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Whitney surname and variants.


Waldo, ___ __, 1817. G.S. Leominster
Waldo Hubbard, s. John and Caroline (McGuire), Jan. 5, 1858. (8:97) Fitchburg
Waldow, s. of Oliver and Mercy, Apr. 16, 1817. Harvard
Wallace M., s. Wallace M. and Mary, Sept. 18, 1846. Woburn
Walter, s. Ezekiel and Catharine, b. 18 Nov 1817. Watertown
Walter, ch. Amos and Martha, Dec. 2, 1818. Waltham
Walter, s. Ohio and Mary, Jan. 1, 1825. Ashburnham
Walter, s. Horace and Mary, Nov. 30, 1832. Westminster
Walter H., s. of Amos, b. in Waltham, and Sophia W., b. in Newport, R.I., Nov. 12, 1849. Cambridge
Walter Harris, Nov. 1, 1849. G.R.1. Acton
Walter Harris, s. of Isaac and Dorcas H., b. in Littleton, Nov. 1, 1849. Harvard
Walter Henry Knox, s of John and Rosella C., Mar. 6, 1845. T.R.4, p. 259. Lancaster
Warren, s. of Isaac and Sally, June 15, 1819. Sherborn
Warren Elhanan, s. Elhanan and Sarah A., Nov. 29, 1852. (8:97) Fitchburg
Washburn Whiting, s. Lemuel and Anna, Nov. 11, 1820. Athol
Washington, s. Ezekiel and Catharine, b. 29 Aug 1812. Watertown
Webster, s. Amasa and Mary, Oct. 6, 1803. Winchendon
Webster Wood, s. Seth and Sally, Nov. 29, 1824. Gardner
Wetherbee, s. Capt. Abraham and Sarah, Feb. 12, 1795. Stow
Willard, s. of Mathias and Dorcas, b. 25 Jan 1784. Hancock
William, s. William and Lydia, May 5, 1701. Groton
William, s. William and Martha, b. 11 Jan 1706/7 Watertown
William, s. William and Martha, June 11, 1706/7. [p. 2] Weston
William, ch. Wm. (dec'd) and ___[Martha], bap. Jan. 21, 1727-8, a. 21y. [p. 411] Weston
William, s. William and Hannah, Apr. 10, 1736. [p. 42] Weston
William, ___ __, 1736. In Weston. G.S.1. Winchendon
William, s. William and Mary, June 26, 1764. [p. 112] Weston
William, s. William and Mary, a. 1m., bap. July 29, 1764. [p. 480] Weston
William, ch. Abner and w., bp. Aug. __, 1769, B.R. Shirley
William, s. of Samuel and Abigail his wife, b. 13 Nov 1772. [p. 246] Concord
William, s. Rev. Peter and Julia, Nov. 14, 1776. Northborough
William, s. Rev. Phin[eha]s and Lydia, Oct. 30, 1778. [dup. Oct. 31, B.R.] Shirley
William, ch. William and Sarah, Jan. 9, 1782. Lee
William, ___ __, 1784. G.R.3. Cambridge
William, s. of Enoch and Hannah, Feb. 27, 1785. Harvard
William, s. Daniel and Cate, Aug. 22, 1785. Marlborough
William, s. Elisha and Abigail, June 11. 1788. Roxbury
William, s. William and Anne, Sept. 17, 1791. Gardner
William s. Daniel and Dorcas, Sept. 30, 1795. [p. 344] Boston
William, s. Nathaniel Ruggles and Abigail, b. 20 Oct 1795 Watertown
William, s. of Nathl R. Whitney, bapt. 25 Oct 1795. Watertown
William, s. Josiah and Polly, at Lincoln, July 20, 1798. Ashby
William, s. Josiah and w., bp. July 29, 1798. C.R.I. Lincoln
William, s. Andrew and Lucy, Feb. 10, 1799. Princeton
William, s. Israel and Phebe, Nov. 15, 1803. [p. 352] Boston
William, s. Abijah and Anna, bap. Nov. 1, 1807. [p. 520] Weston
William, s. William and Lucy, July 22, 1809. Ashburnham
William, s. Joseph and Hannah, July 29, 1814. Winchendon
William, s. Luke and Cyntha, Aug. 30, 1817. Gardner
William, s. W[illia]m "parents both deceased" bap. Sept. 6, 1817. C.R.6. Gloucester
William, s. Samuel and Fanny, Sept. 6, 1818. Shrewsbury
William, ch. Jabez and Sarah, Aug. __, 1822 Orange
William, s. Timothy and Rowena, Apr. 5, 1823. Boylston
William, s. Nathan Jr. and Ann M., July 14, 1823. Westminster
William, at Salem, Jan. 14, 1830. Danvers
William, s. of wid. Adeline, bp. Oct. 1, 1837, a. 3y. C.R.2. Cambridge
William, s. Nathaniel and Susan, Nov. 27, 1839. Westford
William B., ___ __, 1841. G.S. Leominster
William Barrett, s. Phinehas and Bethia, Jan. 14, 1801. Winchendon
William Barron, son of Paul and Charlotte (Clap), b. Aug. 30, 1784. Westfield
William Barron, s. Paul and Charlotte, bap. 4 Sep 1784. Westfield
William Blake, s. Joseph and Sally, Aug. 23, 1841. Westminster
William Clark, s. Joshua and Mary, Oct. 19, 1765. Worcester
William Collins, ch. James S. and Laurinda C., July 5, 1841. Conway
William D., s. Will[ia]m, yeoman, and Mary E., [bet. May 1, 1844 and May 1, 1845.] Roxbury
William D., s. John B., merchant, and Lucinda, both of Shelburne Falls), at Shelburne Falls, Aug 26, 1846. Shelburne
William E., ___ __, 1840. [G.R.5.] Framingham
William Ellum, s. Silas H. and Sarah H., Apr. 2, 1848. [p. 80] Dorchester
William F., May 19, 1803. G.R.3. Cambridge
William F. B., single, enl. Sept. 2, 1861, a. 19, R.R. Acton
William Fisk, s. William and Elizebeth, May 19, 1803. Shirley
William Flanagan, s. Moses and Susanna, Jan. [or June] 17, 1815. Upton
William-Foster, s. William and Zilpah, Aug. 17, 1820. Northborough
William-Francis, s. Amos and Lorinda, Dec. 17, 1846. Boylston
William Galen, s. William & Anna, b. Sept. 16, 1807. Pepperell
William H., s. Silas N. and Anna, Sep. 10, 1828 Otis
William H., s. Joseph H. and Sarah, May 6, 1840. Grafton
William H., s. James J. and Emma B., July 17, 1844. (8:97) Fitchburg
William Hapgood, s. Thomas and Abigail, Jul. 5, 1800. Marlborough
William Harrison, s. Charles and Sally, Jan. 16, 1840. Westminster
William Haskett, s. Haskett Derby and Joanna (Wallis), [May 25, 1839. P.R. 277.]. Beverly
William Haven, ch. Hezekiah and Mehetabel, Mar. 12, 1809 Otis
William Heath, s. Elisha, jr. and Sally, Jan. 25 1810. Roxbury
William Henry, s. of Aaron and Hannah, b. 22 Jan 1779. Northfield
William Henry, s. Isaac, farmer, and Marcia J. [Jane, P.R.12], Sept. 18, 1840. Stow
William Henry, s. Horace and Mary, Oct. 29, 1842. Hubbardston
William Henry, s. James B. and Ann, May 31, 1846. Marlborough
William Henry, s. Henry, gardener, and Herrit N., June 3, 1848. Brookline
William Hopkins, s. of George and Pamela, b. 14 May 1808. Stockbridge
William Knowlton, s. John Smith and Susanna, Apr. 5, 1795. At Westborough. Shrewsbury
William L., ___ __, 1811. G.R.3. [William Lambert, s. of Abel and Susanna, C.R.1] Cambridge
William Lambert, s. of W[illia]m L. and Rebecca R., Feb. 1, 1844. Cambridge
William-Lane, s. William and Maryon, Sept. 10, 1832. Princeton
William Lincoln, s. Seth and Chloe, Feb. 5, 1827. Gardner
William Low, s. Amasa and Mary, March 24, 1815. Winchendon
William Melas, s. Capt. Hananiah and Sally, May 15, 1826. Winchendon
William Michael, s. Michael and Nancy, June 12, 1820. Beverly
William-Newton, s. John and Mary, Dec. 15, 1825. Princeton
William Parkhurst, s. John and Clarissa, Jul. 9, 1799. [p. 348] Boston
William Parsons, s. Silas and Susan M., Sept. 12, 1848. (8:97) Fitchburg
William S., [twin] s. Nathan and Marthy, Oct. 19, 1814. Lincoln
William S., s. of William and Elizabeth, June 15, 1828. Cambridge
William Stephens, s. Wm. D. and Harriot, 28 Nov 1825. [p. 253] Southbridge
William Webster, s. Webster and Eliza Parks, May 5, 1833. Winchendon
William Wheeler, s. Nathan and Sina, March 12, 1811. Athol
William Whitcomb, s. of Josiah and Rhoda, Oct. 10, 1807. Harvard
William Whitcomb, s. Jonah and Rhoda, bap. Jan. 3, 1808. C.R.1. Bolton
Willyam, s. Joshuah and Abigall, b. last of Feb 1677 Watertown
Willyam, s. Nathaniell and Sary, b. 6 May 1683 Watertown
Witherbee, s. of Simon and Olive, May 3, 1746. Harvard


Waldo and Hannah M. Benjamin of Lincoln, int. Aug. 20, 1842. Leominster
Waldo of Leominster, and Hannah M. [int. Matilda] Benjamin, [int- Sept. 11, 1842]. Lincoln
Wallace of Woburn and Mary A. Brook, of Townsend, int. Sept. 15, 1844. Woburn
Warren and Ann E. Watson, int. Mar. 24, 1845. Sherborn
Warren of Sherburn (s. Isaac, a. 25) and Ann E. Watson, March 31, 1845. Warren
Washburn W., Mr., of Orange, and Emily H. Johnson of Warwick, int. 8 Apr 1843. [1:258] Warwick
Washburn W., Mr., of Orange, and Emily H. Johnson of Warwick, 25 Apr 1843. [1:261] Warwick
Webster and Eliza Parks Whitman of Lincoln, int. Jan. 20, 1828. Winchendon
Webster of Winchendon, and Eliza P. Whitman, Mar. 6, 1828. Lincoln
Wetherbe and Abigail Warner, July 7, 1774. Harvard
William and Lydia Perham of Chelmsford, at Chelmsford, Mar 16, [1699 or 1700]. Groton
William of Groton and Lidya Perham, Mar. [torn. 1700?]. Chelmsford
William and Martha Peirce, b. of Watertown, m. 17 May 1706 Watertown
William and Margret [dup. Margaret] Mirick, Apr. 25, 1717. [Margaret, M.R.] [Margrat Mirik, P.R.1] Newton
William, of Weston, and Hannah Herrington of Watertown, int. Aug. 24, 1735. [p. 35] Weston
William of Weston and Hannah Herington, Sept. 10, 1735. [Harrington, M.R.] Sudbury
William, of Weston, and Hannah Herrington of Watertown, Sept. 10, 1735, in Sudbury, by Ephraim Curtis, J.P. [p. 264] Weston
William and Mary Peirce, b. of Weston, int. Mar. 14, 1741/2. [p. 49] Weston
William and Mary Peirce, b. of Weston, Mar. 30, 1742, by Rev. Wm. Williams. [p. 55] Weston
William and Margaret Spring, b. of Weston, int. July 16, 1756. [p. 93] Weston
William and Margaret Spring, b. of Weston, Aug. 12, 1756, by Rev. Samuel Woodward. [p. 95] Weston
William and Mary Mansfield, b. of Weston, int. Apr. 10, 1762. [p. 106] Weston
William Jr. and Mary Mansfield, b. of Weston, June 14, 1762, by Rev. Samuel Woodward. [p. 115] Weston
William and Mrs. Sarah Davis of Broockline, int. Jan. 14, 1763. [p. 107] Weston
Mr William of Boston and Mrs Sarah Davis of Brookline, Feb. 1, 1763. In Brookline. [p. 284] Boston
William, of Boston [Weston. int.], and Mrs. Sarah Davis of B., Feb. 1, 1763. Brookline
William Jr. of Winchendon and Anna Heywood, int. Sept. 18, 1790. Gardner
William and Anna Heywood of Gardner, Jan. 13, 1791. Winchendon
William and Abigail Rogers, Feb. 9, 1794. In Brookline. [p. 464] Boston
William and Elizabeth Fisk of Bedford, int. Apr. 12, 1801. [m. Mar. 29, 1802, B.R.] Shirley
William of Sherly [Shirley, C.R.] and Elizabeth Fisk, Mar. 30, 1802. Bedford
William and Anna Laken [Lakin. C.R.1.], Sept. 5, 1803. Int. also recorded. Groton
William, of Harvard and Betsy Farnsworth of Concord, int. 26 Oct 1804. [p. 387] Concord
William and Betsy Farnsworth of Concord, Dec. 5, 1804. Harvard
William and Lucy Brook, May 24, 1808. Ashburnham
William and Mrs. Martha Millett, May 16, 1810. Gloucester
William Jr. and Sible Clark Greenwood, May 10, 1814. Gardner
William and Laura Anable, June 19, [1815]. Int. not recorded. Church Record, Church of Christ, Worthington. Worthington
Col. William and Zilpah Eager, March 21, 1816. Northborough
William, and Sarah Butler, m. 29 Oct 1817. Northampton
William and Dulcena Turner, Feb. 10, 1819. Templeton
William of Boston and Martha Simonds, Mar. 29, 1819. Burlington
William of Boston (going to Winchendon) and Martha Simonds of Burlington, at Burlington, Mar. 29, 1819. Woburn
William, of Salisbury, Ct., and Rebecca Sparks, int. 17 Oct 1819. Sheffield
William, and Fanny Lincoln, Dec. 3, 1823. Ashby
William and Elizabeth H. White, int. Aug. 26, 1826. Cambridge
William and Ruth Crossman, int. Feb. 21, 1829. Waltham
William of Waltham and Ruth Crossman, Mar. 1, 1829. Boylston
William and Mary Bemis of Royalston, int. April 30, 1830. Ashburnham
William of Ashburnham and Mrs. Mercy Bemis, int. May 18, 1830. Royalston
William and Adeline Richardson of Brookfield, int. Sept. 10, 1831. Cambridge
William, and Susanna Pace, int. Oct. 31, 1838. Andover
William and Susannah Perce of Andover, Aug. 6, 1839. Dracut
W[illia]m, and Mary E. Jones [Glines. int.], June 4, 1840. Roxbury
William, and Sopronia Knox, m. 15 Jan 1841. Springfield
William, and Sapronia Knox, m. 18 Jan 1841. Springfield
William, and Caroline M. Pierce, m. 28 Mar 1842. Springfield
William, and Mary M. Keyes, m. 1 Jul 1855. Springfield
Will[ia]m B. Whiting [Whitney. int.], and Lydia Laurence [of Charlestown. int.], May 28, 1805. Lynn
William B. and Louise Stone of Fitzwilliam, N.H., int. Dec. 2, 1827. Winchendon
William B. of Petersham and Lorinda M Clements, int. July 12, 1841. Dana
William B., and Marilla L. Clement of Dana, July 12, 1841. Petersham
W[illia]m C. and Elizabeth C. [int.omits C.] Bruce, May 12, 1840. Palmer
William D., Mr., of Southbridge and Miss Harriet Hawks, Oct. 19, 1824. T.R.3, p. 235. Lancaster
William F. and Harriet N. Morse, int. Feb. 14, 1841. Upton
William G. of Woodstock, Conn., s. James and Mary, a. 32 y., and Martha Williams, d. Chester, a.42 y., Apr. 15, 1844 Uxbridge
William H., of Great Barrington, and Sophronia Trowbridge, m. 24 Oct 1822. Sheffield
William H., and Celestia S. Clarke, mar. 08 Oct 1863. Westfield
William K and Mary Ann Billings, April 2, 1843. Athol
William Knowlton and Deborah Woodward, July 8, 1813. Dana
W[illia]m L. and Lucy Ann Jones, Oct. 18, 1836. Cambridge
William L. and Rebecca R. Brackett of Quincy, int. July 2, 1840. Cambridge
W[illia]m M., and Ann M. Carrigin, both of L., int. Dec. 19, 1843. Lowell
William M[ichael, int.], a. 25y., merchant, s. Michael and Nancy, and Ann Augusta Nourse, a. 21y., d. Stephen and Martha W., May 5, 1846. Beverly
William S., of Lincoln and Sarah Wheeler of Concord, married in Concord by Rev. Barzillai Frost, 13 Apr 1837. [p. 382] Concord
William S. and Sarah Wheeler of Concord, int. Mar. 27, 1837. Lincoln
William W. and Susannah Smith of Harvard, int. March 29, 1829. Bolton
William W. of Bolton, and Susanna Smith, Apr. 15, 1829. Harvard
Will[ia]m W., and Susan W. Mack, Nov. 11, 1849. Int. not recorded. Salem


Walter F., s. _____ and Lorena, Aug. 9, 1849, a. 5. Convulsions. Templeton
Wetherbe, Oct. 14, 1775. (a. 29 y. 5 m. G.R.1.) Harvard
Wetherbee, s. A[braha]m [dup Abra[ha]m Jr.] and Sarah, June 22, 1796. Stow
William, June 24, 1720. [p. 10] Weston
William, s. William and Lydia, Nov. 29, 1795, a. 12y. [IW] Dedham
William, h. Anna [Lakin], Mar. 4, 1813. Pepperell
William, widr. Mary, July 10, 1817. [a. 81. G.S.1] Winchendon
William, s. William, May 29, 1818, a. 1. C.R. Templeton
William, s. Moses and Polly, Nov. 10, 1821, a. 4. G.R. Hinsdale
William, 16 Jul 1827. [p. 271] Southbridge
W[illia]m, s. Isaac. Mar. 9, 1831. Rochester
William, July 25, 1834, a. 53. Northborough
William, bur. Sept. 18, 1835. Cambridge
William, Mrs., bur. Aug. 12, 1838, a. 26y. Cambridge
William, in Boston, Jan. 29, 1839, a. 58y. G.R.3. Cambridge
William, Aug. 23, 1839, a. 48. C.R. Templeton
William, Dec. 1, 1840, a. 2 m. Harvard
William (farmer, married), s. William and _____, Jan. 18, 1846, a. 81y. 6m. 28d. Palsy. Born in Weston. Gardner
William, s. Nathan and Ann M., Apr. 27, 1847, a. 23y. 7m. 13d. Consumption. Westminster
William, m., baggage master, b. Weston, breaking of bridge on railroad, Oct. 27, 1847, a. 38. [Oct. 29, G.R.2] Shirley
William, b. in Watertown, Jan 4, 1848, a. 52y. Md. Paralysis. (d. Jan. 6, 1848, a. 51y., C.R.10.) Cambridge
William, s. _____, Oct. 29, 1865; 46y. (Gravestone) Woburn
William D. [J. C.R. 1], s. J. B. and Lucinda [B. G.R. 5.], inflammation of lungs, bur. Shelburne Falls, d. Jan 12, 1848, a 1 y. 4 m. 16 d. Shelburne
William F., s. David and Cloa, dysentary, Aug. 20, 1848, a. 4y. 9m. Brookline
William H., s. Haskett D. and Joanna L., Oct. 12, 1841. P.R. 277. Beverly
William Haven, ch. Hezekiah and Mehetabel, Sep. 14, 1809 Otis
William Henry, s.Horace and Mary, Sept. 23, 1843, [a. 10m. 25d.]. Hubbardston
William J., d. 14 Aug 1848, a. 34y. [p. 412] Concord
William L. [Lowe, G.S.1], Amasa and Mary, July 13, 1832. [a. 17y. 3m. 19d.] Winchendon
William L., farmer, (M.M.), b. in Westford, [b. Dec. 12, 1848, G.R.6], s. of Oramel and Judith (Holbrook) d. pneumonia 8 days, in Pittsfield, June 12, 1896, age 47yrs., 6mos. Cummington
William P., s. Silas and Susan, Oct. 6, 1849, 1y. 24d. (8:194) Fitchburg
William S., s. of Zaccheus and Fanny, Oct. 4, 1823, a. 15m. G.R.3, p. 445. Lancaster
William S., farmer, s. Nathan and Martha, consumption, Aug. 13, I848, a. 33y. 10m. Lincoln
Willis, s. of Ensign Ethan and Betsey, Sept. 11, 1817, a. 2y. (a. 2y. 4m. G.R.1) Milford
Willis, s. Samuel V. and Sarah, Aug. 22, 1849,a. 9m. Inflammation of the throat. Ashburnham
Winnefred, wf. of Thomas, d. 23 Jul 1660 (p. 663 [PCR vol. 8, p. 26]). Plymouth

Church Membership

William, ch. William dec'd and Martha, c.m. Jan. 21, 1727-8. [p. 411] Weston
William, c.m. Dec. 8, 1751. [p. 474] Weston
William, o.c. July 22, 1764. [p. 478] Weston

Public Records

William B., grantee, 1840-1847. FD New Salem
William B., grantor, 1847-1849. FD New Salem
William B., est., grantor, 1848-1849. FD New Salem

Transients, Strangers, etc.


School Records


Gleanings, Chiefly from the Town Files


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