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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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to Monticello, Minn., where himself and w. d. He was a cooper by trade. He d. Mar. 12, 1879; res. Westminister, Mass. and Monticello, Minn. 4373. i. CHARLES O., b. Feb. 4, 1830; m. Mary C. GORDON. 4374. ii. MERRILL, b. Dec. 24, 1831; d. Jan. 20, 1863. 4375. iii. HENRY J., b. Mar. 4, 1834; res. Silver Creek, Minn. 4376. iv. SARAH HOWARD, b. June 23, 1836; d. Mar. 18, 1858. 4377. v. WILLIAM H., b. Jan. 16, 1840; m. Mary J. MCCURDAY. 2099. JOSEPH WHITNEY (Jonas, Jonas, David, Benjamin, John, John), b. West- minister, Mass., Dec. 18, 1794; m. there Nov. 20, 1823, Sally HARRINGTON; b. Sept. 15 1804; d. Jan. 28, 1859. Joseph WHITNEY, s. of Jonas and Betsey (RAYMOND) WHITNEY, m. Sally dau. of Benjamin and Sarah (WOODWARD) HARRINGTON. He was a carpenter by trade, and for many years a leading contractor and builder in West, and neighboring towns. Sev- eral meetinghouses in that general vicinity were erected under his supervision, his thorough acquaintance with his business, and his well-earned reputation for integrity and honor creating demand for his services wherever he was known. He was a strong temperance man, having the courage of his convictions, and was a member of the first board of selectmen elected on that issue, in 1843. As the infirmities of age came upon him, he disposed of his property in W. and rem. to Leominster, where his chn. were living, spending his last days in the immediate neighborhood of his entire family. He d. Apr. 6, 1873, in L. Res. in Westminster, Mass. and Leominster. 4378. i. WILLIAM BLAKE, b. Aug. 23, 1841; m. Julia P. TILTON. 4379. ii. SUSAN ELIZABETH, b. Oct. 24, 1826; m. Jan. 1, 1850, Philip LATHROP; res. Leo.; 3 chn. 4380. iii. FRANCIS AUSTIN, b. Feb. 5, 1830; m. Mary L. BAKER and Orocy A. TAYLOR. 2100. JONAS WHITNEY (Jonas, Jonas, David, Benjamin, John, John), b. West- minster Mass. July 20, 1807; m. Lucinda DAMON, b. 1810; d. Apr. 10, 1868. Jonas WHITNEY, s. of Jonas and Betsey, m. Lucinda, dau. of Timothy and Phebe (MILLER) DAMON, and settled on Bacon st., Westminister, where he res. through life. He was also a carpenter by trade and an exemplary citizen. He d. Dec. 15 1884; res. Westminster, Mass. 4381. i. GEORGE, b. Oct. 15, 1834; m. Julia CROCKER. 4382. ii. MARY, b. Feb. 6, 1841; m. Jan. 11, 1881, George W EATON; res. W., s. p. 2103. HON. BENJAMIN WHITNEY (Benjamin, Jonas, David, Benjamin, John, John), b May 25, 1802; m. Oct. 10, 1826, Elmira STIMPSON, of Ashburnham, Mass., b. Dec. 4, 1802; d. May 12, 1865. He was a school teacher in his younger days, was representative six years and selectman for eight years, and was justice of the peace for many years. He d. July 19, 1887; res. Marlboro and Littleton, N.H. 4383. i. JARED I., b. Aug. 1, 1833; m. Sarah J. KIDDER. 4384. ii. ELMIRA FRANCES, b. Jan. 18, 1836; m. Nov. 18, 1856, Charles D. TARBELL; res. Southern Pines, N.C. He was b. July 20, 1832. Ch.: Frank Leslie, b. Mar. 20, 1859; d. Feb. 7 1867, at So. Keene, N.H. Mary Edith, b. Mar. 17, 1861; m. Fred E GOODALL, May 24, 1883, Spokane, Washington. Anne Mabel, b. Sept. 14, 1869, in Bellows Falls, Vt.; m. H. Ashley JACKMAN, Aug. 8, 1888, at Weirs, N.H.; address Willowdale, N.H. Flora Elmira, b. Mar. 6, 1871, in Littleton N.H.; res. Southern Pines, N.C. 4385. iii. GEORGE EDWARD, b. Aug. 2, 1843; d. Mar. 12, 1861. 2109. JONAS WHITNEY (Benjamin, Jonas, David, Benjamin, John, John), b. Marlboro, N.H., July 4, 1805; m. Dec., 1835, Charlotte FARMAN of Ithaca, N.Y. He was graduated at Dartmouth College in 1833, after which he spent some time in vari- ous places in New York state, then settled in Missouri. He d. Mar. 21, 1869; res. Hematite, Mo. 4386. i. EMILIE CHARLOTTE, b. -----; m. V. T. CROSBY; res. St. Louis, Mo. 4387. ii. CHARLES BENJ., b. -----. 4388. iii. MARY ELLEN, b. -----; m. S. W. CLARK; res. Festus, Mo. 4389. iv. IDA ISABEL, b. -----. 4390. v. HATTIE, b. -----; unm; res. 2813 Arsenal St., St. Louis, Mo. with her mother.

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