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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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1607. i. MARY, b. ----- [NOTE]. 1608. ii. EPHRAIM, b. Nov., 7, 1770; m. Sarah NOYES. 1609. vii. PAUL, b. Jan. 10, 1785; m. Catherine BARKER. 1610. ix. PORTER, b. ----- [NOTE]. 629. ZEBULON WHITNEY (Abel, Nathaniel, Benjamin, John), b. in York, Nov. 27, 1747; m. Joanna STONE. He served in the Revolutionary war in the Massa- chusetts state troops, and Apr. 4, 1835, was granted a pension while living in Cumber- land Co., Me.; res. Gorham, Me. 1611. i. ABIGAIL, b. 1775 [NOTE]. 1612. ii. HAPPY, b. ----- [NOTE]. 1613. iii. MATTIE, b. ----- [NOTE]. 1614. iv. RUFUS, b. ----- [NOTE]. 1615. v. ELI, b. Aug. 16, 1786. 1616. vi. EUNICE, b. ----- [NOTE]. 1617. vii. HANNAH, b. ----- [NOTE]. 1618. viii. TABITHA, b. ----- [NOTE]; m. ----- [NOTE]. 1619. ix. ALMIRA, b. 1798 [NOTE]. 632. MICHA WHITNEY (Abel, Nathaniel, Benjamin, John), b. at Gorham, Me., Dec. 11, 1752 [NOTE]; m. Hannah COBB; d. 1834 [NOTE]. He was a blacksmith and during the Revo- lutionary war was a soldier in the company from New Vineyard, Me.; was also sergt. In the war of 1812; was granted a pension in 1818. He d. June 19, 1829 [NOTE]; res. Gorham and Phillips, Me. 1620. i. JOEL, b. May 7, 1787; m. Sally DYER, Sarah COMPTON [NOTE], and Betsey CHASE [NOTE]. 1621. ii. SALLY, b. ----- [NOTE]; m. James HUMPHREY. 1622. iii. EBENEZER, b. ----- [NOTE]; m. Dorcas PARLIN; res. Freeman, Me. 1623. iv. JOANNA, b. ----- [NOTE]; m. Caleb SYLVESTER. 1624. v. ANDREW, b. May 5, 1795 [NOTE]; m. June, 1816, Huldah SWEETSER; res. Phillips, Me. 1625. vi. LYDIA, b. ----- [NOTE]. 1626. vii. CHARLOTTE, b. ----- [NOTE]. 1627. viii. WM. P., b. May 3, 1783; m. Nancy I. CARLTON [NOTE]. 1628. ix. MARY, b. ----- [NOTE]; m. Reubin SMITH. 1629. x. HAPPY, b. ----- [NOTE]; m. Samuel W. PHOENIX, of Phillips, Me. 1630. xi. BENJAMIN, b. 1806 [NOTE]; m. Susan WELLS. 1631. xii. NAHUM, b. ----- [NOTE]. 633. DANIEL WHITNEY (Abel, Nathaniel, Benjamin, John), b. Sept. 26, 1754; m. ----- ----- [NOTE]. Res. Gorham, Me. 1632. i. JESSE, b.-----; m. Mary SAWYER, Charity ----- and ----- [NOTE]. 637. ISAAC WHITNEY (Isaac, Nathaniel, Benjamin, John), b. York, Me., Dec. 28, 1748; m. 1771 [NOTE], Mary CROCKETT, of Gorham, b. 1752; d. July 29, 1832. Isaac was born at York, but soon moved to Gorham, where he married his wife. In 1775 he purchased a farm in Gorham of his wife's father, on which they settled and on which he died. She was the daughter of Samuel CROCKETT, of Gorham. His farm was, in 1874, in the possession of his grandson. He was in the Revolutionary war in the Massachusetts line, and Apr. 18, 1818, was granted a pension. In 1833 he was living in Cumberland Co., Me. He d. Oct 21, 1837; res. Gorham, Me. 1633. i. SARAH, b. 1772 [NOTE]. 1634. ii. EDMUND, b. May 4, 1774; m. Martha MESERVE. 1635. iii. SAMUEL, b. May 4, 1774. 1636. iv. JOSEPH, b. Aug. 16, 1776 [NOTE]. 1637. v. ISAAC L., b. May 29, 1781 [NOTE]; m. Margaret C. LEACH. 1638. vi. ADAM, b. 1784 [NOTE]. 1639. vii. POLLY, b. 1786. 1640. viii. SOPHIA, b. 1795 [NOTE]. 639. STEPHEN WHITNEY (Isaac, Nathaniel, Benjamin, John), b. in Saco, Mar. 19, 1755; m. Patty IRISH, a daughter of the first white child who was born in Gorham. He was in the Revolutionary army, serving in the Rhode Island line, and was granted a pension, April 18, 1818. He d. ----- [NOTE]; res. Gorham and Bridgton, Me. 1641. i. STEPHEN, b. May 5, 1799; m. ----- MAYBERRY [NOTE].

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