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Whitney, Henry Austin, Memoranda Relating to Families of the Name of Whitney in England, (Boston: 1859).

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                      |                                           |
                     ... Whitney =                             Thomas Whitney, named in his nephew's will.
     Thomas Whitney, of Barthomley.  Will dated Oct. 10, 1597; proved, at Chester, by his widow, and son-in-law = Elizabeth ...
                                    Richard Boughey, April 27, 1598.                                            |
                            |                 |              |                 |                  |
                         Richard.          Thomas.         James.          Elizabeth.          Cicely.


Ralph Whitney, of Barthomley.  Will dated Sept. 4, 1667; proved, at Chester, June 26, 1668.  Husbandman.  Desired to be buried in = Julien, executrix.
the churchyard at Barthomley, and to be laid under his stone next the chancel-door, and to be buried deeper than ordinary.  Wife  |
Julien, executrix; and Randall Kent, of "Ordel Rode," co. Chester, yeoman, and Thomas Cotton, of Midwich, co. Chester, mercer,    |
overseers.                       _________________________________________________________________________________________________|
                                |              |               |                              |
                              Sarah.        Rebecca.        Julien, not 24 in 1667.        Abigail, not 24 in 1667.

          The Parish Register of Barthomley begins in 1563; and was searched, without success, for the family of John Whitney.


                                     WHITNEYS OF LONDON.


1591, Feb. 2. -- Thomas Lord Howard was licensed to convey to Thomas

  Whitney three houses in the parish of Christ-church, Aldgate,

1612, Dec. 1. -- Thomas Whitney, jun., was licensed to convey to Richard

  Waltham five houses in the parishes of St. Katherine and Christ-
  church, London.


Anne Whitney, of the parish of St. Andrew, London, widow.  Will dated Dec. 8, and proved, P.C.C., Dec. 14, 1610. = ... Whitney, died before 1610.
Witnessed by Nicholas Rowland, of St. Botolphs-without, Aldgate, Gent.                                           |
                                        |                                  |
                                     Robert Whitney, second son.        Thomas Whitney, youngest son.

Richard Whitney, citizen and merchant tailor, of London, of the parish of Christ-church.  Nuncupative will, dated July 23, 1650; proved, P.C.C.,
Aug. 11, 1651.  Gives every thing to his kinswoman, Alice, wife of Humphrey Bateman, and to their children, John and Anne.

Geffrey Whitney, citizen, &c., of London. -- See under SHROPSHIRE.

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