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Goodrich, Merton Taylor, "Abstracts of Certificates of Intentions of Marriage," NEHGR, Vol. CXVIII (1964), pp. 130-132.

[p. 130]

These abstracts were found among the papers of Dudley Perkins Bailey (who died in 1927), son of Rev. Dudley Perkins Bailey, who died 11 Dec. 1878, and presumably performed the marriages of the couples whose intentions were published by the town clerks in accordance with the laws of the State of Maine. The Rev. Mr. Bailey was a Baptist minister in several small towns in Maine from 1833 to 1871, when he retired. Without doubt he performed many more marriages during his long ministry.
TC is the abbreviation for Town Clerk. The date is that of publishment, although the certificates were issued several days later. All towns mentioned are in Maine.

[p. 131]

C. H. Whitney, of Newburgh, and Miss R. C. Steward, of St. Albans, Albert Smith, TC of St. Albans, 18 May 1850.

Church, Frederic C., Search, Robert M., and Search, Helen C., "Samuel Church of Stonington, Conn.," NEHGR, Vol. CXVIII (1964), pp. 263-274.

[p 274] References

50. It is stated in the Cleveland-Cleaveland Genealogy, vol. 1, p. 48, that it may possibly have been Mrs. Zerviah (Church) Cleveland who married Cornelius Whitney or Whiting of Killingly, Conn., in the Brooklyn, Conn., church, 7 Nov. 1751. Frederic W. Bailey, Early Connecticut Marriages, 1896, vol. 1, p. 36, gives the name as Cornelius Whitney. No proof is offered that it was the widow of Edward Cleveland who married Cornelius Whitney. Rebecca3 (or Zerviah) Church (Samuel,2 Garrett1) would have been within two months of her ninetieth birthday at this time.

Wilbour, Benjamin Franklin, "Inscriptions from the Pleasant View Cemetery, Tiverton, R. I.," NEHGR, Vol. CXVIII (1964), pp. 308-311.

[p. 308]

When the publication of the inscriptions in Tiverton cemeteries was concluded in the April number of The Register (p. 153, ante), the late Benjamin F. Wilbour called to our attention the fact that Cemetery No. 43 (The Pleasant View Cemetery) (p. 66-7) although it is predominately a modern cemetery still in use, actually contains a considerable numbr of older gravestones, including several representative families who lived in Little Compton, just across the boundary line. He suggested that we publish these older inscriptions and offered to make the selection from his manuscript. About six weeks before his death, 18 July 1964, he submitted the copy. We greatly regret that he did not live to see this final installment of his work in print. - Editor.

[p. 309]

Eliza Whitney d Feb 25 1858 aged 63.

"Harvard Classes of 1756-1760," NEHGR, Vol. CXVIII (1964), pp. 311-314.

[p. 311]

Sibley's Harvard Graduates - The biographical sketches of the men listed below will appear in Volume XIV of Sibley's Harvard Graduates. Research for these sketches has been completed for all obvious printed material and for the manuscripts in public repositories, but C. K. Shipton, the Harvard University Archivist, would be glad to have called to his attention any manuscripts by these men or any portraits of them now in private hands. Attention is called to the few individuals who are listed as lost.

[p. 314]

Abel Whitney (1759) of Pertrsham, Mass., d. 1756
Job Whitney (1758) of Marblehead, d. 1761
Rev. Phineas Whitney (1759) of Shirley, Mass., d. 1819

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