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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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2606. iv. OLIVER, b. in W., Sept 16,1764; m. Abigail CRAMPTON. 2607. v. BARTHOLOMEW, b. June 30, 1766; m. Lois -----; res. Clarendon, Vt., and had a son, Joel, b. Sept 9, 1791. 2608. vi. JANE, b. June 6, 1768. 2609. vii. PHEBE, b. Dec 1, 1770. 2610. viii. SAMUEL, b. Winchendon, 1771 or 1772; m. Eunice WHITNEY and Martha PARMETUER. 2611. ix. MERCY, b. Rindge, Nh., 1772. 2612. x. BENJAMIN, b. Dec 16, 1777; m. Mary -----. 2613. xi. SOLOMON, b. -----. 2614. xii. LUCY, b. -----; m. ----- BROWN. 1134. CAPT. BENJAMIN WHITNEY (Solomon, Benjamin, Thomas, Thomas, John), b. Petersham, Mass., June 10, 1753; m. in Petersham ----- -----. he served in the Revolutionary war in the Petersham company as second lieutenant, and later was under Gen. Lee and finally commissioned a captain. She d. in Simpson, P. Q. He d. in 1830; res. Petersham, Mass., and Simpson, P.Q. 2615. i. BENJAMIN, b. -----. 2616. ii. JOB, b. -----. 2617. iii. SOLOMON, b. -----. 2618. iv. NEWALL, b. May 1, 1791; m. Elizabeth WHITEHEAD. 2619. v. LUCINDA, b. -----; m. ----- CUSHING. 2620. vi. MIRIAM, b. -----. 2621. vii. SUSAN, b. -----; m. Oct 24, 1802, Joseph GLEASON; b. Apr 7, 1781. He was a farmer; res. Petersham. Ch.: (See Hist of Mid Co., Stow for sketch.) Benjamin W., b. Oct 12, 1806; m. Aug 31, 1831, Lousia FESSENDEN, of Shrewsbury; 5. ch. 2622. viii. JOHN, b. -----. 2623. ix. LYDIA, b. -----. 1138. DAVID WHITNEY (Samuel, Benjamin, Thomas, Thomas, John), b. Aug 14, 1761; m. in Concord, June 1, 1786, Betsey DARBY, b. 1766, d. 1843. David WHITNEY married his wife in Concord, Mass., and soon moved to a farm in Rindge, N.H. After a short residence there he purchased a large farm in Bol- ton, Mass., one of the best in town, and ever after resided there. He made his will in 1833, dividing his estate. He d. Sept 17, 1838; res. Rindge, N.H., and Bol- ton, Mass. 2624. i. SAMUEL, b. Dec 7, 1788; m. Fanny HUDSON and Mrs. Lydia (SAWYER) WHITNEY. 2625. ii. BETSEY, b. Jan 2, 1792; m. in Lancaster, Mar 29, 1814, Robert HUDSON, Jr., of Lancaster; res. Boylston. 2626. iii. NANCY, b. Mar 20, 1794; m. Oct 4, 1814, Joseph POWERS of Rut- land. She d. July 20, 1832, leaving 5 ch.; res. Belchertown. 2627. iv. SALLY, b. May 20, 1796; m. July 1, 1823, Willian B. Sanger of TEMPLETON. She d. Jan 15, 1851, leaving 1 ch. 2628. v. DAVID, b. Apr 14, 1798; d. Mar 7, 1816. 2629. vi. LUCY, b. June 6, 1800; m. Dec 28, 1818, Joel BROWN of Concord; 11 ch.; res. Boylston. 2630. vii. JOSEPH, b. Aug 12, 1802; m. Elizabeth SAUNDERS. 2631. viii. NATHAN, b. July 30, 1804; m. Eliza STEVENS. 1145. SAMUEL AUSTIN WHITNEY (Samuel, Benjamin, Thomas, Thomas, John), b. Sept 27, 1770; m. July 28, 1801, Ruth PERKINS, b. 1772; d. Sept 15, 1849. He was an enterprising merchant and ship owner, remarkable through life for his great energy and personal courage. About 1799 Mr Samuel Austin WHITNEY owned several ships, one of which, believed to have been the "Hiram," he com- manded himself when she was captured by a French armed vessel. The crew were taken out, with the exception of Capt. WHITNEY, his younger brother Henry, a lad of 16 years, and the cook, and the ship was placed in charge of a force of ten men under an officer. Capt. WHITNEY had secreted his pistols in a crate of ware, and made known to his brother and the cook his determination to recapture the vessel. He imme- diately began to put out of the way everything that could be used as a weapon against himself, the Frenchmen, with the exception of their commander, being un- armed; and seizing the opportunity when but two of the crew were on deck, one at the wheel and one asleep on a hen-coop, by the aid of his two companions he retook the ship. The man at the wheel he threw overboard, and ran to the other, the prize- master, intending to serve him in the same way, but he grasped the chains and held on. Hearing the scuffle, the men below came up, when Capt. WHITNEY aimed a pistol at the one in advance, who turned and with his companions ran like a flock of

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