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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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1829; d. 1858; Nathaniel, b. Sept 24, 1808; d. Aug 16, 1835; Abigail Dana, b. Sept 16, 1810; d. May 11, 1828. A godchild is is Miss E.A. SEAVER, of Lexington, Mass. 1769. iii. ELISHA, b. Feb 4, 1780; m. Sarah HEATH. 1770. iv. ASA, b. May 18, 1782; m. Mary HAMMOND. 1771. v. PEDY, b. July 20, 1784; m. in Roxbury in 1801, Col Joseph DUDLEY, b. Oct 16, 1780. Col DUDLEY owned and occupied the old homestead in Roxbury. He was a farmer, a man of strict hon- esty and integrity. His open-handed generosity was much commented on. In 1810 he gave a portion of his patrimonial estate as a site for a town house. He was a descendant of Gov. DUDLEY. He d. Feb 28, 1827; res. Roxbury, Mass. Ch.: Will- iam, b. Oct 8, 1801; d. Dec 28, 1801; Joseph W., b. June 2, 1803; d, May 20, 1869; Sarah W., b. Feb 20, 1805; d. Aug 23, 1868; Isaac D., b. Jan 23, 1807; d. Feb 2, 1855; William, b. June 24, 1808; d. Nov 13, 1833; Samuel, b. Dec 31, 1809; Pedy, b. Feb 7, 1812; d. May 8, 1838; Elisha W., b. Dec 9, 1813; d. Oct 22, 1815; Elisha W., b. Feb 2, 1816; d. Mar 23, 1816; Henry A.S.D., b. Aug 13, 1821; d. July 7, 1885. 1772. vi. WILLIAM, b. June 17, 1788; d. unm. 1773. vii. ELIZABETH, b. Mar 3, 1793; d. unm. 701. CALEB WHITNEY (Caleb, Timothy, John, John, John), b. June 17, 1740; m. 1765, Elizabeth HYDE, b. 1745. During the Revolutionary war he was a member of the Newton company, Capt. WISWELL, and marched to the Lexington alarm. His will was dated 1764. He was a cordwainer by trade. He d. before 1792; res. Newton, Mass. 1774. i. OLIVER, b. Mar 9, 1766; d. unm. in Boston. 1775. ii. AMARIAH, b. Nov 18, 1767; m. Sarah TRULL. 1776. iii. RUTH, b. May 31, 1773. 1777. iv. SARAH, b. June 4, 1774. 1778. v. ABIGAIL, b. Sept 10, 1775. 1779. vi. THADDEUS, b. (mentioned in settlement of his father's estate, but record of birth not found). 703. THADDEUS WHITNEY (Caleb, Family:Whitney, Timothy (1678-a1736), John, John, John), b. July 10, 1747; m. 1772, Temperance HYDE, b. Apr 1, 1753; d. 1842. He served in the Revolutionary war in the Newton Company. In 1798 he owned a farm of 25 acres. In 1805 he was a member of the Baptist church. He d. in 1832; res. Newton, Mass. His will: Be it remembered that I, Thaddeus WHITNEY of Newton in the County of Mid- dlesex, do make and ordain this my last will and testament. Imprimis. I do give and devise to my executrix herinafter named so much of my real estate to be disposed of at public or private sale as she shall judge best as will bring a sum sufficient to pay all my just debts and charges of settlement after applying to that purpose such of the personal estate as shall not be needful for the use of my beloved wife. Item. I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Temperance the use and im- provement of all my estate both real and personal, excepting such as shall be dis- posed of as above directed, and excepting also my land with the buildings thereon situated in Brighton, to have and to hold so long as she remains my widow. Item. I give and bequeath to my grandchildren, Asa COOK, Nancy DAVIS and Lousia JACKSON, children of my late daughter, Temperance, now deceased, the sum of 5 dollars each to be paid to them within one year after the decease of me and my wife. And whereas I on the 1st of April. 1824, hired a farm of Martha LIVERMORE covenanting to pay 85 dollars annually therefor according to her lease of that date & whereas Israel L. WORCESTER, husband of my daughter Ruth by a verbal agree- ment between us occupies the same and agrees to pay all the rent, therefore I give to my executrix in trust all my farm in Brighton with the building thereon to be conveyed to my daughter Ruth WORCESTER or her children whenever and as soon as the said WORCESTER shall have paid up all the said rent as aforesaid and provided it be paid within 2 years after my decease so that I shall not have been called upon for any part thereof nor my estate be liable to be forever. But if no so paid by said WORCESTER the farm and buildings are to be and remain in fee to my executrix and her heirs & assigns forever.

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