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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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506. EZRA WHITNEY James, John, Jonathan, John), b. Framingham [NOTE], Feb. 22, 1730; m., 1760, Agnes ROSS; m. 2d, Elizabeth -----; m. 3d, Mercy MORSE [NOTE]. She d. in Uxbridge, Mass., Sept. 23, 1794 He was in the Revolutionary war, in the company from Douglass, commanded by Capt. WALLIS. He d. Sept. 24. 1804; res. Wrentham, Mendon, Sherborn, Lunenburg [NOTE] and Douglass, Mass., and North Woodstock, Conn. 1318. i. JAMES, b. Mendon, Dec. 15, 1764; m. for third wife, Mary ROBINSON [NOTE]. 1319. ii. JOHN, b. ----- [NOTE]. He was graduated at Dartmouth college, but in 1797 was insane. 1320. iii. EZRA, b. Nov. 29, 1760 [NOTE]; m. ----- [NOTE]. 1321. iv. MOSES, b. in 1756 [NOTE]; m. Hannah ----- [NOTE], and Mrs. Nancy (MANN) TYLER. 1322. v. SAMUEL, b. ----- [NOTE]; m. Azubah ----- [NOTE]. 1323. vi. MERCY, b. about 1770 [NOTE]; m. in Uxbridge, Mass., Capt. Samuel READ, of Uxbridge. He was b. Dec. 12, 1769; d. Apr. 19, 1839; res. Uxbridge, Mass.; for 20 years he was the representative in the legislature, and was a prominent and distinguished citizen. She d. Mar. 26, 1835. Ch.: Nancy, b. Aug. 3, 1794, Abigail M., b. June 12, 1796; Elizabeth H., b. Sept. 18, 1798; Mary G., b. Oct. 22, 1800; d. Sept. 13, 1806. 1324. vii. ELIZABETH, b. ----- [NOTE]; m. ----- HILL [NOTE]. Ch.: [NOTE] Ezra, Hannah, Irene, Moses, and Micah. 1325. viii. MICAH, b. ----- [NOTE]; d. Uxbridge, Mass., Feb. 12, 1795. 507. HON. DANIEL WHITNEY James, John, Jonathan, John), b. Framingham [NOTE], Dec. 13, 1733; m. Miriam LELAND, b. 1740 [NOTE]; d. 1817-8 [NOTE]. Hon. Daniel WHITNEY was one of the most prominent citizens in Sherborn. He was selectman 1784-64-9-90-1-2 3-5-1800-1-2-3; town clerk in 1773; town clerk and treasurer from 1775 to 1781; was representative to the Continental Congress 1775-6; member of the convention to revise the state constitution in 1780; representative 1781-3-4-5-8-9-91-2-4-5-6-8-9- 1800-1-3. In 1788 Daniel WHITNEY, Esq., of Sherborn, was the delegate to the con- vention for the purpose of ratifying the constitution by Massachusetts. It was held in Boston from Jan. 9 to Feb. 9, 1788. He d. in 1810 [NOTE]; res. Sherborn, Mass. 1326. i. AMOS, b. 1762 [NOTE]; m. Catherine HUNT. 1327. ii. ELIZABETH, b. 1765 [NOTE]; m. William CLARK; she d. 1835 [NOTE]; Ch.: Alpheus, b. 1785 [NOTE]; m. Nancy LELAND: Polly, b. 1789 [NOTE]; d. 1790 [NOTE]; b. 1792 Polly, [NOTE]; m. Lemuel LELAND; d. 1814 [NOTE]. 1328. iii. DANIEL, b. in 1768 [NOTE]; m. Dorcas WHITE. He was lost at sea in 1800, s. p. [NOTE]; res. Boston, Mass. 1329. iv. MARY, b. 1770 [NOTE]; m. Hon. John BULLARD, selectman 8 years: repre- sentative 1819; res. S., and d. 1840 [NOTE]. Ch.: Sally, b. Mar. 5, 1794; m. Martin CLARK and William STRATTON; Mary W., b. Feb. 5, 1804; m. Henry BALLARD [NOTE]; Eliza, b. May 16,1807; m. Richard RICHARDSON; d. s. p. Dec. 5, 1844: John W., b. May 13, 1809; d. 1813 [NOTE]; Daniel W., b. May 13, 1811; m. Abigail HEMENWAY [NOTE] and M. H. HIXON. 1330. v. AARON, b. in 1772 [NOTE]; m. Eda FISKE. 510. PETER WHITNEY (Josiah, Josiah, Jonathan [NOTE], John), b. Willington, Conn., Apr. 10, 1738; m. in Tolland, Conn., Apr. 21, 1763, Mercy CASE, b. Aug. 15, 1745; d. Apr. 19, 1819. He was born at Willington, Conn.; married at Tolland. He was a farmer and resided at Ashford and Willington, Conn., until after the birth of his children, when he moved to Tunbridge, Orange Co., Vt. They were buried in East Bethel, Vt., the village where they had gone to church. He was a soldier in the last French war and also served in the Revolutionary war in the Conn. line. He was pensioned Apr. 6, 1818. He d. June 19, 1826; res. Tolland, Conn., and Tunbridge, Vt. 1331. i. THOMAS, b. Sept. 18. 1770; m. Mary T. JENNINGS. 1332. ii. PETER, b. Oct. 31, 1776; m. Edith DAVIS and Sibyl AINSWORTH. 1333. iii. JONATHAN, b. Feb. 20, 1766; m. Eunice STORY, Doris MARSH, Zylpha HOLT and Betsey BOLTON [NOTE]. 1334. iv. LOIS, b. Mar. 31, 1768; m. Major-General Lovell HUBBARD [NOTE]. She d. in 1818 [NOTE], in Royalton, Vt. 1335. v. ANNA, b. Sept. 10, 1774 [NOTE]; m. Oliver PRESTON. She d. Mar. 9, 1858, at Royalton, Vt. A son, Jonathan W., resides in Manchester, N. H.

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