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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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lutionary services. The town clerk at Norway, Me., writes as follows: According to the Norway town history, Phinehas WHITNEY lived in that part of Norway known as the "Waterford Three Tiers," and was said to be a Revolutionary soldier, and in the battle of Bunker Hill. I am unable to learn anything of his family, although the history speaks of his having one son. He d, May 21, 1830, of old age; res. Harvard, Mass., and "Waterford Three Tiers," Norway, Me. 2569. i. MARY, b. May 15, 1766, at Harvard. 1108. EBENEZER WHITNEY (Zachariah, Zachariah, Ebenezer, Richard, John), b. Mansfield, Conn., May 28, 1762; m. in Uxbridge, Mass., Dec 18, 1786, Rachel Perne RAWSON, of Uxbridge; b. Mendon, Apr 3, 1764; d. Montague, Mass., Nov 15, 1819; m. 2d, Feb 24, 1821, Lavinia Burnham POTTER; b. Jan 25, 1788; d. Nov 30, 1866. He was born in Mansfield, Conn., in 1762, on a farm, where he resided until three years of age when he moved with his parents to Montague, Mass., where he lived until his majority, on attaining which he went to Worcester and enlisted as a private in the Continental army in the company commanded by Capt Joshua PIERCE in Col. BEGELOW's regiment, in which he served from Sept 14, 1777, until Dec 31, 1779. In 1780, according to the army books, he was a private in Col. BIGELOW's regiment. In 1786, after the war was over, he was married in Uxbridge and returned to Mon- tague, where he ever after resided, except for a short when he lived in Conway, Mass. He received a pension from the government which began Apr 9, 1818; at that time it was stated he was of the Massachusetts continental line. He followed agri- cultural pursuits all his life after the war. He was given a pension by the govern- ment May 6, 1818, when 70 years of age. He d. Mar 31, 1855; res. Conway and Mon- tague, Mass. 2570. i. ASA R., b. Jan 31, 1803; d. unm. at Montague, 1871. 2571. ii. ISAAC, b. Jan 22, 1788; m. Laura MONTAGUE. 2572. iii. EMORY, b. Oct 6, 1794; m. Rosanna SELLECK. 2573. iv. OTIS, b. Feb 1, 1790; m. Thirza GLAZIER. 2574. v. APPOLLUS, b. Dec 2, 1791; m. Charlotte HAMILTON. 2575. vi. EBENEZER, b. June 29, 1799; m. Dianna HILDRETH. 2576. vii. SOPHIA, b. Dec 13, 1796; m. Ira BENJAMIN. She d. Mar 19, 1850. 2577. viii. JOSEPH M., b. Jan 11, 1824; m. Mary HUNT. 1119. EZEKIEL WHITNEY (Ezekiel, Ezekiel, Ebenezer, Richard, John), b. Plain- field, Conn., May 15, 1758; m. at Stamford, Nov 17, 1788, Phebe HOYT, of Stamford. He was in the Revolutionary war and bore the character of an excellent pious man and was beloved, esteemed and respected by all. He d. Apr 25, 1835; res. Stam- ford, Conn. and Waterford, N.Y. 2578. i. SARAH, b. Mar 8, 1783; m. at W. May 23, 1801, Daniel MCGIVER; res. W. He d there Feb 23, 1827, ae. 52. She d. Mar 7, 1872. He was in the war of 1812. 2578. ii. EZEKIEL HOYT, b. Apr 16, 1788; m. Elizabeth OSTRANDER. 2579. iii. PHEBE, b. Mar 19, 1794; d. Sept 9, 1795. 2580. iv. LUCY, b. Oct 7, 1797; m. Foster KING. She d. Dec 22, 1868. 2581. v. ABIGAIL, b. Oct 7, 1797; d. May 30, 1802. 1123a. SERGT. EBENEZER WHITNEY (Ebenezer, Ezekiel, Ebenezer, Richard, John), b. Worcester, Mass., in 1759; m. there Martha GATES, b. Apr 1760; d. Sept 18, 1847. He was in the Revolutionary war for six and one-half years, first serving in a Worcester company. He d. June 17, 1836; res. Worcester, Mass. 2581a. i. EBENEZER, b. May 23, 1788; m. Annis KINGSBURY. 2582a. ii. BETSEY, b. -----. 2584a. iv. ANN, b. -----. 2583a. iii. POLLY, b. -----. 2585a. v. PATTY, b. -----. All d. in Worcester, Mass. 1125. ENOCH WHITNEY (David, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, John), b. Harvard, Mass., Sept 25, 1756; m. Hannah ----- [NOTE]. He was in the Revolutionary war in the company from Harvard commanded by Capt. Sargent; res. Harvard, Mass. 2582. i. SALLY, b. Feb 21, 1780; m. Nov 1, 1808 at Harvard, Elijah DWINELL. 2583. ii. WILLIAM, b. Feb 27, 1786; m. Betsey FARNSWORTH. 2584. iii. LYDIA, b. July 27, 1792. 1126. ISAAC WHITNEY (David, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, John), b. Nov 27, 1761, in Harvard; m. Mar 22, 1785, Susannah FLETCHER; res. Harvard, Ashburnham and Ashby, Mass., 1786.

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