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Whitney, Henry Austin, Memoranda Relating to Families of the Name of Whitney in England, (Boston: 1859).

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                                                    WHITNEYS OF SHROPSHIRE.


ROBERT WHITNEY, of Langford, in Shropshire.  Will dated Nov. 8, 1606; proved at Lichfield.  Gives to the church, and to the poor of Morton Say, = Jane.
                                 Mentions his mother-in-law Ellen Meddyns, and his kinsman Hugh Downes.                                         |

John Whitney, of Hinstock, in Shropshire.  Will dated Aug. 21, 1631; proved, at Lichfield, Feb. 21, 1631-2.  Speaks of his brothers, Robt. Medan, = Lucy.
of Hanmeare, in Flintshire, webster; Thomas Medan, of Chesardine, in co. Salop, carpenter; and William Melan, of Drayton, in Shropshire, car-

          Richard Whitney, of Hodnet, in Shropshire.  Will dated Nov. 2, 1635; proved at Lichfield. = Katherine. = ... Handley, first husband.
                                                                                                        |                    |
                                                                                                    Richard Handley.      John Handley.

             |                                                                                          |
Geffrey Whitney, citizen and merchant tailor, of London.  Will proved, P.C.C., Feb. 8, 1602-3.      Katherine Whitney, named in her brother's will as
                     Gives to the poor of Drayton-in-Hales, in Shropshire.                          the wife of John Cartwright, of Drayton-in-Hales.




... WHITNEY, of Brook Walden, = Mary ... made her will, Nov. 28, 1590; which was proved at Chelmsford.  Gives to each of her daughters-in-law a gold
      died before 1590.       | ring; to son Thomas the younger, certain articles of furniture, silver spoons, a silver tankard, &c.  Gives to the poor of
                              | Audley End.  Sons Thomas the elder, and Thomas the younger, executors.
   |                                             |                                 | |                   |                                      |
Thomas Whitney, the elder, = Elizabeth.       Thomas Whitney, the younger,       Henry Whitney.        Anne Whitney. = Thos. Stuteville,       ..., wife of 
of Brook Walden, Gent.     |                  of Brook Walden.  Will dated       George Whitney.                     |       Esq.              ... Gardiner.
Will proved, P.C.C., in    |                  March 1, 1601-2; proved in the                               __________|
1602.                      |                  Bishop's Court of London, Nov.                              |
                           |                  10, 1602.  Speaks of his brother Thomas, deceased;       Martin Stuteville, Esq.
   ________________________|_______           of his widow, and their children.  To the rest of his
  | |              | |             |          brother Thomas's children, not named, and to all
Thomas.         Elizabeth.       George.      the children of his other brothers and sisters, gives
Nicholas.       Anne.                         a ring of gold of the value of 40s.


   |                                                                                                                                      |
Robert Whitney, of Dagenham, in Essex.  Will dated April 14, 1607; proved at Chelmsford.  Desires to be buried in the =                Thomas Whitney.
Minister's Chapel at Dagenham, and Mr. Manning to preach his funeral sermon, and to have ten shillings for it.  Gives |
to his son William 6s.8d., as he has had sufficient already.  Appoints his brother Thomas and son Thomas executors.   |
                                                       |                            |
                                                    Thomas Whitney.              William Whitney. = Joan.
                                                                                   |         |        |
                                                                                 Mary.     Joan.     Anne.


             |                                                                                                             |
           John Whitney, of Wigborough, in Essex.  Will dated April 3, 1617; proved at Chelmsford.                      Robert Whitney.

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