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The Descendants of John Whitney, Who Came from London, England, to Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1635, by Frederick Clifton Pierce (Chicago: 1895)

Transcribed by the Whitney Research Group, 1999.

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7146. iii. MATTISON PALMER, b. -----; res. Frankfort. 7147. iv. CORNELIA CATHERINE, b. -----. 7148. v. E. ALMIRA, b. -----; m. Emanuel KINNIE; re. Ilion, N.Y. 7149. vi. ESTHER MARIETTA, b. Apr. 6, 1843; d. 1872, unm. 7150. vii. GEO. MYRON, b. Aug. 27, 1845; m. Josephine STEBER. 7151. viii. HARVEY ALVIN, b. May 2, 1847; m. Katherine M. FLYNN. 7152. ix. ADELINE AMELIA, b. 1874, Frankford, N.Y.; m. ----- VOSBURGH; res. Frankfort, N.Y. 7153. x. CORNELIA MARGARET, b. -----. 3934. JOEL FRENCH WHITNEY (John, Lemuel, Joshua, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John) b. Wadham's Mills, N.Y., Oct. 14, 1817; m. Eunice BOUTWELL; m. 2d, Jan. 1, 1862, Emily J. DANIELS, b. June 7, 1838. He d. June 11, 1877; res. Wadham's Mills, N.Y. 7154. i. GEO. W., b. Oct. 1, 1864; m. Josie B. CAREY. 7155. ii. JOEL F., b. Sept. 5, 1869; unm ; res. Wadham's Mills. 7156. iii. ARTHUR CARL, b. May 7, 1872; res. Wadham's Mills. 7157. iv. HENRY CLAY, b. Jan. 22, 1866; d. Aug. 20, 1867. 3935. DEA. JOHN RUSSELL WHITNEY (John, Lemuel, Joshua, Nathaniel, Nathaniel, John, John), b. Wadhams Mills, N. Y., Apr. 18, 1813; m. at Waitsfield, Vt., Mar. 3, 1840, Elmina Eliza FISK; b. Aug. 20, 1811; d. Apr. 22, 1892. John R. WHITNEY was born, Apr. 18, 1813, on the farm, owned and occupied by him till his death, about one mile north of Wadham's Mills. His father, John WHIT- NEY, was one of the pioneers who settled that region early in the present century, coming about 1808. Among these settlers were Benjamin WHITNEY and Daniel SAF- FORD, who married Sally WHITNEY. John was a shoemaker by trade. He was one of the pioneers in the temperance cause, and his house, still standing, was the first building in that region raised without intoxicating liquor (1829). He, with others responded to the call for the militia in 1812-14, but arrived at Plattsburg too late to participate in the fight. Taken away in the prime of life, 1834, he left an honored name to his family. After the death of his father, John Russell WHITNEY was obliged to assume the care of the home, and lived with his widowed mother several years. He was married, Mar. 3, 1840, to Elmina E. FISK, daughter of Dea. Moses FISK, of Waitsfield, Vt. Having been deprived of educational privleges in his younger days, he was determined to give his family every possible advantage, often making great sacrifices to secure school privileges to his children; for several winters he had a family school. He was deeply interested in the Congregational church at Wad- ham's Mills, of which he became a member at the early age of fourteen. He was elected deacon about 1863, to fill a vacancy caused by the death of the senior deacon, and held this office till his death in 1880. He was especially active in all church affairs, and did much for the maintenance of public service. Enjoying the advan- tages provided for them, his children, sought to improve themselves, and have all honored the name and memory of their parents. Dea. WHITNEY passed away after a severe and painful illness of heart disease. He d. July 23, 1880; res. Wadham's Mills, N.Y. 7158. i. ELIZABETH HANNAH, b. Jan. 11, 1841; d. Mar. 11, 1865. 7159. ii. MARIETTA THANKFUL, b. Feb. 2, 1842; m. Oct. 3, 1866, Rev. A.T. CLARKE; res. Shelby, Ala. Ch.: Almon Taylor, b. Oct. 7, 1867; m. Elizabeth PERRY; res. Parishville, N.Y., ; Susan Elmira, b. Dec. 17, 1872; Maud Elizabeth, b. Nov. 10, 1875; John Paul, b. Oct. 17, 1880; Harvey Fisk, b. Mary 13, 1883; Lena M., b. Mar. 1, 1886. 7160. iii. JOEL FISK, b. mar. 30, 1843; m. Louisa M. BAILEY. 7161. iv. SARAH L., b. Sept. 4, 1844; m. Sept. 4, 1873, Edward D. STURTEVANT, and d.s.p. Apr. 1, 1874. 7162. v. JOHN R., b. July 29, 1847; m. Lena GROLL. 7163. vi. MOSES FISK, b. Apr. 18, 1849; m. Ella BURT. 7164. vii. LEMUEL, b. Dec. 12, 1850; res. Wadham's Mills, N.Y. 7165. viii. ROSABELLE, b. May 15, 1853; m. Oct. 6, 1877, Rev. Wm. H. WOLCOTT; res. Moreno, Cal. Ch.: Lucy, b. 1878; Sarah A., b. 1881; Vernon H., b. 1882. 7166. ix. ELMIRA ELIZA, b. Sept. 7, 1855; res. Wadam's Mills. 3939. WILLIAM WILSON WHITNEY (Cyrus, Lemuel, Joshua, Nathaniel, Nathan- iel, John, John), b. Springfield, Vt., Mar. 7, 1798; m. Nov. 28, 1837, at S., Matilda WOLKES; b. July 23, 1800.

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