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Mosher, Elizabeth M., comp., Vital records of Monroe, Waldo County, Maine prior to 1892 (Rockport, ME: Picton Press, c1991).

Whitney Entries

Page 66:

Alfred Knowles of Hampden and Arletta Whitney [NOTE] of Monroe were married 10 April 1833.

Page 82:

Alfred Knowles and Arletta Whitney [NOTE] intention of marriage published 21 December 1832.

Page 59:

Jason Simpson of Newburg and Betsy Whitney NOTE of Monroe married 31 May 1824.

Page 76:

Jason Simpson and Betsy Whitney NOTE intention of marriage published 8 May 1824.

Page 140:

Children of Howard and Olive Whitney:

Jackson, born 15 February 1834
Charles Henry, born 6 November 1835
Nathaniel P. (or T?), born 24 June 1838

Page 204:

Bradford Webber of Monroe and Cynthia Whitney of Newburgh, intention of marriage published 15 October 1846.

Page 192:

Frederick Thurlough of Monroe and Elsey Whitney of Newburgh, intention of marriage published 24 December 1835

Page 283:

Frank O. Whitney NOTE of Monroe and Lora Webber of Monroe, intention of marriage published 9 July 1881.

Page 65:

Howard Whitney and Olive Twombley, both of Monroe, were married 30 August 1830.

Page 80:

Howard Whitney and Olive Twombley intend marriage 26 July 1830.

Page 77:

Daniel Snow of Newburg and Mahala Whitney NOTE of Monroe, intention of marriage published 11 June 1828.

Page 61:

Daniel Snow and Mahala Whitney married NOTE 6 July 1828.

Page 67:

Joseph Norris of Windsor married Mrs. Mary Whitney NOTE of Monroe 8 October 1833.

Page 82:

Intention of marriage published 1 September 1833 for Joseph Norris and Miss Polly Whitney NOTE (sic).

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