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"Notes and Queries", NEHGR, vol. XLII (1888), pp. 198-205.

[p. 200-201]

Dartmouth College Graduates. -- Information is wanted concerning the following graduates of Dartmouth College and Dartmouth Medical College. The following notes give the substance of what is now known.
Chelsea, Vt. -- John M. Comstock.
1797. John Whitney, son of Ezra and Mercy (Morse) Whitney, was born at Douglas, Mass. Was insane. Was he the "John Whitney, a stranger" who died at Georgetown, Ky., Feb. 1824?

"Societies and their Proceedings", NEHGR, vol. XLII (1888), pp. 209.

New Haven Colony Historical Society
Nov. 28. -- At the annual meeting of the society the following gentlemen were nominated and elected directors for the ensuing year: [snip] Eli Whitney
President Baldwin then delivered his annual address, and as followed by the reading of a paper on "Eli Whitney, the Inventor of the Cotton Gin," by Prof. William P. Blake.

Bodge, George M., "Soldiers in King Philip's War", NEHGR, vol. XLII (1888), pp. 94-102, pp. 285-299.


Communicated by the Rev. George M. Bodge, A.M., of East Boston, Mass.

[Continued from vol. xli, page 410.]

[p. 99]

Capt. John Holbrooke, of Weymouth, and his Men.
August 24th 1676
John Whitney -- 00 18 00

[p. 299]

Capt. John Cutler and his Men.
July 24th 1676
Thomas Whitney -- 00 02 06
August 24th 1676
John Whitney -- 00 02 06

Titus, Rev. Anson, of Amesbury, Mass., "Marriages of Rev. Thomas Foxcroft", NEHGR, vol. XLII (1888), pp. 152-155, pp. 250-254.


BOSTON. 1717 - 1769.

Transcribed by Rev. Anson Titus, Amesbury, Mass.
The following is a list of the marriages performed by the Rev. Thomas Foxcroft, pastor of the First Church, Boston, 1717-1769. Mr. Foxcroft had a sickness in May, 1736, from which he never recovered; hence was not able to assume those public duties devolving upon the senior pastor. Rev. Charles Chauncy became Mr. Foxcroft's colleague in 1727. Had it not been for ill-health Mr. Foxcroft would have exercised greater influence, as his talents merited, upon the religious thought of his generation. Mr. Foxcroft gave the sermon before the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, Boston, in 1723, which was published in 1884, together with a Historical Introduction, Biography and Bibliography of Mr. Foxcroft, by the transcriber, for the Company. This list of marriages was found among the literary effects of Mr. Foxcroft. -- A.T.

[p. 153]

May 1, 1727. John Whitney & Eliza. Brinno, both of B.

[p. 251]

Dec. 2, 1736. John Lee & Hannah Whitney, both of Boston.

[p. 253]

Daniel Whitney & Rachel Baker, b. of B., Octo. 29, 1753.

Barrett, Joseph Hartwell, "Thomas Barrett and William Barrett", NEHGR, vol. XLII (1888), pp. 257-264.



By the Hon. Joseph Hartwell Barrett, of Loveland, Ohio

[p. 259]

4. Joseph2 Barrett (Thomas1) married Sept. 17, 1672, Martha Gould (born in Braintree Oct. 15, 1654), daughter of Francis and Rose (----), and had [8 children listed including]:
  1. Miriam, b. April 29, 1686; m. _____ Whitney.

[p. 260]

7. Joseph3 Barrett (Joseph2, Thomas1) married March 24, 1714, Mary Taylor of Concord, and had: [8 children listed including]:
  1. Oliver[4], b. Jan. 9, 1727; m. Anna Fiske, daughter of Ebenezer and Bethiah (Muzzy), and had:
    1. Anna5 (m. Capt. Joseph Wilder)
    2. Molly (m. Stephen Barrett of Winchendon, descendant of Humphrey of Concord)
    3. Ebenezer
    4. Oliver
    5. Joseph of Barre
    6. Benjamin
    7. Bethiah (m. Phineas Whitney)

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