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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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5116. i. LAURA, b. Mar 17, 1806; m. and d. Oct 27, 1875. One of Laura's children is Mrs. Amelia FAY, of Granville, Ohio. 5117. ii. CHARLES, b. Feb 1, 1808; d. Aug 2, 1824. 5118. iii. LEONARD, b. Oct 23, 1812; m. Ann J. HARWOOD. 5119. iv. AMELIA, b. May 6, 1814; m. ----- FRENCH; res. Williston. Ch.: Lucian Whitney; res. Williston. 5120. v. EDMUND, b. Nov 5, 1818; m. Esther FLAGG and Mary Elizabeth SEATON. 5121. vi. LUCIAN, b. July 11, 1822; d. May 8, 1823. 2657. CHESTER WHITNEY (Aaron, Nathan, Nathan, Thomas, Thomas, John), b. Conway, Mass., Dec 1783; m. Polly Waite GREEN, b. Apr 18, 1784; d. at Waterbury, Vt., Apr 24, 1854. He was a farmer. He d. July, 1852; res. Waterbury, Vt. 5122. i. SOLON, b.1810; m. Lucy B. NOBLE and Emeline BUTLER. 5123. ii. BAXTER, b. May 27, 1812; m. Mary A. KNEELAND. 2659. THOMAS WHITNEY (Timothy, Thomas, Thomas, Eleazer, Thomas, John), b. June 5, 1777; m. June 23, 1798, Abigail HAPGOOD, b. Apr 10, 1779; res. Marlboro. Mass. 5124. i. LUCY, b. Sept 8, 1798. 5125. ii. WILLIAM H. b. July 5, 1800. 2668. NAHAM WHITNEY (Elijah, Thomas, Thomas, Eleazer, Thomas, John), b. Jan 7, 1788; m. Susanna ADAMS; d. in New Haven, Conn. He d. Dec 22, 1843; res. Westboro, Mass. 5126. i. ADALINE ADAMS, b. Apr 20, 1810; m. Jeremiah GOODNOW; res. New Haven, Conn. 5127. ii. ELIZA JANE, b. Oct 18, 1811; m. Horace P. BROWN; res. Grafton, Mass. 5128. iii. SOPHIA DORINDA, b. May 28, 1813; m. Alvah S. DAVIS; res. Springfield, Mass. 5129. iv. SUSANNA LOIZA,b. Oct 13, 1815; m. May, 1840, in Springfield, Mass., Wm. M. BREWER, b. Boylston, Mass.; d. in Nashua, N.H., Aug, 1888; was a merchant. She d. Mar 6, 1867. Ch.: Charles Eugene, d. infancy; Camilla Louise, b. Jan 15, 1844; she is unm.; res. Warner, N.H. Her name was changed to WHITNEY. 5130. v. CHARLES, b. Apr 16, 1817; d. Sept 25, 1818. 5131. vi. CHARLES, b. Dec 13. 1820; d. unm. 1843. 2669. ELIJAH WHITNEY, A.B., M.D. (Elijah, Thomas, Thomas, Eleazer, Thomas, John), b. Westboro, Nov 26, 1798; m. Sept 30, 1833, Cornelia L. PRATT, of Spencertown, N.Y., b. Nov 1, 1804; d. Mar 8, 1844; m. 2d, Jan 9, 1849, Wealthy BRYANT, of Providence, R.I., b. Nov 28, 1812; d. Apr 16, 1884; res. New York City. Dr. Elijah WHITNEY was early trained to active labor, and worked for a while at a trade and on the paternal farm, but his precocious mind caused him to leave these occupations, and place himself under the care of Dr John GOLDING in the study of higher mathematics, and soon afterward both teacher and pupil attended Prof. Silli man's lectures at Yale college, where the latter obtained his knowledge in chemistry after a course of seventy-two lectures. His conceptions were vivid, and the range of his desires so widened that he now entered upon a full academic course at Brown Hebrew under the late Dr. Eliphalet NOTT. He graduated in the class of 1828, and was for some time before his death the oldest graduate living. He immediately engaged in teaching, first in 1828, at the academy in Spencer- town, N.Y., and the next year at Stockbridge, Mass., where among many bright scholars he had as one of the brightest the late Cyrus W. FIELD. As an offset to this period of his life he had the misfortune to be prostrated with a dangerous malady, resulting in an abdominal abscess. With sound judgement, he commanded the needed surgical operation to be performed, and had the satisfaction of experiencing a slow but permanent recovery as a consequence. To consolidate his health, he now determined on a trip to the West and pur- chased a "shay" and horse, hiring a man to accompany him. This was in Apr, 1830. He traveled by short stages up the Mohawk valley, passing through the "villages" of Utica, Rome, Syracuse, Auburn, and Rochester; thence proceeding by the Ridge road to Niagara, and south to Buffalo and Cattaraugus county. The region was

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