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King, Robert Ray, "The Family of Nathan Bassett of Chatham," NEHGR, Volume CXXV (1971), pp. 7-21.

[p. 16]

16. Eli6 Bassett (David,5, Nathan,4 Nathan3) was born in Chatham, 8 April 1788; he died in Gardiner, Me., 27 Feb. 1876.
He married first, Martha Dunlap, daughter of Ebenezer and Christianna (Potter), born 5 Oct. 1792, died 3 June 1837. He married secondly, Deborah Hawkes. :Children, all by first wife, born in Litchfield: [snip]
  1. Apphia G., b. 29 Oct. 1832; d. in Gardiner, Me., 20 Oct. 1890; mar. (1) in Gardiner, Me., 13 July 1851, David Church, and (2) William Whitney. [snip]

Dempsey, James G., "Thomas Coldam of Lynn," NEHGR, Volume CXXV (1971), pp. 24-28.

[p. 24]

Thomas1 Coldam of Lynn, Mass., was born in England about 1602 as indicated by the November, 1662, Salem quarterly court records: "Thomas Coldam, aged about sixty years, deposed ... sworn in court" (Records and Files of the Quarterly Court, Essex County, Mass., vol. 3, p. 11). Thomas was a miller and farmer as shown in this depsition; "he tended Mr. Humfrey's mill two or three years off and on, as he could conveniently ... he knew it to be worth one hundred pounds sterling, for he himself was a miller, both here and in old England, and knew what belonged to a mill" (ibid.).
Thomas arrived with his wife, Johanna, and several children, early in the 1630's because he was admitted a freeman in 1634 and was granted 60 acres in the 1638 Lynn land accounting (ibid., 2:271). There is no mention regarding his marriage or birth of his children in the records hence it may be assumed that the three older ones at least were born in England and the others in Lynn or the vicinity. [snip]

[p. 25]

In his will written 14 March 1674/5 Thomas bequeaths all his planting ground to his wife Johanna. He leaves half his property to his son Clement Coldam and the other half to grandson Samuel Simonds if he continues to manage his business and property. He made Johanna and Henry Rhodes joint executors. Thomas Coldam died 8 April 1675 and his will was proved 21 May 1675 (ibid., 3:12). [snip] Johanna was buried in Lynn 16 June 1687.
Children: [snip]
  1. Martha, b. about 1630; mar. 16 March 1650, Richard4 Whitney (John3, Thomas2, Robert1) who was b. in England 1626, d. in Stow, Mass., after 1697. 8 children (see Frederick C. Pierce, Whitney: the descendants of John Whitney (1895), p. 23) [snip]

[p. 27]

3. Thomas2 Coldam (Thomas1) of Lynn, Mass., was born in Lynn about 1638 since he stated he was about 25 years old in a deposition in court 25: 1:1663 [i.e. 25 March 1663] (Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts, Essex County, Mass., 3:26). It is probably this Thomas who is fined for a misdemeanor at the November 1657 court when he would have been about 20 (ibid., 2:34). The last mention of him is made at the November 1657 court when he testified with

[p. 28]

his parents to Mary Longley's character (ibid., 3:112).
He appears to have been unmarried since he mentions no wife or children in his will dated 10 March 1672 (proved 26 June 1673). He made bequests to his sister Martha Whitney, and her children, his cousin Sarah Hart, his father Thomas and mother Johannah. The will was proven in Salem court 26:4:1673 [i.e. 26 June 1673] with his father and brother-in-law Richard Whitney named as executors (Essex County Probate Records, 2:357-58). Note that "the state is debtor to said Sarah Hart for funeral charges 18s" (ibid., p. 358). There were a number of Sarah Harts in the County during this period, but nothing has been found to properly identify her, or her relation to the Coldams.

Harding, Anne Borden, "William Sheafe of Charlestown, Mass.," NEHGR, Volume CXXV (1971), pp. 57-65.

[p. 57]

1. William Sheafe, born probably in England about 1649, died in Charlestown, Massachusetts Bay, 7 May 1713 (g.s.).
He married first, in Charlestown 15 Aug. 1672, Ruth Wood who died their 1677 or early 1678. Included in a list of famiies who lost members by smallpox in Charlestown 1677/8 is one member of the household of William Sheafe (Andrew Henshaw Ward MS). Thomas Bellows Wyman in The Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown ... 1629-1818, p. 856, states that she "died 16 Dec. 1677, ae. 60". The age is impossible. Either the gravestone inscription was misread or the grave is that of another unidentified Ruth Sheafe. If she had been born in 1617, she would have been thirty-two years older than her husband and fifty-six years old when her daughter Margaret was born. She has been said to be the daughter of Edward Wood "and his wife Ruth Mousal". This is error piled upon error. First, Ruth Wood, daughter of Edward, married in Malden 14 April 1658

[p. 58]

Phineas Upham (William Montgomery Clemons, American Marriages before 1699); secondly, Edward Wood's wife was not Ruth Mousal but an unidentified Ruth whom he married in England, who died in childbirth 29 Aug. 1642 (see Wyman, op.cit., p. 1044). Ruth (Mousal) Wood, daughter of Ralph and Alice Mousal, was living 13 April 1657 when her father's will was made. James Savage (A Genealogical Dictionary of the first settlers of New England, vol. 4, p. 67) has added to the confusion by stating that she was probably the daughter of Josiah. However, Josiah's daughter, Ruth, baptized 4 June 1676, was probably still unborn when William Sheafe married the still unidentified Ruth Wood. He married secondly, prior to 1679, Mary who died in Charlestown 31 Dec. 1703. [snip] He married thirdly, in Charlestown 2 March 1703/4, Elizabeth (Rand) Penney, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Edenton) Rand and widow of John Penny, born in Charlestown 2 Feb. 1661/2, died there 7 May 1712/13 (Wyman, op.cit., p. 783, 856). [snip]

[p. 59]

The will of William Sheafe, made 15 Dec. 1704, proved 5 June 1713, bequeaths to "my loving and beloved wife Elizabeth ... my [three] children Edward Sheafe, William Sheafe and Margaret Stratton" (Middlesex County Probate #20182).
Children (Ward, op. cit.):

By 1st wife, Ruth:

  1. Margaret, b. in Charlestown 12 May 1673; d. in Chelmsford in 1750; mar. (1) 8 April 1699 Richard Stratton of Chelmsford; (2) int. 3 Aug. 1728 Moses Parker. Wyman, op. cit., shows the children of Richard Stratton as all by his first wife, Naomi Lovejoy. Actually, only Ichabod was her child. Children, surname Stratton: 1. Ruth, mar. Jacob Warren. 2. Mary, mar. Joseph Adams. 3. Margaret, mar. Jonas Whitney. The will of Margaret Parker, made 13 Oct. 1747, proved 30 July 1750, mentions "two of my gran children (viz) Ruth Warrin and Mary Warrin Daughters of Jacob Warrin of Littleton ... my two daughters Mary Adams and Margaret Whitney ... my granson Joseph Adams" (Middlesex Co. Probate #16722).[snip]

"Marriage Records of the Rev. Thomas Baldwin, Pastor of the Second Baptist Church, Boston, Massachusetts," NEHGR, Volume CXXV (1971), pp. 99-109, 214-223, 287-294.

Pg. Year Date Record:
101 1793 Sept 24 Mr Joseph Whitney, Miss Sally Collins
217 1807 Apr 27 Mr Jacob Whitney, Miss Sarah Hall
219 1808 Apr 17 Mr. Isaac Whitney, Miss Sarah Luckis
220 1808 Nov 28 Mr. Sam Whitney, Boston, Miss Francis Goodnow, Charlestown
287 1811 Aug 8 Mr. Salmon Whitney, Miss Eliza Sumner
287 1811 Nov 3 Mr. Abijah Patch, Miss Susanna Whitney
293 1815 Mar 28 Mr. James Whitney, Miss Margaret Daniels

"Queries," NEHGR, Volume CXXV (1971), pp. 148-150, 301-303.

[p. 149]

Eskildson-Willson: -- Capt. George Eskildson, Jr., mariner, b. Mass. 29 August 1794, d. N.Y.C. 31 Jan. 1840; mar. 19 Dec 1816, probably in N.Y.C. Mary Willson, who was b. N.Y. 28 Dec. 1798, and d. Brooklyn 28 Dec 1867. Possible Troy, N.Y. association for George. Children, surname Eskildson: Sophia Ann, d.y.; Mary Henderson, b. 15 Jan. 1821, d. 21 Dec. 1912, mar. 1847 James Frothingham Whitney (1813-1886); Georianna, d.y. Was George a son of George Eskildson (1809 Boston dir) and Lydia Eskildson (widow, 1832 Boston dir.) and grandson of George Eskildson (1738-1807), the Danish consul at Dublin, Ire., by his first wife, Mary Webb? Desire Eskildson and Willson ancestry. - Louis D. Melnick, 2343 B Geneva Terrace, Chicago, Ill. 60614

[p. 302]

Whitney-Brown-Davis-Durke-Durgee-Martin: -- Does anyone have information on: William Harrison Whitney, born 1816, Windsor County, Vt.; Jonathan Brown mar. Harriet Davis, 1741 Gloucester, Mass.; Jane Durke or Durgee mar. John Martin, 1710, Ipswich, Mass.? - Mrs. Richard Bauman, 6381 Wisteria Way, San Jose, Calif. 95129.

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