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Abstracted from the Sacramento Bee, 15 Apr 1998.

A shrine to the past in Placer hills

by Bee Staff writer Carlos Alcala

J. Parker Whitney's ggrandson, Eric Heuermann , age 70, of Sacramento, was interviewed.

At age 17, according to historical accounts, Joel Parker Whitney came to California from Massachusetts, in 1852 to find Gold. (Two brothers came to San Francisco earlier.) He decided he could make more money other ways. Much of his original ranch is developed (i.e. 2 golf courses). Some of the housing area is called Whitney Oaks. The article in the paper has a picture of the pyramid on the ranch where he is buried 85 years ago. He died 1913 in the Del Monte Hotel in Monterey, California (age 77).

Thanks to Barbara Black of Sacramento for supplying this article.

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