21, 1830. Bolton
Joseph of Lincoln, and Ann Cook, int. Sept. 3, 1832. Waltham
Joseph and Ann Cook of Waltham, Oct. 2, 1832. Lincoln
Joseph and Emma Wilder, both of S., May 14, 1835. Sterling
Rev. Joseph, Jr., of Hubbardston and Eleanor Wheeler of Concord, by Rev. Luman Boyden, 30 Aug 1840. [p. 383] Concord
Joseph Jr. and Mrs. Charlotte Nutting, Jan. 3, 1842. Winchendon
Joseph, third, s., 28, farmer, Winchendon, (Joseph, Jr., and Abigail) and Maria Haskell, Oct. 2, 1850. (8:136) Fitchburg
Joseph, and Julia Greenleaf, m. 23 Dec 1860. Springfield
Joseph F., 32, of Lexington, b. in Mattapan, s. of Jacob S. and Ann M., m. Sarah Elizabeth Thaxter, 20, of Lexington, b. in South Boston, d. of Duncan McB. and Harriet, Nov. 15, 1882. Lexington
Joseph Gay of Boston, and Rachell [int. Rachel] Harrington, Nov. 10, 1811. [Rachel, C.R.1] Wayland
Joseph H., resident in Shrewsbury, and Lucy Green, Jan. 5, 1817. Shrewsbury
Joseph H. and Betsey Pratt, May 19, 1822. Westminster
Joseph H. and Damaris H. Rich, March 12, 1829. Grafton
Joseph H. of Lunenburg and Eliza Derby [March?], 24, 1831. Leominster
Joseph H. and Sarah Ingraham, Jan. 7, 1834. Grafton
Joseph H. and Louisa Loud of Braintree, Nov.28,1841. Weymouth
Joseph M., of Shutesbury, a. 21 y., tailor, s. Ebenezer and Lovina, and Mary A. Hunt, a. 17y., d. Job and Gratia, June 17, 1845. New Salem
Joseph P. and Roena Bickford, Jan. 28, 1823. Gardner
Joseph S., of Boston, a. 28, b. Boston, s. Wm. and Sarah, and Annie B. Wood of Dedham, a. 22, b. Boston, d. Amos and Eliz'h, 1:10:55 [Jan. 10, 1855]. [VR] Dedham
Joseph W. [of Sudbury, int.] and Nancy [Mary, int.] B. Gerrish, Oct. 4, 1840. Newburyport
Joshiah, Capt. and Sarah Dwelly, Feb. 3, 1774. Harvard
Jofhuah and Abigall Tarball, m. last of Sept 1672 Watertown
Joshua and Hannah Rockett, Nov. 26, 1709. Medfield
Joshua and Mehitabil Willson, May 21, 1740. Leicester
Joshua of Watertown, and Mary Clark, June 26, 1759. Newton
Joshua of Stow, and Azubah Farnworth, int. Apr. 17, 1762. Harvard
Joshua, Dea., and Azubah Farnsworth, wid., of Harvard, int. Apr. 19, 1762. Stow
Joshua Jr. and Marcy Pierce, int. Oct. 1, 1763. Stow
Joshua (Dea., C.R.1.) of Stow, and (wid., C.R.1.) Rebecca Whitney, Jan. 25, 1764. Harvard
Joshua [int. adds Dea.] and Mrs. Rebecca [int. Rebeckah, omits Mrs.] Whitney [int. adds wid.] of Harvard, Jan 25, 1764, in Harvard. Stow
Joshua and [int. adds Mrs.] Jemima Clark, Oct. 29, 1765. Medway
Joshua of Hanneker and Betty Wood, int. Nov. 12, 1777. Westborough
Joshua and Keziah [int. Kezia] Hobbs, Oct. 28, 1779. Medway
Joshua and Esther Prouty, June 7, 1781. [Int. not recorded.] Spencer
Joshua and Vashty Night (Knight in Lancaster Records), both of S., Nov. 31, 1781. Sterling
Joshua, Mr., of Boxborough, and Mrs. Abigail Holt of Fitchburg, int. Mar. 22, 1790. (II:238) Fitchburg
Joshua and Abigal Holt, May 27, 1790. Boxborough
[Capt. in int.] Joshua of Worcester and [Wid.] Abigail Wood, Mar. 13, 1797. Rutland
Joshua and Abigail Wood of Rutland, Mar. 13, 1797. In Rutland. Worcester
Joshua of Pittsfield and Eunice Clark, May 21, 1798. Granville
Joshua Jr. and Caroline Williams, Nov. 29, 1808. Medway
Joshua of Quebec and Miss Harriet Tuttle of Littleton, Sept. 27, 1810, by Rev. E. Foster. [p. 247] Littleton
Joshua, and Caroline Pope, Sept. 28, 1839. Worcester
Joshua A. of Gardner, and Mehitable C. Gibbs, int. May 29, 1841. Westminster
Joshua B., of Danvers, and Wealthy Jane F. Esty, int. Jan. 23, 1842. Beverly
Joshua B., and Wealthy J. F. Estey of Beverly, Feb. 7, 1842. Danvers
Josiaah and Hannah Turner [int. reads (Josiah)], Jan. 24, 1771. In Brookline. [p. 349] Boston
Josiah of Wrentham and Abigail Martin, Nov. 3, 1713. [p. 106] Dorchester
Josiah and Abigail Marten of Dorchester, Nov. 3, 1713. In Dorchester. Wrentham
Josiah and Elisabeth Whetney, Apr.24,1733. T.R.1, p. 25. Lancaster
Josiah and Sarah Farr, int. Sept. 9, 1751. Stow
Josiah, of Stow, and Sarah Farr, of Stow, Sep. 9, 1751. Ashby
Josiah, and Lois Breck, m. 1 Sep 1756. Springfield
Josiah and Sarah Lawrance, June 15, 1762.* [Lawerence, M. R. ] Waltham
Josiah Jr. and Anna Scolley, Jan. 10, 1776. Harvard
Josiah (Isaiah, int.) Jr. and Mary Wheeler of Concord, in Concord, Feb. 28, 1776. Harvard
Josiah Jr. and Mary Barrett, int. Jan. 10, 1790. Waltham
Josiah, of Waltham, and Mary Barrett, Feb. 18, 1790. Ashby
Josiah and Sally Puffer, Feb. 6, 1803. Harvard
Josiah and Rhoda Jewell, int. Feb. 28, 1807. [m. Apr. 30, C.R.] Stow
Josiah, and Sarah M. Dickinson, Oct. 8, 1837. Greenfield
Josiah B. of Lunenburg and Ann Patch, Mar. 25, 1833. Leominster
Josiah D., and Sarah Williston, m. 2 Dec 1818. Easthampton
Josiah M., of Malden and Abigail B. Ford, of Chelsea, int. Aug. 18, 1838. Malden
Josiah M. of Malden and Abigail B. Ford, int. Aug. 19, 1838. Chelsea
Judah, Mr., and Polly McIntire, b. of Fitchburg, int. Aug. 10, 1791. (II:239) Fitchburg
Judith and Nathan Shumway, Feb. 7, 1754. Oxford
Judith, Mrs. and John Temple, both of Dunstable, N.H., Jan. 18, 1781. N.R. Dunstable
Judy [or Holbrook], and Elias S. Upson, mar. 26 Jan 1859. Westfield
Julia and Capt. Antipas Brigham, both of Northborough, April 7, 1799.* Westborough
Julia, and John-C. Greenleaf of Warren, N.H., Jan. 2, 1828. Worcester
Julia A., Miss, of Petersham and Mr. Eleazar M. Wilson of Lancaster, int. Aug. 27, 1830. T.R.3, p. 238. Lancaster
Julia A. and Eleazer M.Wilson of Lancaster, Sept. 26, 1830. Petersham
Julia Ann and Benjamin Allen Tillinghast, Nov. 29, 1821. Wrentham
Julia A[nn, int.], a. 24y., d. Abiatha and Betsy, and Stover Gringall, a. 23y., mechanic, s. John L. and Nancy, Aug. 28, 1848. Newburyport
Julia D. [int. Whiting] and Ashbel Frost, Nov. 27, 1845. Palmer
Julia-Lambert and Charles Bruce, Sept. 28, 1823. Northborough
Julia W., 16, d. Simon and Sarah, and Judah Alden, 23, mariner, s. Briggs and Hannah, Nov. 19, 1848. Duxbury
Justin and Mary Colton of Boxborough, int. Oct. 20, 1827. Harvard
Justin of Harvard, and Mary Cotton, Nov. 7, 1827. Boxborough
Joseph Widney & Marie Buckmaster, m. by Mr. Richard Russell, Magist., about 20 9 mo. 1664. [p. 50] Charlestown


Jabez, Jan. 30, 1825, a. 74. G.R. Hinsdale
Jabez, ae 80, Jones Cem., Orange, Apr. 20, 1849 Orange
Jabez, April 20, 1849, a. 81. Church Record. Phillipston
Jabiz, Jan. 30, 1825, in 76th y. [Jabez, a. 72, Congregational Church Record]. Windsor
Jacob, Jan. 14, 1803, a. 66 y. C.R.2. Roxbury
Jacob, Apr. 30, 1824, a. 40y. G.R.2. New Salem
Jacob, July 11, 1825, a. 76. Winchendon
Jacob, farmer, old age, Oct. 12, 1844, a. 87y. 11m. 5d. [Dea. Jacob, a. 85, C.R.] [Dea. Jacob, P.R.12] [Jacob, a. 88, P.R.26] Stow
James, Nov. 30, 1690. Sherborn
James, 16 Sep 1709, bur. [M15] Boston
James, 16 Sep 1709, bur. [BA] Boston
James Jr., Jan. 3, 1754. Sherborn
James, s. of John and Hannah, May 1, 1768. Sherborn
James, Dea., Apr. 10, 1770, (in his 78th y., G.R.1). Sherborn
James, s. Silas and Patience, Mar. 2, 1795. Ashby
James, May 30, 1800, a. 46 y. G.R.5. Sherborn
James, s. Daniel H. and Ireene, Apr. 22, 1806, a. 2y. 4m. 13d. Medway
James, July 15, 1816, a. 57 y. G.R.1. Harvard
James, Dec. 19, 1827, a. 21y. Cambridge
James Bradish, d. 31 Aug 1815 Watertown
James F., June 23, 1843, a. 31y. G.R.1. Chelmsford
James P. Esq., m., merchant, s. Thomas and Henrietta, consumption, Jan. 14, 1847, a. 44y. 6m. 13d. [Hon., G.R.1] Shirley
James S., s. Amasa and Dolly, Feb. 16, 1844, a. 8. G.S.1. Gardner
Jane, w. of Benjamin, Nov. 14, 1690. Sherborn
Jane [Jane Elizabeth, G.S.4], d. Samuel and Abigail, Nov. 13, 1847, a. 29. Consumption. Ashburnham
Jane Elizabeth, d. Daniel and Lovice, Nov. 12, 1848, a. 1m. 15d. Upton
Jane Vincent Woodward, d. Samuel and Abigail, Sept. 10, 1810. Ashburnham
Jason, h. Arabalah [dup. Arrabilah] Feb. 19, 1785, in 81st y. Stow
Jason, June 23, 1807. (a. 60y. Old age, C.R.) Natick
Jason, s. of Jason, July 25, 1844, a. 65y. Md. Consumption. Natick
Jason F., s. Jason and Susan, March 15, 1849, a. 3y. 10m. 15d. Scald. Ashburnham
Jason W., s. Jason and Susan, Sept. 11, 1849, a. 2m. 15d. Dysentary. Ashburnham
Jefferson, Feb. 22, 1813, a. 8 y. C.R.1. Harvard
Jemima, w. Joshua, Nov. 22, 1778. Medway
Jemima, w. Ephriam Jr., Jan. 6, 1795, "in the 42d year of her age." Upton
Jeremiah, Jan. 19, 1815, a. 20 y. C.R.1. Harvard
Jerome, s. Luke and Cyntha, Aug. 6, 1838 [a. 17 G.S.1]. Gardner
Jesse, s. of Jonathan and Suzanna, Mar. 1, 1714. Sherborn
Jesse, Lieut., Apr. 26, 1815, in his 85th y. G.R.3. Milford
Joanna, w. Ephriam, May 2, 1839, a. 76. Upton
Job, 13 June 1761, unm. [R11] Boston
Joel, s. William and Mary, Feb. 20, 1749. [p. 71] Weston
Joel, s. Joshua and Vashti, March 15, 1801 [a. 2y. 11m. C.R.] Gardner
Joel, s. Ephriam and Jemima, June 27, 1803. [a. 23, G.S.]. Upton
John, s. Thomas and Mary, d. 26 6mo 1660 Watertown
John, s. Thomas and Mary, d. 19 May 1659 Watertown
John, widower, d. 1 Jun 1673 Watertown
John, widower, d. 1 Jun 1673 aged about 84 yeares Watertown
John, d. 12 Oct 1692 Watertown
John, Mar. 4, 1726-7, a. 83 y Roxbury
John, Mr., Nov. 11, 1760. [p. 302] Weston
John, s. of John and Hannah, May 1, 1768. Sherborn
John, Apr. 30, 1795, a. 2 w. Convulsion fits. C.R.1. Harvard
John, s. John and Elizebath, Feb. 22, 1796, a. 1y. 1m. 7d. Westminster
John, April 25, 1802, a. 55y. 6m. 22d. Revolutionary marker. G.S.3 Bolton
John, June 25, 1802, in 33d year. G.S.1. Westminster
John, June 18, 1805. Framingham
John, Feb. 10, 1813, a. 28 y. G.R.1. Harvard
John, suddenly, Aug. 28, 1816, a. 54y. C.R.1. Brookline
John, Lieut., Feb. 17, 1825, a. 82y. G.R.5. Sherborn
John, June 23, 1826, a. 43y. Cambridge
John, [h. Abigail], 3 Jul 1839. [2:239] Warwick
John, widr. Lydia, Mar. 15, 1844, a. 47. Westminster
John, s. Andrew and Lucy, [b. Princeton], May 15, 1846, a. 53.6.15. [a. 53.4.15. G.R.] Princeton
John, b. N., ch. 'I'homas and Esther, typhus fever, Oct. 12, 1848 a. 9, in N. Nantucket
John B., widower, b. Ashby, farmer, s. Josiah and Mary, Aug. 26, 1882. Ashby
John Fisk, s. of Aaron and Ede, July 18, 1814 (a. 19y. 5m., G.R.3). Sherborn
John Fisk 2d, Apr. 30, 1816, a. 10w. G.R.3. Sherborn
John Francis (known as J. Frank), s. William H., b. Springfield, and Mary (Keyes), b. Springfield, d. 11 Apr 1946 aged 83 years 8 months 24 days; of cardiovascular and renal disease; locomotive engineer. B. Springfield, res. Blandford, d. Brattleboro, Vt., bur. West Springfield. Blandford
John-G., s. Levi and Rebecca, Sept. 15, 1848, a. 43. Boylston
John Goram, s. John and Mary, Apr. 15, 1816. P.R.14. Salem
John H., ch. Simeon and Sarah, Oct. 5, 1827. [ch. Simon and Sarah, a. 5m. 5d. G.R.3] Duxbury
John Hubbard, s. John and Maria (Shed), July 29, 1838. Danvers
John Milton, s. Amasa and Mary, Sept. 20, 1825. [a. 1y. 9m.] Winchendon
John-N., s. John and Mary, Sept. 29, 1824. Princeton
John R., ch. Rev John and Mary A., Sept 27, 1838. Waltham
Jonah, s. Thomas and Ann, Oct. 13, 1810. "Killed by moving a building." Westborough
Jonas, s. Joseph and Rebecca, Nov. 4, 1745. Chelmsford
Jonas, Sept. 18, 1770, a. 71 y. (a. 71 yr. 7 m. 7 d. G.R.1.) Harvard
Mr. Jonas, April 7, 1776. C.R. Athol
Jonas, h. Sarah, Sept. 8, 1778. [46th year, G.S.1.] Westminster
Jonas, Dec. 23, 1781, in his 65th y. Revolutionary soldier. G.R.1. Harvard
Jonas, Dec. 23, 1792, a. 84 y. Harvard
Jonas, s. Jonas and Mary [a. 19m. 9d., G.R.4], Feb. 18, 1795 Otis
Jonas (see _____ Whitney, 1799) Otis
Jonas, Nov. 26, 1803, a. 47 y. Harvard
Jonas, s. of Jonas and Relief, in Norfolk, Va., Sept. 25, 1807, a. 23 y. Harvard
Jonas, h. Elizabeth, Jan. 3, 1839, a. 78. Westminster
Jonas, s. Amasa and Dolly, Feb. 16, 1844, a. 8y. 4m. 12d. Consumption. Gardner
Jonas, billious fever, a. 76, Apr. 23, 1845, C.R.2. [Apr. 22, a. 75, G.R.4] Otis
Jonas, Capt., s. of Jonathan, Jan. 14, 1846, a. 74y., dropsy. T.R.4, p. 266. Lancaster
Jonas, Mr., Dropsy, Jan. 14, 1846, a. 74y.. C.R.1.2, p. 372. Lancaster
Jonas, Jan. 14, 1846, a. 74y. G.R.3, p. 445. Lancaster
Jonas Franklin, s. Jonas and Mary [a. 6, C.R.2, a. 7, G.R.4] Aug. 19, 1816 Otis
Jonas W., h. Phebe, June 8, 1826, a. 46. Westminster
Jonathan, Jan. 1, 1702-3. Sherborn
Jonathan, s. of Jonathan and Lydia, Oct. 19, 1729. Mendon
Jonathan, s. of Jonathan and Tryphene, May 7, 1730, (a. 1m. 28d. G.R.1.). Wrentham
Jonathan, h. of Mrs. Sarah his wife, d. 17 Mar 1734/5 (76y. 4m. 28d.). [p. 128] Concord
Jonathan, Jan 28, 1755, in his 51st y. G.R.3. Milford
Jonathan, s. of Jonathan Jr. and Sarah, Oct. 27, 1756. (Oct. 22, 1756, a. 7 y. 3 m. C.R.1.) Harvard
Jonathan, s. David and Rebekah, Apr. 9, 1757, a. 22y. 1m. G. R. Waltham
Jonathan, s. Daniel and Hannah, May 10, 1763. Chelmsford
Jonathan, s. Nathan and Tabitha, June 21, 1764, a. 4y. 2m. 7d. Westminster
Jonathan Esq., Apr. 21, 1768 (in his 65th y., G.R.1.). Wrentham
Jonathan Jr., Jan. 20, 1770 (in his 47th y. C.R.1.) Harvard
Jonathan, Dea., Nov. 8, 1773. (a. 78 y. 8 m. 12 d. G.R.1.) Harvard
Jonathan, s. of Hezekiah and Lucy, May 15, 1776. G.R.1. Harvard
Jonathan, Nov. 20, 1802, a. 66y.. T.R.2, p. 194. Lancaster
Jonathan, Mr., Nov. 20, 1802, a. 66y., Apoplexy. C.R.1.2, p. 354. Lancaster
Jonathan, Mr., Nov. 20, 1802, a. 66y. G.R.3, p. 445. Lancaster
Jonathan, ___ __, 1826. G. R. Waltham
Jonathan, s. of Hesakiah _____, Nov. 16, 1848, a. 66 y. Cancer. Harvard
Jonathan Addison, s. Jonathan and Mehitable, Oct. 6, 1822. Gardner
Jonathan Hollis, s. of Jonathan and Levina (Lovica dup.), Jan. 15, 1832, a. 2y. Milford
Jos. Addison, Feb. 10, 1847, a. 44 y. 8 m. 17 d. G.R.1. Harvard
Jofeph, Sr., d. 4 Nov 1702 Watertown
Joseph [of] Weston, July 3, 1737. P.R.1. Newton
Joseph, s. of James and Patience, Sept. 18, 1746. Sherborn
Joseph, old age, Sept. 6, 1754, a. 81y. Pepperell
Joseph, s. Joseph & Abigail, Jan. 28, 1754 [Jan. 25, a. 7m. C.R.1] Pepperell
Joseph, s. Jonas and Sarah, Sept. 13, 1778, in 11th year. G.S.1. Westminster
Joseph, fever, Nov. 12, 1786, a. 78y. C.R.1 Pepperell
Joseph, s. Joseph, jr. and Abigail (Barnard), June 11, 1787. P. R. 14. Shelburne
Joseph, Mr., Feb. 22, 1790, in 72nd y. [p. 342] Weston
Joseph, s. Abra[ha]m Jr. and Hitty, Dec. 13, 1791. Stow
Joseph, Apr. 7, 1796, a. 80 y. P.R. 18. Shelburne
Joseph, s. of Abraham and Rebekah, May 16, 1799, a. 4 y. 4 m. 10 d. G.R.1. (Drowned. C.R.1.) Harvard
Joseph [jr., h. Abigail. P.R. 14.], Dec. 29, 1813. [a. 66 y. P.R 18.] Shelburne
Joseph, Sept. 28, 1828, a. 35y. (Sept. 27, C.R.1.) Cambridge
Joseph, d. 6 Aug 1834. [2:260] Warwick
Joseph, Nov. 26, 1838, a. 5m. 11d. G.S.3. Westminster
Joseph, Sept. 24, 1840, a. 81y. Cancer. C.R. Hubbardston
Joseph, s. Nathaniel and Abigail, Aug. 14, 1843, a. 75y. 8m. 18d. Grafton
Joseph, unm., yeoman, erysipelas, Dec. 7, 1843, a. 56y. Brookline
Joseph (farmer, married), April 5, 1846, a. 83y. 3m. 20d. Palsy. Born in Sherburn. Gardner
Joseph, s. R. P. and Hannah, 16 Jul 1849, a. 4d. [p. 172] Southbridge
Joseph H., m., shoemaker, b. Boston, consumption, May 10, 1848, a. 42y. 7m. 3d. [Apr. __, a. 43, church record, First Church of Christ South Precinct][May 10, "Private record of the deaths in the South Parish, now in the possession of Mrs. J. Ellen French of South Weymouth"] Weymouth
Joseph P. [R. ? G.S.1], h. Roena, Jan. 19, 1824 [in 26th y. G.S.]. Gardner
Josephine M., d. Jerome B. and Harriet E., ___ __, 1841. G.R.1. Acton
Josephine M., scarlet fever, Feb. 11, 1841, a. 19m. C.R.1. Pepperell
Joshua, Dea., Aug. 1, 1719 [a. 83y., G.R.2]. Groton
Joshua, s. of Caleb and Annes, Jan. 24, 1750, a. 3 w. 4 d. G.R.1. Harvard
Joshua Jr., Apr. 14, 1771, in 24th y. G.R.1. Stow
Joshua, s. of Jason and Elizabeth, May 8, 1772. Natick
Joshua, s. Joshua and Jemima, Feb. 26, 1779. Medway
Joshua, Dea., Mar. 15, 1787, a. 80y. C.R. Boxborough
Joshua, s. Joshua and Vashti, Feb. 16, 1792. Gardner
Joshua 2d, s. Joshua and Vashti, May 2, 1795. Gardner
Joshua, a soldier of the Revolution, July 2, 1812, a. 58. G.S.2. Gardner
Josiah, Dec. 29, 1717, (in his 53d y., G.R.1.). Wrentham
Josiah, Nov. 17, 1748 (a. 51y., G.R.1.). Wrentham
Josiah, ___ __, 1800. G. R. Waltham
Col. Josiah, Jan. 24, 1806. Ashby
Josiah, Feb. 26, 1813, a. 31 y. G.R.1. Harvard
Josiah, Feb. 9, 1818, a. 32 y. 7 m. 18 d. Harvard
Josiah, Jr., Sep. 4, 1818. Ashby
Josiah 2d, June 7, 1820, a. 3 y. Harvard
Josiah, ___ __, 1828. G. R. Waltham
Josiah, Oct. 3, 1839, a. 62 y. Roxbury
Josiah, Oct. 3, 1839, a. 70y., b. in Westboro. G.R.3. Cambridge
Josiah, Dec. 25, 1842. Ashby
Josiah D. (married), s. Simeon and _____, Dec. 17, [1846], a. 30y. Accident. In Pepperell. Born in Lancaster. Leominster
Judah, s. of Simon and Olive, May 22, 1761. (a. 4 y. C.R.1.) Harvard
Julia, d. Rev. Peter and Julia, Feb. 16, 1772. Northborough
Julia M., d. Otis and Thirza, Apr. 5, 1840, a. 15y. G.R.7. Montague

Church Membership

Mr. John, fore seat in the side gallery, meetinghouse, 24 Apr 1732. Watertown
John, Jun., c.m. July 25, 1736. [p. 418] Weston
Mr. John, 3rd seat, meetinghouse, 15 Jun 1741. Watertown
John, 2nd seat, meetinghouse, 10 Jun 1748. Watertown
John, c.m. July 1, 1749. [p. 458] Weston
John A., adm. June 24, 1832, dism. to 1st Church, Newton, Feb. 1, 1841. [CRO] Dedham
John A., adm. Apr. 16, 1843. [CRO] Dedham
John M., chh. mem., Apr. 30, 1838. C.R.4. Lancaster
Jonas, mem. chh. Aug. 5, 1810. C.R.1.2. Lancaster
Jonathan, rec. full comm. Apr. 5, 1778. C.R.1.1, p. 322. Lancaster
Joseph's wife Martha, adm. full comm. 5 Dec 1686. Watertown
Mr. Joseph, 5th seat, meetinghouse, 15 Jun 1741. Watertown
Joseph, 3rd seat, meetinghouse, 10 Jun 1748. Watertown
Jonathan and Susanna, o. c. 20 Jul 1766. Watertown
Joseph and wf. Mary, o. c. 19 Feb 1737/8. Watertown
Joseph, o.c. June 21, 1741. [p. 429] Weston
Joseph, s. John, c.m. Oct. 11, 1741. [p. 438] Weston
Joseph, c.m. Oct. 11, 1741 [p. 448] Weston
Joseph, chh. mem., Apr. 30, 1838. C.R.4. Lancaster
Judith, ch. William dec'd and Martha, c.m. Jan. 21, 1727-8. [p. 411] Weston

Public Records

Jacob, grantee, 1815-1844. FD New Salem
Jacob, grantor, 1817. FD New Salem
John, chosen collector at a town meeting, 11 Mar 1733/4. Watertown
John, resident, 1790. U.S.C. Colrain
John B., grantor, 1844. FD New Salem
John S., grantee, 1802. FD New Salem
John S., grantor, 1802-1805. FD New Salem
Jonas, grantee, 1816-1847. FD New Salem
Jonas, grantor, 1847. FD New Salem

Transients, Strangers, etc.

John: Feb. 20, 1794, the Selectment issue a warrant "to warn and give notice unto John Whitney and family of Newton, who have come into this Town for the purpose of abiding therein, not having obtained the Town s consent therefor, that they depart ... within fourteen days ..." Dedham

School Records


Gleanings, Chiefly from the Town Files

Joseph, supported at Roxbury, in 1833. [p. 565] Weston

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