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Parsons, Nancy S., Stockton Springs Vital Records, 1857-1891 (Orrington, ME: C & H. Publishing Co., 1978).


Page 2.


Lavenia, d. Alpheus and Sarah C., 9 Jan 1842.
Sarah Achsah, d. Alpheus and Sarah C., 13 Jun 1843.
John Alpheus, s. Alpheus and Sarah C., 26 Jul 1846.
Isaac Dupee, s. Alpheus and Sarah C., 16 Dec. 1849.


Page 451.


Levinia, and Seth Emerson, b. of Stockton, m. 4 Jul 1865, by Geo. W. Libbey, J.P.


Page 509.


Isaac D., s. of Alpheus and Sarah d. 2 Sep 1849.

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