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Boyer, Frederick Quintard, and Poole, Herbert Armstrong, "The Quintard Family in America," NEHGR, Volume CIX (1955), pp. 184-193, 257-266.

[p. 263-264]

21. Evert5 Quintard (Isaac4, Peter3, Pierre2, Isaac1), cabinet maker, born in Norwalk, Conn., 24 Jan. 1798, died there 2 May 1891. He married, first, in Norwalk 29 Nov. 1819, Elizabeth Whitney, born 4 Jan. 1796, died 26 Nov. 1851, daughter of Timothy and Abigail (Smith) Whitney; and secondly, in Darien, Conn., 3 March 1857, Maria Mercy (Whiting) St. John, born 15 June 1810, died in Norwalk 26 April 1867, daughter of Samuel and Molly (Peck) Whiting and widow and second wife of Abraham Weed of St. John.
Children by first wife, born in Norwalk:
  1. William Lewis,6 cabinet maker and undertaker, b. 10 Sept. 1820; d. in Norwalk 12 Sept. 1873; m. in West Granville, Mass., 13 May 1846, Lydia Ensign Treat, b. 8 Oct. 1823, d. 24 Jan. 1900, daughter of William and Delia (Stanley) Treat. Two children.
  2. Francis Edmond, furniture maker and undertaker, b. 29 March 1823; d. in Norwalk 24 Oct. 1907; m. (1), in Norwalk, 1 Jan. 1846, Harriet Maria Allen, b. in Fairfield, Conn., 23 Jan. 1828, d. 25 Feb. 1853, daughter of Increase and Sally (Patchen) Allen; m. (2), in Ridgefield, 24 Nov. 1853, Matilda Lounsbury, b. in Poundridge, N. Y., 16 April 1829, d. in Norwalk 23 Dec. 1867, a daughter of Nathan and Delia Annor (Scofield) Lounsbury; m. (3), in Harwinton, Conn., 5 May 1869, Cornelia Chloe Clark, b. there 26 March 1833, d. there 20 March 1912, daughter of Willis and Chloe (Frisbie) Clark. Four children by his first wife and two by his second.
  3. Mary Elizabeth, b. 10 Oct. 1826; d. in Stamford, Conn., 8 July 1886; m. in Norwalk, 24 Sept. 1848, Bennett Davis Lum, a plumber, b. in Southbury, Conn., 12 May 1826, d. in Stamford 30 April 1901, son of Adam and Betsey (Curtis) Lum. Four children.

"Memoirs," NEHGR, Volume CIX (1955), pp. 63-70, 145-151.

[pp. 65-66 ]

Alice Lucinda Priest, who was elected a life member of the Society 4 March 1924, and who became a Colonial member 3 Dec. 1929, died in Worcester, Mass., 15 Feb. 1954. She had resided for many years in Brookline, Mass.
She was born in Northfield, Mass. 28 March 1866, a daughter of Dwight Solomon Priest, born in Northfield 28 Aug. 1832, died in Shenandoah, Iowa, 6 June 1914 (buried in Northfield), whose wife was Susan Mandana Caldwell, married 25 June 1857, born in Northfield 28 May 1835, died in Chicago, Ill., 8 Feb. 1893, a daughter of Rufus Caldwell and Lucinda King.
She did not marry; her nephew, Dwight Edward Priest, of Southboro, Mass., succeeds to her Colonial membership.[snip]
Her line of descent from her immigrant ancestor follows: (1) John. First of Charlestown, and later of Lancaster, Mass. He married 6 March 1678 Rachel Garfield. He served in King Philip's War in Capt. Nathaniel Davenport's Company. In consideration of this service, his heirs were in 1735 granted a tract of land in Templeton, Mass. Rachel Garfield, wife of John Priest, was born in Watertown, Mass., 23 Nov. 1656, a daughter of Samuel and May Benfield Garfield. He died in 1704. (2) Gabriel, born about 1690 in the part of Lancaster that became Harvard. He died 27 March 1755. His wife, Abigail, died 29 June 1770, aged seventy-seven years five months seven days. (3) Jeremiah, born 30 April 1722 in Lancaster, died 28 Dec 1781, married (intention dated 17 Dec. 1743 in Harvard) Mary, daughter of Nathan and Mary (Holman) Whitney, born 4 June 1727 in Stowe, Mass., and died in Harvard 19 Feb. 1810. (4) Nathan, born 22 Oct. 1747 in Harvard, died, probably in March 1807, in Worcester. He married 5 July 1780, in Bolton, Mass., Mary, daughter of Michael and Elizabeth (Lane) Bacon, born 6 Jan. 1761, according to her gravestone, 6 Jan. 1758, according to Bedford, Mass., Vital Records. She died 25 Dec 1842 in Northfield. (5) Nathan, born 29 June 1792 in Princeton, Mass., died 15 Aug. 1874 in Northfield. He married 3 Dec. 1818 in Sunderland, Mass., Mary, daughter of Stephen and Sarah (Baker) Gum, born 4 May 1790 in Sunderland, died 17 June 1854 in Northfield.


Mrs. Edward Everett Sawyer (Gertrude Whitney Farwell), who was elected a life member 5 March 1940, died in Ayer, Mass., 11 Jan. 1955. [snip]
She was born in Harvard, Mass., 19 July 1886, a daughter of Walter Perley Farwell, who was born in Harvard 10 Oct. 1856. He married in Harvard, 25 June 1884, Marion Willard, who was born there 27 Oct. 1862, a daughter of Frederick Augustus Willard and Sarah Margaret Whitney. [snip]
She married in Harvard, 19 Nov. 1932, Edward Everett Sawyer. He was born in Onawa, Iowa, 16 March 1870, a son of Philip Leonard Sawyer, died in Bassett, Nebr., 13 Aug. 1899, who married in August 1868 Mary Francis, a daughter of Jeremiah and Mary Ann (Hiscock) Cunningham, who died in Onawa 22 Jan. 1905.
Mrs. Sawyer's Farwell line of descent follows: (1) P. Henry Farwell and Olive Welby; (2) Ensign Joseph and Hannah Learned; (3) Joseph and Hannah Colburn; (4) Daniel and Mary Moor; (5) Isaac and Lucy Page; (6) Capt. John and Arathusa Whitney; (7) Alfred and Catherine Hall Tufts; and (8) Walter Perley and Marion Willard.

"Queries," NEHGR, Volume CIX (1955), pp. 159-160.


Wanted: Parentage and birth place of Francis Low, born 1 Feb. 1806; died 20 Dec. 1855; buried in Forest Hills; married in 1832 Susan Gilchrist. Member of Low and Company, merchants. -- Mrs. George Whitney, 1107 Fifth Avenue, New York 28, N. Y.

Bragdon, Lester MacKenzie, "Vital Records of York, Maine," NEHGR, Volume CIX (1955), pp. 296-305.

[p. 296]

The Town of York, Maine, successively known as Agamenticus, Bristol, Gorgeana and York, settled about 1630, and incorporated as a town in 1652, is situated in the southern part of York County. A portion of the town was set off to South Berwick in 1834.
The contributor of this material was Town Clerk from 1929 to 1935, and during his term of office copied all existing vital records of the town to 1 Jan. 1892, the date when compulsory recording became effective in Maine.
Book 1 or A
The original, which is the earlies existing record of births in York, is a book bound in full leather, measuring approximately 14-3/8 inches high by 9 inches wide by 2-3/16 inches thick. The spine is marked "...Records Vol 1 1646-1724." From the front the paging runs 4 to 422, both inclusive, and contains land-grants, etc., commencing with land laid out to John Dill's heirs, 15 March 1721/2, and ending with land laid out to Isaac Provinder, 29 Jan. 1721/2. From the other side of the book, on pages numbered 423 to 515, both inclusive, but excepting pages 452 to 485, inclusive, are found records of town meetings, ending with the meeting of 9 Oct. 1721. Pages 452 to 485, both inclusive, but excepting page 469, contain early records of births, which were not made contemporaneously, as they occurred, but during enumerations by the Town Clerks. These are reproduced as nearly verbatim as possible in the following copy. The sign "#", when used in the original, apparently indicated that the individual whose name was thus marked was dead before the enumeration was made. The use of the square brackets "[--]" indicates a mutilation of the original, and the matter within.


the brackets has been supplied by the copyist as is his best judgment as to the missing words or letters. The late George F. Plaisted, when making a copy of the vital records prior to 1892 for the town, called this "Book A". Page 469 contains a record of marriages performed by Capt. [Abraham] Preble, and is thus the only existing record of marriages in York prior to 1724.

[p. 305]

N. Whitney // The Ridgesture of Nathll Whitnies Children Borne in York his wifes Maden Name Sarah foord the dafter of John foord of Kittery:
  1. Nathan Whitney Borne Janr: 10: 1706/7
  2. Nathaniel Whittny Borne Decm ye: 12: 1709
  3. Able Whittny borne July ye: 23: 1712
  4. Sarah Whitney born Nov: 8. 1714
  5. [At this point George F. Plaisted, in copying this record, inserted two names from Pierce's "Whitney Family", q. v.]
  6. Isaac Whitney born March 9th. 1720/21
  7. Amos Whitney born March. 5th. 1723/4
  8. # Lydia Whitney born July. 22d 1726
  9. Joanna Whitney born March 13. 1729/30
Note. Nathaniel Whitney the father of these was born in York to [blank] Whitney by his Wife April. 14 1680.

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