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Alphabetical List of Officers of the Regular Army (From Its Organization, September 29, 1789, to 1903) Who Were Killed or Wounded in Action or Taken Prisoner, With Date and Place.

page 41 Whitney, John, 2 lt 3 inf, 30 Aug 1862, Bull Run Va, wounded. page 160 Whitney, Henry A., maj 33 U S c inf. Whitney, Lorenzo H., col 140 Ill inf. Whitney, Warren L., maj 1 Me cav. page 269 Whitney, Augustus D., 2 lt 1 Pa inf. Whitney, David H., 2 lt 13 Minn inf. Whitney, Frank C., capt 34 Mich inf. Whitney, George S., maj 12 Minn inf. Whitney, Jophanus H., col 5 Mass inf. Whitney, Orville J., 1 lt 5 Mass inf. Whitney, Richard M., 2 lt 6 Mo inf. Whitney, William D., 1 lt batty C Me art. Whitney, William H., 1 lt 5 Mass inf. page 279 Whitney, Walter.

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