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Hildreth, S. P., M. D., of Marietta.*, "Biographical Sketches of the Early Physicians of Marietta, Ohio.", NEHGR, vol. III, (1849) pp. 47-55.

[p. 50-51]

Was the fourth son of Col. Israel Putnam of Brooklyne, Connecticut, and the grandson of General Israel Putnam. He was born the 11th of December, 1770. His boyhood was spent on a farm in the country, on which he worked in the summer, and attended the public schools of the town in the winter. At the age of fourteen years he, with his brother David, about two years older, was placed under the tuition of the Rev. Josiah Whitney, D. D., the minister of Brooklyne, who remained for sixty years the pastor of a Congregational church in that town, and died at the age of ninety. With him they boarded through the week, going home on Saturdays. Under his care he studied English Grammar and Latin for two years.
*We beg pardon of the author for inserting his name without his special liberty; but he has done too much for the literature and history of the West not to be credited appropriately in our work. It is unnecessary to specify the works of Dr. Hildreth at this time, as they must be known to most of our readers as well as to us.

Paige, Rev. Lucius R. of Cambridge, "List of Freemen.", NEHGR, vol. III, (1849) pp. 89-246, pp. 345-352.

[p. 89]

Under the first charter of the Massachusetts colony, none were regarded as freemen, or members of the body politic, except such as were admitted by the General Court and took the oath of allegiance to the government here established. This custom continued in existence until, by the second charter, the colony was transformed into a province. Mr. Savage, in his edition of Winthrop's Journal, published a list of persons admitted freemen, up to May 10, 1648; and he justly remarked, that "these are probably ancestors of near three fourths of the present inhabitants of the six New England states, with almost half of New York and Ohio." Having occasion to use a more full list of freemen, I transcribed, nearly eight years ago, the names of all the persons admitted freemen, up to the time when the practice was discontinued, as recorded in the office of the Secretary of State. Agreeably to the request of the editor of the Register, this list is the original, and the orthography is carefully preserved. To guard more effectually against mistakes, I have recently, after so long an interval, compared my copy with the original, and I believe it to be correct, so far as the original remains legible. It is not surprising that many of the names are incorrectly spelled. They are not autographs; but they were written by the Secretary, according to the sound, as the names were pronounced to him. Moreover, it sometimes occurred, doubtless, that he did not catch the sound accurately, and therefore mistook the true name. I have endeavoured to exhibit an exact transcript; so that all readers may have the same opportunity to make proper corrections, which a perusal of the original would afford.

[p. 94]

March 3, 1635-6 - John Whitney - C. R., Vol. I. p. 153

[p. 191]

26 May 1647 - John Whitny jr. - C. R., Vol. II. p. 163

[p. 192]

7 May 1651 - Rich. Whitney - C. R., Vol. IV. p. 33

[p. 240]

29 April 1668 - Jonath. Whitney - Watertown - C. R., Vol. IV. p. 600

[p. 345]

7 May 1684 - Jno Whitney - Rox. - C. R., Vol. V. p. 436

[p. 349]

18 April 1690 - Thomas Whitney - Watertown - Inter., Vol. II. pp. 20-22

"Marriages and Deaths.", NEHGR, vol. III, (1849) pp. 285-296.

[p. 286 Marriages]

Sargent, Henry, M. D., of Worcester, 30 April, in Cambridge, to Miss Catharine Dean, dau. of the late Asa Whitney, Esq., of Boston.

[p. 296 Deaths]

Whitney, Mrs. Hannah, 10 March, Æ. 87.
Whitney, Mrs. Mary, Hingham, 4 March, Æ. 79; formerly of Northboro7.

"Genealogical Notices of the Descendants of Secretary Rawson", NEHGR, vol. III, (1849) pp. 297-330.

[p. 309]

33. IV. Wilson Rawson, eldest son and child of Wilson Rawson, born Aug. 13, 1713, married, and settled in Upton. His children were,
Joshua, born April 1, 1755. (89)
Wilson. (90)
Artemus, settled in Maine, and left issue; Abigail, married a Whitney, of Milford.

Endicott, C. M., Esquire, of Salem, "The Peabody Family", NEHGR, vol. III, (1849) "The Fifth Generation" pp. 359-373.

[p. 360-1]

V. Jedediah Peabody, (181-5) b. April 11, 1743, married Alice Howlet, Oct. 9, 1766, lived first in the State of Maine, then in several towns in New Hampshire, and died at East Lebanon, N. H. about 1825. Children,
Lydia, b. Sept. 17, 1767, m. David Bowman, d. at Centre Harbor; Ammi Howlet, b. July 4, 1769, m. 1st, Margaret Rice, Feb 22, 1797; m. 2d, Sarah Johnson, Dec 12, 1802, d. Jan 30, 1845; Mary, b. July 6, 1771, m. Daniel Marshall of Tunbridge, Vt.; Moses, b. Nov. 29, 1773, m. Hannah Ward of Henniker, N. H.; Susanna, b. Sept. 29, 1775, m. Richard Thompson of Tunbridge, Vt.; Thomas b. Aug. 11, 1777, m. Betsey Willis, Nov., 1804, living in East Lebanon, N. H.; Alice, b. June 1, 1779, m. Eleazer Whitney of Henniker, N. H., where he is now living; Andrew, b. July 13, 1782; Frederick, b. March 20, 1785, m. Rebecca E. Carter of Boston, June 7, 1812, resided in Charlestown, Ma., d. Dec 2, 1833, leaving two sons and one daughter; John, b. March 1, 1787, never married, was a purveyor in the army, and died at Buffalo; Betsey, b. June 2, 1789, m. a Blount of Danville, Vt.

Pease, Frederick S., "The Pease Family" , NEHGR, vol. III, (1849), pp 390-398.

[p. 397]

(92) VI. Henry, [162-2] was born in Sandisfield, Mass., ---- 1772, married Huldah Tilden, 1793, removed to Livonia, Livingston Co., N. Y., Sept. 1805, where he died Jan. 8, 1827, aged 55. His widow married Silas Whitney of Genesco, N. Y., Aug. 6, 1836, and died Oct. 4, 1846, aged 72.

Pulsifer, Capt. Rickford, "Names of Persons Who Took The Oath of Fidelity in the Year 1652" [Copied from the Middlesex County Court Records.], NEHGR, vol. III, (1849), pp. 401.


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