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Compiled and edited by Ken Stevens, published by the Genealogical Society of Vermont, 1992.


"Approximately one-half of our listings of births, intentions of marriage, marriages and deaths come from the entries of the town clerks in these beautifully preserved town record books, from the earliest available, through the year 1899. This material has been augmented by the records of baptisms, marriages and deaths found in the diaries of Rev. Elisha D. Andrews, the third pastor of Putney, coverning the years 1807 - 1829; and of his successor, the Rev. Amos Foster, covering the years 1833 - 1870. There are also a few entries from the fragmentary records of the Rev. Josiah Goodhue, first pastor of Putney, who served from 1776 to 1797. Baptisms shown herein as "baptized, no date," are from the undated list of Rev. Goodhue.

Thirdly, we have included dates of births and deaths copied from gravestones in all fifteen cemeteries in Putney, a source which accounts for approximately one-third of the total. In evaluating material from this source one should realize that some of these deaths and many of the births did not occur in Putney, also that we have ignored relationships suggested by the proximity of names, and have listed only those which are spelled out on the stones."


CR = Ministerial records, except for baptisms
GS = Gravestones - followed by the number indicating the cemetery

Putney Cemeteries:

1. Mount Pleasant Cemetery
2. Old North Burial Ground
3. Maple Grove Cemetery
4. East Putney Cemetery
5. Dipping Hole Cemetery
6. West Hill Cemetery
7. Houghton Farm Cemetery
8. Dusty Ridge Cemetery
9. Lowell Cemetery
10. McWain Cemetery
11. Alpin Cemetery
12. Joy cemetery
13. Davis Cemetery
14. Kathan Cemetery
15. West Dalts Cemetery

Births and Baptisms

Pages 123-124


Abel, son Elijah and Lydia, Feb. 15, 1778.
Allice Maria, dau. Morgan, blacksmith and farmer, and Lucy, both b. Westminster, Vt., May 24, 1857. [wife George I. Bishop. GS-1]
Carroll, son Milo E., laborer, b. P., and Mary (Reynolds), b. Westford, Vt., Nov. 27, 1884. [Carroll M. GS-1]
Charlie E., May 1, 1849. GS-5
Charlotte L., wife George W. Underwood, Mar. 23, 1839. GS-1
Chloe, wife David Kidder, Nov. 22, 1785. GS-1
Elias, son Elijah and Lydia, Apr. 26, 1774.
Elijah, son Elijah and Lydia, June 26, 1776.
Eliphalet, ch. Eliphalet and Sarah, Aug. 2, 1789.
Emason, twin ch. Eliphalet and Sarah, Aug. 4, 1808.
Emily, twin ch. Eliphalet and Sarah, Aug. 4, 1808.
Family:Whitney, Milo Edwin (1853-1936)|Florence A.]], wife Thomas P. Carpenter, 1887. GS-1
Florence M., wife Carroll M., 1885. GS-1
George Frances, son Nathan H., farmer, b. Bridgewater, Vt., and Hellen M., b. Westminister, July 11, 1886.
Girtie E., dau. Milo E., laborer, b. P., and Myra (Reynolds), b. Westford, Vt., May 9, 1886. [Gertrude. GS-1]
Grace Ella (Tatro), wife Norman H., 1889. GS-1
Ida E. (Marsh), wife James P., Nov. 6, 1853. GS-1
James P., Feb. 14, 1845. GS-1
Jenneavia, dau. Milo, laborer, b. P., and Myra, b. Westford, Vt., Mar. 5, 1887. [Florence added in pencil.]
Laura R. (Hunt), wife Milo E., 1857. GS-1
Leland S., Nov. 12, 1861. GS-5
Lois, ch Eliphalet and Sarah, Sept. 7, 1797.
Lucy, ch. Eliphalet and Sarah, Mar. 21, 1792.
Lucy (Sanderson), wife Morgan, July 6, 1817. GS-5
Lucy C., wife Lyman A. Boutwell, June 30, 1829. GS-3
Lucy Ellen, dau. James P., farmer, b. Westminster, Vt., and Ida, b. Goffstown, N.H., Sept. 10, 1883.
Lula, dau. Chas., wood turner, and Georgia, Nov. 30, 1866.
Their surname was White, not Whitney: Charles Lowell and Georgianna C. "Georgie" (Wilbur) White.--RLW
Lydia, dau. Elijah and Lydia, Dec. 28, 1779.
Lydia Read, ch. Eliphalet and Sarah, Aug. 14. 1806.
Marietta Sophia, dau. Selah, farmer, b. Westminster, Vt., and Lucy, b. P., July 30, 1859.
Martha, ch. Eliphalet and Sarah, May 6, 1794.
Mary F., Mar. 5, 1840. GS-1
Milo E., 1853. GS-1
Minnie Frances, dau. Jas. P., farmer, b. Westminster, Vt., and Ada (Marsh), b. Goffstown, N.H., Aug. 3, 1870. [Apr. 3, 1870. GS-5]
Minnie F., dau. Jas. P., farmer, b. Westminster, Vt., and Ida (Marsh), b. Goffstown, N.H., Aug. 24, 1875.
Morgan, July 11, 1814. GS-5
Myra J. (Reynolds), wife Milo E., 1854. GS-1
Norman Harlan, 1883. GS-1
Selah Leland, son Family:Whitney, Family:Whitney, Milo Edwin (1853-1936), farmer, b. Westminster, Vt., and Lucy, b. P., Nov. 12, 1861.

Marriages and Intentions

Pages 247-248


Adolphus, of Westminster, Vt., and Martha Powers, Aug. 31, 1808.
Benjamin, Jr., and Sukey Badger, both of Westminster, Mar. 18, 1798.
Catherine, and Saml. A. Leland, both of P., Apr 17, 1850.
Cynthia M. and Reuben Clough, both of P., May 23, 1842.
Eliphalet, Jr., and Sally Ryan, both of P., Aug. 28, 1814.
Eliphalet, of P., and Annah Closson, Feb. 13, 1844. [widow Anna Closson. CR]
F. A., of Brattleboro, and Eveline Mason, Feb. 19, 1855.
Freedom, of P., and James F. Stoddard, Sept. 9, 1846.
Hannah, of P., and Gardner Plympton, Apr. 4, 1833.
James P., of P., 24 y., farmer, b. Westminster, son Morgan and Lucy (Sanderson), 1st m., and Ida E. Marsh, Mar. 13, 1869.
Kittie A., of P., 20 y., 1st m., b. Westminster, dau. Milo and Laura (Hunt), and Bertie A. Smith, Sept. 19, 1899.
Leland, and Vilatty Peirce, Aug. 4, 1812. CR
Lois, of P., and John Snell, Nov. 24, 1823.
Lydia, of Westminster, and John Nichols, int. Apr. 2, 1797.
Maria, of P., and Marcus P. Howard, Jan. 8, 1839.
Mary E., of P., 23 y., b. Dummerston, dau. Asa and Marcia (Wellman), 1st m., and Frank O. Downs, Mar. 31, 1873.
Milo E., of P., 23 y., laborer, b. P., son Selah and Lucy S. (Allen), 1st m., and Laura A. Hunt, Apr. 17, 1877.
Nellie E., of P., 18 y., b. P., dau. Morgan and Lucy (Sanderson), 1st m., and Oliver B. Wood, Mar. 13, 1869.
Samuel, of Jamaica, and Unis Wellman, Jan. 10, 1793.
Selah, and Lucy Allen, both of P., June 16, 1851.
Thomas, and Abigail Houghton, both of Rindge, N.H., Sept. 22, 1841.


Pages 358-359


Charlie E., Mar. 27, 1854. GS-5 [ch. -Morgan, about 3 years. CR]
Chloe, dau. Richard and Sarah, May 24, 1876, 80-9-x, b. Brookline, Vt. [wife David Kidder. GS-1]
Cynthia Miriam, dau. Eliphalet and Sarah (Ryan), May 12, 1894, 74-9-24, widow, b. Putney. [C.Merrium, wife Reuben Clough, 74-8-24. GS-1]
Eliphalet, 1816, about 60 years. In the state of Ohio. CR
Eliphalet, Capt., Apr. 23, 1850, 61 years. CR
Emily, Feb. 11, 1827, 18 years. CR
Laura R. (Hunt), wife Milo E., 1880 GS-1
Leland, Jan. 18, 1890. GS-5
Lucretia M., dau. Joshua and Percis, wife _____ Farr, May 15, 1897, 60-8-15, b. Bridgewater.
Lucy (Sanderson), dau. Sam'l. and Charlotte, Aug. 14, 1884, 67-1-8, married, b. Westminster, Vt. [wife Morgan. GS-5]
Melinda (Batchelder), dau. Azel and Sarah, Dec. 14. 1863, 74-10-12, widow, b. Bradford, N.H. [wife Norman S. GS-1]
Minnie F., dau. Jos. P. and Ada (Marsh), Dec. 7, 1870, 0-8-4, b. Putney. [dau. J.P. and I.E. GS-5]
Morgan, Nov. 1, 1899. GS-5
Myra Jane (Reynolds), dau. Dan and Caroline (Robertson), Dec. 3, 1894, 40-2-23, married, b. Westford. [wife Milo E. GS-1]
Norman S., Feb. 19, 1863, 71-8-28, farmer, b. Westminster, Mass.
Sally, wife Capt. E., July 1843, 50 years. [wife Eliphalet, July 1, 1843. GS-2]
Sarah, Jan. 2, 1843, wid. Eliphalet. [ae. 78-7-x. GS-2]
Sarah C. (Willson), dau. Joseph and Abigail, Mar. 28, 1880, 66-11-x, b. Dummerston, Vt.
Selah, June 18, 1863, 34-10-x, married, farmer, b. Westminster, Vt.
Tryphosa W., dau. Elijah, May 30, 1862, 72-2-28, b. Winchester, Mass. [ae. 52 years. GS-1]
_____, inf. ch. _____, June 27, 1813. CR
_____, ch. Eliphalet, Dec. 26, 1824, 2 years. CR
_____, son Morgan and Lucy, Dec. 17, 1861, stillborn.
_____, ch. Milo and Myra, Apr. 1, 1889, stillborn.

Church Admissions and Dismissals

Page 382


Fanny (Mrs.), from Dummerston, January 1836.
Henry, his wife, and their daughter _____ Howard, to Wardsboro, Mar. 14, 1839.
Henry, and wife, from Wardsboro, July 1844.
Henry, and wife Fanny, to North Adams, Mass., Nov. 28, 1847.
Norman, Malinda his wife, Tryphasa Whitney his sister, and Mrs. Lucinda Pratt, from Chester, Vt., March 1850.

Heads of Households, 1771-1840

Page 405


[name not given] 1800
E. 1840
Eliphalet 1800 1810
Eliphalet 1820 1830
Eliphaz 1800
Henry 1830
Winslow 1830

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