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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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Dartmouth, Bristol Co., R. I., Jan. 30, 1822. He d. Aug. 15, 1878; res. Springfield, O., 74 Arcade and 23 Humbolt Ave., Boston, Mass. 5347. i. SUSAN C., b. July, 1842; d. Nov. 5, 1845. 5348. ii. CLARA H., b. Aug. 12, 1844; m. Nov. 3, 1873, Jerry REDDING. Ch.: Amy, b. Oct., 1874; d. 1880; Mary, b. 1875; d. 1882; Charles F. b. Jan., 1877; Emory, b. Oct., 1880; d. 1882; Nathan C., b. 1883; Herbert E., b. 1886; res. 296 S. Alabama St., Indianapolis, Ind. 5349. iii. AMY C., b. Aug. 25, 1846; m. June 1, 1877, Robert H. BRANDON; res. 23 Humbolt Ave., Boston. 5350. iv. EMORY C., b. Dec. 20, 1858; m. Aug. 1894, Jennie OLMSTEAD; res. 19 Capitol Ave., Hartford, Conn. 2812. ALBERT WHITNEY (John, John, Abraham, Isaiah, Thomas, John), b. at Goffstown, N. H., July 21, 1811; m. at Nahant, Mass., Nov. 26, 1836, Elizabeth RICE; d. Apr. 30, 1847; m. 2d. Oct. 2, 1849, Susan R. RICE; d. July 11, 1884. He kept hotel at Nahant and his building occupied the site of the residence of "Gov. Breed," in 1717. He d. Nov. 28, 1892; res. Nahant, Mass. 5351. i. WILLIAM R., b. Feb. 9, 1853; m. Nov. 1, 1893, Emma L. OSTRANDER; b. Sept. 10, 1868; res. Nahant. 5352. ii. JOHN EDWARD, b. 1841; d. Apr. 26, 1868. 5353. iii. HARRIETT ELIZABETH, b. Nov. 5, 1845; m. Nov. 26, 1868, William TEAL; res. N., s. p. 5354. iv. ALICE COLEMAN, b. Sept. 10, 1857; m. July 14, 1875, Charles J. HEYWOOD. He d. 1892. She res. N., s. p. 5355. v. BENJ. COLEMAN, b. Apr. 17, 1862; res. N., unm., salesman. 5356. vi. SUSAN RICE, b. Apr. 12, 1847; m. 1869, F. COBURN; res. Lowell, Mass. 5357. vii. CHARLES ALBERT, b. May 26, 1850; d. Dec. 31, 1852. 2815. JOHN WHITNEY (John, John, Abraham, Isaiah, Thomas, John), b. Goffs- town, N. H., Apr. 5, 1824; m. in Manchester, July 1, 1858, Eliza H. FISHER, b. June 1, 1832. He was born on his father's farm in Goffstown, N. H., where he passed the greater part of his life engaged in farming. He inherited the property from his parents who lived with him until their death. On the death of Mr. Whitney, in 1879, the property passed out of the family, but is still known as "the Whitney Place." He d. Sept. 22, 1879; res. Goffstown, N. H. 5358. i. SUSIE RICE, b. Mar. 1, 1860; res. G. 5359. ii. MARY ELIZABETH, b. Apr. 3, 1862; d. Jan. 7, 1865. 5360. iii. ALBERT, b. Dec. 29, 1863; m. Georgia F. SEVERANCE. 5361. iv. LEWIS W., b. June 3, 1866; res. G. 5362. v. WILLIS L., b. June 3, 1866; d. May 7, 1871. 5363. vi. MARY E., b. Mar. 8, 1869; m. Dec. 26, 1888, Edmund W. KELLOGG; res. Newtonville, Mass., s. p. He was b. Feb. 18, 1865. 2829. JOSIAH D. WHITNEY (Simeon, Abraham, Abraham, Isaiah, Thomas, John), b. Sept. 7, 1816; m. Oct. 9, 1838, Catherine Augusta HARVEY, b. Leom. He was born in Harvard, Mass. His father was a farmer, and he left home very early in life to earn his own living. He went to Shirley, Mass., to work for a paper manufacturer, where he remained for two years, going thence to Leominster to learn the trade of carpenter and builder. At the end of his apprenticeship he went to Worcester and remained two years. When 22 years of age in 1838, he engaged in business on his own account in Pepperell, Mass. He soon had an excellent business and rebuilt his carpenter shop much larger, and furnished it will all the appliances for business, and it lacked but one thing more, a grindstone; that he bought and carried to his shop in his team, and when he reached his shop he took the grindstone on his shoulder to carry in, when his foot slipped (it was in December) on the ice and he fell, the stone falling upon his neck. He was taken to his home and it was found that his neck was broken. He lived only a few hours. He died at the age of 30. He d. Dec. 17, 1846; res. Leominster, Mass. 5364. i. ELLEN AUGUSTA, b. Nov. 27, 1839; m. Oct. 9, 1862, Jennison S. MAY; res. Leo., s. p. 5365. ii. ADELAIDE SALINA, b. Apr. 30, 1842; m. Nov. 19, 1863, Walter A. BOYDEN; res. Leo. Ch.: Harry H., b. May 18, 1866; m. Ida M. STEVENS; res. Prov. R. I.; Clarence E., b. Dec. 24, 1883.

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