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Sprague, Eleanor Robbins, and Robbins, Andrew West, "Untangling The Evidence For Two Early Massachusetts Robbins Families: George of Chelmsford (1657) and Robert of Concord (1671)," NEHGR, Volume 151 (1997), pp. 387-407; Volume 152 (1998), pp. 83-114.

[p. 391]

"Sgt. John Robbins . . . deeded some buildings and lands 16 September 1743 to his son, Jonas, including 'lands by Barrets great Dam in Chelmsford . . . near great Brook . . . by lands of Joseph Whitney, Peter Proctor, John Swallow . . . east of Concord highway . . ."

[p. 395-396]

4. Samuel2 Robbins (George1) was born at Chelmsford, Massachusetts, 2 January 1679 and died at Killingly, Connecticut, in 1764.[72] He married at Chelmsford, 4 March 1701/2, Dorothy Barrett, [73] whose parents and birthplace have not been learned.

Samuel Robbins and his family settled at Killingly, Connecticut, by 12 September 1710, when a deed whereby he bought 115 acres from John Chandler referred to him as Samuel Robbins, "late of Chelmsford in the county of Middlesex now of Killingly."[74] On 3 August 1738 Samuel Robbins [father or son?] of Killingly sold "half the tract in Killingly he lives on" to John Robbins of Killingly.[75] On 14 April 1763 Samuel conveyed land in Killingly to his grandson, Samuel Robbins of Killingly, a minor.[76] The estate of Samuel Robbins, late of Killingly, was administered by his son, Samuel. Mentioned in the distribution of the estate were the widow Dorothy, the eldest son Samuel Robbins, the eldest daughter "the widow Jane Shantery," daughter Abigail Gefene, Dorothy Herington (probably a daughter, but the record is illegible), daughter Sarah Warrin, wife of Ephraim Warrin, and daughter Allice Whitney, wife of Mathis Whitney.[77]
Children, first three births recorded at Chelmsford, Mass.; baptisms at North Killingly, Conn.:[78]
  i. Jane3 Robbins, b. 11 Sept. 1703; m. _____ Shantery.
  ii. Mary Robbins, b. 27 Dec. 1705; not named in father's probate file.
  iii. Abigail Robbins, b. 19 July 1708; m. _____ Gefene [Giffin? Greene?]; perhaps the Abagal Robbins who had a son Jonathan Herenton b. at Killingly 10 July 1731.
14. iv. Samuel Robbins, bp. 9 Sept. 1711; m. Bethiah _____.
  v. Dorothy Robbins, m. _____ Herington [Harrington]. Dorothy "Harenton" bought land in Killingly from Samuel Robbins 12 July 1764.[79]
15. vi. John Robbins, bp. 16 May 1716; m. Abigail Whitney. Not named in father's probate file.
  vii. Sarah Robbins, bp. 31, May 1719; m. Ephraim Warren.
  viii. Alice Robbins, bp. 28 July 1723; m. Mathis Whitney of Killingly. Matthias Whitney was a bondsman for the 1764 administration of the estate of Samuel Robbins.


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[p. 398-399]

7. Jonathan2 Robbins (George1), later known as Lt. Jonathan, was born at Chelmsford, Massachusetts, 19 November 1686, a twin and he died at Fryeburg, Maine, 8 May 1725.[107] He m. at Concord 16 January 1711/12 Margaret Lund, daughter of Thomas and Eleanor (_____) Lund.[108] Margaret married, second, in 1729, William Shattuck; when Lt. Jonathan Robbins' estate was divided in 1739, she was called Margaret Shattuck, late widow. She died, probably at Groton, 13 Jun 1764.[109]
About 1708, Jonathan Robbins setttled on Long Hill at Dunstable,[110] near the present border with New Hampshire. In 1724, Capt. John Lovewell, Lt. Josiah Farwell, and Lt. Jonathan Robbins organized a company of "Rangers" to scout against Indians threatening northern Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire, and the Maine coast. The last engagement of Capt. Lovewell and his men was "The Pequawket Fight" at Fryburg, Maine. Jonathan and others of the company, scalped and stripped of clothes and possessions by the Indians, were buried near the field of battle.[111]
Children, recorded at Dunstable, Mass.:[112]
i. Jane3 Robbins, b. 26 Dec. 1712; m. 14 April 1731 Stephen Ames, b. at Boxford, Mass., 1 Sept. 1712, son of John and Priscilla (Kimball) Ames.[113]
ii. Margaret Robbins, b. 29 Feb. 1715/6; not named in father's probate file.
iii. Jonathan Robbins, b. 4 Nov. 1718; d. in 1745 "late of Dunstable," Mass.[114] Jonathan was listed on the 1744 Dunstable Tax List.[115]
iv. Eleanor Robbins, b. 18 June 1721; m. James Whitney, b. in 1714, son of Joseph and Rebecca (Burge) Whitney.[116]
v. Elizabeth Robbins, b. 26 Sept. 1723.


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Dunkle, Robert J., and Ruocco, Valerie, "Parish Records of The First Church and Society :of Kittery, Maine, 1714 to 1791," NEHGR, Volume 151 (1997), pp. 48-58, 217-239, 353-370, 443-462.

[p. 48]

Anno Domini 1742
July ye 3d John Ingersol, John Whitney, Mary Hutchins, Josh: Hutchins wife, Agnes Wilson, Admitted into full communion with the Church.

[p. 357]

Febry: 28 John Whitney Recognized his Baptismal Covt.

[p. 360]

1744 [numbers resume out of sequence]
April 1st Mary Whitney Infant Baptized Daughter of Jno Whitney

[p. 363]

May 25 Tabitha Whitney Daugter of Nathl Whitney Infant Baptized

[p. 450]

Sepr 7. Joanna Whitney renewed the Baptis: Covt

March, David F., "Deaths in Boston: Decedents Reported in the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, 1828-1829," NEHGR, Volume 151 (1997), pp. 345-352, 463-482.

Each citation consists of the year (1828 or 1829), volume number and page number of the Journal.

[p. 481]

Whitney Elijah 58 yr. 11 Jan 1829 29; 1:799
  John 43 yr. 4 Jul 1828 28; 1:351
  Nahum, Jr. 10 mo. 24 Aug 1828 28; 1:479

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