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William Richard Cutter, Historic Homes and Places and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Middlesex County, Massachusetts (New York, NY: Lewis historical publishing company, 1908), Volume III.

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Volume I, Volume II, Volume III, Volume IV, Part 1, Volume IV, Part 2,

[p. 877]

(IV) Wilson Rawson, son of Wilson Rawson (3), was born August 13, 1713, at Mendon. Massachusetts. He settled in Upton. He married Abigail Temple, of Harvard (intention dated December 24, 1737). He died in 1778 at Upton. His will was dated July 5, 1778, and filed December 2, following. Children: . . . . 3. Abigail, born June 9, 1743, married ----- Whitney. . . . .

[p. 890]

Joseph Peirce, son of Anthony Peirce (2), was born in Watertown about 1645; was admitted a freeman April 18, 1690. He married (first) Martha -----; (second), June 15, 1698, Elizabeth (Kendall) Winship, daughter of Francis Kendall, of Woburn, widow of Ephraim Winship, of Cambridge Farms. She was born at Woburn, January 15, 1652. Winship was a pioneer at Cambridge Farms. During King Philip's war Peirce took shelter at Woburn at the house of Francis Kendall and brought his "ancient mother-in-law Reigner, widow" with him. She was probably his wife's mother, though possibly his step-mother. His estate was administered by his widow and son Jacob, who were appointed by the court December 2, 1713. Children, born at Watertown: 1. Joseph, born October 2, 1669. 2. Francis, born July 27, 1671. 3. John, born May 27, 1673, mentioned below. 4. Mary, born November 26, 1674. 5. Benjamin, born March 25, 1677. 6. Jacob, born December 25, 1678, married, [NOTE: the following text is missing: "November 13, 1702, Martha Lewis. 7. Martha, born December 24, 1681, married,".--RLW] May 17, 1706, William Whitney. 8. Stephen, born October, 1683. 9. Israel, born October 7, 1685. 10. Elizabeth, born September 9, 1687, married Joseph Bemis.

[p. 915]

Children [of Capt. Josiah and Anna (Stearns) Fuller]: . . . . 2. Ann, born June 18, 1749, married, 1774, Ephraim Whitney. . . . .

[p. 921]

(VII) Warren Nichols, son of Jonathan Nichols (6), was born at South Reading, Massachusetts, January 30, 1840. He attended the public schools of his native place, and at an early age left home and went to work in one of the numerous shoe-shops of Wakefield, and learned the trade. He was twenty-one years old when the civil war broke out, and he enlisted early in 1861 in Company E Sixteenth Regiment, with his brother Hannibal, for three years. He was wounded slightly in the battle of Gettysburg. Later he was token prisoner, and after a time paroled. When exchanged he returned to his regiment, and was severely wounded in the battle of Cold Harbor. At the expiration of his enlistment he was honorably discharged. He returned to Reading and worked at his trade. His health was shattered by the war service, but he continued in the shoe business as long as he was able to work. He divided his time between his business and his home, having few other interests. He was a Republican, but not active in politics. He attended the Universalist church. He was an honored and loyal member of Wakefield Post, No. 12, Grand Army of the Republic. He died at

[p. 922]

Wakefield, January 27, 1891. He married, November 14, 1869, Mercy Ellen French, of Waterford, Maine, daughter of Washington and Mary (Henley) French. Her father was a prosperous farmer, highly respected and very prominent in the affairs of the town in which he lived. Her grandfather Henley was born in Reading, Massachusetts, and his father, Benjamin, moved to Maine. Mrs. Nichols' maternal grandfather, Phineas Whitney, was a soldier in the Revolutionary war. They had one child, Leroy Warren, born November 8, 1873, mentioned below.

[p. 932]

Captain [Eleazer] Giles [(1744-1809)]had to have his leg amputated twice in one day, after reaching Halifax, once below, then above the knee. The operation was performed by Dr. Jeffries, of Halifax, later of Boston, and the surgeon of the privateer, Dr. Elisha Whitney, of Beverly. He lived thirty years afterward, and continued to follow the sea, having a wooden leg.

[p. 942]

Children [of Francis and Hannah (Johnson) Pierce], born in Weston: . . . . 4. William, May 1, 1708, married Sarah Whitney. . . . .

[p. 1026]

Charles Freddy Bryant, son of John Bryant (7), was born at Charlestown, May 27, 1856. He attended the Charlestown public schools, graduating from the Warren grammar school, and attended the Bryant & Stratton Business College, Boston, until 1872. He worked for two years and a half as clerk for Thompson, Brown & Co., Cornhill, Boston, book publishers and stationers, then owing to ill health he gave up his position and removed to North Edgecomb, Maine, and lived on his father's farm there most of the time until 1890, when he returned and entered the firm with his brothers, having charge of the Somerville office and business. In 1893 ne removed the business place to 170 School street, and in 1899 removed to 353 Medfonl street, where the firm now have their Somerville branch office. In 1900 he became a member of the present firm of John Bryant Sons. He is a Republican in politics. He is a member of the Winter Hill Baptist Church, Somerville; of Soley Lodge of Free Masons; of Somerville Chapter of Royal Arch Masons; of Bunker Hill Lodge No. 14, Odd Fellows; of the Ancient Order of United Workmen; was formerly a member of the Royal Arcanum. He belongs to the Massachusetts Undertakers' Association and the Massachusetts Embalmers' Association; also to the Massachusetts Social Club of Undertakers. He is a member of the Somerville board of trade.

He married, June 30, 1887, Alice Maria Sawin, born at Charlestown, August 22, 1863, daughter of John Traverse and Sarah (Whitney) Sawin. Her father was a milk dealer, residing in Charlestown. Children: 1. Ruth Walcott, born November 24, 1889. 2. Esther Parmelia, August 19, 1897. 3. Frederic Sawin, June 5, 1899.

[NOTE: John Traverse Sawin married Sarah W. Sawyer, not Sarah Whitney. No Whitney ancestry can be found for her.--RLW]

[p. 1069]

Timothy Weeks, son of Nathaniel [and Polly (Pottle)] Weeks (8), was born in Bridgewater, New Hampshire, November 13, 1801, married, October 6, 1825, Elizabeth Barnard Whitney, born in Westminster, Massachusetts, May 27, 1804, and died April 17, 1887, in Everett, Massachusetts, at the home of her son-in-law, N. W. Frye, aged eighty-three years. Timothy died in Lowell, July 1, 1854, aged fifty-two years. Children: 1. Adaline Elizabeth, born in Northampton, Massachusetts, October 2, 1826; married as his second wife N. W. Frye and resided in Everett; she died March, 1887, leaving one son Nathan Wyman. 2. Mary Abigail, born in Granby, Connecticut, July 28, 1828, married, February, 1849; Henry Augustus Fielding, and resided in Bozeman, Montana; child: Fred Augustus Fielding. 3. Harriet Gilman, born in Sutton, Massachusetts, September 25, 1830, married, July 1, 1849, Jeremiah S. Hall, who was killed at the battle of Gettysburg, July 2, 1863; child: Albert Henry Hall, resides in New York City and has two children: Harriet A., born March 12, 1884, and Harry M., April 2, 1885. 4. Augustus Whitney, mentioned below. 5. Cynthia Jones, born March 25, 1836, at Cavendish, Vermont, died at Perkinsville, Vermont, May 15, 1842. 6. Ellen W., born in Windsor county, town of Perkinsville, Vermont, October 2, 1838, married in Groton, Massachusetts, December 8, 1862, Rev. Edward P. Tenney, born in West Concord, New Hampshire, September 29, 1835, and resided in Manchester, Massachusetts; children: i. Emma Wilson, born in Lowell, June 6, 1873; ii. Elizabeth Hale, born in Ashland, April 7, 1876. 7. Emeline Dorcas, born May 13, 1841,

[p. 1070]

married, March 2, 1869, General Lester S. Wilson, resided in Bozeman, Montana, with two children living.

(XI) Augustus Whitney Weeks, son of Timothy (10) and Elizabeth B. Weeks, was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, February 5, 1833. He attended school at Tilton, New Hampshire, and later entered Wesleyan University at Middletown, Connecticut. He intended studying for the ministry, but abandoned this in order to serve his country in her hour of need, enlisting from Middletown in Company G, Sixth Regiment, and serving nme months. Upon his return from the war he served as head clerk at the Freedman's Bureau in Virginia under General Armstrong, retaining this position for a period of three years. He then came to Lowell, Massachusetts, and accepted a position as manager of the Kittredge Coal Company of Lowell, remaining until his death, February 21, 1892. He was a prominent member of St. Paul's Church of Lowell and a local elder for many years; was a Republican in politics; a prominent Mason, also served two years as commander of local post of Grand Army of the Republic; and was much loved and respected by all who knew him. He married, March 25, 1867, Lauraetta Frye, born in Lowell, 1838, daughter of Ira Frye, who was born in Danville, Vermont, June 7, 1803; he was one of the original proprietors of the old American House at Lowell, was a well known tavern keeper in his day, a prominent citizen, and popular among his townsmen. He married Laura Butterfield. Mrs. Weeks has one sister living, Miss Civil M. Frye. Before her marriage Mrs. Weeks was for a number of years engaged in teaching in the Colburn school of Lowell. Their only child, Laura E. Weeks, died in infancy.

[p. 1080]

(X) Varanus Lathrop . . . married . . . Lucy Edgerton . . . . Children: . . . . 2. Horatio Nelson, born April 19, 1800; died February 24, 1874; married, July, 1825, Sarah, daughter of Jesse Whitney, of Cambridge, Vermont. . . . .

[p. 1111]

[Children of Benjamin and Sarah (Merriam) Barrett,] born at Ashby, Massachusetts: . . . . 3. Mary, born March 25, 1767; died August 22, 1841; married, February 18, 1790, Josiah Whitney. . . . .

[p. 1124]

(III) Thomas Walker, son of Thomas Walker (2), was born May 22, 1664. He bought of Gookin and How sixty acres of land at Framingham on both sides of the county road adjoining farms of John Adams, John Bent and Thomas Drury. He built a house near the present school house at Rice's End. He was one of the organizing members of the Framingham church; town treasurer in 1700. He died October 25, 1717. He married, December 7, 1687, Martha How, daughter of Samuel How. She married (second), November 10, 1718, John Whitney, and she died November 14, 1721. Children of Thomas and Martha Walker: 1. Thomas, born September, 1688, died young. 2. Samuel, born September 24, 1689. 3. Obadiah, married Hannah Learned. 4. Martha, married Joseph Haven. 5. Mary, married Elkanah Haven. 6. Thomas, settled in Hopkinton, Massachusetts; was clerk of the market there in 1724, constable, 1726, town clerk and selectman, lieutenant. 7. Asa, born June 7, 1702, died 1723. 8. Hannah, born June 1, 1705, married Moses Haven. 9. Jason, born October 28, 1708, mentioned below. 10. John, born February 1, 1713-14.

[p. 1124]

John Phipps was born in Douglas, son of Jedediah Phipps, who settled in Douglas, May 5, 1768; was moderator in 1778-79; selectman in 1773-80; with President Lock and Hon. Daniel Whitney on the committee of correspondence in 1774-75; . . . .

[p. 1131]

Children [of William and Susanna (-----) Shattuck]: . . . . 3. John, born February 11, 1646-47; married Ruth Whitney; soldier in King Philip's war; was drowned in the Charles river through the capsizing of the ferry boat. . . . .

[p. 1135]

(VII) John Noyes, son of John Noyes (6), was born in Bridgewater, November 18, 1754. Married, 1776, Ziba Brett. He removed to Minot, Maine, where he died January 24, 1836. Children, born in Bridgewater: . . . . 2. John, born February 28, 1782, died April 5, 1868; married Polly Whitney. . . . .

[p. 1196]

He was subsequently with the Whitney Opera House at Fitchburg, Massachusetts, in charge of the stage carpentering. In 1882 he succeeded to his father's ...

[p. 1207]

Ladd & Whitney Post, No. 185, of Lowell.

[p. 1233]

(II) Thomas Gibson, son of Samuel Gibson (1), located directly across the river from Sanbornton, on the Gilmanton side, at Union Bridge, having previously settled in Canterbury. He married Jemima Shepard, daughter of James Shepard, a soldier in the revolution. Children: . . . . 9. Naomi, married David Lane, of Lowell; children: i. Jemima Lane, married Amos Whitney, and had Inez Blanche Whitney, born September 10, 1861, in Lowell; . . . .

[p. 1238]

(VI) Moses Law, son of Jonathan [and Mary (Bartlett)] Law (5), was born at Hubbardston, Massachusetts, March 13, 1827. He attended the public schools in his youth. At the age of twelve he was bound out to a farmer. He learned the trade of printer and followed it to the time of his marriage, and for a time afterward. He was employed by the American Bank Note Company in Boston, but was obliged to give up the work on account of its effect on his health. He settled in Bolton, Massachusetts, and conducted the Knight farm, at what is

[p. 1239]

called Fiddlers' Green, near the center of the village. In 1863 he sold this farm, which his wife had inherited, and removed with his family to Medford, Massachusetts. He took up the trade of blacksmith in the shop of Teel & Hill, an old firm of blacksmiths and carriage makers. After his time as apprentice was out, he was employed as a journeyman for ten years. He then worked for the firm of Foster & Manning, lumber merchants, as yard man and driver of lumber wagons. Later he was employed by another lumber concern in Boston for about four years. His death was caused by a fall from his wagon, December 7, 1889. Mr. Law was naturally capable and energetic, of jovial and happy disposition. He was a Universalist in religion, a Democrat in politics. He was a member of the Medford Fire Department, and of the Lawrence Light Guards at Medford, Company E, Fifth Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia.

He married, September 3, 1854, Lydia Maria Knight, born December 21, 1834, daughter of John and Lucy Newhall (Whitney) Knight. Her father was born at Salem, November 25, 1803, son of Aaron and Sarah Knight; her mother was born April 27, 1804, daughter of Isaiah and Susannah Whitney, of Bolton, Massachusetts. Children of Moses and Lydia Maria Law: 1. George Asa, born August 17, 1855; mentioned below. 2. Lucy Maria, born August 17, 1857, died December 5, 1882. 3. Mary Annie, born March 25, 1861. 4. Grace Darling, born June 9, 1871, married (first), February 4, 1893, Charles Dougherty, of Waltham; child, Helen Margaret, born March 1, 1895; married (second), September 8, 1897, James Homer Patrill, of Hardwick, Massachusetts; children: ii. George Elbridge, born June 6, 1899; iii. Ida Gertrude, born November 21, 1901.

(VII) George Asa Law, son of Moses Law (6), was born at Bolton, Massachusetts, August 17, 1855. At the age of five years he moved with his parents to Medford, Massachusetts, where he was educated in the public schools. At the age of sixteen he began to drive an express team from Medford to Boston and continued for two years; at nineteen he bought out an express business in Boston and conducted it under the name of the City Express for nine months. It was not a good business venture and he gave it up to enter the milk business with a route in Arlington and Somerville, living in Arlington. He sold out at the end of two years to Albert Boynton and engaged in the retail fish business in Arlington. During the next two years he established his livery business, and afterward (1888) devoted all his attention to his stable. His first stable was on Walnut street where he remained for five years, removing then to the old car barn at the corner of Academy street and Massachusetts avenue. At the end of ten years he removed to his present stable which he purchased. It is fifty-five by one hundred and fifty feet, two stories high, and has accommodations for thirty-five horses, the number he keeps. He does a large hack and carriage business and deals extensively in horses. He attends the Arlington Congregational Church. He is a charter member of Menotomy Council, Royal Arcanum, No. 1105, of Arlington, and belongs to the Metropolitan Driving Club of Boston.

He married, September 3, 1875, Mary Ann Clark, born September 3, 1858, daughter of David and Mary Burton (Brown) Clark. Her father was a livery stable proprietor. Children: 1. Ida Gertrude, born September 20, 1876, married, July 5, 1905, George W. Britt, of Boston; child, Esther Covert, born July 17, 1906. 2. Joseph Harwood, born October 18, 1879, married, May 12, 1907, Vivian Jane Doughty, now a resident of Fitchburg, Massachusetts; no children. 3. Mary Maria, born April 26, 1880, unmarried. 4. David Clark, born August 1, 1885. 5. George Asa, Jr., born May 1, 1888. 6. Emerson Charles, born March 27, 1891. 7. Grace Darling, born June 15, 1894.

[p. 1300]

(III) Benjamin Wellington, son of Benjamin Wellington (2), born June 21, 1676, and died at Lexington, Massachusetts, November 15, 1738. He was a prominent citizen of Lexington, assessor sixteen years, town clerk fifteen years, treasurer three years, deputy to the general court three years. He married, January 16, 1699, Lydia Brown. They were admitted to the church at Lexington June 10, 1705. She died May 13, 1711. He married (second) December 25, 1712. Elizabeth Phipps, born in Roxbury, August 21, 1675, died January 7, 1730, aged fifty-four years. He married (third) Mary Whitney. He died November 19, 1738, aged sixty-three years. Children: 1. Benjamin, born May 21, 1702, died November 15, 1738. 2. Lydia, born August 24, 1704; died August 10, 1718. 3. Kezia, born March 28, 1707. 4. John, born November 12, 1709; died September 22, 1728. 5. Abigail, born July 14, 1715. 6. Timothy, born

[p. 1301]

July 27, 1719; see forward. 7. Mary, born October 20, 1732. 8. Oliver, born April 14, 1735.

[p. 1332]

(V) Job Whitcomb, son of Jonathan [and Deliverance (Nutting)] Whitcomb (4), was born April 16 or 26, 1730. He is said to have been a soldier in the Revolution, but his record has not yet been found. He married (first), May 2, 1757, Jemima Farr; (second), March 6, 1769, Abigail Whitney; he may have had a third wife as Templeton records mention "Jemima, daughter of Job and Mary Whitcomb." Children of the first wife: 1. Simeon, born, June 11, 1759. 2. Olive, born June 24, 1761. 3. Levi, born April 24, 1763, mentioned below. 4. Reuben, born May 9, 1765. 5. Dille, born September 7, 1766, at Wendell, Massachusetts. Children of the second wife: 6. Susanna, born April 4, 1770. 7. Susanna, born March 2, 1772, died young. 8. Achsah, born August 20, 1773, married, November 26, 1801, Abijah Fiske, and probably removed to Canada. 9. Mille, bom July 9, 1775, died unmarried in Templeton, Massachusetts. 10. Jemima, born 1778, married Ephraim Bush; died July 27, 1824. 11. Abigail, born May 21, 1779, died unmarried in Templeton, fall of 1848. 12. Job, born January 24, 1782.

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