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Talcott, Mary K., "Records of the Church in South Killingly, Conn.," NEHGR, vol. LXVI (1912), pp. 129-140.

[p. 134]

Samll. Whitney Baptized April 5th 1778 on his own account

[p. 136]

Lucy Daughter to Samuel & Tabitha Whitney Baptized Sept ye 11. 1785

Titus, Rev. Anson, "Notes," NEHGR, vol. LXVI (1912), pp. 186-187.

[p. 187]

WATERTOWN TRAIN-BAND, 1652: -- [5 May 1652] ... Jonathan Whitney ...

Talcott, Mary Kingsbury, "Records of Breakneck Hill Congregational Church, Killingly, Conn.," NEHGR, vol. LXVI (1912), pp. 337-340.

[p. 337]

1752 month not given Zerna Whitney, wife of Cornelius Whitney [admitted] from ch. in Mortlake.

[p. 338]

1747 March Mathias, Son of Mathias Whitney and Alice his wife [baptized].

[p. 339]

1752 Jany 12th Whitney, Son of Lebbeus Graves [baptized].
1752 June Joshua, Son of Matthais Whitney and Alice his Wife [baptized].

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