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Jay Mack Holbrook, Massachusetts Vital Records, Sheffield (Oxford, MA: Holbrook Research Institute, 1987).



Bathsheba, adult bap. 7 Nov 1827.
Kate, d. Evrett, b. Canaan, Ct., farmer, and Adelia, b. Canaan, Ct., b. 19 Aug 1859.
Mary E., d. Lorenzo, farmer, and Eliza P., b. 29 May 1848.
Orlando, s. Orlando, b. Sheffield, laborer, and Julia, b. Washington, b. 8 Jan 1856.
Ruluff D., adult bap. 7 Nov 1827.
Runa, adult bap. 7 May 1826.



Betsey Ann, and Edmund Jaynes, of Egremont, m. 23 Oct 1823. [NOTE]
David, of Canaan, and Mary Gunn, of Sheffield, m. 27 Sep 1739 (1:18).
Emily, 27, d. of Levi and Aurelia, and Christopher Ferry, 18, s. of John and Bertha, laborer, m. 28 Nov 1864.
Evrett, of Sheffield, 57, farmer, s. Cornelius and Hannah, and Adelia Dean, of Canaan, Ct., d. of unknown, both b. Canaan, second mar. of each, m. 24 Nov 1857.
Frances B., 18, of Sheffield, d. of Platt and Rany, and William F. Boardman, 22, scythe maker, of Salisbury, Ct., s. of William and Abigail, m. 1 Sep 1847.
Jane, of Sheffield, and William H. Post, of Batavia, m. 12 Jul 1837.
John F., and Sylvia Lee, m. 23 Oct 1837.
Lorenzo, and Eliza P. Couch, of Norfolk, m. 27 Nov 1843.
Platt, of Great Barrington, and Rany Bills, of Sheffield, m. 2 Oct 1821.
Susan P., of Sheffield, and Walter R. Holmes, of Salisbury, Ct., m. 25 Sep 1839
William, of Salisbury, Ct., and Rebecca Sparks, int. 17 Oct 1819.
William H., of Great Barrington, and Sophronia Trowbridge, m. 24 Oct 1822.



Anna, aged 56, married, b. Catskill, N.Y., of apoplexy, bur. Sheffield, d. 29 Oct 1866.
Levi, aged 72, single, pauper, parents and birthplace unknown, of consumption, d. 3 Sep 1870.


From "Massachusetts Vital Records, 1841-1910," from original records held by the Massachusetts Archives. Online database: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2004.


Whitney, Kate, birth, 1859, vol. 123, p. 66:

[number] 19; [birthdate] Aug. 29; [date of record] --; [name] Kate Whitney; [sex] Female; [birthplace] Sheffield; [parents] Everett & Adelia; [residence of father] Sheffield; [occupation of father] Farmer; [birthplace of father] Canaan, Ct.; [birthplace of mother] Canaan.

Whitney, Mary E., birth, 1848, vol. 34, p. 84:

[number] 67; [birthdate] 29 May '48; [date of record] --; [name] Mary E. Whitney; [sex] Female; [birthplace] Sheffield; [parents] Lorenzo & Eliza P. Whitney; [residence of father] Sheffield; [occupation of father] Farmer; [birthplace of father] Canaan, Ct.; [birthplace of mother] Norfolk, Ct.

Whitney, Orlando, birth, 1856, vol. 96, p. 64:

[number] 15; [birthdate] June 8; [date of record] --; [name] Orlando Whitney; [sex] Male; [birthplace] Sheffield; [parents] Orlando & Julia Whitney; [residence of father] Sheffield; [occupation of father] Laborer; [birthplace of father] Sheffield; [birthplace of mother] Washington.


Whitney, Emely, marriage, 1864, vol. 171, p. 65:

[number] 21; [marriage date and place] Nov. 28; [date of record] --; [groom] Christopher Ferry; [residence] Sheffield; [age] 18; [occupation] Laborer; [birthplace] Sheffield; [parents] John & Basha; [number of marriage] First; [bride] Emely Whitney; [residence] Sheffield; [age] 28; [occupation] --; [birthplace] Pittfield; [parents] Levi & Amelia; [number of marriage] First; [officiant] Oliver Peck, Justice of Peace.

Whitney, Everett, marriage, 1857, vol. 108, p. 86:

[number] 30; [marriage date and place] Nov. 24; [date of record] --; [groom] Everett Whitney; [residence] Sheffield; [age] 57; [occupation] Farmer; [birthplace] Canaan, Ct.; [parents] Cornelius & Hannah W.; [number of marriage] 2d; [bride] Adelia Dean; [residence] Canaan, Ct.; [age] 35; [occupation] --; [birthplace] Canaan, Ct.; [parents] Richard & Esther Stevens; [number of marriage] 2d; [officiant] Rev. A. C. Humphrey.

Whitney, Frances B., marriage, 1847, vol. 30, p. 35:

[number] 4; [marriage date and place] Sept. 1, 1847; [date of record] May 1, 1848; [groom] William F. Boardman; [residence] Sheffield; [age] 22; [occupation] Farmer; [birthplace] --; [parents] William & Abigail Boardman; [number of marriage] Singleman; [bride] Frances B. Whitney; [residence] --; [age] 18; [occupation] --; [birthplace] --; [parents] Platt & Mary Whitney; [number of marriage] Singlewoman; [officiant] Rev. James Bradford, Minister.


Ferry, Emely [Whitney], death, 1901, vol. 516, p. 127:

[number] 3; [death date and place] Jan. 15th, Sheffield; [date of record] Jan. 30, 1902; [name] Emely (Whitney) Ferry; [sex] Female; [marital status] Divorced; [age] 70 - -; [cause] Pneumonia; [residence] Sheffield; [occupation] Domestic; [birthplace] Williamstown; [parents] Unknown, Unknown; [parents' birthplaces] Unknown, Unknown; [buried] Sheffield.

Whitney, Anna [-----], death, 1856, vol. 102, p. 50:

[number] 46; [death date and place] Oct. 29; [date of record] --; [name] Anna Whitney; [sex] Female; [marital status] Married; [age] 56 - -; [cause] Apoplexy; [residence] --; [occupation] --; [birthplace] Catskill; [parents] --; [parents' birthplaces] --.

Whitney, Levi, death, 1870, vol. 229, p. 59:

[number] 27; [death date and place] Sept. 3; [date of record] --; [name] Levi Whitney; [sex] Male; [marital status] Single; [age] 72 - -; [cause] Consumption; [residence] Sheffield; [occupation] Laborer; [birthplace] Unknown; [parents] Unknown; [parents' birthplaces] Unknown, Unknown.

Whitney, Orlando, death, 1899, vol. 492, p. 141:

[number] 9; [death date and place] Feb. 9th, Sheffield; [date of record] --; [name] Orlando Whitney; [sex] Male; [marital status] Single; [age] 67 8 -; [cause] Heart failure; [residence] Sheffield; [occupation] Farmer; [birthplace] Sheffield; [parents] Everett Whitney, Anna Dean; [parents' birthplaces] Unknown, Unknown; [buried] Sheffield.

Willett, Janette [Whitney], death, 1899, vol. 492, p. 141:

[number] 14; [death date and place] Mar. 17, Sheffield; [date of record] Jan. 26th, 1900; [name] Janette (Whitney) Willett; [sex] Female; [marital status] Widow of Ruben Willett; [age] 73 - -; [cause] Bright's disease, paralysis of heart; [residence] Sheffield; [occupation] Housewife; [birthplace] Salisbury, Conn.; [parents] Everett Whitney, Anna Dean; [parents' birthplaces] Unknown, Unknown; [buried] Stockbridge.

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