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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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He was one of the first users of electricty as a remedial agent in medical prac- tice, adopting the electric baths as the best means. Dr WHITNEY always retained the affection of his patients, and in several instances with great boldness he went a dangerous limit beyond ordinary medicine to save an important life and family for future good. He was the author of an essay on yellow fever and a treatise on Asiatic cholera, besides miscellaneous papers on religious and medical subjects, given from time to time in the press. In 1877 Dr. WHITNEY became one of the founders and senior elder of the Union Tabernacle church in New York City. He was faithful to all his obligations. By his unvarying courtesy, tenderness and love he endeared himself to all who knew him. By his kindly counsel and wisdom he was of great help to his pastor. In October 1891, he paid a visit to his native town, Westboro, Mass. It overtaxed his strength. He was prostrated, and after several rallies in the spring of 1892 he commenced slowly to sink, until the last pulsation had come, the scene had ended, and he closed his eyes in death on the morning of Apr 3, 1892, ninety-three years four months and ten days old. 5132. iv. ERASTUS P., b. Apr 15, 1842; unm.; res 148 W. 77th st., N.Y.C. As a boy he was educated in Spencertown, NY, Providence, RI, Brooklyn, NY, and New York, NY, passing all the way up through a collegiate education and has loved his mathemat- ics and his languages and a large historical reading. His life has been checkered with accident and fatality. His longest occupation was as chief book-keeper for a large business firm. Of several small public positions the most important was as U.S. treasury clerk in Washington during the war. 5133. ii. ALBERT B., b. Dec 11, 1837; m. Cordelia C. Hurd. 5134. i. HORACE P., b. Oct 18, 1834; m. Annie R. Taylor. 5135. iii. CORNELIA I., b. Feb 29, 1840. 2672. DAVID WHITNEY (Elijah, Thomas, Thomas, Eleazer, Thomas, John), b. Westboro, June 9, 1795; m. Samaria WHEELER, of Grafton. He was born on a farm in Westboro, Mass.; was a farmer all his life. Account of George D. WHITNEY, admin- istrator of the estate of David WHITNEY, Grafton, died Dec 9, 1871: Widow, Samaria; son, Rufus H., Brookline; son Geo. D., Grafton; Harriett M. MANN, wife of Henry MANN, Grafton; Sarah I. FAY, wife of Jasper FAY, Westboro; Susan C. WHITNEY, Grafton, all daughter so fo David; Geo. D. appointed Feb 4, 1872. He d. Grafton, Dec 9, 1871; res. Westboro, Mass. 5136. i. SAMUEL CURTIS, b. Feb 10, 1822; m. Harriett S. PRENTICE. 5137. ii. MARY ANN, b. June 19, 1823; d. May 17, 1827. 5138. iii. MARY A., b. Nov 17, 1824; d. Sept 28, 1825. 5139. iv. RUFUS HAYDEN, b. Jan 24, 1826; m. Emily B. STEVENS. 5140. v. ALBERT AUGUSTUS. b. June 6, 1827; d July 22, 1827. 5141. vi. GEO. DAVID, b. Sept 11, 1828; m. Sarah J. GARFIELD. 5142. vii. HARRIETT MARANDA, b. Nov 9, 1831; m Henry MANN; res. Grafton. 5143. viii. SARAH J., b. Jan 9, 1835; m. Jasper FAY, of Westboro. 5144. ix. SUSAN CLARINDA, b. July 25, 1839. 2676. DANIEL WHITNEY (Elijah, Thomas, Thomas, Eleazer, Thomas, John), b. Feb 21, 1807; m. Nancy -----; d. 1845; m. 2d Sarah F. -----. Worcester county probate records: Daniel WHITNEY. of Grafton; wife Sarah S. F., Ch.: Daniel A., Worcester; Edw. W., Grafton; Nancy J. BATCHELLER, Millbury; Esther. M. HOWELL, Westboro; Julia M. PRATT, Natick, dead. Daniel A., exec.; Mar 20 1881; June 21, 1881. Caroline WHITNEY, Addie WHITNEY, both of Springfield, children of Henry A. WHITNEY, a deceased son, minors, Abby WHITNEY being their guardian. He d, Graf- ton, Apr 27, 1881; res. Westboro, Mass. 5145. i. DANIEL A., b. Apr 20, 1835; res. Worcester. 5146. ii. HENRY A., b. June 19, 1837. 5147. iii. NANCY JANE., b. May 15, 1842; m. ----- BATCHELLER; res. Millbury. 5148. iv. SARAH, b. Mar 14, 1846. 2677. DEXTER O. WHITNEY (Elijah, Thomas, Thomas, Eleazer, Thomas, John), b. Sept 17, 1809; m. Catherine -----; res. Westboro, Mass. 5149. i. CATHERINE A. N., b. Feb 15, 1835. 5150. ii. Ann E. R., b. Feb 21, 1826.

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