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Whitney surname and variants.


Rachael (see Rebeckah) (Rachael crossed out) Pepperell
Rachel, d. of Simon and Olive, Jan. 5, 1748. Harvard
Rachel, d. of Jason, bp. Mar. 20, 1759. C.R. Natick
Rachel, d. of Jonathan Jr. and Sarah, Sept. 19, 1767. Harvard
Rachel, ch. David and Rachel, Apr. 1, 1775. Conway
Rachel, d. Isaac and Lydia, Aug. 25, 1779. Stow
Rachel, d. Ephraim and Sarah, at Ashburnham, Apr. 10, 1783. Ashby
Rachel, d. of wid._____, bp. May 2, 1785. C.R.1. Harvard
[Rach]el, d. Hezekiah and Sarah, Jan. 2, 1786. Stow
Rachel, d. of Jonas and Relief, Apr. 17, 1788. Harvard
Rachel, d. of James and Rachel, July 21, 1791. Harvard
Rachel, d. Lemuel and Mary, Feb 1, 1805. Royalston
Rachil, d. Elias and Rachil, Aug. 10, 1772. Stow
Rebacah, d. Elisha and Easter, Sept. 7, 1783. Spencer
Rebackah, d. Joseph and Rebeckah, Dec. 6, 1718. Chelmsford
Rebecca, d. David and Rebecca, b. 2 Nov 1721 Watertown
Rebecca, d. Benjn. and Rebecca, b. 4 Feb 1738/9 Watertown
Rebecca, d. of Benjn Whitney, bapt. 11 Feb 1738/9. Watertown
Rebecca, d. Ephraim & Esther, bp. July 27, 1760. C.R.1. Pepperell
Rebecca, d. Silvanus and Hannah, Apr. 11, 1765. N.R. Dunstable
Rebecca, d. of Elias Jr. and Lucy, Dec. 14, 1776. Mendon
Rebecca, d. of Israel and Hannah, Apr. 13, 1777. Harvard
Rebecca, d. of Isaiah Jr. and Mary, Feb. 15, 1784. Harvard
Rebecca, d. of Abraham and Rebecca, Oct. 13, 1789. Harvard
Rebecca, d. Jonas P. and Rebecca, June 26, 1815. Ashby
Rebecca, d. William and Ruth, Oct. 8, 1830. Boylston
Rebecca Cooke, d. Rev. Phineas and Lydia, Sept. 2, 1781.[dup. July 2, B.R.] Shirley
Rebecca Fisk [_____], w. of Jesse, Feb. 8, 1800. G.R.1. Milford
Rebecca Hubbard, d. Levi, bp. July 4, 1812. C.R. New Salem
Rebecca R. Brackett [_____], w. of Willam L., _____, 1809. G.R.3. Cambridge
Rebec[c]ah, d. of Elijah and Rebec[c]ah, May 25, 1743. Harvard
Rebeckah, d. Richard and Martha Whettny, b. 15 Dec 1657 Watertown
Rebeckah, d. Joseph & Abigail, b. Mar. 6, 1750 [bp. Rebeckah. C.R.1.]. Pepperell
Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], d. Moses and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], Mar. 17, 1754. Newton
Rebeckah, d. Daniel and Hannah, May 2, 1759. Chelmsford
Rebeckah, d. Levy and Lydia, b. July 29, 1781. Townsend
Rebeckah-Davis, d. Levi and Rebeckah, May 11, 1804. Boylston
Rebeckea, d. Aaron and Margaret, Aug. 30. 1768. Upton
Rebekah, d. Ezra and Agness, Jan. 2, 1762. Lunenburg
Releaf [dup. Relief], d. Moses and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], Dec. 29, 1756. [Relief, C.R.1.] Newton
Releaf, d. Timothy and Alice, Feb. 2, 1760. Petersham
Releif, d. of Jonathan Jr. and Sarah, May 21, 1754. Harvard
Releif, d. Stephen and Relief, b. 11 Nov 1772 Watertown
Relief, d. of Timothy and Alice, Feb. 2, 1758. Harvard
Relief, d. of Timothy Whitney, bap. Apr. 9, 1758. At Harvard. C.R.1.1, p. 300. Lancaster
Relief, d. of Jonathan and Sarah, Nov. 13, 1758. Harvard
Relief, d. of Stephen Whitney, bapt. 15 Nov 1772, by Rev. Cushing. Watertown
Relief, d. of Phinehas, bp. June 18, 1780. C.R.1. Harvard
Relief, d. Amasa and Abigail, Nov. 4, 1794. Newton
Relief, d. of Jonas and Relief, Nov. 4, 1799. (Relief, d. of wid. Relief, bp. July 12, 1812. C.R.1.) Harvard
Relief Farnesworth, s. Joel and Abigail, Feb. 22, 1810. Westminster
Reuben, s. of Richard and Mary, Feb. 21, 1758. Harvard
Reuben, s. of Reuben and Lucy, Aug. 11, 1783. Harvard
Reuben, s. David and Elizabeth, May 8, 1798. Westminster
Reuben F., s. Elies and Fanny, Feb. 3, 1823. Winchendon
Reuben-Mills, s. Andrew and Lucy, May 23, 1788. Princeton
Reuben P., Mr., of Princeton, and Miss Mary L. Hamilton, of Douglas, 20 Aug 1831. (2:280) Ware
Reuel, s. Laban and Olive, Dec. 3, 1811. Bellingham
Rhoda, d. of Jesse and Mary, Oct. 8, 1760. Mendon
Rhoda, ch. Josiah and Sarah, Aug. 22, 1768. Waltham
Rhoda, d. Abraham Jr. and Marcy, Nov. 14, 1771. Stow
Rhoda, d. Ephraim and Rhody, Nov. 21, 1774. Montague
Rhoda, d. Abraham and Hitty [Mehitable, C.R.], Dec. 3, 1781. Stow
Rhoda, d. of Jason and Lois, Feb. 28, 1786. Natick
Rhoda, d. of Josiah and Rhoda, July 24, 1814. Harvard
Rhoda, d. Josiah and Rhoda, bp. Oct. 16, 1814. C.R. Stow
Richard, s. Richard and Marrtha, b. 13 Jan 1660 Watertown
Richard, s. Richard and Hannah, July 31, 1725. Stow
Richard, s. Isreal and Hannah, April 22, 1743. Oxford
Richard, s. of Richard and Mary, Feb. 2, 1752. Harvard
Richard, s. Dr. Ephriam and Marcey, Feb. 23, 1767. Petersham
Richard, s. Ephraim and Roda, Nov. 7, 1774. Petersham
Richard, s. Simon and Sarah, b. 2 Jan 1782 Watertown
Richard, s. of Simon Whitney, bapt. 6 Jan 1782. Watertown
Richard, s. of Simon and Sarah, of Watertown, b. 2 Jan 1783, Watertown. Amherst
Richard, s. of James and Rachel, Mar. 20, 1784. Harvard
Richard, ch. William and Sarah, Feb. 10, 1795. Lee
Richard, s. Lt. Daniel and Sarah, Apr. 18, 1798. Stow
Richard D., _____, 1818. G.R.2. Cambridge
Richard Harris, s. of Cyrus and Polly, Nov. 2, 1808. Harvard
Richard Manning, s. Richard and Eunice, July 5, 1844. Winchendon
Richard Seaver, s. of Richard and Mary E. (Parker), 13 Feb 1818. Amherst
Rich[ar]d Sullivan, s. of Hammond and Laura L., June 19, 1847. Cambridge
Roana Semira, d. of Jessee and Rebecah, Aug. 28, 1820. Milford
Robert, son of Abel and Clarissa (Dwight), b. Aug. 18, 1794. Westfield
Robert, s. Abel and Clarissa, bap. 25 Aug 1794. Westfield
Robert Hudson, s. Samuel and Fanny, Aug. 23, 1822. Shrewsbury
Robert Sandford, s. Robert, bap. 07 Aug 1825. Westfield
Rodolphus Frederic, s. Timothy and Phebe, July 5, 1802. Royalston
Roena Hill, d. Joseph P. and Roena, July 25, 1823. Gardner
Roland A., s. Isaac, farmer, and Marcia J., Sept. 25, 1848. [Roland Alonzo, ch. Isaac and Marcia Jane, P.R.12] Stow
Rowena, d. Timothy and Rowena, March 7, 1813. Boylston
Rowena C., d. Moses and Susanna, Mar. 21, 1833. Upton
Roxellana, d. of Jason and Hannah, Feb. 23, 1803. Natick
Royal, s. Abner and Sarah, Sept. 11, 1757. Shirley
Ruben Perkins, s. David and Elizabeth, July 24, 1804. Westminster
Rubie, d. David and Rachel, Mar. 31, 1776 [dup. Rubies, d. David and Rachel, Mar. 3, 1776] Conway
Rufus, s. Ephriam and Mercy, July 26, 1781. Petersham
Rufus Hayden, s. David and Semaria, Jan. 24, 1826. Westborough
Rufus W., ___ __, 1809. [G.R.2.] Framingham
Ruhamah, d. of Jonathan and Alice, July 19, 1737. Harvard
Ruhamah, d. Jonas and Sarah, Apr. 11, 1763 [dup.]. Westminster
Ruluff D., adult bap. 7 Nov 1827. Sheffield
Runa, adult bap. 7 May 1826. Sheffield
Russell, s. Samuel V. and Sarah Ann, Nov. 13, 1844. Ashburnham
Ruth, d. John, Aug. 31, 1674. Roxbury
Ruth, d. Daniell and Susanah, Dec. 5, 1718. Roxbury
Ruth [dup. Whitny], d. David and Rebeckah, Feb. 3, 1728 [dup. 1728-9]. Waltham
Ruth, d. of Jonas and Margaret, Sept. 8, 1736. Harvard
Ruth, d. of Jonathan and Lidia, bp. Apr. 11, 1742. C.R. Milford
Ruth, w. Ezra, (1747) G.S.3. Douglas
Ruth, d. of John Whitney, bapt. 6 Jul 1748. Watertown
Ruth, d. David and Mary, Jan. 2, 1760. Waltham
Ruth, d. Abraham and Marcy, Feb. 16, 17[worn, 1761, T.C.] [Feb. 16, 1762, P.R.12] [ch. Abraham and Mary, Feb. 16, 1761, P.R.26] Stow
Ruth, d. Nathan and Tabitha, Apr. 17, 1763. [dup.]. Westminster
Ruth, d. of Jesse and Mary, July 17, 1765. [twin]. Mendon
Ruth, w. James, (1766) G.S.3. Douglas
Ruth, d. Moses and Betty, Dec. 18, 1770. Templeton
Ruth, d. Ephraim and Rhody, July 28, 1772. Montague
Ruth, d. Caleb and Elizabeth, May 31, 1773. Newton
Ruth, d. Thaddeus and Temperence [dup. ch. Thadeus and Temperance], Sept. 24, 1774. Newton
Ruth, ch. Thaddeus and Temperance, bp. Sept. 8, 1782. C.R.1. Newton
Ruth, d. of Isaiah Jr. and Mary, Apr. 17, 1786. Harvard
Ruth, ch. David and Rachel, Sept. 26, 1788. Conway
Ruth, ch. David and Rachel, Sept. 26, 1789. [This entry directly follows the preceding entry in the family group] Conway
Ruth, d. Nathan and Eunice, Nov. 12, 1789. Westminster
Ruth, w. Lewis J., _____ __, 1803. G.S.1. Athol
Ruth D., Aug. 3, 1838. G.R. Dover
Ruth Meriam, d. Levi and Rebeccah, Sept. 3, 1801. Gardner
Ruthe [dup. Ruthy] Ann, d. Lenard and Ruthe [dup. Leonard and Ruth], Sept. 5, 1821 [dup.1822]. Sudbury


R. [Reuben in int.] P. of Southbridge (s. Samuel and Martha, a. 42y., widr.) and Hannah W. Wilson, Sept. 7, 1848. Leicester
Rachel and Mr.Salmon Willard both of Lancaster, int. June 24, [17]93. T.R.1, p. 147. Lancaster
Rachel and Salmon Willard, Nov. 7, 1793. Harvard
Rachel, and David Smith, May 7, 1807. Ashby
Rachel of Harvard,and Amos Batchelor, int. Nov. 22, 1812. Boxborough
Rachel (Jr., int.) and Amos Batchelor of Boxborough, Dec. 15, 1812. Harvard
Rachal [int. Rachel] Miss, and George Sanford, ___ __, ____ [between Apr. 1, 1824 and Apr. 2, 1825, int. July 10, 1824]. [Rachel (first w.), wid. John, d. James Winslow and Martha, and George Sandford, s. Samuel and Lydia (Wyer), P.R.38.] Nantucket
Ransford and Eunice Perminter [Parminter, int.], Aug. 7, 1823. Framingham
Rebecah and Thomas Stowel, July 18, 1745.* [Rebecca, and Thomas Stowell, M. R.] Waltham
Rebecca and Paul Whitcomb of Bolton, in Bolton, Sept. 19, 1759. Harvard
Rebecca (wid., C.R.1.) and (Dea., C.R.1.) Joshua Whitney of Stow, Jan. 25, 1764. Harvard
Rebecca [int. Rebeckah], Mrs. [int. wid., omits Mrs.], of Harvard, and [int. adds Dea.] Joshua Whitney, Jan. 25, 1764, in Harvard. Stow
Rebecca and William Bazzard, Aug. 24, 1780. In Brookline. [p. 446] Boston
Rebecca and William Buzzard, Oct. 5,1780. Newton
Rebecca, and Joseph Chamberlain [Chambling. int.], at Groton, Apr. 10, 1781. Pepperell
Rebecca and James Osborne, Feb. 13, 1783. At Lancaster. Bolton
Rebecca and Amose Fairbank Jr., Apr. 26, 1795. Harvard
Rebecca and Amos Hayward, June 22, 1797. Milford
Rebecca and Levi Houghton, Apr. 20, 1809. Harvard
Rebecca and Joel Bowers, Sept. 30, 1811. Harvard
Rebecca-D. and Charles-R. Bellows, pub. Aug. 29, 1829. Boylston
Rebecca D. and Charles R. Bellows, Sept. 23, 1829. West Boylston
Rebeccah and Joseph Chamberlain, b. of Pepperell, Apr. 10, 1781. Groton
Rebeccah Cook of Shirley and William Bellamy Merriam, int. Feb. 11, 1801. Winchendon
Rebeccah [int. Rebecah] Cook and William Bellamy Miriam of Bedford [int. Merriam of Winchenton], May 16, 1801. [Rebecca Clark [dup. Cooke] Whitney and William Bellamy Merriam of Winchindon [dup. Meriam of Bedford], B.R.] Shirley
Rebecka [int. Whetney] and John Whitney [int. Whetney] [of] Lancaster, May 20, 1724, in Lancaster. Stow
Rebeckah of Harvard and Paul Whitcomb, Sept. 19, 1759. Bolton
Rebeckah, and John Buxton, both of Wilton, Feb. 14, 1792. N.R. Dunstable
Miss Rebeckah Pollock Whitney and Mr. Daniel Wm. Doughty, Aug. 24, 1823. [p. 347] Dorchester
Releaf and Abel Wilder, int. May 17, 1777. Petersham
Relief and Jonas Whitney Jr., int. July 2, 1780. Harvard
Relief [int. Releif] and Joh Cheever [int. Cheevers] Woodward, Dec. 11, 1783. Newton
Relief, of Lunenburg, and Asa Tarbell, int.___, 1803. Groton
Relief, Miss, and Mr. Willard Richards, int. Oct. 16, 1813. [VR] Dedham
Reliefe, of Newton, and John Chever [Chivers. int.] Woodward of B., at Newton, Dec. 11, 1783. Brookline
Reuben, and Mary Brewer, Dec. 12, 1763. C.R.2. Roxbury
Reuben and Lucy Fairbank, int. Sept. 21, 1781. Harvard
Reuben Jr. and Mille Pollard, May 11, 1808. (May 12, 1808. C.R.1.) Harvard
Reuben P. and Clarissa C. Woodard of Princeton, int. Jan. 20, 1827. Westminster
Reuben-P. of Westminster and Clarissa-C. Woodward, Mar. 8, 1827. Princeton
Reubin F. and Jane L. Tubbs, int. Oct. 26, 1845. Winchendon
Rhoda [int.Whetney of Mendon] and William Haydon[int. Haydon] Dec. 9, 1779, in Mendon. Hopkinton
Rhoda of Mendon, and William Hayden of Hopkinton, Dec. 9, 1779. C.R. Milford
Rhoda and William Hayden of Hopkinton, Dec. 9, 1779. Mendon
Rhoda[int. adds Mrs.] of Holliston, and Capt. John Hayden[int. Haydon], Jan. 24, 1790 in Holliston. Hopkinton
Rhoda and Capt. John Hayden of Hopkinton, Jan. 24, 1790. [Mrs. Rhoda and Capt. John Hayden of Hopkinston. M.R.] [Mrs. Rhoda and Capt. John Hayden of Hopkinton, C.R.I.] Holliston
Rhoda and Amos Smith, May 8, 1794. Waltham
Rhoda, and John Russell, b. of Watertown, int. 4 Jun 1809. Watertown
Rhoda, and John Russell, b. of Watertown, m. 2 Jul 1809. Watertown
Rhoda and David Cooledge of Marlborough, April 27, 1834. Bolton
Richard and Martha Coldam, m. 19 1m 1650 Watertown
Richard (Whitey) and Mrs. Hannah Eyres, int. Oct. 26, 1745. Stow
Richard and Mary Perry of Sudbury, int. Oct. __, 1747. Harvard
Richard of Harvard and Mary Perry, Dec. 10, 1747. Sudbury
Richard and Sarah Butterfield, Mar. 26, 1767. Chelmsford
Richard Jr. and Mercy Willard, Dec. 15, 1772. Harvard
Richard, of Concord and Anna Seaver of Cambridge, 10 Nov 1804. [p. 387] Concord
Rich[ar]d of Concord, and Anna Seaver, int. Nov. 26, 1804. Cambridge
Richard Jr. and Salley Turner, Apr. 2, 1807. Harvard
Richard and Eunice Cogswell, June 13, 1822. Winchendon
Richard, and Mary E. Parker, d. of Gustin and Mary (_____) Parker, __ ___ 18__, by Rev. N[athan] Perkins. Amherst
Richard H. of Albany and Nancy Whitney, Feb. 22, 1837. Harvard
Richard Seaver, and Amelia Arrington, d. of Joseph Arrington, 4 Apr 1854, Salem, MA, by Rev. Dwinnell. Amherst
Robert, and Margaret A. Dwight, m. 24 Aug 1820. Springfield
Robert, and Margaret Dwight, m. 11 Sep 1820. Springfield
Robert, and Margaret A. Dwight, mar. 11 Sep 1820. Westfield
Robie, unm., of L., a. 26y., operative, s. Edmund and Martha, and Mary Jane Hall, unm., of L., a. 20y., operative, d. Solomon and Jane, Sept. 1, 1844. Lowell
Roger and Elisabeth Foy, blacks, int. Jan. 17, 1789 Bridgewater
Rosalinda P., Mrs., 53, and William Townsend, 61, June 11, 1848. T.R.4, p. 257. Lancaster
Rowena H. and William P. Allen, July 25, 1843. Gardner
Roxana, of Dedham, and Mr. Ebenezer Blake, of Dover, Mar. 2, 1829. [VR] Dedham
Roxelana, Miss, of Dedham, and Mr. Ebenezer Blake of Dover, int. Dec. 7, 1828 [VR], m. Mar. 2, 1829. [CR1] Dedham
Roxelany of Dedham, and Ebenezer Blake, int. Jan. 10, 1829. Dover
Ruby and Calvin Bartlett, both of C., int. Oct. 14, 1798. Conway
Ruel and Prudence Chamberlain, Aug. 11, 1831. int. not recorded. Southborough
Ruel and Caroline Josephine Harrington, Sept. 26, 1841. Brookfield
Ruel and Caroline Josephine Harrington, both of Brookfield, Sept. 26, 1841. In Brookfield. [Int. not recorded.] Oxford
Ruel and Mary I. Adams of North Brookfield, int. Dec. 11, 1842 Brookfield
Rufus B., 28, butcher, s. Tim[othy] and Lucy, and Jane C. Varnum, 22, d. Jeremiah and [Mehittable], Aug. 28, [18]48. Dracut
Ruhama [Ruhamah in int.] and Ebenezer Buss, Jan. __, 1787. Westminster
Ruhamah and Abel Davis, int. Sept. 24, 1757. Harvard
Ruth and John Shattuck, m. 20 Jun 1664 Watertown
Ruth, and Joseph Adams, Apr. 22, 1701. Roxbury
Ruth and John Bond, b. of Watertown, m. 7 Jul 1715 Watertown
Ruth and John Decoster, Apr. 14, 1742. [p. 242] Boston
Ruth and Luke Gwin, int. Aug. 13, 1752. [p. 3] Boston
Ruth and Jonathan Adams, Feb. 19, 1776. Harvard
Ruth and Roland Blackmer, Dec. 7, 1780.* [Blackmore, M. R.] Waltham
Ruth of Waltham and Ronald Blackman of Western [Warren], Dec. 7, 1780, in Waltham, by Rev. Jacob Cushing. [p. 274] Weston
Ruth of Waltham and Roland Blackmer, Dec. 7, 1780. In Waltham. Warren
Ruth and Ichabud [int. Ichabod] Stow, Dec. 1, 1781. [Ichabod, Dec. 20, M.R.] [Icabod, Dec. ___, C.R.] Ruth, d. Abram and Mercy, and Ichabod Stow, Dec. 1, P.R.26] [Ichabod, P.R.28] Stow
Ruth and Silas Bruce, March 8, 1790. Templeton
Ruth and Israel Lebetter Worcester, May 11, 1800. Newton
Ruth and Smyrna Whitney, int. Oct. 27, 1812. Westminster
Ruth K. and Alanson Howard of New York City, Apr. 24, 1838 Uxbridge
Ruth M. and Ephraim Barnes, int. Nov. 24, 1825. (III:152) Fitchburg
Ruth M. to Ephraim Barnes, Dec. 15, 1825. (III:262) Fitchburg
Ruthy of Newtown, and Israel Lebetter Worcester, int. Mar. 5, 1800. Cambridge


Rachel, d. of Jason, Apr. __, 1759. C.R. Natick
Rachel, d. of Simon and Olivea, Dec. 16, 1766. (a. 18 y. C.R.1.) Harvard
Rachel, d. Elias and Rachel, Aug. 16, 1778. [a. 6y. 6d. G.R.1] Stow
Rachel, d. David, _____ [rec. between Mar. 29 and Apr. ___] 1784, a. 9, in C. Conway
Rachel, w. of James, Apr. 14, 1803, a. 42 y. 8 m. 7 d. Harvard
Mrs. (Rachel), Aug. 12, 1812, a. 75y. Milton
Rachel Parne, w. Ebenezer, Dec. 15, 1819, in her 56th y. G.R.4. Montague
Rebecca, w. Lt. Benjamin, Feb. 12, 1794, in her 35th y. Gravestone record, Thompson Cemetery. Tyngsborough
Rebecca, w. Levi, July 19, 1835. P.R.26. Stow
Rebecca, w. Jonas P., June 18, 1838. Ashby
Rebecca, Mrs., wid. Abijah, Apr. 11, 1843, a. 76y. [p. 251] Weston
Rebecca, Dec. 3, 1859. Ashby
Rebeccah, w. Benjamin, fever, June 23, 1793, a. 35y. C.R.1. Pepperell
Rebeckah, d. Richard and Martha Whettny, d. 10 Feb 1657 Watertown
Rebeckah, w. Lt. Levi, Apr. 11, 1779, in her 43y. Townsend
Rebeckah, wid. of Charles, June 13, 1817, a. 84y. C.R. Boxborough
Rebekah, w. Dea. Joshua, Dec. 3, 1769, in 51st y. G.R.1. Stow
Rebekah, wid., July 27, 1780, "of advanced age." C.R.1. Harvard
Rebekah, d. Benjamin & Rebekah, dysentary, Sept. 19, 1790, a. 8y. C.R.1. Pepperell
Rebekah, wid. of Jonathan Esq., Dec. 15, 1814, in her 88th y. Wrentham
Rebekah, w. Levi, Oct. 27, 1833, 56y. 9m. 10d. Boylston
Rebekah, w. of Abraham, Aug. 27, 1838, a. 81 y. G.R.1. Harvard
Relief, d. of Jonathan Jr. and Sarah, Oct. 15, 1756. (a. 2 y. 5 m. C.R.1.) Harvard
Relief, wid., Apr. 17, 1818, a. 59 y. C.R.1. Harvard
Reuben, s. David and Elizabeth, July 27, 1800, a. 2y. 2m. 19d. Westminster
Reuben, Dea., Feb. 4, 1823, a. 60 y. Revolutionary soldier. G.R.1. Harvard
Reuben of Harvard, a deputy Sheriff, Feb. 14, 1823, suddenly, at the house of the Widow of Geo. Phelps, a. 64y.. T.R.2, p. 195. Lancaster
Reuben F., s. of Zimri and _____, Dec. 11, 1845, a. 2 y. 3 m. Scarlet fever. Harvard
Reuel, July 3, 1843, a. 31y. 7m. G.S.2. Brookfield
Rhoda, d. Abraham Jr. and Hitty, Jan 4 1785. Stow
Rhoda, wid. of _____, Aug. 30, 1828, a. 43 y. C.R.1. Harvard
Rhoda, w. John, Oct. 28, 1832, a. 30. G.S.3. Bolton
Rhoda, d. Enoch and Sally Whittemore, Sept 15, 1848, a. 57 y. 4 m. 6 d. Consumption. Royalston
Richard Jr., Dec. 5, 1723. [a. 62, G.R.1] Stow
Richard, Lt., Apr. 27, 1775. [a. 85y 3m. 18d. G.R.1] Stow
Richard, ch. William and Sarah, Apr. 23, 1796. [a. 1y. 2m., C.R.] Lee
Richard, May 4, 1798, in his 73d y. G.R.1. Harvard
Richard, Sept. 28, 1835, a. 82 y. 7 m. Revolutionary soldier. G.R.1. Harvard
Richard (married), s. Daniel and Sarah of Stow, Dec. 1, 1849, a. 52y. 8m. Liver complaint. [a. 51y. 7m. 13d.] Winchendon
Richard, s. of Simon and Sarah, d. 25 Mar 1861. Amherst
Richard S., Aug. 20, 1848, a. 1y. 2m. G.R.3b. Cambridge
Richard Sullivan, s. of Hammond and Laura M., Aug. 21, 1848, a. 11d. G.R.3. Cambridge
Roland Alonzo (see _____ Whitney). Stow
Rosalind, d. John and Jane, croup, Nov. 27, 1846, a. 3y. 8m. 25d. Lowell
Rowena, w. Timothy, July 17, 1839, a. 50. Northborough
Ruth, d. David and Rebekah, Apr. 23, 1757, a. 28y. 1m. G. R. Waltham
Ruth, d. Nathan and Tabitha, July 9, 1764, a. 1y. 3m. Westminster
Ruth, d. of Jesse and Mary, July 31, 1765. Mendon
Ruth, formerly w. of Eleazer Wight, Oct. 21, 1785, in her 47th y. G.R.3. Milford
Ruth, w. James, May 25, 1793, a. 27. G.S.3. Douglas
Ruth, w. Ezra Esq., Oct. 11, 1811, a. 64. G.S.3. Douglas
Ruth, d. of Isaiah Jr. and Mary, Jan. 3, 1815, a. 29 y. Harvard

Church Membership

Rosella C., chh. mem., Apr. 30, 1838. C.R.4. Lancaster
Rosella C., Mrs., adm. chh. from Lancaster, Sept. 2, 1838. C.R.3, p. 392. Lancaster

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Transients, Strangers, etc.


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