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Whitney surname and variants.


Nabbe, d. of Jonas and Relief, Mar. 25, 1786. Harvard
Nabby, ch. Jonathan and Esther, Mar. 12, 1764. Conway
Nabby, ch. William and Sarah, Apr. 10, 1774. Lee
Nabby, [twin] d. Joshua and Jemima, May 16, 1774. Medway
Nabby, d. Abraham and Hitty, Nov. 12, 1780. Stow
Nabby, ch. Isaac and Susanna, Mar. 12, 1798. Ashby
Nahum, s. Elijah and Mindwell, Jan 7, 1788. Westborough
Nahum, s. Ezekiel and Catharine, b. 14 Jun 1806. Watertown
Nahum Hubbard, s. of Aaron and Hannah, b. 15 Aug 1781. Northfield
Nancey, d. John and Rachell, Dec. 5, 1782. Spencer
Nancy, d. of Josiah Jr. and Anna, Apr. 12, 1777. Harvard
Nancy, d. John and wife, 21 Mar 1781. [1:51] Warwick
Nancy, d. of Stephen Whitney, bapt. 21 Oct 1781. Watertown
Nancy, d. Stephen and Relief, b. 15 Oct 1782 Watertown
Nancy, d. of Jona. and Lucy, Nov. 13, 1784. T.R.1, p. 108. Lancaster
Nancy d. of Jonathan &c., bap. Nov. 14, 1784. C.R.1.1, p. 315. Lancaster
Nancy, d. Simon and Lucy, Apr. 29, 1785. Petersham
Nancy, d. of Jacob and Mercy, Aug. 7, 1785. Harvard
Nancy, d. Simon and Lucy, Apr. 21, 1787. Petersham
Nancy, d. Phinehas and Elizabeth, Sept. 21, 1791. Westminster
Nancy, d. Elijah and Sarah, Aug. 4, 1792. Bolton
Nancy, d. Amasa and Abigail, May 6, 1796. Newton
Nancy, d. Mellen and Jean, May 28, 1802. Sterling
Nancy, d. of Israel and Lucy, Sept. 8, 1802. Worcester
Nancy, d. Jonas and Elizabeth, Mar. 9, 1803. Westminster
Nancy, d. Josiah and Polly, Mar. 29, 1803. Ashby
Nancy, ch. Phinehas and Nancy, Jan. 5, 1816. Lee
Nancy, d. Edward and Rhoda, March 25, 1818. Athol
Nancy, d. Ohio and Mary, Feb. 23, 1831. Ashburnham
Nancy A, w. Nathan, Mary 28, 1821. G.S.3. Winchendon
Nancy C. [?m.] Feb. 12, 1825. [in lot with William Whitcomb, 1815] G.R.3. New Bedford
Nancy Childs, d.Ebenezar, and Mary, June 20, 1822. Natick
Nancy Flagg, d. of Aaron and Sally (Aaron and Susanna, C.R.1.), May 28, 1814. Twin. Harvard
Nancy Goodenow, d.of Jason and Hannah, b. in Dedham, Nov. 26, 1810. Natick
Nancy Goodenow, niece of _____ (w. Wilder Rice), bp. Oct. 31, 1819. C.R.1. Dover
Nancy Jane, d. Joseph 2d and Nancy, Aug. 12, 1823. Gardner
Nancy Jane, d. Daniel and Nancy, May 15, 1842. In Grafton. Westborough
Nancy Levina, d. of Nathan and Nancy, Aug. 23, 1818 (1819 dup.). Harvard
Nancy Wyett, d. Moses and Nancy, Apr. 04, 1797 Uxbridge
Naomi, d. of Israel and Abigail, Apr. 28, 1797. Harvard
Nathan, s. Nathan and Mary, Mar. 6, 1723-4. Stow
Nathan [dup. Whitny], s. David and Rebeckah, Mar. 12, 1726 [dup. 1726-7]. Waltham
Nathan, s. Thomas and Hannah, b. 23 Jul 1726 Watertown
Nathan, s. Joseph and Mary, b.Aug. 30, bap. Sept. 3, 1749, died suddenly June. [p. 459] Weston
Nathan, s. Nathan and Tabitha, May 16, 1755 [dup.]. Westminster
Nathan 2d, s. Nathan and Tabitha, Apr. 9, 1759 [dup.]. Westminster
Nathan, ch. Jonathan and Esther, Oct. 18, 1761. Conway
Nathan, s. Nathan and Tabitha, July 1, 1765. Westminster
Nathan, s. Timothy and Phebe, Aug. 15, 1784. Marlborough
Nathan, s. Abijah and Lydia, b. Apr. 30, bap. May 7, 1786. [p. 505] Weston
Nathan, s. Nathan and Eunice, Mar. 28, 1792. Westminster
Nathan, s. of Salmon and Hephsebeth, Aug. 1, 1793. Harvard
Nathan, s. Nathan and Martha, Mar. 1, 1808. Waltham
Nathan, Nov. 3, 1816. G.G.3. Winchendon
Nathan, s. of Nathan and Nancy, Nov. 3, 1816. Harvard
Nathan, s. Joshua and Caroline, Mar. 11, 1819. Medway
Nathan Brooks, s. Asa and Sally, bp. Nov. 19 [1820]. C.R. [b. Oct. 20, P.R.14] Stow
Nathan, s. Smyrna and Ruth, July 20, 1828. Westminster
Nathan Bacon, s. Calvin and Hulda, Jan. 2, 1846. Westminster
Nathan Selwin, s. Nathan and Lydia, July 18, 1837. Lincoln
Nathanell, s. John & Ruth, b. 1 12m 1646 Watertown
Nathanell, s. Nathanell and Sary, b. 25 Mar 1675 Watertown
Nathaniel, s. Nathaniel and Mercy, b. 23 Jan 1695 Watertown
Nathaniel, s. Nathaniel Jr. and Mercy, bap. June 17, 1711, a. 15y. [p. 390] Weston
Nathaniel, s. Nathaniel and Mary. July. 22, 1728. Westborough
Nathaniel, s. Samuel and Elizabeth, b. last w., bap. Dec. 5, 1742. [p. 439] Weston
Nathaniel, s. William and Mary, May 1, 1748. [p. 69] Weston
Nathaniel, s. William and Mary, b. last Lds. D., bap. May 18, 1748. [p. 456] Weston
Nathaniel, s. Samuel and Elizabeth, May 30, 1749. Shrewsbury
Nathaniel, s. Nathaniel and Abigail, Oct. 14, 1754. Grafton
Nath[anie]ll, s. of John and Hannah, July 10, 1772. Sherborn
Nathaniel D., Dec. 11, 1816. G.R. 3. Cambridge
Nathaniel D.T., s. of Ebenezer and Joann, May 3, 1838. Natick
Nathaniel Davis, s. Elisha and Sarah, bp. Dec. 15, 1816. C.R. Roxbury
Nathaniel F, s. Nathaniel and Susan, Sept 26, 1830. Westford
Nathaniel Gerry, s. Joseph and Polly, July 4, 1810. Grafton
Nathaniel Ruggles, s. Simon and Mary, b. 19 Mar 1759 Watertown
Nathaniel Ruggles, s. Simon and Mary, b. 19 Mar 1759 Watertown
Nathaniel Ruggles, s. of Simon Whitney, bapt. 25 Mar 1759. Watertown
Nathaniel Ruggles, s. Nathaniel Ruggles and Abigail, b. 25 May 1782 Watertown
Nathaniel Ruggles, s. Nathaniel Ruggles, Junr., and Sally, b. 21 Apr 1808. Watertown
Nathaniel Ruggles, s. of Nathaniel Ruggles Whitney, Junr, bapt. 26 Jun 1808. Watertown
Nellie Eliza, d. John P. and Urana A., farmer, Nov. 27, 1866. Ashby
Nelson, s. of Hachaliah and Abigail, Mar. 24, 1790. Milford
Nelson, s. Capt. and Bethiah, bap. June 7, 1807. C.C. Winchendon
Nelson, s. of Ethan and Betsey, May 5, 1811. Milford
Nelson, Oct. 3, 1825. G.S.4. Ashburnham
Nelson L., s. Jonas N. and Nancy, June 23, 1849. Westminster
Newell Augustus, s. Josiah M., wheelwright, and Abby B., Feb. 9, 1845. Lowell
Newton, s. of Nathan and Nancy, July 22, 1820. Harvard
Nicholas Bowes,s. Rev. Phinehas and Lydia, Mar. 21, 1772. Shirley
Norman Sever, s. Elisha and Eunice, May 22, 1791. Westminster


Nabby and Amos Underwood, int. Apr. 5, 1797. Deerfield
Nabby and James Williams, Mar. __ [int. Mar. 4], 1803. [Mar. __ C.R.] Stow
Nahum and Sukey Adams of Northbridge, int. Sept. 26, 1809. Westborough
Nahum of Westborough, and Susanna Adams, Oct. 22, 1809. Northbridge
Nancy, resident, and Benjamin Puffer of Stoughtonham, at Sharon, Oct. 20, 1778. Roxbury
Nancy of Roxbury and Benja[min] Puffer, Oct.20,1778. Sharon
Nancy [dup. and int. Whitney] and James Blackmer [dup.Blackmar, int. Blackamore], Nov. 29, 1798. (Also listed as Nancy Whiting) Rochester
Nancy and Horatio G. Buttrick, both of Lancaster, int. Sept. 8, 1803. T.R.1, p. 153. Lancaster
Nancy and Horatio G. Butterick, Oct.6,1803. T.R.1, p. 165. Lancaster
Nancy and Labon Cushing, April 7, 1812. Ashburnham
Nancy of Bolten and Joseph Powers, int. Aug. 14, 1814. Rutland
Nancy and Joseph Powers of Rutland, Oct. 4, 1814. Bolton
Nancy and Charles Preist, Oct. 20, 1814. Harvard
Nancy of Ashby and Asa Holt, int. Dec. 24, 1824. (III:149) Fitchburg
Nancy to Asa Holt, Feb. 8, 1825, in Ashby. (III:411) Fitchburg
Nancy, and Asa Holt, of Fitchburg, Feb. 8, 1825. Ashby
Nancy and Aratus Raymond, June 14, 1831. Westminster
Nancy, and Henry Dunakin, m. 30 Jun 1836. Springfield
Nancy and Richard H. Whitney of Albany, Feb. 22, 1837. Harvard
Nancy G. and Quincy Wheeler, June 14, 1832. Newton
Nancy J. and Caleb Young, Oct. 26, 1843. Gardner
Nancy M. and Charles E. Hart, int. Nov. 18, 1838. Wrentham
Nancy W. and Joseph T. Tillinghast of East Greenwich, R,I., June 30, 1828. [Int. not recorded.] Wrentham
Nancy W. and Charles Grove, int. Sept. 26, 1845. [p. 257] Weston
Naomi and James Sawyer, June 17, 1817. Harvard
Nathan of Stow and Tabitha Benett, Jan. 22, 1752. Holden
Nathan and Tabitha Benett [int. Bennett] of Holden [int. Houlden], Jan. 22, 1752, in Holden. Stow
Nathan of Spencer District and Abigail Marstass, Feb. 20, 1754. Grafton
Nathan and Abigal Marstass of Grafton, Feb. 20, 1754. In Grafton. [Int. not recorded.] Spencer
Nathan, Mr., of Dedham, and Mrs. Mary Newell of Needham, Mar. 7, 1776, in Needham. [VR] Dedham
Nathan and Olive Whitney, both of C., int. [Oct. 18] 1780. Conway
Nathan [Jr. in int.] and Eunice Puffer, Dec. __, 1786. Westminster
Nathan [int. Whiting] and Merriam Leland [int. Mariam Lealand] Dec. 22, 1791, in Bellingham. Medway
Nathan of Royalston and Sina Wheeler, May 16, 1805. Athol
Nathan and Martha Stearns, July 26, 1807. Waltham
Nathan and Nancy Farwell, May 23, 1816. Harvard
Nathan Jr., Capt., and Ann M. Whitney of Princeton, int. Nov. 26, 1821. Westminster
Capt. Nathan of Westminster and Ann-M. Whitney, Jan. 8, 1822. Princeton
Nathan of Lincoln, and Lydia Viles, int. Oct. 11, 1830. Waltham
Nathan and Lydia Viles of Waltham, int. Oct. 27, 1830. Lincoln
Nathan, s., 22, farmer, Westminster, (Smyrna) and Mary S. Tolmon, Nov. 27, 1850. (8:136) Fitchburg
Nathan B. and Esther M. Taylor, Mar. 12, 1844. Stow
Nathan F. and Rosette H. Springer, int. Oct. 14, 1843. [Whiting, m. Nov. 1, P.R.]. Medway
Nathan F., s. Joshua, and _____ _____, Nov. 1, 1843. Medway
Nathanell and Sary Hagar, m. 12 Mar 1673 Watertown
Nathaniel and Mercy Robison, b. of Watertown, m. 7 Nov 1695 Watertown
Nathaniel, Jr., of Weston, and Mary Child of Watertown, 20 Jul 1721. [p. 10] Weston
Nathaniel and Abigail Josling, Dec. 26, 1753. Westborough
Nathaniel of New Molbury and Moley Houghton of Lancaster, int. Oct. 30, 1770. T.R.1, p. 44. Lancaster
Nathaniel of New-Marlborough and Molly Houghton of Lancaster, Jan. 21, 1771. Shrewsbury
Nathaniel of Grafton and Sarah Nurs, int. Nov. 18, 1780. Westborough
Nathaniel and Sarah Nurse of Westborough, int. Dec. 8, 1780. Grafton
Nathaniell and Mary Holeman, Nov. 18, 1719. T.R.1, p. 17. Lancaster
Nathaniel G. and Charlotte Thompson, Dec. 24, 1833. Grafton
Nathaniel P. and Sarah D. Brown, June 1, 1843. Grafton
Nath[anie]l R., Junr. and Sally Stone, b. of Watertown, int. 1 Nov 1806. Watertown
Nathaniel Ruggles, Jr., and Sally Stone, b. of Watertown, m. 1 Dec 1806. Watertown
Nellie E., a. 22y., d. John P. and Urania, and Frederick E. Brooks, a. 21y., farmer, s. Ivers H. and Nancy R., June 19, 1889. Ashby
Nelson and Ruth Guild, int. March 12, 1836. Millbury
Nelson and Ruth Guild, both of Medway, in Millbury, Apr. 6, 1836. Mendon
Nelson, of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and Dorothy Dwelly of L., May 17, 1840. Lowell
Newton and Sarah Divoll of Winchendon, int. Oct. 25, 1845. (III:209) Fitchburg
Newton J. of Fitchburg, widr., s. David, a. 28, chair maker and Sarah Divoll, Nov. 13, 1845. Winchendon
Nicholas Bowes [int. Bows] of Hingham and Anna Adams of A., Nov. 13, 1800. [Nicholas Bowes Whitney of Hingham, C.R.1.] Acton


Nabby, d. Joshua and Jemima, May 16, 1773. Medway
Nabby, w. Jonathan W., June 20, 1834. [a.35, G.R.1] [Naby, P.R.26] Stow
Nahum, Dec. 22, 1843, a. 57. Suicide by hanging. Native of Westboro. Shrewsbury
Nahum, s. Elijah and Mindwell, Dec. 22, 1843, a. 56. Westborough
Nancy, d. Simon and Lucy, Sept. 12, 1786. Petersham
Nancy, w. Capt. Michael, d. Capt. William and Ruth Leech, [decline. C.R.1], Oct. 30, 1824, a. 28y. [Oct. 27, G.R.4.] Beverly
Nancy, w. Daniel, April 26, 1844. Westborough
Nancy, d. Simon and Lucy, Mar. 6, 1846, a. 58y. Petersham
Nancy, wid. (of Moses, G.R.1.), d. of David Mann, Sept. 15, 1847, a. 80y. Dysentery. Wrentham
Nancy, d. Ohio, Oct. 22 [20, G.S.1.], 1847, a. 16y. 3m. 22d. Dysentary. Ashburnham
Nancy, widow, b. Ashby, d. Elnathan and Mary Lawrence, of erysipelas and dropsy, at Ashburnham, Apr. 12, 1880, a. 70y. 9m. 25d. Ashby
Nancy Newton, w. Daniel, July 15, 1844, a. 28. Consumption. Born in Northborough. Westborough
Nathan, s. Nathan and Tabitha, Aug. 28, 1756, a. 1y. 3m. 12d. Westminster
Nathan, s. Nathan and Tabitha, July 2, 1764, a. 5y. 3m. Westminster
Nathan, cancer, Oct. 28, 1801, a. 77. Conway
Nathan, Capt., h. Tabitha, Aug. 10, 1803. [77th year, G.S.1.] Westminster
Nathan, June 11, 1822, a. 37y. [p. 377] Weston
Nathan, belonging to Weston, 14 Jun 1823, a. 37y. (church record). [p. 427] Concord
Nathan Jr., h. Ann M., Dec. 10, 1831, a. 39y. 9m. Westminster
Nathanael [Nathaneel, dup.], s. William and Mary, Oct. 10, 1751. [p. 77, 297] Weston
Nathaniel, Jr., d. Sep. 23, 1730. [p. 408] Weston
Nathaniel, s. Samuel and Elisabeth, Dec. 19, 1744. Shrewsbury
Nathaniel, s. Samuel and Elisabeth, Dec. 19, 1744. Shrewsbury
Nathaniel, May 1, 1776. Grafton
Nathaniel R. Jr., Jan. 27, 1836, a. 27y. C.R.10. Cambridge
Nath[anie]ll, Mr., Jan. 7, 1732/3, a. about 90y. [p. 80] Weston
Nelson, Oct. 11, 1836, a. 22. G.R.2. Granville
Nelson, s. Capt. Phinehas and Bethiah, d. in infancy. G.S.1. Winchendon
Nelson, s. of Hachaliah and Abigail, July 19, 1790. Milford
Nelson L., s. Jonas and Nancy, Oct. 17, 1849, a. 3m. 24d. Cholera infantum. Westminster
Newton, h. Mary White, h. Mary Louise Hayward, July 2, 1820. G.R.4 West Springfield

Church Membership

Nathan, chh. mem., Apr. 30, 1838. C.R.4. Lancaster
Nathaniel Jr., o.c. June 17, 1711 [p. 389] Weston
Nathaniel, Jr., adm. chh. Nov. 20, 1726; d. Sep. 23, 1730. [p. 408] Weston
Nathaniel R., Jr., and wf., o. c. 19 Jun 1808. Watertown
Nathaniel Ruggles and wife, adm. full comm. 3 Apr 1814. Watertown
Nathaniel Ruggles, Junr and wife, adm. full comm. 30 Nov 1817. Watertown

Public Records

Nathaniel R., town clerk, 23 Dec 1793. Watertown

Transients, Strangers, etc.


School Records


Gleanings, Chiefly from the Town Files


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